My Wife’s Friends Save The Day

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“My Wife’s Friends Save The Day.”

by Lustdarkly.

A follow up to: “My Wife Entertains My Friends.”

There was a bounteous supply of snacks and beer to hand as the four of us sat down in front of the cinema-sized TV. Graham, Steven and Craig are my best friends going back to our school days. At first glance it looked like we were about to watch any old game but only the alcohol was being consumed and the four of us were anxious. Any minute we’d receive a Skype call from the colossal prick James Thompson and Graham had rigged it to show through his big screen. We were at his house ‘cos we wanted the best possible viewing experience. My wife, Karen, was at his home right now and she was about to be fucked by six athletes. Plus James Thompson. And the guys’, their wives were there too.

It all started the day before. Since the night of our… orgy, I suppose I should call it. The eight of us had grown closer in our friendship. The girls’ especially. Sam, Kay and Michelle were besotted by my Karen. They dined together, went for drinks and best of all, James Thompson – the prick – had gifted my Karen with a gold card membership to his exclusive, posh, expensive as fuck, spa, gym and health suite. So, they all got in free and are treated to food and drink, mud baths and massages, etc, gratis. The four of them have been abusing the facilities somewhat.

They were in the health suite; a small area with a steam room, solarium, sun-beds and sauna, etc, enjoying a long soak in the jacuzzi. Karen told me they were at that moment in high spirits, having an animated discussion about feminism and its rules and laws and how they’re different for every person. Was it acceptable to be a slut, for instance, and still be a feminist? Karen said yes. Of course it was, if it was a choice. She’s right, I suppose. But anyhow, a guy in speedos had just entered and was attending to his locker. His soaking, toned body distracted them entirely. They ogled the muscles in his back, rippling as he towelled his hair; his ass, apparently, so I’m told, looked like it was sculpted from marble. Of course… it had to be James Thompson, didn’t it? When Karen recognised him she excitedly called out his name, surprising him. He cheerfully jumped in the jacuzzi at their invitation.

“Having a nice time? Is the place busy?” he asked , nodding a friendly hello towards two older ladies heading for the exit.

“No, we’ve got the place to ourselves at the moment.”

“Oh, really!” he smiled wolfishly. “Karen, stand up.”

Karen did as she was ordered, standing in her respectable one-piece swimming costume. James tugged both straps off her shoulders and yanked it right down, exposing her nakedness entirely.

“James!” she shrieked, plunging back down into her seat.

Open-mouthed, Sam, Michelle and Kay didn’t know what to say but Karen’s naughty grin reassured them.

“James, you cheeky fucker!” said Samantha. “Do you always just do what you want? Karen’s not your toy, you know.”

He chuckled like a naughty school-boy. “Actually, that’s exactly what she is. Isn’t it?” He said, kissing Karen’s neck. Karen smiled, with her eyes closed, her lips parted. She sat in his lap, exposing her full breasts for him to play with, kissing his mouth with such eroticism it made the girls stop breathing.

“Wanna suck my cock?”

Karen nodded enthusiastically, retaking her seat. Shedding his briefs, with his arms behind him around the rim, his hips rose to the surface. “Behold, the mighty Kraken!” he joked as his cock and balls appeared. No one laughed. They were all transfixed by his incredible member. Semi-hard, it was still fucking huge and perfectly formed. As Karen wrapped her tiny mouth around the head, the girls flushed with desire. They sat frozen, enjoying the show. And keeping an eye on the entrance because at any moment, someone could come walking in.

Of course, that’s exactly what did happen. But the girls got to enjoy watching Karen’s impressive cock-sucking skills for nearly ten whole minutes before that happened. Two young teenage men came charging through the doors but they were laughing, so absorbed by their own conversation they didn’t see Karen and James break apart or notice anything suspicious as they passed. But only because they didn’t look. The three girls were bolt upright like they’d just been shocked – with rigid wide eyes – and Karen so deep under the water it was level to her nose. When the boys shut the sauna door behind them everyone looked at each other and exploded with nervous laughter.

“Are you still on for tomorrow night?” James asked Karen. She nodded, reaching for his cock.

“God. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“What’s tomorrow night?” asked Kay.

“Spin class at my place.” James explained. “My team are coming over for a final training session. We’re all doing the London Marathon next week. It’s a big deal ‘cos we’re representing a Children’s Hospital Charity, so we don’t wanna fuck it up! We’ve been training solidly for the last six months. So as a little gaziantep escort ilanları treat for the boys… we’re gonna fuck the life outta this pretty little thing here.” he smiled, kissing Karen’s smile.

