My First Sub, Part Two!


It is Halloween, and we are all set for some partying, Kamiko’s dressing as a cat, and ah, she’ll have a proper collar and I’ll hold the leash as we’ve decided to let the rest of our friends know what’s going on. Except, I’ve got to tell Julie first, so I beg off lunch with Kamiko to have a private chat with Julie. “Julie, we’ve known each other for almost three years, right?” “Around that, why you ask?” “Well, I think I need to tell you something. Something that’s kinda big. Heavy duty shit, ya know?” I say with a grimace. “Would it have anything to do with the lovely Miss Harada?” she asks with a grin. “How did you know? We’ve been real quiet about it!” She shakes her head, laughing at me. “Val, you wanna fix the human body, but in case you forgot, I wanna be a shrink. I’m also moderately observant. You haven’t let on anything, but that girl gives you the puppydog eyes 24/7. I figured part of it was because you literally saved her ass, but of late I figured something more was going on.” “Oh.” “You decided to switch sides, did ya, you sly wench?” she purrs, playfully punching my shoulder. “Well, no. I haven’t, that’s the weird thing. Kamiko and I have, well, something very different and freaky going on. I haven’t even kissed her. Yet.” “Mizzz Levine, y’all had better explain to me what’s shaking then, because it makes no sense so far.” I go into detail, and Julie to her immense credit does not freak. She asks a few pertinent questions, and makes no judgements. “So when you say you haven’t kissed her yet, you’re planning on it? As well as letting anyone who’s at the party tonight know that you’re all Mistress Pain and she’s your willing little servant?” “Well, I do kind of want to try other stuff with her, I see her, and we cuddle and I think what it would be like to kiss her, and well, to go down on her as well as have her do the same.” “Got a strap on yet?” she quips. “NO, you dork, I don’t, but actually, the idea of popping her cherry is kind of….fun. For the rest of her life, I’d be her first. I’ve never been anyone’s first. That’s kind of cool stuff, ya know?” “I can see that, that poor lost little freshman, Billy….oh what the hell was his name? I was his first, and I blew the poor guy’s mind as well as his dick by teaching him a few things he needed to know. He’s gonna remember me until his dying day.” she smirked at me, remembering how I’d wanted to kick his feet out from under him and beat him to the floor, but Julie was too fast for me. “You fucking whore.” I said it with a perfectly straight face, which only made Julie laugh harder. “Well, it’s cool with me, and we’re a pretty liberal group here, so I don’t think you’re gonna have much trouble, but I would advise, really, that you explain what you’re thinking and feeling with her. If she’s willing to do whatever, but only as part of the sub/domme thing, she might not be looking for a relationship as well, you see where I’m going with this?” I sat there quietly for a few minutes. “Yeah, Yeşilköy escort bayan I do, I don’t wanna mess it up with her in any way, so I do have to be upfront with how I feel. I’ll talk to her tonight after the party and see what she thinks.” “Good plan, but if I’m reading her right, it ain’t gonna be a problem.” “Gawd, I hope not…I really, really like her.” We arrive at the party, which is going full blast. Kamiko meets some more people, and drags me onto the dance floor where I unleash my inner dancing queen, and we rock the floor together! A couple guys join in with us and we give them some attention, choose a few more guys, give each other some quality time, and then pair off with another two girls before we take a break. One of my guy friends stares in disbelief when I pick up her leash again and just looks like he can’t believe what he’s seeing. We both give him our biggest smiles, just to mess with his head. Two more of my friends ask and get an explanation, which they accept with a smile and wish us well. A few guys give me dirty looks, but hey, she’s with ME, and unless they want to get into it with me, looks is all you’re getting guys. I’m dressed as the leather bitch from hell, so they back down. We dance, we do a fair amount of drinking (she can put it away for a little girl) and in short, she has a wonderful first Halloween. Having missed out at first, she snags as much candy as she can on the way out because she didn’t understand the “giving away candy” concept. We slowly make our way back to the dorm, and the place appears empty as everyone else is still partying. Fine by me. We walk in, and remembering her spanking, she offers me tea instantly, which I decline as vodka and tea might not mix all that well, but I do ask for and get a big glass of OJ to help filter out the vodka. “Did you have fun tonight, sweetie?” I ask. Her smile lights up the room. “Yes!!! I got free candy, we danced, I made new friends, and while you like it, I don’t like vodka so much, but I think I will like more tequila some day! Free candy!!! As much as I could carry!” God damn, she’s adorable. I can’t help myself, I pull her close and kiss her deeply. She hesitates for a mere second or two, but responds with passion, and I am now making out with a girl for the first time in my life! I don’t know if she thinks my kissing is any good, but hers is damned fine, and her tongue is most talented! The rest of me responds, but….I don’t want to. Sure, my pussy’s getting wet from making out with her, and I’d love to have her kiss and play with my nipples, among other things, but that’s not quite…right yet? She senses this, and puts her hands on my cheeks softly. “For this time, you have been mistress of my body, now…you are mistress of my heart.” That hit me like a lightning bolt, and I couldn’t help myself. I started crying, sure, they were happy tears, but I was still crying. “And you, are the mistress of mine as well. Escort Yeşilyurt I didn’t…expect this, but you are, and I am…very happy to have your heart.” Tears of her own welled up as she wrapped her arms around