My Boss’ Boss 02 (MMxxxx)


Thomas, my boss’ boss, knows that I am gay (or kind of bisexual) with a submissive streak. He is a handsome dark-haired man, very tall, with deep brown eyes, 15 years older than me (I’m 25) and in great shape.

I had started out casually, an encounter here and there, but had escalated. He knew he controlled me, and I had started to call him “Master”. Every now and then he would send me erotic messages and pictures over the iPhone or ask me to meet him at various places. It always turned me on.

And the same happened this afternoon. His sms came in around 3 pm, and I couldn’t think of anything else after that. “I want you to meet me at Archway 35 at 6 pm, Ok?”

“OK,” I answer.

“Yes, what my little one?”

“OK, my Master.”

“See you …”

As soon as I can I leave work, head home for a shower and a change to some light fitting pants and a loose-fitting large t-shirt. I leave out the underwear, thinking that they will be off in a second anyhow.

With a raging hard-on I take the bus out to the suburbs and the address.

I walk the short distance to the little house, as it slowly gets dark. Thomas is not around, and the house has the typical soft red lights in the windows that signals it is a whore house.

I wait for a while at the gate by the street. But then the door opens, and a woman calls to me.

“Come on in Ted, Thomas is waiting for you.”

I am a little startled but walk the short pathway up to the house and is quickly ushered in by a beautiful Asian woman in her early thirties. She is wearing a Chinese kind of tight-fitting dress and she is beautifully made up, with her hair in a bun at the top. I follow her through the softly lit rooms, up the stairs into a large brightly lit bedroom, all in red, on the second floor. We enter and it smells of fresh love making, and the room is quite warm.

Thomas greets me with a hug and introduces me to a blond tall woman in a tight black leather dress.

“This is Eva, she’ll help out tonight.”

“Hi Eva, I’m Ted,” I answer meekly.

“Here’s the envelope with the “bonus” for today,” Thomas announces and puts it down on a side-table.

I notice that the room is rigged for filming, with spots and cameras and various stuff all around.

“Don’t pay attention to everything around this place. You are here to enjoy, and so are we!” Thomas chuckles.

“Now, undress for us over there by the bed. Slowly.”

The bed is undone, and the sheets all wrinkled up and it is clear it has been in use not long ago. Thomas sits on a casting chair, as I walk to the spot he designated, which has a little taped X, and slowly undress. Soon I stand naked with my raging hard-on point towards him.

Eva disappears behind a desk in a corner.

The spotlights warm the whole room, but I still feel a little cold and very exposed. There are cameras set-up all around.

“Tell us your full name please and where you are from.”

“My name is Ted Stromsen, from Stockholm Sweden originally.”

“How old are you?”

“I am 25.”

“So, tell us Ted, escort bayan gaziantep what did you come here to do?”

I open my mouth, hesitating.

“I came to … suck … cock.”

“How much do you like to suck cocks, Ted?”

“I love to suck cocks.”

“And do you like and swallow the gifts they give you when they climax?”

“Yes …”

“Did you catch all that, Eva?”

“Yes, perfect. Thanks.”

“Good, then let’s play a little Ted,”

Thomas gets up and approaches me. He wears his usual grey suit, white shirt, reddish tie and black shoes. He walks up and stands tall above me, very close.

He looks down at me as he gently fondles my erect cock.

“I can tell you are excited like hell.”

“Yes,” I answer softly.

He caresses my cheek and his thumb touches my lips. He pushes it slightly and it slides in. I stand sucking his thumb, as he asks:

“Tell me how much you’ve missed and long to suck my cock, Ted.”

My cock twitches in his hand as I answer.

“I’ve missed sucking your cock Master.”

He slowly pushes me down onto my knees. I look up at him.

“You know what to do my little cock sucker.”

He knows that makes me feel a little ashamed, but also excites me, when he calls me that.

I reach up and open his pants. He wears suspenders, so I can unbutton and fully open his pants without them falling. I reach in and bring out his huge but only half hard cock.

I look up at him, as I start kissing it from the bottom up. Then down again and to his heavy balls. I land lick my way back up and finally take him into my mouth.

“Oooh, soo nice,” he moans as I begin sucking and masturbating for him.

He grows rock hard and big in my mouth. He tastes good and smells fresh of aftershave.

I indulge in worshipping his cock, and time flies as I am in the middle of my own and his sexual bliss. I feel he is approaching an orgasm, when he suddenly steps back and pops out of my mouth.

“I don’t want to come just yet. Are you my little Slut, Ted?”

“Yes,” I answer, panting from the excitement and sucking.

He grabs a low chair behind him and sits down on it, in front of me.

He looks straight at me as he asks, “I love seeing your drink sperm, and you love it too, don’t you?”

“… yes?” I answer a little confused.

He reaches next to the bed and picks up a paper basket. He lifts it up for me to see inside, reaches in and in between some thin paper napkins he pulls out a condom. He lifts it up in front of me. It is full.

“It’s from just before you came. Feel it. It is still warm …”

He caresses it against my chin, nose and brings it to my lips.

“Take it into your mouth!”

His warm but strict words make me obey immediately. I open my mouth and suck in the pouch at the end of the sperm filled condom. It tastes a little of rubber and lubricants. I sit there sucking on it, as he smiles, holding the opening just above my eyes.

He pulls it out, and deftly turns it around, offering the opening to my mouth instead.

