My Best Friend’s Father


It was late.

I didn’t want to go to Jonsey’s but I had no choice. I couldn’t go home after that. I couldn’t face my mom, nor my dad. The argument was too much. There’d be no way I’d go crawling back after promising them that I wouldn’t need them. They said I wouldn’t last a week. I doubted I’d even last a day….

I knocked on Jonsey’s door lightly, knowing that he’d be awake. Jonsey was always up at this time, working on his drawings. He was a hentai obsessive, and was pretty good at it too. What surprised me was that his bedroom light wasn’t on. Usually, his parents were downstairs so he stayed upstairs and drew, but I figured they must have gone to bed. I was so nervous. What would I tell James and Sonya when they asked me what I was doing here?

The door opened, finally, and I was ready to hug Jonsey and beg him to let me stay for a couple of days until my parents stopped being dicks, but instead of my short, plump friend, I was greeted by the tall and muscular built of his dad.

“Gabrielle?” He asked, a little confused. I forced a smile as he turned on the porch light.

“Yeah, sorry to bother you like this, Mr. Jones, but I was just seeing if Jone….Tom was in,” my tone was shaking, I was trembling from the cold and nervous by what James’s reaction would be.

“No, sorry. Tom’s gone to stay at his grandmother’s with his mom. She’s not well so Sonya’s took him there.” My heart sunk. I thanked him anyway and said goodbye, ready to walk home defeated. Then his voice stopped me.

“Why did you want to see him, anyway?” I turned around, my hair damp from the earlier rain and my clothes sticking to me.

“I’ve had….an argument with my parents and I was just…thinking…whether I could stay with you,” I smiled a little and turned back round. “Nevermind, I’ll be fine.”

I heard the door close, sighing disappointingly. I knew that James wouldn’t let me stay without Jonsey there, but I hoped. I began to feel sorry for my self again, walking quickly away, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped back, startled, to find myself looking into the face of my best friend’s father.

“Stay if you want,” James whispered, his words only clearing moments after.

“, thank you, I don’t want to impose.” I found myself staring at Jonsey’s father, wondering why he looked so beautiful to me, and why exactly he did not mind me staying.

“Seriously, Gabrielle, stay. I can’t drive you back, I’ve been drinking. I don’t want you going home now ’cause it’s too late and what will one, or a couple of nights be? Tom’s room is free. But we have a spear anyway.” He smiled at me, his smile sweet and warm. I found myself agreeing, returning his smile almost flirtatiously, although not quite sure why….

James lead me in the house, holding the door of the living room open for me, only to run in before me once he’d realised he’d left his video on. I smiled as I saw the two girls liking some big bodybuilders’ balls. James looked at me again, blushing.

“Sorry,” he muttered, embarrassed and running back to me to take my coat.

“I’ll get you a towel, to, erm, dry off,” I found myself watching him disappear up the stairs clutching my coat. I stood in the doorway for a moment, frozen, quite unsure what was going on, until I heard James commanding me to sit down and make myself at home.

I sat back, still a little dazzled by what was happening. And James… I smiled a little, remembering how cute he’d looked when he blushed….

While waiting for James to return, I found myself looking at the family pictures which I’d seen a thousand times before. Several of Jonsey. The naked baby pictures which we all dread. A couple of James, Sonya and Jonsey, even a few of me and Jonsey as kids, but none of James and Sonya together.

I shook away the thought, smiling at James as he came down the stairs, holding a purple cotton towel.

“Is this ok?” He asked, his voice breaking my concentration on the pictures.

“Eh, yeah, great. Thank you again, Mr. Jones.” He sat next to me on the couch, passing me a towel and coyly lifting the remote control to flick on a random music channel.

“Don’t worry. I’ve known you for a while now, Gabrielle. If there’s ever any problems, come here. I really don’t mind.” I stared at him for a moment, while patting my hair with the cotton. He smiled, his smile beautiful. His lips were full and juicy. Now I realised why Jonsey’s lips were his best quality, he inherited them from his father. Suddenly, I realised.

I realised that I was beginning to quickly, and desperately fall for my best friend’s father.

I went back to patting my hair, realising it was me that was blushing now.

“Thanks, Mr. Jones. This means a lot.”