me and held me closely. We continued to kiss more, but without a word, we both realized the time wasn’t right. Kiss was all we did, although her hand stroked my ass a few times, and mine caressed her breasts through her costume, but it was simply an awakening of passion and caring that I’d never known. We slowly undressed the other, and without a word showered together by candlelight, and did some more kissing. We saw to each other’s needs as far as scrubbing and toweling off after, and then we wrapped ourselves in our blankets and fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning, she has a slight hangover, which I offer time tested cures for, and by lunchtime we’re both in good shape. We’re very snuggly and lovey dovey, but I need to establish some rules, as the domme, I mean. “Kamiko, when we go out, you must not assume any familiarity with me. While all should know that I am your mistress, the fact that we have each other’s hearts is not to be shared with everyone, is that clear?” “Yes, of course, mistress.” she answers meekly. “Good!” I say with a big smile, “because once we’re inside these four walls, you’re all mine, and no one has to know besides us!” She grins back at me, then lowers her eyes. “YES! Mistress, of course.” “You may now kiss me, darling.” Which she does. Or I do. It’s kinda hard to tell who’s kissing whom here. There’s a lot of tongue going on. I reluctantly pull away. “As much as spending an entire day kissing would be fun, we need some lunch! Greaseburger Palace!!!” “Yay!” she shouts out. Over lunch, we discuss the spanking, and she assures me it was just fine. Good. She’s still into the sub thing, and I am looking forward to expanding my role as her domme. “Now, we do need to discuss something, and that, is your virginity. The thought of…resolving the issue excites me. Greatly.” “Then, mistress, I will submit to whatever you desire in order to…resolve the issue. If you are concerned, it should be dealt with….soon. Not that I, as your humble submissive would know what is best, that is for you to decide.” Her slightly saucy smile tells me all I need to know. “I’ll…make plans, then, shall I?” “Yes!” she says with no small excitement. “Oh, good, well then, let me give you a….preview…of things to come…” and I slipped my hand up her skirt when no one was looking and just brushed my fingers across her panties, only to find her pussy already quivering at the thought of my touch. Oooh. This is going to be fun. We kill the rest of the afternoon grabbing some groceries, and we hit a sex shop to look into strapons, and she eagerly looks at some massive ones, but as a girl who was fairly tight myself, that would hurt her more than thrill her, so I veto the large ones, and Zeytinburnu escort decide on a nice, six and half incher, not too thick, not too thin, it looks just right for her, and quite frankly, I’ll enjoy it myself because we’re both gonna be getting some of it! I also select a flavored lube because it’s not just her pussy that’s going to be taking it! I also select a small butt plug, because from what I’ve read, a spanking while wearing one can be a wild ride, so we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we? It kind of bites into my reserve cash, but we’ve got a shitload of ramen and microwave burritos, and if all else fails, the dining hall. On the way back I ask her about school in Japan, and she tells me it’s pretty much like what we see, the uniforms, the discipline, etc. I inquire if she still has her uniform as I think she’d look pretty cute in it, and while she has it, it’s at home. With a saucy grin though, she explains that her sister will be happy to ship it to her as a family friend works for Fed-Ex over there. Bonus! I decide not to tell her when I’m gonna pop her cherry, I’d rather let her be surprised when it happens, but I do tell her to e-mail her sister, pronto! Actually, I’m in no hurry, I really wanna take my time on this one. I’m not that great with relationships as it is, and this one’s got more curves to it than a 50’s burlesque show. Upon arrival at the dorm, we smooch for a few minutes, and with a gentle spank to her ass, I remind her that some cleaning needs to be done, and she jumps to it with a smile. While she cleans, I check her out out of the corner of my eye, and find myself thinking all sorts of nasty, dare I say, raunchy thoughts about her. Her giggle breaks my concentration when I realize she’s spotted me looking and I think she knows exactly what’s going through MY mind! “If you’re going to giggle at me, you’d best remove some clothes, then, hadn’t you?” Her smile dazzles as she strips in an instant. Hmmm. She needs to take a little more time on that. Time for instruction! “Kamiko, you are of course, quite lovely, but there’s an art form to removing your clothes. It’s called a strip tease. Have you ever heard of it?” “No, or is that with the pole dancing?” “That’s stripping in general. The tease is the fine art of removing your clothes, just an item or two at a time, so as to tease me with what I’m about to see. Let me see if I can find some instructional videos online.” I sit down at my computer, and I find a couple of clips showing the classic style I’d like her to use. I tell her to watch them while I read a few chapters of a book I was supposed to have finished before the weekend. I sit down and relax, and she eagerly watches the video, and I know I’ll have some fun with that. As I finish my reading, I notice she’s fully clothed again, and with a few more items than she really needed to be wearing, but I wanted to see what she had up her sleeves, it it were. She went over to her laptop and fired up a tune that wasn’t quite the classic strip stuff, but pretty darn close and she began her routine as she danced in front of my bed. First to come off was her hat, and she managed to roll it off her head and flip it to me quite smoothly! A few gyrations, and the scarf billowed across my face, and a smile flitted across hers.

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