My Dark Angel Ch. 08

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Louis pulled me forwards and into the brightly lit house slamming the door behind us. He moved with incredible speed and had me pinned against the wall. He slowed his pace and pressed his lips against mine. He kissed me passionately and his hands moved to my face as he pulled me closer against him. I slumped against the wall, and simply allowed the sensations to wash through my body.

I moved my hands to the collar of his shirt, moving beneath the fabric to his shoulders and tried to push the open shirt off. He helped me without taking his lips off mine and dropped his black shirt into the floor.

His hands began to pull at his leather jacket which I wore and I shrugged it off. Eager to get to what was next. His lips broke away from mine I moved my hands to the bottom of my t-shirt. His hands met mine and we tugged it over my head. His lips eagerly reunited with mine and his hands roamed over my chest. His hands moved to my back and he tugged me against his chest. I groaned as I felt our skin touch, I was glad his skin was colder than mine, since it helped control my rising heat.

We staggered away from the wall unwilling, and unable to stop touching each other and moved towards the stairs. He pulled away and I saw him drop his jeans. His cock was hard and pointing away from his body through his underwear. He tugged me up the stairs eager as I was.

I followed him then when we reached his room, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply his cool tongue gliding over mine. His hands moved to my jeans and he undid the button then slowly undid the zip. My trousers fell, my heart accelerated and he lightly skimmed his hand over the straining fabric.


I had only met Louis yesterday but all that I wanted now was to have him pounding me into the mattress. He noticed my look of hesitation then said

“James don’t worry, I’ll take it as slow or as fast as you want”

I sighed in relief knowing that Louis would not make me do anything I didn’t want to

“Just take it slow” I said apprehensive

He grinned then said

“Don’t worry I owe you for your slow treatment earlier”

He tugged me towards the bed and I lay lay down on the soft silk of the bed linen. He sat next to me and he moved one of his hands towards my face. He gently ran it down my face and continued down my chest. His fingertips felt like silk as he ran them down my skin. His fingers brushed over my left nipple and the sensation shot straight to my dick.

It pointed painfully towards the sky. His hands reached my six pack and he gently massaged the muscles. He rubbed my skin then moved his face towards mine. His lips brushed mine then continued down. His lips ran over my throat and the flesh memory of what his lips had done there made my heart speed up. His hand was still massaging my abs and he began to lick over my collar bone. He moved down and his lips locked over my right nipple.

I moaned as he sucked gently causing him to swirl his tongue over the sensitive skin. I moaned again and he continued down. He had moved onto the bed and was laying between my legs his body brushing my imprisoned dick. My hips thrust upwards into his body. He continued moving down and reached my bellybutton and ran his tongue over it as I had done to him.

He reached the waistband of my briefs and his thumbs moved slowly beneath the waistband and he slowly tugged them down my legs. He moved away and pulled them off of my legs before he moved back between them. His face moved back towards my cock and he slowly ran his tongue up my shaft. I groaned as pleasure filled me. He continued to coat my cock in spit, a few seconds later he slowly lowered his mouth onto the tip of my cock.

I inhaled sharply as he swirled his tongue in amazing patterns over the head of my cock. He had obviously been holding back the previous times he had done this. He began to move further down my cock and created incredible suction. He continued the slow assault of my senses, his treatment of my cock sending waves of pleasure through my body.

He pulled away from my cock and moved to my balls gently covering them in a generous amount of spit. He began to move lower and I tensed apprehensive at this new experience but what happened next I didn’t want to stop. He reached my untouched virgin hole and his tongue gently traced the ring of muscle.

I tensed up in shock, even the lightest touch of his tongue had sent pleasure up my body.

He continued and slowly began to apply more pressure against my tight hole. I gasped and moaned as his tongue hit all of the right spots. My back arched off the bed as pleasure shot up my spine again. I threw my head from side to side as he pulled away.

He looked up at me then said cheekily

“Do you want me to stop?”

I bucked my hips then said breathlessly

“Don’t stop, please god don’t stop”

He smiled up at me then continued his assault on my tight hole. His tongue slowly began to move inside of me. the pleasure was indescribable. antalya escort His tongue though cold seemed to know the intricacies of my body and every touch every swirl made me moan in pleasure. My blood boiled in my veins as I received more and more pleasure as his tongue moved deeper and deeper into me.