“Call me James,” he said, rising and taking his wine glass. “You want a drink?” He said, winking towards the spirits cabinet. For a moment, I wanted to tell him that I was under age, but he knew. I smiled and nodded telling him I’d have whatever he had.

I lay the towel down Trabzon Escort and unzipped my boots, revealing my fishnet covered legs to my best friend’s father. For a moment, I thought whether James had been doing anything before I came. I wondered whether he masturbated…. Despite it being for a moment only, I couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful he would of looked…. His hand tight around his erection, moving up and down slowly, on his face a look of pure ecstasy….

James’s cough distracted me from my fantasy, my blush returning instantly.

“So, do you want to tell me what happened? I might be able to help,” I smiled for a second, mesmerised by his soft voice and piercing blue eyes. Nevertheless, I nodded, and told James everything. I found myself telling my best friend’s dad things that I wouldn’t even tell my best friend, things so personal and almost disturbing which had made me cry myself to sleep on so many occasions. And James understood it all. He even understood some of the things I didn’t.

I found my eyes glued to his firm, round ass as he got up and went into the kitchen to fetch another bottle of wine. Damn, he was fine. Too fine.

“So have you got a boyfriend at the moment?” He sat next to me and passed me the full glass, my fingers running over his as I took it off him. Jesus, this had to stop. I looked away, but only after taking a quick peek at the crotch of James’s pants, both delighted and giddy by the slight bulge.

“Erm, no, not at the moment.” I noticed that he grinned a little as he brought the glass to his lips.

“Tom still hasn’t got a girlfriend, I’m guessing?” I laughed, wondering if he had meant to be so sarcastic.

“No, but I’m sure he’s just saving himself for a special girl.” He turned to me and shook his head, still smiling.

“He wants you to be that girl. He thinks you’re amazing. He always talks about you. Seriously. Is he in with a chance?” I returned his gaze, our eyes locked for quite a moment before my shaking voice broke the silence.

“We’re too good friends, plus I’ve kinda got my eye on someone else on this very moment in time,” I wondered if I hinted on who I was actually looking at, and I wondered if James took the hint. He smiled and laughed a little, when I finally realised what he’d just said.

“Are you serious? Tom wants us to date?” James laughed, shaking his head a little so his stray hair whipped his face lightly. I felt my body tingle as I watched his slightest movement. He seemed to of ignore my accidental hint, and simply answered my question.

“Would I lie to you? He’s wanted you since he was about 13. He’s getting nowhere is he?” I shook my head, drinking more in amazement. I couldn’t understand why.

“He still hasn’t kissed a girl yet? By the time I was his age I had lost my virginity three times.” I laughed, attempting to stop thinking bout James and myself…

“No, he hasn’t,” I whispered. His next comment snapped me from my trance.

I felt James shift a little next to me.

“Not had more luck than me then,” he said blushing a little and smiling. I looked at him a little confused, until my cheeks broke into a crimson blush and I realised the mystery of my confusion.

“Oh, why, how long has it been?” It just popped out. It was like I was talking to a friend, and any question was fine to ask.

“‘Bout a year and a half. That’s when I found out that she’d been with someone else.” I gasped. James and Sonya always seemed to have the perfect relationship. I always envied Sonya, thinking James was really beautiful. “After that I didn’t want anything to do with her. We’ve been sorting out the divorce papers for a while now.” He paused, his hand searching his pockets.

“She’s took Tom to meet her new man,” he pulled out a cigarette, followed by a lighter.

I sat speechless, only moving to back away from the smoke.

“I have come to despise her. And she feels the same about me. She even hates the way I have my hair now,” he said this laughing, causing my lips to curl into an innocent smile.

James really didn’t care anymore. There was no sadness, no regret in his voice, nor his eyes.

“Really? Well, that’s stupid. You have beautiful hair.” He laughed. But it was true, I had always loved James’s hair. It was a dark brown colour, almost black. He’d always brush the waves behind his ears and allow the rest of the gelled curls to bounce freely of his shoulders.

I found myself lost in my thoughts and moved closer to James, leaning over him and taking the cigarette from his hand.

“You shouldn’t smoke,” I whispered, twirling my body around so I faced him. He smiled at me, sliding down the couch so my head was brushing his chest rather than stomach. I felt my heartbeat begin to increase as I dropped the cigarette in the ashtray and one of James’s hands moved under my stomach, pulling me up so our faces met. I felt my own hand glide up his chest, trembling. I sat on James now, one of his hands around my waist and the other stroking Trabzon Escort Bayan my leg.

