My Fantasy_(4)

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It took me only 30 minutes to find the right guy on Craig’s List. I’m 27 but I’ve been told that I still look 16. I’m half Vietnamese and half Spanish with an athletic build. The guy I wanted needed to be at least 45, out of shape, and a top. I’ve always been attracted to the guys that don’t look like models. Maybe it’s because I feel sorry for them, I really don’t know though. But as I said before, it only took me 30 minutes to sort through the many emails until I found His. He wrote:

“You sound hot. I love asian boys. I’m 55, 180 lbs 5’4″, white, balding, 5″ uncut. I’m Bill.”

I replied back that he needed to host and that I have something already in mind for what I wanted him to do to me. He said that he lived alone so no one would ever interrupt our fun. I gave him his instruction for what I wanted and he replied that he loved what I had planned and that he couldn’t wait.

So that night, about 9pm, I drove to his house and went to the front door and opened it. He’d left it unlocked just like I told him to. In a prior email, Bill had described his house to me, so I knew exactly where to go. I turned to my left and went down the hall way and the first door to my left was a spare guest bedroom. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I turned on the lights to find that it was a very simple room with just a bed and a dresser. There were a couple paintings on the wall and that was about it. But it was the dresser I was more interested in because sitting on top of it was a bottle of whiskey and a glass. I poured myself a drink and downed it. I’m a pretty light weight and usually it only takes about 2 beers to get me on a god buzz. After feeling a bit of a burn run down my throat, I started to undress. My shirt, shoes, jeans, boxers, and socks were pretty much thown carelessly as the alcohol started it’s effect. I could feel my face getting hot and red. I savored the feeling as I put on a pair gaziantep swinger of fleece pajama pants.

“So here I am. In some strange guys house making him fullfill my fantasy…” I whispered to myself. I poured another glass of the cheap whiskey and downed it. This time it didn’t burn as much. Feeling the “drunkeness” slowly rolling down my body, I turned off the lights and slid into the bed. With my back to the door, facing the wall, I closed my eyes and counted to 120. And right on time, I heard the door knob move and door quietly open, then shut. Then I heard a faint whisper, “Son? Hey kiddo, are you awake?” I didn’t answer and felt Bill come closer to the bed.

“Smells like you’ve been drinking.” Bills says in an unapproving voice. But he continues, “Son, have you been drinking?” I give him an incoherant mumble.

“I bet it’s not your fault though, someone probably spiked your drink. But it’s ok, Daddy is here to take care of you.” He says in a soft voice. I can hear him taking off his clothes and I thought to myself, “He said that pretty convincingly.” Just thinking about what was going to happen had my cock hard as a rock. Bill then goes over to the closet and takes out his camcorder to set it up in the corner as I instructed him in the email. And then I felt the blanket lift as he got into the bed with me. His body right up against me and I can feel his thick cock poke at my ass. I then feel his hand on my shoulder and asking me if I was awake. I again mumble and try to wave him off. By this time the alcohol has taken it’s effect and my head was swimming.

“It’s ok Son, Daddy’s going to take real good care of his little man.” He whispers in my ear as his hands gently slide from my shoulder, to my arm, and down to my ass. And as he carresses my bubble butt, he starts kissing my neck and sliding his tongue behind my ear. I’m so turned on at this point I was about to just have him fuck me right then and there, but I fought it to get exactly what I came for.

“Mmm…Dad, stop it.” I mumble as I feel his hand slip under my pajama pants, groping my ass and thighs. To which he replies, “It’s ok baby, Daddy is here and going to take care of you. So shhhhh…just go back to sleep.” Bill then started tugging at fleece pants and moving them towards me knees and I can feel his manhood sliding between my ass.

“Daddy, stop it.” I say as he reached around and started to stroke my hard cock.

“Shhhh…” He says trying to quiet me down. Then I feel his other arm slide under my body and starts pinch my nipples as he pulls me closer into his embrace. Now he’s grinding his cock against my ass as I can also feel his belly against my back. His hand that was stroking me goes back to grabbing my ass hungrily right before he starts to slide a finger in me. I let a little moan escape through my lips. I’m in pure extascy as he puts another finger into my hole.

“Mmm…Oh daddy…” I say softly. And Bill replies, “Shhh…quiet baby.” I reach behind me and pull his head towards my neck to make him kiss and suck on it. After a minute or so, I feel him pull his fingers out and then felt the tip of his thick cock at the entrance of my ass. I prepare myself and relax as best as I could. Then I felt him slowly enter me and then pulls out. He does it again and this time he goes in deeper. Bill continues this, going inch by inch until I feel his balls right against my ass.

“You like Daddy’s cock inside you, don’t you son? You’re daddy’s little boy, aren’t you baby. You love it when daddy fucks your fat ass, don’t you?” He says while sliding his cock in and out of my ass. I only answer him with moans. He continues to fuck me, picking up the pace, now thrusting his cock in me. Then all of a sudden he pushes me over onto my stomach and then mounts me while I’m still laying down, with my face in the pillow.

“You’re being too loud son, you’ll wake up your mother.” He says as he pushes his manhood into me again. This time he grabs me by the hips and starts slamming his cock in me as I moan loudly into the pillow. Feeling his cock fill me, it was incredible. He then lifts my ass up to get me on my knees. In and out, he fucks me while he reaches around again to stroke me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I came and I came hard. Cum shot out and all over the bed and his hand.

“You naughty, naughty boy!” He yells and slaps me ass as he rides me. I no longer cared, I start to moan and yell for him to, “Yes, fuck me Daddy! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh fuck!”

And then with a last thrust I feel his cock jump and shoots his cum deep in my ask, for what felt like a while, he then pulls out and I turn over to face him. I sit up and take his cum covered cock in my mouth and I proceed to suck it clean as cum leaked out of me. I licked every bit of cum and juices from my ass off his sock.

“That’s a good boy.” He tells me as he moans. I suck and start to try to take his dick as deep in my throat as I can and gagged a bit. So I kepted sucking his cock and licking his balls until finally he came on my face and what little he had left in my mouth.

“Ok, go to sleep son…” He says while getting out of bed to leave. And for a bit I laid there. I then looked at the clock and saw that it was 12am. I got up, feeling like a complete dirty slut, and didn’t care. I got dressed and left. And when I got home. I sent him another email, thanking him for the fun night and gave him different instructions for next time. He replied that he couldn’t wait…

(This was a true story. I hope I wrote it well enough to be erotic. Bill and I had quite a few “adventures” because I’m just kinky and these types of scenerios are the only way I get turned on. If you guys want me to share more just let me know and I’ll write more. Thanks all!)

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