My Barista: Requiem

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(Dear Gentle Lit Readers:

As is usually the case, a story is more than just the fantasy of the writer. Thanks as always to Availableslave4u for checking it out and editing it. This story is based on My Barista which was one of the first series of stories I wrote and submitted to Lit. This is not a quick wank story, so unless you like a ton of background, readers eager to cum may want to pass initially.)

It had been a while since I lost the two loves of my life. Since the last time I had portrayed my life in story, I lost both my wife and my favorite barista. Losing my wife was bad enough since it was a drunk driver that took her life as we drove home from a date. I won’t get into the details, but she died way too early in life and in a senseless painful way. For the longest time before my barista became involved, my wife and I had a dismal sex life and the woman who served me coffee helped awake a passion unmatched since the first few years my wife and I were together. A drunken teenager without a license or insurance took her away from me. He was found guilty and is still in jail. This is a good thing for him since I don’t know if I could restrain myself from killing him if he wasn’t behind bars.

During the following months, Cathy helped me work through the grief and pain at the risk of her own marriage. It was a sham of a marriage to begin with since her husband wasn’t the Prince Charming he shown himself to be the last weekend all four of us were together. It came to a head three months later when he made Cathy choose between us. When she turned for a moment to think, he pulled out a revolver and shot three times destroying the one good thing I had left in this world before putting the gun to his own temple. I agreed to take on the burden of burying her from her parents who knew of me only as her friend.

The funeral for Cathy was just as devastating as the funeral for my wife because I realized that I loved Cathy as much as my wife. It was then my life became a devastating spiral and I started spending more time at grungy bars than at home. I moved out of my house into a small apartment before I came to my senses and took steps to bring myself back into the real world. I knew I had to live my life as completely as my two loves would want me to.

The first step of my recovery was sobering up. I spent a good few months detoxifying myself before I was able to return to work. My boss out of kindness talked me into becoming a salesman so I could spend time away from the town I lived in and the painful memories it held. The job itself was therapy and I could feel myself learning control of my emotions and finding forgiveness enough to go on. Yet every time I stroked myself to porn, it felt empty and unfulfilling.

I started trying out the dating websites in a furious attempt to find someone simply to fuck instead of a life partner. All the dates the various sites arranged for me turned into disasters so I gave up and decided to seek solace in my own spiritual well being. I began to spend some money on better clothes and taking care of myself just because I could feel my wife nagging me to do so. I even started going to the same gym she used to go to. The physical agony helped to guide my angst into a positive direction.

It was during one of these workouts that I overheard a few of the patrons talking about a new coffee shop that opened near the gym. I almost ignored it before I heard that the ladies served coffee in bikinis and various outfits to flaunt their bodies. Thinking that it would make great masturbation fodder for later, I purposed in my mind to go check it out after my swim.

The coffee shop wasn’t an actual coffee shop, but more like a trailer just serving drive up customers. It was a white trailer not very large with windows on three sides. Cars would drive up to the side windows to be served by the attractive ladies. The men at the gym were not kidding about the outfits because the outfits really did flaunt the natural beauty those ladies had. My first day there was western themed and the buxom brunette wore a black bikini with a cow girl hat. Her breasts were barely contained in her top and her bottom was scarcely covered by her cut off jean shorts. I paid for my latte with a healthy five dollar tip before driving away with a huge grin on my face.

Between sales trips, this trailer was a daily stop to the point that the girls knew me well enough to make my coffee perfect before I could speak. I loved seeing the nineteen and twenty one year old bodies barely concealed in small pieces of fabric and sexy costumes. I started learning the girls’ names and even started to notice little details about them beyond their jutting breasts.

It was during one of my trips that I noticed one of the girls was a little more pouty than usual. Since it seemed as if she was simply going through the motions and not being herself, I asked her if she was okay. She played off my sincere question like it was nothing as she made my coffee. As she handed it to me, I could see her eyes were a antalya escort little tear laden. I asked her again if she was okay as I handed her one of my business cards to call me later that day if she wanted to talk. She gave me a small smile as she took the card and slid it into one of the cups of her bikini top before she stood back up and waved. It was a long shot giving her the card knowing that she probably was getting hit on by every horny guy that went through that drive through; however, the knowledge that I made an effort for the cutie felt warm inside of me and I figured the worse that could happen was she wouldn’t call.

