My Favorite Glove Saleslady


Ever since my mother bought me my very own pair of black ladies’ kid gloves after she had caught me wearing her kid gloves to pleasure myself with, I have developed a very strong affection for the ladies who work at the “Ladies Glove Counters” in the better department stores. Now I know that I am dating myself, but I go back to a time when every woman had scads of beautiful leather gloves and would never be caught out in public without her gloves.

I was always fascinated by the array of kid leather gloves in all colors, styles, and lengths. I was especially fond of the long white kid leather “debutante” gloves which were the vogue back then and still are today.One of the things that I would enjoy doing when I got a little older and able to get out on my own and had a little spending money, was to shop for gloves. Soon I had myself quite a collection of fine leather gloves. I also enjoyed calling the better department stores and chatting with the ladies who worked the glove counters. I would pretend to be interested in buying a pair of gloves and asked for a great deal of information about the gloves they carried. I was always interested in the longer gloves and wanted to know if they carried the “opera” length gloves. I found that the “opera” length 16 button gloves had the 3 buttons at the wrist. While they were quite fashionable they were more difficult to put on and remove. The longest kid glove without the “3 buttons” was a 12 button glove that came just over the elbow.

Most of the sales ladies were curious but some were on the rude side especially if I told them that the gloves were for myself. One sales lady in particular, her name was Helen, found it rather amusing that a man would be interested in wearing women’s gloves. I spoke with her often and she was always very pleasant. As a matter of fact, I felt that we had become friends. I told her that I had very small hands and how my mother had bought me my first pair of kid gloves when I was younger because she caught me wearing her kid gloves to pleasure myself and that I had been wearing them ever since.

I imagine that there were periods when there were very few customers in the antalya escort store and our conversations helped pass the time of day. I confessed to her how my mother had used me to model dresses that she worked on when she was a seamstress and how that was the beginning of my enjoying womens clothes. I told her that I was now a full fledged cross dresser and that I enjoyed going out in public especially to shop dressed as a woman. She was both curious and fascinated by this.

We discussed leather fashions a lot and I expressed my preference for unlined leather gloves which were now becoming more difficult to find. She agreed that most women seemed to prefer the silk-lined gloves but that she too enjoyed the unlined kid gloves. We agreed that leather skirts were very sexy and that we both loved leather lined boots. I was beginning to think that she too might have a glove and leather fetish as we were becoming very friendly.

Unfortunately, she said, the buyers only stocked the silk lined gloves and that unlined leather gloves would have to be special ordered, perhaps from France, and would be expensive and that such a purchase would have to be paid up front before the order would be placed. I assured her that it would be no problem and proceeded to give her my account number and name to charge the gloves to. I also gave her my “femme” name and my telephone number for her to call me when the gloves came in.

She questioned me in great detail about my cross dressing and what my preferences in clothes were. I told her that I loved the classic lines better and how I needed to feel sensual when I dressed as a woman. She agreed and thought that we had a great deal in common.

Two weeks went by and I did get a phone call from Helen telling me that my gloves were in for me to pick them up. She began to question me again about my cross dressing and admitted that she was greatly fascinated by the idea of a man dressed as a woman and that she would love to meet me as my “femme” self and that maybe we could go out for a drink when I picked up my gloves. She was only working until 6PM and it would be nice if I came in just before that to give me enough time to try on my gloves. I told her that I thought that it was a fabulous idea and made a date to meet her two days later.

When the day came to pick up my gloves, I carefully selected what I was going to wear. Of course all my under-things were black satin. I chose an electric blue satin blouse with short sleeves so I could try on the long gloves that I had ordered. I mated that with a simple black pencil skirt that came just below my knees. I wore my Joan and David black leather boots with a 3″ heel that just came over my knees and a soft black lambskin leather walking coat and of course my usual black kid gloves.

She must have been watching for me for as I approached the glove counter she met me and asked if she could be of assistance. I said yes very politely and told her that I had been speaking with Helen and that I had ordered a pair of long black unlined kid gloves. She smiled and said that she was Helen. She checked me out from head to toe and told me that I looked very nice. I of course did the same. She had a sleeveless white turtleneck sweater and a long leather skirt. I had to assume that she would be wearing long leather gloves too. She appeared to be in her mid forties, very trim and very attractive. She must have refreshed her makeup before I got there. Her fresh lipstick begged to be kissed.

I removed my gloves and Helen commented on what beautiful hands I had and on the red nail polish. She placed the gloves that I had purchased on the counter and I began to try them on. She was very helpful in sliding the tight leather on my fingers and up my arm and I could sense that she knew I was getting aroused by this. The gloves fit perfectly and the aroma of new gloves filled my nostrils. I decided to keep the gloves on and I completed the purchase and she retrieved her coat and handbag and we headed out of the store.

On leaving the store she squeezed my gloved hand and I was right. She had also put on a pair of long black kid gloves. We walked through the parking lot hand in hand. When I reached my car, I opened her door and she leaned into me and we just briefly brushed lips. She got in the car and I went around to the driver’s side. I put the key in the ignition and before I even started the car she asked me if I would mind if we went straight to her home instead. She held my hand and kissed my finger tips and confessed that she had not made love in a long time and that she was very horny. I said that I understood and then she placed my gloved hand under her leather skirt. I could feel that she had no panties on. She rubbed her pussy with my gloved hand then put two of my fingers in her pussy and began to masturbate moaning all the while. I leaned over and kissed her as I was finger fucking her. She held my face in her gloved hands as she flicked her tongue in my mouth. After a few minutes she pulled my fingers out of her pussy and apologized for getting my new gloves wet with her juices and proceeded to suck my finger clean and wiped them off with a tissue. She looked at me and said, “We need to get home fast”

When we got to her house, we were no sooner inside her house that we began to embrace. I knelt down in front of her and kissed her pussy through her leather skirt then I hoisted it up, spread her legs, and began a slow and rhythmic kissing of her pussy then thrust my tongue and started sucking her clit. She moaned and rocked back and forth. Of course both of us kept our kid leather gloves on. She reached under my skirt and freed my cock from its satin panties and it came hard instantly. The feeling of her gloved fingers around my cock had me ready to explode. She stopped quickly and led me into the bedroom. She must have been planning this for the covers were pulled off the bed already revealing gorgeous light blue satin sheets. She had me lay down on my back and knelt over me so that she could suck my cock as I continued to lick her pussy. The feeling of her gloves on my cock and on my legs and the aroma of her leather skirt over my face was the greatest sexual feeling that I had ever had. Both of us came off in each other’s mouth, she swallowing all my cum and me swallowing all her love juices.

After a brief rest and some drinks and conversation, she showed me her collection of leather gloves skirts and boots. By then I had regained some of my strength and we fucked for the rest of the night without ever taking our gloves off.

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