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Jeanette was a little depressed, and I just had to talk to her and make feel better. It was like back when she was dating those guys and they just lost interest in her.

“But do you ever wanna see your mom again?” I asked.

“Well she’s my mom. So I guess I do, why do you ask?” Jeanette asked.

“Well, nothing I guess. I mean, I don’t know how you are feeling exactly, well because I haven’t been in that boat, but I can’t imagine anything that would make me never wanna see my mom again,” I replied.

“I wanna see her again, I’m just pissed right now I guess. I don’t know how long I’ll be pissed off exactly, but still this is bullshit,” Jeanette said.

“Well OK then, but you are just feeling bad, and I just want you to feel better,” I replied.

“I know, you are still a good friend,” Jeanette said.

Then she gave me another hug on my back and she gave me a quick kiss.

“I love you Jeanette, don’t worry we’ll get through this,” I said.

“I love you too, and I know. Just give me some time,” Jeanette replied.

Then after that, Jeanette was a little depressed from time to time, but she didn’t wanna get into it anymore after that, and I respected that. By time she was 22 weeks along, they stopped coming over so much. It was OK not having them over so much, because John and I had more time to ourselves with little Jeanette. John just got home from work as I was feeding little Jeanette. She was 14 weeks old.

“So how is my sweet baby?” John asked as he looked at me and kissed me.

I thought he was joking or something.

“And how are you little Jeanette?” John asked.

“And I’m the sweet baby in that scenario?” I asked.

“Maybe,” John replied right before he laughed a little.

Then we kissed once and enjoyed our time alone for a little while, but of course big Jeanette and Christina still managed to come over every now and then.

“There’s the other pregnant lady,” John said.

Then they both sat down with us.

“How is this Jeanette?” Jeanette asked.

“A handful. Almost a big of a handful as you are,” I replied.

“Bleep you. We wanted to know if you be interested in coming in on a little trip with us?” Jeanette asked.

“What trip?” I asked.

“This baby store in the mall. I mean this one is growing fast, so why not?” Jeanette asked.

“Sure why not?” I asked.

“Beats me why not, then we could get some dinner after wards,” Christina replied.

“And you couldn’t call us and ask, you just showed up here and asked?” I asked.

“Sweetie, these two are unpredictable,” John replied.

“Obviously,” I said.

Then I finished feeding little Jeanette and burped her. After that we went off to the mall to find that store. It was nice and big there.

“Well this is nice,” I said.

“Yes it is,” John replied.

Then a saleslady came up too all of us.

“What’s her name?” The saleslady asked.

“Jeanette,” I replied.

“Cool, you must be a proud grandfather,” The saleslady said to John.

Then we both had a weird look on our faces.

“No, he’s my husband, not my dad,” I said in a tone.

“Oh I’m sorry, he’s just older than you. I don’t know what else to say, I’m sorry, I had no idea. Well congratulations to you both,” The saleslady replied.

Then she left. I was a little disgusted, but at the same time I knew that had come up before and would again in the future. Of course everyone saw it was bothering me.

“Are you OK sweetheart?” John asked.

“Yes, I’ll be fine,” I replied.

“You two go ahead, we’ll catch up,” John said.

“OK we can take little Jeanette from you,” Jeanette replied.

Then big Jeanette took little Jeanette gaziantep travesti and they went off looking at stuff.

“We both know I’m more than a few years older than you, but screw everyone that doesn’t like it or doesn’t understand it. We both love each other to no end. That’s all that matters, you remember that. We have that wonderful little girl over there and we’re happy together too. So don’t let that get in the way of anything we have our minds on, like shopping for our little girl. We got our eye on the prize of being happy, don’t let some saleslady ruin it,” John said.

Then he gave me a hug and kiss. I don’t know why exactly, but that lady just kind of got to me for some reason. We all looked around the store to see if there was anything we could get for little Jeanette. After about an hour of looking we came across some stuff we liked but I still had that comment on my mind. We bought some pajamas and went back out into the mall. We headed back outside and went out to dinner. We got a table and sat down. By then I was feeling a little better, not tons better though, and it was as clear as day. So he did something for me after we ordered.

“Hey can you two watch Jeanette for us?” John asked Christina and big Jeanette.

“Yes,” Christina replied.