“Take it into your mouth, my little sperm lover.”

I suck in the opening of the condom as he raises it, and I feel the cum slide into my mouth, a strangers’ load. It tastes salty and musky.

“Swallow it for me,” Thomas instructs, and caresses my cheek as I do.

“Have another …” he says as he holds the wastepaper basket up to me. I look in and see that there are several. I pick one up and hold it high. It is very full of white semen.

“Drink it down, Ted, relish it.”

I look at him, as I turn it around and slowly pour it into my mouth. It tastes more bitter than the first.

I swallow it and pick up a third, as Thomas beckons me to do. It is empty, and I have to rummage a little for the next. It is also very full. I lift it over my mouth, and this time I look over at Eva, as I pour another strangers’ cum into my open mouth and outstretched tongue. I miss it a bit, and some runs down my cheek instead. Who were all these men I wonder, as Eva waves to me and gives me a thumbs-up.

“Might as well take them all out and count them now, Ted.”

I do as he asks, and pick up six condoms all in all, of which three are already empty. I have already had two.

“It’s been a full day here at the studio, with seven women and six men; Mark, Anthony, Ahmed, Babangida, John and Haruto. Now go for the next one …”

He takes over the clutch of hanging condoms and hands me one of the remaining filled ones. He smiles broadly as I raise this one as well above my face and pour the contents into my open mouth.

“Hold it there and show me,” Thomas calls out.

I hold the condom up beside me as I turn to him and open my mouth to show him the whole load there. He points towards Eva, and I turn and realize I am facing directly into a camera as well.

“Now swallow it,” Thomas whispers.

I follow his orders. Two more to go …

Suddenly, Thomas stands up and holds his stiff erection in front of my mouth, as I face the camera.

A big screen on the far wall is suddenly lit up, and I see myself in close up on the big screen. Eva waves me another thumbs-up as Thomas pushes the mushroom head of his cock into my mouth.

“Stroke yourself,” Thomas orders.

I reach down and grab my throbbing cock. I see the camera zoom out and back in on my hand, and then back to my face. Eva is clearly doing a good job of capturing the scene.

I see myself as Thomas holds the condoms in his left hand, resting on my head, so that they hang down my left cheek. With his right hand he takes one of the remaining filled ones and slowly empties it over my nose and forehead. Some globs land by my eye. I hear Thomas breath heavily above me. I feel his lust also in his throbbing cock.

He places five condoms, so they hang down onto my forehead, and then carefully presses out the last one onto his long cock, from the root up to my lips. He holds it up so that the last drops land on my upper lip.

“Now lick me clean and make me cum …” he commands in a hoarse voice, full of lust.

He grabs my head, turns it and pushes the full length of himself into my mouth and down my throat. I gag a little but relax and the full length of him slides in until my nose is pressed against his lower small patch of pubic hair. He holds me there for quite a while, and I taste the seed of the unknown man on him. Musky, slightly bitter. It almost makes me cum myself.

Thomas pulls out, and looks down at me, as he holds my head in place. I sit still with my mouth wide open. He slowly moves his hips forward and dips his cock into my mouth, and then pulls out again. He moans out loud with every thrust, increasing the speed.

“Fuck, yes you little cock sucking slut …,” he screams as he floods my mouth with his loads.

I swallow his first two spurts, but the rest fills my mouth and runs down my chin, hanging there.

He grabs hold of his slowly softening penis and rubs it across my nose and lips and cheeks. He steps back, and smiles, clearly satisfied with himself and the whole scene.

He takes the condoms and bundles them together at the opening and holds them to my mouth.

“Here hold on to them with your teeth.”

I bite onto them, so they hang down from my mouth.

Eva comes up with a camera and takes several portrait shots of me like that.

“Smile,” she asks me, and I do my best.

“That will be a great one,” she proclaims and heads over to the producing table.

She switches off the bright lights, as I stand up on wobbly legs, still biting onto the condoms. I am still rock hard and longing to come. But Thomas hands me my clothes and tells me to get dressed, having zipped up himself already.

“It’s almost ready already. I’ll make sure it’s uploaded to the site tonight,” she giggles as she taps into a computer and waves us goodbye.

I quickly pull on my pants and shirt and shoes, and Thomas grabs my arm and pulls me down the stairs and out onto the street. He leads me the few steps to his parked car and opens the door and ushers me in.

I take the condoms in my left hand, and we drive off.

“That was incredibly hot, Ted.”

“Yes, it was,” I answer truthfully.

He puts on the radio and we drive through the evening without saying anything. I have lost sense of time since I stepped into the house, but it feels like a whole day.

“I’ll send you the link to the site, when I get it from Eva.”

“What kind is it …”

He chuckles.

“You’ll see.”

He stops by my house, and I get out.

“Still hard?” he asks.

“Yes,” I nod.

“Good, keep it that way,” he laughs and drives off.

I enter and take the elevator up to my little flat. As I fumble for my keys on the landing, my neighbour comes out. He is a retired kind, tall man of around 60, who sometimes comes around for a chat and coffee. I’ve more than once wondered if he had a crush on me.

Now he turns and looks smilingly at me.

“Look like it’s been an intensive evening for you. You better get a good night’s rest, and maybe I can pop by tomorrow at this time to learn more …” he laughs as he steps into the elevator.

I unlock the door and enter, and realize I am still clutching the condoms in my left hand.

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