His tongue continued to explore me and I never wanted this to end. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum onto my stomach. He began to pull away and I moaned in annoyance before he moved up to my face and said

“That was nothing, I have had 2 centuries to learn how to please men in bed and now I have someone for whom I truly care for”.

He moved to a drawer by his bed and pulled out a plastic bottle with a clear fluid inside. He moved back to my arse and poured some of the liquid onto his hand. He poured it liberally onto my hole. I clenched in surprise at the cold liquid.

He placed a hand on my chest then said

“It’s just oil relax and just feel”

He poured more of the oil onto his hand then rubbed his hands together spreading the oil over them. He moved back to my arse and I felt one of his fingers slowly circling the muscle. I did as he and said and tried to relax. his finger slowly began to push inside of me. Again he seemed to know exactly where to push to have me moaning underneath him.

Soon he had inserted his whole finger inside and slowly began to move it. He curled his finger upwards and gently brushed something inside of me. I jerked in surprise then let out a long strangled moan as I was catapulted into pure pleasure. I clamped my eyes shut as he again curled his finger. He brushed against it again but held his finger there and gently rubbed it.

My hips jerked instinctively and my cock to leak precum faster than before. Louis said slowly as his other hand ran up my chest gently brushing my nipples

“Now that was your prostate”

His finger applied more pressure to my prostate and I moaned again and looked into his eyes to see him smiling widely.

I felt another of his fingers begin to push inside of me, unlike the first this time I felt the slight burn of pain around the guardian ring of muscle. Louis must have known the entry would hurt because a he began to gently rub my prostate sending more pleasure that came as a relief after the pain of his previous entry.

Now both of his fingers began to prod and rub my prostate. The pleasure was too much for me to form words to express my pleasure, only half strangled moans escaped from my lips. My hips thrust upwards slightly and my balls began to pull towards my body.

Louis pulled his fingers out and I felt a slight burn of pain. He then put his other hand on my face saying

“James this will hurt to begin with, but trust me it is going to get a whole lot better”

I looked at him trying to tell him with my eyes I trusted him, completely. I lowered my head back against the bed and relaxed. I felt pressure against my soon to be taken virgin hole. He continued to apply pressure and soon the tip of his cock slipped inside my arse past the tight ring of muscle.

White hot pain shot up me and my hands clenched into fists. a tear slid down my face as I tried to hold back the screams that were building in my chest. It felt as though I was being ripped in half.

Louis stopped and gently stroked my chest as he waited for me to adjust. He leaned down then, and his lips brushed against mine. He kissed me tenderly, distracting me from the pain as his cock slowly slid inside of me.

After a few minutes the pain had eased to only mild discomfort, I nodded and he pushed in slowly. Pain again shot up my spine and Louis stopped watching my face to judge when I was in pain. I opened my eyes and saw the most loving and caring look on his face. He smiled at me and I nodded back and he slowly began to push further in.

Around 10 minutes later after around 6 or 7 starts and stops I finally felt his balls press against my arse. I looked at him and saw that his eyes had grown a shade darker. I nodded and he pulled out until only the tip of his cock remained in my ass, he pushed forward slowly.

After 3 or 4 more times of him pulling out and pushing back in the pain had begun to fade and be replaced by pleasure. He knew when to speed up when my gasps of pain slowly turned to moans of pleasure.

He pushed in again and I looked up at him to see his eyes fully black.

“So tight, I don’t know how long I can last”

He was obviously finding it difficult to restrain himself from going at full pelt. His hands moved to my hips and he pulled my ass off the bed to give him better access. He shifted his hips slightly and hit my prostate. My legs clamped around his waist and my cock twitched seeking attention.

He was still going at a slow pace around one thrust every two seconds. He pulled me up and flipped us over so he was on his back. He had done this so that I could take it at my own pace. I pulled myself up and lowered myself back onto his cock. I looked down at serik escort him and his fangs descended. His right hand moved to my cock as I began to bounce up and down on his.