“Come here sweetheart,” John said to me.

Then I gave little Jeanette to Christina and he brought me to the bathroom.

“Are we going in the bathroom?” I asked.

“We’re gonna do something that might make you feel better angel,” John replied.

Then I connected the dots on that.

“Wait you wanna do it in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yes why not? We can be adventurous even though I’m a lot older than you can’t we?” John asked.

I couldn’t argue with that. So we both went in the ladies room and got a stall towards the end. We both went inside and shut the door. I made sure to lock it and then I gave him a kiss. The gesture was just so damn sweet honestly, I think most other women wouldn’t like it because it was a bathroom, but he was really trying to make me feel better. So I started undoing his pants and I pulled his cock out. It was already as hard as a rock. So he was locked and loaded to say the least.

“I love you John,” I said as I smiled at him.

“I know sweetie, I love you too,” John replied as he smiled too.

Then I got down on my knees and started blowing him right there in the bathroom stall. He immediately let out a few moans of pleasure, and I mean great pleasure.

“Holy shit my lady, that’s so good,” John said.

He put his hands onto my head and made me deep throat him a bit.

“I don’t wanna deep throat you yet, you don’t wanna cum too soon,” I said.

“Sorry sweetheart,” John replied.

I took his cock into my mouth and he put his hands back onto my head once again, this time he didn’t put too much pressure on my head. I started going back and forth a little bit and I was breathing through my nose steadily. I was really excited then, I was feeling depressed one minute and the next minute I was really excited blowing my husband.

“Oh shit my lady, best decision I ever made was marrying you,” John said.

“You are telling me my man, now sit down,” I replied just before I pushed him onto the toilet.

Then I leaned down once again and took his cock back into my mouth once again. He put his hands back onto my head once again let out a couple loud moans. but we were in a bathroom and it echoed badly.

“Shit, it echoes in here,” John said.

“Don’t worry I’ll make you cum so quickly you won’t have to moan my man, that’s how much I love you,” I replied.

I sucked on his dick very passionately for about 2 minutes straight and he was loving it. Then he began tapping my shoulder quickly, he was about to shoot his load. So I got away a little and he shot it on the bathroom door. Then we got up and he pulled up his pants. Then he sat down and I sat on his lap. We cuddled for a couple minutes as we tried to catch our breaths.

“That was really good my dear, you have the gift and you know how to use it properly,” John said.

“Thank you, I only use on people I love and it’s nice to be appreciated,” I replied.

“I tell you how much I love you and how good of a mom you are all the time,” John said.

“I know, just still getting used to it I guess. I love you with all my heart and soul John,” I replied.

Then I saw him actually spark a tear.

“I love you too angel, more than anything in the world. I hope I never ever lose you, if I lost you, I’d die,” John said.

Then I gave him a kiss.

“That is really sweet daddy,” Jeanette said.

“Oh hey there Jeanette, didn’t see you there,” I replied.

“Well our food is here now, so you may wanna come out and eat it, but we’re taking care of little Jeanette, your mom is feeding her now,” Jeanette said.

“OK, we’ll be out there in a minute sweetie,” John replied.

“OK daddy, I love you both,” Jeanette said.

“We love you too,” John and I replied.

Then she left.

“Well we should go out there now,” I said.

“You gotta get off me first my lady, unless you want me to carry you out there,” John replied.

“And you are a world class smart ass, but in a good way,” I said.

“I know,” John replied.

Then we both laughed for a minute and gave each other another kiss. Then I got off him, unlocked the door and we both came out of the stall. Luckily there was no one else in there at the time. As I started walking, John stopped me. Then he took my hand and pulled me close to him.

“Callie I’m more a decade and a half older than you, I fell head over heel s in love with you and I married you. And I absolutely don’t give a flying fuck, who knows about it, I love you,” John said.

Then I sparked a tear and gave him a kiss. Then we both held hands and went back out there for the world to see us holding hands. We were a real married couple, and we were gonna show people that we loved each other. We walked over to our table and he pulled out my chair for me as well.

“That is classy, the bathroom, I can’t say is classy though sweetheart. I’m just saying,” Christina said.

“OK mom, I was just feeling bad and he made me feel better. That’s it really,” I replied.