I felt my lips opening, my trembling hand’s clutching his clothing desperately. I sat there, almost paralysed as James’s slightly parted lips began to move closer and closer to my own. My lips remained still for a moment, my eyes staring into his, until I found myself giving into the spectacular temptation of my best friend’s father. My lips parted a little more, allowing his tongue to brush mine gently and my eyes fell close. My shaking tongue began to respond, gliding over his masculine yet dreadfully soft one. He pulled me closer, causing my breasts to crush against his chest. My own hands began to explore his body after a few minutes of reassuring kisses.

I began to feel his most intimate part hardening, pressing hungrily against my upper thigh as he cupped my breasts. Neither of us had made an attempt to stop this, despite both knowing that this was beyond wrong. For a moment, I began to wonder what Jonsey would do if he knew that my legs were currently being spread open my his father’s trembling hands. I pulled my mouth away from James’s, at the same time wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, my breathing almost violent. I felt him pull his hand from under my skirt, after caressing my thighs teasingly. I felt his violent breaths on my neck, exciting me further, causing my entire body to tremble with anticipation. I had begun to get terribly wet. The moistness of my panties pressed against my pussy.

“James,” I whispered, running my tongue down his cheek, shivering slightly at the feel of his stubble against my tongue.

“Mmm?” I felt my hand slide into his shirt, hoping this would give him a slight hint that I wanted him more than anything right now. I felt his breath on my neck as he laughed. I knew James hadn’t done anything sexual for a while, almost two years, he’d said, and I had only had intercourse once.

But as James took my hand and lead my up the stairs, kissing me every time his foot landed on a new step, it all seemed too right. We stumbled into the darkness of his bedroom, instantly falling onto the bed, instantly tangling our bodies together.

He caressed my face as he lay me down, placing innocent kissed on my nose and lips as his hands slipped into my blouse, sliding his hand into my bra to caress my breasts slowly. He pinched my hard nipples gently, while licking my neck and shoulders. My hands slipped into his shirt, sliding down his smooth, almost hairless chest. Our kisses became almost violet now, a constant tangling of our eager tongues. James’s velvet tongue slid over mine, nipping it gently from time to time as he positioned himself on top of me, spreading my arms by my sides in a crucified position as he lifted my blouse a little past my breasts and placed tiny kisses from my stomach to my covered breasts. I could feel his erection pressing hungrily against my legs, begging to be released. He pulled me up, his other hand pulling the blouse over my head. He dropped it beside me on the bed while his lips danced over my chest and the exposed areas of my breasts.

I released gentle moans, almost feeling vulnerable and completely at this beautiful man’s command. His stubble tickled my stomach, causing me to giggle slightly as his hands glided up my thighs and under my skirt, removing my tights in an instant. He liked my legs right up to my thighs, stopping to kiss my wet panties before climbing back on top of me. He ran his fingers down my face, allowing his lips to caress every area that his lips had just touched, causing my body to dance in euphoric shivers. I felt myself wrapping my legs around his firm ass, my toes running down his slit wantingly. He rested his weight on an arced arm while the trembling fingers of his other hand explored the contents of my bra timidly. I felt his warm breath against my skin, my pussy trembling, as his fingers pressed down on the soft silk of my breasts, travelling nervously to my nipple.

His eyes shut suddenly and he forced his lips upon mine, his index finger circling my hard nipple, causing me to break out in the diabolically irresistible shivers again. He began to sit up, pulling me up with him so our kiss would not be broken. He ran his tongue down my neck now, his arms sliding behind my back to take the barrier of my bra away, instantly releasing my breasts. He released a delightful groan, taking my breasts into his hands and massaging them slowly. He kissed each one, each nipple, then he pushed me down again. He removed my skirt in an instant, with no traces of hesitation. I found myself rolling onto him as he ran his thumbs around my nipples. I smiled at him, gliding my hands down his chest, then undid the buttons of his shirt, allowing him to slip it off his arms and reveal the beauty of his bare chest. I found myself vulnerable to the temptation of touch, wanting to feel that silky skin under my lips. I lowered my lips to his stomach, pressing down softly as it tightened under my lips.

