My Married Top Pt. 02

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On my way home after Stan fucked me for the first time I felt so lucky. I couldn’t believe I found someone like him. He seemed to know exactly how to touch me and when we were together my cock was as hard as it’s ever gotten. Just the thought of his big hairy body and cock was enough to get me rock hard. And the way he made me feel when he was fucking me was perfect, like a blend of making love but also using me as his slut. I had been searching for a guy like him for so long I hoped it would last for a little while at least.

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long before he messaged me that he wanted to use me again for his pleasure. This time would be a little trickier to pull off with my girlfriend though. He wrote that I would need to be at his house Friday night at 10 PM. I was to wait in my car up the street from his house until he came out to get me. And I was to bring an overnight bag with a change of clothes.

My heart was pounding in my chest while reading his message and my brain was scrambling trying to come up with a way to make it work with my girl. We live together and I was always around on the weekend. I had to find a way to make it work or else I knew it would be over with Stan. He made that point very clear early on that I needed to be available to him anytime no matter what.

I ended up telling my girlfriend that I was going to the casinos Friday night with some guy friends. The town we were going to is an hour and a half drive from where we lived and we usually wouldn’t get back until early the next morning and by that time she would be at work. So I had until Saturday early evening until I would be missed.

Friday night came and I did as instructed and waited in my car, getting there promptly at 10 PM. It took all I had not to touch my cock as I sat there I was so turned on by the anticipation coupled with the memories of how good a top he was. It seemed like I was waiting there forever and he finally showed up after about an hour. It was definitely worth it because he looked so fucking hot, wearing just a pair of athletic shorts and flip flops and no shirt. His big bare hairy chest looked totally sexy to me.

I had no idea what he had planned when he motioned for me to follow him. He was walking his dog and I followed behind. He led me into his back yard to a shed that was in the back corner of his property. Once we were behind the shed he grabbed me close and began passionately kissing me. It was drizzling a little and we stood in the rain for a while just kissing. I was so into making out with him I don’t remember him taking off my clothes but the next thing I knew I was naked and he was pinching my nipples as he sucked on my neck. I felt safe that no one could see us in the darkness and all of the trees and shrubs escort bayan gaziantep on the property offered cover. I could feel his cock poking me occasionally and had to get to it.

When I tried to drop to my knees and tug off his shorts he promptly and forcefully pulled me back up. While biting and nibbling on my ear he said “not yet my little bitch”. He was holding me tightly around my waist now and our cocks were pressed against one another. Only the thin material of his shorts separating them. I kept pleading with him quietly to let me suck it and after a few minutes he released his hold and I dropped to me knees. The rain had started to come down heavier now as I licked the shaft of his cock up and down. He had a nice hairy bush and balls just the way I liked. When I deep throated his cock my nose was in his bush and I savored his musty smell. He would groan a certain way when I did something he liked and it only gave me incentive to work harder giving my lover the pleasure he so deserved.

The rain coupled with the darkness and our lust for one another was an intoxicating mix. His hips were thrusting his cock in and out of my hungry mouth as I squatted in front of him holding on to the back of his legs to brace from his assault. I tried to relax my jaw and throat to handle his increasing pace and aggression and kept looking up watching the obvious looks of pleasure on his face. He kept his hands at his sides as he face fucked me, only occasionally touching the back of my shoulders as if to balance himself since he was driving his cock into my mouth so forcefully.

Suddenly he withdrew from my mouth and pushed me hard onto my back. I was into the more aggressive way he was handling me that night. As soon as I landed on the wet grass he grabbed my hips and flipped and threw me over so I was on all fours with my butt in his face. He wasted no time burying his face in my hairy hole. Alternating back and forth between licking then fucking me with his tongue. Lucky for me he loves doing this and spends a lot of time doing it because I love how it feels. A guy can get me to do anything if they go down on me like that.

The wind started to get gusty and rain was coming down in buckets washing over our naked bodies.

Next he grabbed my hips very firmly as I felt his cock press at my hungry hole. My eyes rolled up as he slid all the way inside. I was very wet from his saliva and all of his licking so I was able to take him as he slid balls deep into me. He kept a firm grip on my hips so I could not move away as he started to quicken his pace and pound me good. My cock was rock hard as I reached under to stroke myself. It only took a minute and I was cumming hard as Stan pounded my ass doggie style. I licked up what I could and transferred what was left to my ass for lube.