“Hey no arguments here,” Christina said as she burped little Jeanette.

Then we all ate our dinner. Christina ate with one arm, but she just had a salad and soup so it wasn’t hard. It was really good, we both had worked up an appetite and that was the first time we had sex in public even though it was just a blow job. So that was quite an experience to say the least, even though I just blew him and didn’t have anal sex, it was really good and really made me happy once again. So later after the meal we all went back to my place for a little while and just talked about what they were gonna name their baby. Of course by then they did the ultrasound, but they didn’t know the sex of the baby though.

“Well, personally I like John if it’s a boy and Callie if it’s a girl,” Jeanette replied.

“Oh yeah, that’s original,” I said.

“Judges? Yes, a ‘bleep you’ is an order,” Jeanette replied.

“That was good sweetheart,” Christina said just before they kissed.

All of the sudden the shoe was on the other foot. Now Jeanette was getting big and I wasn’t big anymore, I can’t say I didn’t like it though. Now I’d be getting a new brother or sister soon. I really wish I could have gotten one years ago, but shit happens.

“But seriously you wanna name him or her John or Callie?” I asked.

“Yes, why not? You two decided to name her Jeanette, I think we can name him or her John or Callie,” Jeanette replied.

So they had that settled. I liked the idea honestly, and we did name our baby Jeanette, so then we’d be even.

“So do you two still, do the deed?” I asked.

“Well sometimes yes and other times no. It’s been down if that’s what you are getting at,” Christina replied.

“Well we’re just wondering, I mean our sex life went down a little because I was pregnant, but we were wondering. Jeanette will tell you, she thinks I’m the female Sherlock Holmes,” I said.

“It’s true,” Jeanette replied.

Then we all laughed a bit. We all joked around like that forever, we never seemed to want to stop either.

“Well you know, on the other hand, she did want some evidence of her own when she watched us, so maybe she’s a female Sherlock too,” I said.

“Bleep you,” Jeanette replied.

Then weeks later Jeanette really started getting big. Jeanette was showing big time by time she was 30 weeks along. Little Jeanette was 22 weeks old and was growing quicker and quicker. But still once again, they made her old tradition of surprising us, but we weren’t this was a good surprise though. They came over and sat down with us.

“So what’s up?” I asked.

“Well, dad I got something to tell you,” Jeanette replied.

“OK what is it sweetheart?” John asked.

“Well dad as you know months ago, I called mom and I found out she remarried,” I replied.

“It looks like something is wrong,” John said.

“Really long story short, I told Christina about all this before I told you and she felt bad too. Then mom called me yesterday,” Jeanette replied.

Then all the pieces were there.

“So I told mom that I was married to Christina and everything else. Then she wanted to talk to Christina, and I let her. Now she wants to meet Christina, and wants to be here once the baby is born,” Jeanette said.

Jeanette was no way shape or form looking forward to that. I mean not at all.

“She said she’d be here in a few weeks from now. She needs to make some arrangements I guess, and it already seems like it’s gonna be in a few days. So if I’m a little on edge, then don’t mind me. I know Callie over there knows what I’m talking about, I’ve told her. So Christina, I gotta tell something. Callie is still pretty lucky to have you even though you weren’t in love with the idea of them. I mean after I moved in with my dad, my mom was nonexistent. So, just be patient with me I guess,” Jeanette said.

“OK sweetheart, but is she really that bad?” Christina asked.

“Well just be prepared I guess. She’ll really piss me off if she decides to bring her husband with her,” Jeanette said.

So over the next few weeks, Jeanette was conflicted, on one hand, she was gonna give birth in the near future, and on the other hand her mom was coming. So when Jeanette was 37 weeks along, she got a call that she was finally coming. So once Jeanette mom Sharon was coming, Jeanette was on the edge of the edge. I never ever saw her so stressed in my life. She knocked on the door and Jeanette answered it as the rest of us were watching.

“You know I don’t need an audience,” Jeanette said.

“We know,” Christina replied.

She took a very deep breath and opened the door, and sure enough Sharon was standing there with her new husband Kevin.

“Hi mom, hi mom’s new husband,” I said.

“Hi Jeanette, you can call him Kevin, may we come in?” Sharon asked.

Then it might have been fate, but right then Jeanette’s water broke.

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