I began to pick up pace receiving pleasure both from my cock being wanked by Louis, and from my arse as Louis’ cock massaging me internally. I rolled my hips and felt his cock press against my prostate. I threw my head back and moaned. Louis was obviously getting more and more turned on by my actions on his cock.

He sat up and pressed my back against the pillows, his face was inches away from mine. He began to pick up pace and he began to wank me in time with each of his thrusts. I pulled his lips down to mine and our mouths opened to receive each other. Our tongues glided over each other and I couldn’t control the moans that escaped from my mouth into his.

He pulled away and threw his head back and roared at the ceiling. He began to thrust into me faster and faster each one driving me closer and closer to orgasm. Each of his thrusts hit me square on the prostate and each time he did a moan emanated from my lips.

His hands moved from my cock and pressed against the walls. The plaster cracked and he punched through the wall. His hands moved back to me and he clutched me and pushed me up against the wall. His hips began to thrust with incredible speed and I felt my balls clench towards my body.

He looked down at my face and he sped up even more and leaned in towards my neck. One of his hands moved to my cock and he began to wank me with amazing speed. His fangs drove into my flesh and I felt the pleasure speed through my body.

The pleasure his fangs provided fired me into the most wonderful ecstasy as my orgasm arrived.

And I screamed as I felt my orgasm hit me. The pleasure burned through my veins and my hands clawed into the flesh of Louis’ back causing his blood to trickle slowly down.

My cock fired the largest load I had ever produced onto Louis’ chest. I screamed again and felt myself cumming again and my cock shot a second less powerful load onto Louis. I felt aftershocks of my orgasm and the feelings I felt were so intense. My body felt extra-sensitive after the most wonderful orgasm of my life.

But Louis continued to thrust inside of me for a few more seconds before he pulled away from my neck and roared again, and I felt his cock twitch and shoot his load deep inside my bowels. His fingers dug into the flesh of my shoulders and I felt my blood slowly dribble down my arm. He slowly pulled out of me and I felt the slight burn of pain as he pulled out. Followed by a feeling of emptiness.

He fell backwards and I fell on top of him. My lungs were heaving and I felt Louis arms move around me and hold me against his body. It was surprising how gently he held me. The same body that had just fucked me with such power or strength now held me so gently.

I panted for a few minutes then slowly rolled off Louis onto the bed linen.

Next to me Louis’ voice sounded exhausted

“I’m sorry if I hurt you, I told you I might not be able to control my urges. But that was different I felt something with you I have never felt before.

The feelings rushing through my body as I came inside you were intense”

I breathed heavily then said as I moved my hand onto his chest

“It wasn’t just good for you. I have never felt so much pleasure. god I never knew that it could feel so good. your cock in my arse your fangs on my neck and your hand on my cock sent me into overdrive. Not that I imagined fangs in my neck when I thought about having sex with someone” I said to him

His hands moved into my field of vision and he pulled me onto his chest. I snuggled against his body the coolness of his skin helping control my temperature. I kissed his chest and sighed in contentment. I had just given myself fully to him.

He gasped slightly and his hands slowly stroked down my arm. He gathered some of my blood and lightly brushed over the wounds he had left in the crescent shape of his nails.

“I’m sorry” he said quietly and pulled his hand away from my arm and his fangs dropped. He raised his wrist to his mouth about to bite but I stilled his hand.

I raised my other hand to my arm and rested it over the wounds.

“Ic I gelácne ?á blóddolg” I chanted allowing my power to flow out. The flesh knitted itself back together. I looked up at Louis and he smiled slightly then tugged me against his chest.

“You are quite the healer, that may come in handy” he said slowly

“Everything seems so easy, I don’t even need to think about the words it just all flows out” I said slowly. I relaxed and snuggled against his side resting my head over his heart.

He was mine and if I had my way soon I would be with him forever. I decided not to ask him now. But soon I would bring up the subject of him turning me. I would be with him until we either died or until the end of time. Any other outcome was unacceptable. I wouldn’t let Louis side escort watch me grow old and die while he stayed young. I felt weak as I snuggled against Louis both from the blood he had drained from me and from my first and definitely not my last fuck.