It was three hours later when my cell phone rang with a strange number. I flipped my phone open and after saying hello, I heard the sweet voice of that barista. She asked me if I could come pick her up from work because she didn’t feel like driving home alone. I answered that I would be right there and grabbed my keys as I headed towards my car. In my mind, the intention was to be there for her and allow her the chance to vent before I took her home. Horniness was the last emotion I felt at that moment.

I arrived at the trailer fifteen minutes later to see the girl on the back step bundled in a jacket and crying. I pulled up and turned the car off. Before I could get out, she walked over to the car. Quickly I unlocked the car door before I jumped out to open the door for her. I let her sit down and cry for a few moments before I reached into the glove box for the tissues I kept there. As I handed her the box, she looked at me with mascara running down her cheeks. It was then she revealed the source of her sadness.

It turned out that the beautiful woman in my passenger seat and I was connected by my love Cathy. The girl sitting there was Cathy’s younger sister Charlene. The fact that I didn’t see the resemblance was pure stupidity on my part. Looking at her at that moment, I could see their similarities. The reason she was so sad that day was that it was the anniversary of Cathy’s death. She began talking about how hard it was that day to work because she was consumed with thoughts of Cathy and how she was filled with grief. She said how it was comforting to see me that day among other days. She then leaned into me and allowed me to hold her a bit before she started telling me how to get to her house.

At her house was her mother and father were surprised to see me. They were shocked to find that I drove their daughter home. They were confused as to what was going on. As their daughter explained what happened, I began to excuse myself before Cathy’s mother invited me to stay for dinner. As Charlene walked upstairs to clean up, Cathy’s father asked me how I was. I told him the truth about how numb I felt about the whole thing. He seemed to understand and stopped asking questions before Cathy’s sister came back downstairs in sweat pants and a pink T-shirt.

It was a quiet dinner of roast chicken and we talked about many different topics before Cathy’s sister asked me if I could take her back to get her car. I hesitated to answer before her dad said that I should to ensure she made it home safely. She grabbed her jacket and was at the door before I could excuse myself. Cathy’s parents waved good bye to me as I followed her to my car. When we got there, she slid into the passenger seat as I sat down at my spot. We started driving before she asked a very loaded question.

“Do you miss fucking my sister?”

I stopped the car before looking at her. Her face showed no sign of humor as she repeated the question.

“Do you miss fucking my sister?” she repeated.

I turned towards her before responding.

“How dare you ask me such a question. I cared deeply for your sister. What motivation could you possibly have to ask such a hurtful question?”

“Because she told me everything. Because I miss my sister madly and the knowledge that you spent so much time with her before she was murdered makes me jealous beyond belief. I’ll ask again. Do you…”

“No. I miss her being here for me to love.” I couldn’t believe the words that just spilled forth. Her sister paused awestruck for a moment before she continued.

” Loved her? She was half your age.”

“For your information, she was nineteen when I was 35.”

“Which makes you 37 now?”

‘What difference does that make?”

“Plenty, you dirty piece of shit. You seduced a nineteen year old…”

“No, she seduced me.” Again, she paused awestruck before she reached for a few tissues and began to cry. That time I didn’t hold her because I was angry at the way she took pot shots at me. She then looked up at me.

“I’m sorry. I…I didn’t know. She told me she did, but I didn’t believe her…”

“Because you think of me as a dirty old man and that it would be me preying on your sister.”

“Yeah….so you …”

“Yes, I loved Cathy and she was there for me after my wife was killed. She was very close to me and helped me to start healing before that asshole shot her.”

It kepez escort was then we embraced in a hug before we started driving back to the coffee shop. As I walked her to her car, she leaned in closer. She begged me to lean down and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Can I call you tomorrow? I’m off; maybe we can go to lunch or something so we can talk more. I want to know everything if it’s not too hurtful to you.”

