My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 8


Tommy and I are soul mates. It is that simple. When he needs a receptacle for his love, I am his sure thing. Likewise, if I need a hard one between my legs, he is there for me. We are in lust and in love, despite being siblings. I adore his penis. I accept his seed wherever he wants to put it. In turn, he will lovingly lap it out of my pussy, or mouth, with his all knowing tongue and we share it in a deep kiss. We wrap our arms and legs around each other and experience all of each other’s sexy sights, smells, and tastes. We have no limits and are able to talk about things that would make some porn stars blush. We describe detailed sexual fantasies to each other. Usually, these fantasy discussions end in big brother on top of me, his erect penis in my vagina, pumping away like mad. I will have closed eyes and a huge smile on my face, because he is using me to satisfy his manly needs. He always returns the favor. Sex is fun for us and never overly serious. Sometimes I tease him by hugging him close with my legs, preventing his thrusts from accomplishing his mission. I always relent. I have fun, “Be still my love.” We both giggle, “Fuckest me now with urgent abandon. Depositeth your man jewels deep within me. Post haste.” Of course that means, ‘Fuck me hard and fuck me now.’ It was the Saturday we had planned to meet our friends Alison and Nick for fun times. Dad left early for the shop. I was already up and waiting to hear his bike leave the driveway and apparently so was Tommy. We met in the hallway while racing to each other’s rooms to screw. We embraced like two lovers who had been separated by war and just reunited. We enjoyed deep kissing and lots of roaming hands. I love the feel of his big hands on my ass when he pulls our hips together to grind his already hard dick into my pussy. Tommy said, “I want you so bad, but I need a shower.” I liked where this go, “Let’s take one together.” I could almost hear his cock scream out for me. The look in his eyes was wild. We held hands and ran to the bathroom. We did a little strip tease for each other, although it was hurried, because we were really horny. We had a walk-in shower and we went in hand in hand. Tommy’s flagpole Çekmeköy escort bayan lead the way. Once inside with warm water running, he got behind me and put his arms around my tummy. I reached back and put my hands on his head. His hard on was in my butt crack and he rubbed it in a out with warm, soapy water. For the first time in my life, I wanted something in my ass. I wanted Tommy to enter me through my backdoor. He had other ideas though. He said, “I want you to use your mouth to make love to my cock.” Well, if I must. I got down on my knees, using a towel under them because the tile was so hard. I took him in and massaged him every way possible. In and out. Into my cheeks. Deep. Then finally fast with just the head between my lips. He shot cum all over my tongue and teeth. I didn’t have time to swallow it before he picked me up and we kissed. His seed flowed between us and ran down our chins and naked wet bodies. Too bad some of it had to end up down the drain instead of deep in me. It was a nice way to start the day. Lately our deepest and most graphic fantasies involved friends we had recently made, Alison and Nick. I had lots of bi feelings and I had something going for each of our new buddies. My brother only very recently was able to admit some small amount of bi feelings to me. I was so proud he could trust me like that. Since we were talking about Alison and Nick, I assumed that meant Tommy had a little dick twitch for Nick. It was all fine by me. As I told Tommy, as long as it doesn’t involve animals, I’m in. Honestly though, the thought of another guy blowing Tommy while I watched made my love honey flow. Alison was a college softball player. She was a fine young women. Strong and sexy, but smart and playful, with maybe a tiny inferiority complex. That made her humble and even more attractive to me. Tommy and I discussed how I could satisfy Alison orally while he banged me from behind and Nick watched. Nick was a bit complicated. He didn’t talk much about sex, but we really hadn’t pushed him to either. Time to change that. Big brother and I hatched a plan to seduce Alison and Nick that night. It would involve Escort gebze some clubbing, followed by some private times back at our house. We had the house to ourselves, because Dad would be on an overnight trip to Sedona with his biker buddies. Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on earth. At that time, however, the most beautiful place on earth, to me, was any exposed skin on Alison. I wanted to smell and taste her. I dreamed that she would like my smell and taste. I also thought about Nick’s cock. I love a bulging purple head. So many fun activities to do with one. Tommy and I shagged again the afternoon we were to meet Alison and Nick for our clubbing adventure. He bent me over the back of the couch downstairs and emptied his balls in me. He gently fingered my ass at the same time. He did not enter my butthole, but he circled it and nearly drove me to orgasm. It was heavenly. After he had his release, he helped me cum with his tongue. He had me sit on the edge of the couch and put my legs up on the coffee table. He got between them and guided his tongue in and out, up and down. Then he sucked my clitty in and out. Fireworks. As usual, Tommy and I satisfied each other’s needs. Afterward, we relaxed and plotted the downfall of our target’s innocence. We planned to take them out, have some drinks, do some dancing, and do a lot of flirting. We discussed the principle of divide and conquer. We would focus any conversation on sexy topics and sexual activities. Our goal was to get past any inhibitions of theirs and make them comfortable talking about sex. Talking leads to doing, after all. The night came. We had arranged it to be casual. This was going to be just friends out drinking and dancing. Alison and Nick arrived at our house. I answered the door. Nick was Nick. A tiny bit goofy, but good looking, tall, and those lovely blue eyes. Alison was wearing a blue jean skirt and my heart skipped a beat thinking of pulling it up to see if she had panties on. We had a few cheap non-club drinks and set off. Dinner was casual and as we prearranged, we brought up sex whenever we could. Nothing out of the ordinary though. We did not Şerifali escort divulge deep secrets. The first club we went to was a popular place, but it was early and easy to get in. The music was far too loud for me, but that’s not why I was there. We danced a bit as a group. Then Tommy pulled Nick away to the bar for man talk that undoubtedly involved separating women from their panties. Alison and I stayed. Divide and conquer. We danced a couple of songs. It was loud and dark and flashy lights all around. I put my hand on her hip and yelled into her ear, “You are a better dancer than I am.” She smiled and yelled back, “No I’m not.” “Well a lot sexier than I am. I can see why Nick looks at you that way.” She smiled and laughed. I stayed close to her and she seemed OK with it. I playfully made contact with her hip to hip and she reciprocated. This was making me wet. Tommy was having a drink with Nick at the bar. He later told me the conversation was quite serious about sexual matters. On the spur of the moment, he decided to tell Nick that he and I were a couple. When I found out I could have decked him with a brick, but he said he told Nick that we were adopted. Adopted? It was a lie. It was also brilliant. All is fair in love and war. Now we could do whatever we wanted in front our friends and they would think nothing of it. Only we would know our secret. We all danced some more together, but soon Alison suggested we try a new club that just opened, “This place is too loud.” Off we went. We got there and the line to get in was very long. We discussed waiting, but Tommy, brilliant Tommy, suggested we put on some music in our basement and make our own club. We had just enough drinks in us for that to sound reasonable, so we headed back to our house It was much, much quieter and easier to talk. We put on some music and made drinks and all relaxed in the basement. Tommy’s strong margaritas had a sedative effect and instead of setting up a dance floor we all sat and talked. I said, “So I guess you guys know we are a couple, thanks to Tommy’s big mouth.” Alison said, “I think it is great. People need to find love wherever they can.” Nick agreed. Tommy, “I’m empty, does anyone else want another?” We all said yes and he went off to make another industrial strength pitcher. Alison was inquisitive, “Does your dad know?” I told her no one knew, except them. This was making them special. Only they knew my brother and I were lovers (and they believed we were unrelated).

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