“So how do we complete the mating now?” I muttered against Louis’ chest

Louis chest tensed and his arms encircled me

“Not tonight, I want you to be sure that I am who you want. There are so many other men out there human or otherwise. How do you know that I am who you want to spend the rest of your life with?”

My anger gave me strength and I moved up Louis body and pushed his arms above his head and used all of my strength (even though it was nothing compared to his) to hold him there.

“Don’t you dare, not now. I can’t have you doubting whether what I feel for you is real or not.

Louis I do not want any other man or supe for that matter. I want you, every single part of you. Your personality, your smile, your lips, and even your faults, everything that makes you who you are. I want it all.

I have known you since yesterday but I don’t care that we have just met. I know that I am only ever going to want you”.

I forced my lips against his and my tongue moved into his mouth. It tasted of blood. My blood. But I didn’t care. Louis was not responding so I pulled away a gently bit his lip. He sighed and my fist slammed against his chest in annoyance.

It was like punching a marble statue. I flinched away grasping my hand. Louis just lay there.

He was questioning whether I would be better off with a human. I didn’t want a human I wanted him but he just wouldn’t understand that.

Waves of hurt rolled into me and I curled up on my side and let the tears flow. Louis hand gently moved to my side I flinched away and flung myself off the other side of the bed.

“Why can’t you understand. I want you, only you. Please”

I turned to see him sitting up on the bed. He had a blank expression on his face.

“Say something Louis…please…I just need you to tell me” I sobbed his expression remained blank and I felt another stab of pain.

I steadied my voice and focused on my anger rather than my pain as I spoke.

“I don’t want a human man. They can’t give me a 10th of what you can. Please just tell me you understand”

He started moving over the bed, he still didn’t say anything. he extended his arms but I couldn’t touch him right now.

I raised a hand but he kept on moving

“Álynian” I said with force. He stopped dead.

Another tear slid down my face, he wouldn’t accept that I wanted him still.

I had just given myself to him fully and he still doubted that I wanted him.

I called on my magic again but before I cast the spell to take me home I said to Louis

“Once you accept that I only want you come to my room, I don’t want us to fight. If you decide before school, drop by and we’ll go to school together”

Louis was frozen on the spot either unable or unwilling to speak. I walked forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.

I called on my magic and brought it forth as I cast the spell

“Bealucræft edcierr mec eac mín húswist”

Lights danced across my vision and I felt an icy cold touch grip my naked form, I felt as though I was spinning and a few moments later I landed on my bed in my room.

I had just enough energy left to crawl under the covers. As I began to drift of into an exhausted sleep I prayed that when I awoke I would not be alone.

I rolled in my sleep and collided with a body. My heart jumped in my chest I ran my hands up the chest clumsily and felt the topless form.

The flesh felt warm but I supposed it was because I was colder than him.

My hands ran up his muscled chest and I found one of his nipples in the dark. I ran my thumb over it.

I moved my hands up to his neck and I pulled myself in the direction of the lips I knew were there.

I froze when my lips met the persons. I felt the course hair of a beard and backed away quickly falling onto the floor. My head fell back and hit the floor. My vision spun but I concentrated and muttered quietly


A ball of light appeared in the air and I almost screamed when I saw the man sitting on my bed. Ioannes was sitting there topless. He smiled at me and I rushed quickly to my drawer and put on the first pair of boxers I could lay my hands on.

I turned around and glared at him, my anger exploded out

“What the hell are you doing here? Why the fuck would you sit next to me, while I’m sleeping. naked. And when I tried to kiss you why did you let me? I thought you were Louis”

He was next to me in a second and I skidded back into the chest of drawers. He slowly advanced and I felt my heart beat faster.

“I am here because you interest me. Before I was interested in Louis but now…”he trailed off and moved his hand onto my chest. I froze at his touch. His skin is warm almost human. He leaned forward and I almost whimpered in fear as he ran his nose along my collar bone inhaling deeply.

I put my hands against his chest and shoved with all of my strength, it did nothing. if Louis was able to overpower me, Ioannes at over 10 times his age was even more capable of doing so.

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