I Escort Trabzon heard him whispered something and move his hand into my hair as I began to lick up his chest, running my teeth over his erect nipples gently. I felt his other hand slide down my back, pushing my nipples further into his stomach.

I began kissing his stomach downwards, adoring the feel of his erection against my body. My fingers slipped to his jeans, playing with the button before finally ripping it off and unzipping the pants with my teeth. He chuckled softly at this, lifting his body at the same time as I pulled away his pants. I climbed back up his body, my nipples rubbing his thighs, his stomach, his chest…..

I brushed my lips against his teasingly, only breaking into the full kiss once he’s pulled down my head and begun to kiss me passionately, almost violently. His tongue slid over mine, examining, causing a whole and sensual tornado. I broke the kiss finally, eager for more air. As the sweet nectar of the oxygen filled my lungs, he flipped me onto my back, kissing my shoulders in the progress. His hands cupped my breasts again as he began to slide down my body, spreading my legs coyly.

I lay down now, my breaths almost exhausted at his lips began to trace my neck and breasts, his hair tickling my chest and stomach as he slid himself down me, placing his beautiful, muscular torso in-between my wet thighs.

His index finger traced my slit, the wetness lubricating it instantly. His warm breath on my sex caused me to shiver, building up my excitement before finally giving into a loud and lustful moan as his tongue slid around my clitoris, finding it instantly. He began circular movements, my body tingling with pleasure as I wrapped my legs around his neck as he increased the force of his velvet tongue against my clitoris, knowing this would bring me to orgasm in seconds.

With every stroke of his tongue against my most delicate part, I moaned, groping the quilts violently, the quilts in which he slept once with his wife. I felt my eyes fall shut in ecstasy, my hips rising and muscles tightening, the room revolving around me, my thoughts inexistent….. He liked away my cum, comforting my aching clitoris with his tongue again, before kissing each one of my legs and crawling my up me, leaving a wet trail of his saliva and my cum on my stomach and breasts.

Our tongues danced again, gently, my hands scratching down his back to grab his tight ass as he slid in-between my legs.

I gasped, feeling the head of his lubricated, precum covered cock stroking my entrance, knowing his wicked intentions. I pressed one hand to his chest, moving his body as far away as possible from allowing his semen to come near my juices. I moved his hair behind his ears, kissing his neck and shoulders.

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” I whispered, blushing slightly, not wanting to see his reaction. He nodded, smiling sympathetically and catching my lips with his own.

I twirled his body around, forcing him under me, wanting nothing but him inside of me right now, knowing it was impossible. I ran my hand over his wet tip, tingling at the sensation of it’s excitement under my touch. We kissed once more, his tongue weak. I kissed his muscles, moving down his body slowly and seductively, increasing the intensity of my kisses. I finally reached his errectnes, the precumed tip glistening beautifully, the shaft, long and invincible almost, the balls, tight and smooth. His fingers buried themselves in my hair, pushing my head gently forwards, pressing my pouting lips in a kiss on his head. He twitched under the soft touch of my tongue,enchouraging me further to run my tongue down the long, hard shaft. I took the head into my mouth, circling it with the tip of my tongue as I took more of him in, knowing there would be no way I could take his fullness into me. My index finger moved in-between his balls, feeling them tighten deliciously under my touch, while I ran my tongue over his lubricated shaft again, causing almost an uproar of delightful moans. With my free hand I took his shaft, moving choreographed with my tongue and mouth, my hands still running over his constantly tightening balls. His body tensed, his quick, sharp breaths transformed into long moans, and finally, with a groan, his warm semen squirted into my mouth, causing me to swallow quickly due to the amount.

After a moment of cleansing his head, feeling his body relax in utter utopia, I felt his strong hands pull me up to his lips, my mouth on his again, sweet kisses. His hands slid down my arms, onto my back, guiding me gently to an innocent position, making him in control now. The velvet of his tongue slid down my neck, examining my entire body, the kisses irresistible, from my lips to my thighs. Both of our bodies rubbed together, wet with sweat from our excitement. My body echoed with tiredness, having experienced pleasures it had never before seen, and I told him so, to which he merely smiled.

A glass of wine. Curled up in his arms and running his shoulder length curls over my fingers. I was in utter disbelief as I drifted off into a sleep. An argument with my parents, and several hours later falling asleep, naked, against my best friend’s father. I felt James’s lips trace mine before I finally gave in to the exhaustion.

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