“What the fuck?!” all the girls reacted with horror! “Seriously! How many guys?”

“Seven of us. All in. There’s nothing to worry about. They’re all close friends of mine and they’re all clean and fit and healthy. Karen’s in safe hands… although…” he paused.

“What? What is it?”

“These guys are fucking huge! And fit! And well… ”

“Karen’s tiny!” the girls stated the obvious.

James nodded. “Yep. By the time we’re done with her, I’ll be surprised if she can walk.”

“James!” Sam exclaimed. “For fuck’s sake!” They were all immediately concerned.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Karen said, “I’m really looking forward to it. James will protect me, won’t you?”

He nodded but there was that wolfish look again in his eyes that the girls didn’t like one bit.

“Why don’t the three of you come along? Join us. The more, the merrier.”

“No fucking way! We don’t cheat on our husbands!”

James shrugged. “So tell them. Karen and her dick of a husband have worked out a pretty sweet compromise as far as fucking around goes. You three can do the same. Or, if you don’t want to be fucked in a roomful of athletes, just come and watch. No-one’ll mind.”

“Really? Can they come watch?” Karen sat up, excited. “Please come! Pleeeeease!”

“I’ll need to talk it over with Craig.” Michelle said. Kay and Sam agreed, nodding thoughtfully.

“God, Karen.” said Sam, “Do you think you’ll be able to manage seven men on your own?”

“Sure she can.” James answered for her. “She’s a slut.”

“Would you stop calling her that! She’s not a slut!”

“She is. Look. I’ll prove it.” He got out of the jacuzzi enjoying the way their eyes were glued to his cock. “Come with me slut.”

Karen followed nervously. James covered his modesty with a towel but she was still naked. Taking her hand, he led her across the room to the sauna in which sat the two teenage boys. He opened the door and went inside with Karen. Two minutes later he emerged alone and said, “See? She’s a slut! God, she’s cock-mad! Well. I gotta go. Nice seeing you all again. Come tomorrow if you please. Karen has my details.”

Nervously the girls waited, watching the doors for new arrivals and debating whether to approach the sauna and rescue their friend. But Karen emerged much sooner than they expected and she was grinning from ear to ear, they saw with much relief. Her boobs were covered in thick sticky white cum. There was a ton of it! There was some on her mouth and chin but mostly it was all over her breasts. She skipped lightly over to them as, in the same moment the two boys came shambling out and hurried past, tucking and adjusting their parts. Crimson faced, they kept their eyes on the floor and went hurrying past for the exit mumbling thanks and goodbye.

“What happened?” the girls half stood, keen with excitement.

“Well… James told them they could do whatever the wished to me… and. Well. My boobs certainly got a lot of attention!” she grinned.

“They didn’t fuck you?”

“No. I don’t think it even occurred to them! They couldn’t stop playing with my breasts! Hell, I don’t even think they knew I was attached to them!”

The girls were pissing themselves with laughter – Karen too – when in walked two elderly gentlemen with fuzzy round bellies and knobbly knees and cute little wrinkled swimming trunks.

Karen screamed comically, her tiny feet pattered the floor and she went dashing off out of sight to the shower area, her gorgeous round ass jiggling in full view of everyone.

“ARH! Don’t look! Don’t look! Don’t look!” the girls screamed as one, laughing fit to burst.

One old guy clamped his hand over his eyes and then peeked through wide fingers, laughing along with them.

“Oh, ladies. That’s made our day that has!” they said.

The girls wanted to go. That was plain from the get go. I mean, God, watching Karen fuck was hotter than anything any of them had ever dreamed, and any chance to see her in action, and gang-banged by seven athletes, no less, it was unmissable. But that was only part of it. They wanted to be there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. To protect her. The trouble was convincing the husbands to let them go. The idea of them going to an orgy of sweaty, huge cocked, athletic, good-looking muscle-men, and staying faithful seemed so far-fetched that even the girls had a hard time believing it. Luckily, Kay came up with a solution; they’d film the event – or better still, a live feed so the boys could watch from home as it happened. The guys speedily agreed. They wanted to watch Karen fuck even more than the girls.

Everything was set up when the call came in. Graham answered and James Thompson’s huge leery face came into view on the gigantic TV.