I agreed before she went to her car and drove off. By that time, a small downpour began. I thought about the hurt Charlene felt about her sister. As I bowed my head, I imagined Cathy and my wife looking down and encouraging me to go on. I drove back home to watch the evening news before bed. The next day, Charlene met me for lunch and we talked and began to heal the wounds she had over her sister together. We started spending more time together after that. It was so weird seeing Cathy’s little sister on our outings fully clothed and talking with me and then seeing her in a skimpy bikini or sexy costume when I went to get coffee. It was as if I got to see the other side of her when most guys only got to see a view of her rack, albeit barely covered in fabric.

It was during one of our lunches together that Charlene started asking me questions about how Cathy seduced me. It felt weird describing how long Cathy and I were friends before the night she invited me to her place to get fucked. In a way, it was comforting sharing the beautiful memory before I realized I may have said too much to Charlene. I looked at her as she gasped about the outfit Cathy wore before she closed her mouth. After a quiet minute, I started asking Charlene if it were too much information.

“No, but I figured she wouldn’t have worn lingerie for you. She always seemed like a T-shirt and boy short type of girl.” With this comment, I started laughing a bit before I saw Charlene’s eyes flash. I quieted down before I continued munching on my fries.

“So why do you have so much curiosity about Cathy’s seduction methods? You must have a nice twenty two year old guy to go after?”

“Well, truth be told I am looking at someone.”

“Really? Do your parents know?”

“No and you’re not gonna tell them either.” I was hurt by her accusation until I looked in her eyes and saw a different flash. This one looked more like a twinkle like she was up for some mischief.

“Okay,” I said. “What would you like me to do?”

“I want to seduce him at your place. I figured you would play along since unlike Cathy I still live at home. The plan is that I’ll come over, kick you out, have him come over and I can spend the afternoon with him. Think you can keep busy for a few hours?”

“I can catch up with work at the office. When would you like to do this?”

“Could I trouble you for tomorrow afternoon, perhaps around one?”

“That’ll work. But promise me you’ll call when you are finished or if there are any problems.”

“Yes yes I will.” So the die was cast. Charlene was to use my apartment for an interlude with her prospective suitor. In a way, it felt weird considering there had been no sex in my apartment since I moved in. However, Charlene was Cathy’s sister and I figured I was going to help her. So the next day, I let Charlene into my apartment and showed her around before leaving her my key and driving back to work. She wore a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and showed no signs of any lingerie. As I drove off, I thought about how much fun she could have and hoped for the best.

It was an hour later when I received a call from Charlene. Instead of the sound of her bouncing blissfully off the walls, she was crying. I told her to stay there and I would be right there. It was a quick ten minute drive before I pulled into the parking space at my apartment. As I walked up to the door, I could still hear Charlene’s tears. I took a breath and slowly opened the door. I walked in and saw her clothes strewn out in the living room. The sounds of her crying were coming from my bedroom. As I walked in, I saw a condom wrapper on the floor near the door and Charlene, wrapped in a white sheet holding herself as she cried. I simply sat down next to her and allowed her face to press into my shoulder and remained there for a good ten minutes before I offered to grab her clothes from the living room.

I took my time grabbing her clothes and then knocked softly on my bedroom door before I entered again. She was lying under the sheet and I walked over with her clothes in my hands. As I sat on the bed, I asked her what was wrong. She remained under the sheet and told about how the guy was one of her regulars and how he welcomed the chance to unwrap her. She told me of how he removed her clothes before unceremoniously sliding his tool in and fucking her for only a few moments before he simply came and left. Charlene thought he was more into her and really dug that guy. I told her how some men can be pigs and just wanted to get into a girl’s panties. I said how sorry I was that she experienced this manavgat escort and assured her that not all men are like this. I laid her clothes on the bed, turned and started to walk towards the door.