Stan grabbed my ankles and dragged me so I was now laying flat on my stomach in the grass. He laid down on me, his cock now reaching deeper than ever. His face was next to mine now and as he fucked me, whispering in my ear that I was his cum whore and he was about to fill me up. After a little more pounding I did get filled as I felt his cock pulsing and pumping his cum deep into me. I was in ecstasy with his weight pressing on top of me as his cock pulsed and pumped. He nibbled on my ear and remained in me a few more minutes as he continued laying on me, asking “how was it my little slut?” I whispered “perfect” as I enjoyed how he still wanted to be close to me even after he came. And just when I thought the pleasure was over, at least for a little, he gets up off me, pulls my ass up into the air so I’m back on my knees, and begins licking my hole clean. Wow this was so fucking sexy and after a few minutes of this he aggressively pushed me sideways rolling me over and started to kiss me. My cock was rock hard again as I tasted my ass and his cum while we kissed passionately.

After kissing for a while he led me into the shed that we were fucking behind. It wasn’t just an average shed, it had electricity and was pretty large inside. The only light was from a small night light but it was enough to see where we were and for me to notice the blankets in the middle of the floor and a few ropes coming from all of the sides.

He dried me off with some towels and told me to lay on my back on the blankets. I immediately complied and he spread my legs wide securing each of my ankles with the ropes. Then my arms were tied together at my wrists and secured so that they were straight above my head. My heart raced with excitement and I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was already so soon after cumming. He told me he needed to go check to make sure no one was awake and he would be back soon.

I probably should have been scared wondering why he tied me like this and left. But I trusted him and did agree that I was to be used for his pleasure and as he saw fit. I wondered if this was some kind of way to test my limits.

It was kind of peaceful as I laid there naked splayed on the floor of this shed waiting for my lover to return. Just the dim light and an oscillating fan he turned on. He was gone for a while, long enough for me to doze off. What happened next I was totally not expecting. I woke and my cock was deep in his mouth and he was sucking with a lot of suction, like a bay on his bottle. His fingers tracing over my balls and hairy hole. When I opened my eyes he stared into them and kept working my cock, kneeling between my legs. I was stilled tied and secure so that I couldn’t move much. I knew I wouldn’t last long when he gripped my shaft and began pumping with his fist and mouth at the same time. I let him know I was gonna cum and he took his hand away and took my entire length in his mouth as I shot my load. His nose was buried in my pubic hair and he didn’t flinch as my cock shot streams of cum in his mouth. That was one of the best blow jobs I ever had and he just looked at me and said he always wanted to try sucking a cock. And when he came back he said my cock was sticking straight up and rock hard as I slept.

I thanked him for making me feel so sexy and erotic.

As he began untying me he said he wasn’t done with me yet. Grabbing me by the wrist he yanked me up and led me over to a deck chair. He threw me onto the chair and lifted both my legs onto his shoulders as his cock head was again pressing at my man pussy.

I used my fingers to transfer some saliva from my mouth down to his cock. Stan was never one to think to use any lube so it was always up to me to keep things wet down there.

I would never have asked but I thought he must have used some enhancement pill since his cock seemed to be larger and thicker than I remembered. His pace was faster from the start this time and I was in sort of a daze at this point from all of the pleasure he had been giving (for hours by this time).

He rolled and pinched my nipples with his big fingers as he pounded into me. Ah, ah, ah, aahh kept coming out of my mouth in rhythm with his strokes. I already came twice and now was getting hard AGAIN. He gripped my cock and started pumping it with his grip very tight. My feet began to twitch and my body jerked as waves of pleasure flowed through me. This continued for several more minutes and he collapsed onto me breathing very hard.

After we both caught our breath he grabbed my hand as lovers do and we went and laid together on the soft blankets. He held me and we spooned like this until the sun came up. He said he needed to get back inside before his wife woke up. He said If I stayed he would come back out after she took the kids to their activities later that morning.

There was no way I was leaving if I could get to spend more time with him. He made me feel that special. I dozed off again after he left basking in the afterglow of everything we did together. It was several hours later when he returned and we hung out some more. We laid together for a few hours snuggling on the blankets and cuddling together. Occasionally getting into make-out sessions and playing with one another’s cocks as we kissed.

Then he told me it was time for me to go until he called for me again. We kissed one last time and I left feeling like I was on cloud nine.

(Remembering all of the details of this night was such a turn on for me. I actually had to write this on several different occasions as each time I would end up stroking while writing.)

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