I heard her move before she asked me to turn around. I did and was mesmerized by the sight. Charlene stood there completely naked before me. Her hair was shoulder length black and she wore no make up. Her breasts were perky, but naturally round with her nipples already stiffened from arousal. When I let my gaze slide down her flat stomach, I was rewarded with the sight of a naked vulva. I looked back up her body to her face as I saw her teeth as she smiled. She started walking towards me and held her arms up to encircle my neck in an embrace. She whispered a plea for me to show her how her afternoon date should have gone.

It was a brief pause before I leaned down and kissed her. It was charged considering how long it had been since I kissed a woman. As I allowed my arms to envelope her, her hands were busy unbuttoning my shirt before opening it. The shirt was opened and the sleeves removed from my arms as it dropped behind me. Charlene stopped kissing me long enough to reach down and pull my white undershirt up and over my head before her mouth found an exposed nipple and started to kiss it. The feeling of her own nipples touching my naked skin was driving me crazy before she started to slink down my body, little kisses peppering my abdomen towards my belt line. Before she had a chance to unbuckle my belt, I weakly told her to wait for a moment. She looked at me confused before I told her to lie on the bed.

She complied as I undid the belt myself and slid out of my pants and underwear before climbing onto the bed myself. I started by kissing her lips again and allowing my tongue to slide between them. My hand slid down and began to slowly caress the underside of her breast as she moaned into our kiss. I then rose up and leaned down slowly, just far enough to clamp my lips onto the nipple of the same breast. I started gently biting it as she moaned loudly. I spent a good few moments there before I licked my way over to her other breast and repeated the action.

“You should never allow a man to get off inside you if he doesn’t get you off first, Charlene,” I whispered as I slowly allowed a hand to slide down towards her naked vulva. I pressed a finger near the top of it and heard her gasp as I looked up at her.

“Did he do anything I am now doing before he stuck his impatient cock inside of you?” I asked as she turned her head to tell me no. I then started kissing the top of her pussy before looking up at her and allowing my tongue to slide completely up and down her slit. Her eyes were closed by then as my tongue began to explore her tiny pussy. I started to lick her slowly before allowing my tongue to penetrate her.

“I am glad the prick wore a condom so I can feast on your pussy this way,” I murmured before plunging my tongue back inside her. I could feel her squeezing her pussy against my tongue like a Kegal exercise as I licked her. Before long, her back arched and I was rewarded with her juices flooding my tongue. I looked back up and saw a naughty smile before I climbed back up and kissed her full on the lips. I could feel her tongue licking all over as she tasted herself on me.

“I’ve never had a man kiss me after licking me before,” she said, then giggled “In fact, you are the first one to lick my pussy ever.”

“I hope many more men will do that for you. I’ve always thought of it an honor to pleasure a woman like that.” I replied. As I lay back up next to her, she started moving down the bed.

“Now it is my turn to pleasure you,” she said as her soft hands found my shaft. I watched as her hand softly stroked my skin a little as she started opening her mouth and extending her tongue to lick the head of my cock. I reflexively closed my eyes as her tongue made contact with my dick. I felt her tongue rolling over the head slowly as her hand slid down to the base of my cock before I felt warm breath as her lips encircled it. I started thinking about how wonderful this young lady was in causing my dick to harden the way it did and how much I wanted to pleasure her more. After a few minutes of Charlene romancing me, I felt her remove her mouth. I opened my eyes to see her opening a condom.

“Just in case,” she replied as she sheathed my dick and rolled on top of me. Charlene straddled above my member, teasing me a little before she inserted me inside of her and sank down on my hard shaft. She started to move herself slowly on top of me as my hands went straight to her hips. I watched her tits bobble a little before I looked up to her face. Charlene had a very sexy fuck face where her eyes closed and she looked like she was concentrating on the feeling. As she edged closer to orgasm, she began to pick up speed until I grabbed her and rolled her over so I was dominating her for a while. I felt my cock stabbing into her forcefully until I felt my dick shoot into the condom. As I slid out of her, I rolled to her side and let my arm rest around her waist before looking her in the eyes. At that moment, I didn’t see my wife or Cathy lying next to me like when I masturbated. I saw a beautiful woman who allowed me the chance to pleasure her. Charlene smiled at me.

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