His tablet set up on a tripod, he stepped back into view and we could see he was topless and very sweaty, wearing gym shorts. His physique was remarkable. The ladies must be enjoying it, they all thought quietly. James stepped further back and “Fucking hell!” the four of us all cried out, taking in different things at once. They were in James’s bedroom and the girls were standing behind James sorting through clothes on the bed while, over to the right, further back, some topless dude we didn’t know was filming Karen on his phone. She was standing facing him while another man behind her played with her bare breasts and smiled at the camera. Also, unmissable was the massive print hanging above James’s bed of Karen in the Full Nelson position, her feet in the air, bent double in a head lock, her tiny pussy wrapped around his massive erect cock.

“Hi guys.” the girls waved at us.

James was laughing at us. “Your mouths are hanging open, you fuck-wads.”

Craig, Steven and Graham started talking all at once but I was paralyzed, watching my wife being fondled and photographed. They’d made her dress as a slut. Her long hair was tied up in two pigtails and she was wearing a slutty t-shirt that was too tight. It was pulled up above her breasts which were being cupped and jiggled. She wore tiny indecent panties. The guy turned her ass to the camera and held her buttocks. Giggling, she brought one knee up and he pulled the thong aside, pinching her vulva. She let out a little squeal and I heard her say, “You’re so naughty!” kissing him on the mouth.

Two more guys appeared, phones in hand. They were topless also, and dripping with sweat. Karen ran her tiny hands over the chests, kissing their mouths in turn. She wore knee high white fish-net stockings and white porn-star fuck-me shoes. Heels that looked a good five inches. They picked her up and passed her about, enjoying how tiny she was, sucking on her breasts and snogging her mouth, holding her throat and laughing. One guy actually turned her upside down and started eating her pussy. She seemed to be enjoying herself. They put her down so more new arrivals could photograph her and she posed lasciviously, making peace-signs and sticking her tongue out so she looked like a bimbo. She cupped her boobs for them, presented her ass, wiggled, pouted and spread her legs. She even put her finger in her ass and then in her mouth, laughing.

It was when she was flirty, that was the hardest thing to watch. The way she cuddled them and kissed them on the mouth and laughed at everything they said.

“Don’t you fuck our wives, you prick.” I heard Steven saying to James. “I’m serious!”

“He’s not going to fuck us!” Sam called from the back.

“I might.” James grinned at the camera, teasing them. “Just because you told me not to. I’ll fuck all three like little bitches.”

“I heard that James, you filthy pig!” said Sam stepping into view, slapping his arm, “Would you please stop worrying. He’s NOT fucking us!”

“Is that the boys?” Karen yipped, bouncing over into James’s arms. “Hi guys!” she waved at us as James cupped her tits from behind, turning her jaw so he could put his tongue in her mouth which she sucked on momentarily with closed eyes. She arched her boobs at the camera and groaned, smiling with pleasure. Sam stepped back out of sight.

“Are you guys hard yet?” Karen asked us. “Can I please see your cocks? Take your trousers off so I can see them. Pleeease! I want to be surrounded by cock tonight!”

What the hell, we couldn’t very well say no. We all had ridiculous looking trouser tents going on anyway so the four of us, in Graham’s sitting room, got naked.

“Oh, yes! That’s better! God. I want to suck you all right now. Drop to my knees and suck your beautiful looking fucking cocks. God!”

One of James’s friends asked Karen something and she went capering off into the guys arms and snogging him while he grabbed her arse.

James was talking to someone we couldn’t see and Sam came back, eyebrows raised at the sight of us naked.

“Are you alright honey?” Graham asked her.

“Oh, yes. We’re fine.” Kay and Michelle came over and waved – eyes bulging at the naked sight of us.

“You may as well get used to it. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of dick tonight.” Graham said, making them laugh. “Say, that’s some fucking picture he’s got on the wall there!”

They turned to look at the obscene photograph.

“Do you think if I asked James, he’d make me a copy?”

“No, he fucking wouldn’t!” Both Sam and I cried out at exactly the same time, making us laugh. I gave Graham a sock on the arm just for good measure.

“Where we would we hang it?” giggled Sam. “In the living room? That’d go down well with your Mum and Dad when they come over for Sunday dinner.”

“We could hang it in the bedroom?”

“Yeah. Right! You’d be wanking so much you’ll forget you even have a wife! Fucker.”

We were all laughing now.

“I hated it at first,” said Sam. “But after you get past the initial shock… I think it’s … pretty hot actually.”

Graham didn’t know what to say and looked to us for help.

Thoughtfully, she added, “Maybe I’ll ask James if he’ll do one of me. Would you like that?”

Graham was struck dumb. He couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. And then she smiled and phew, he started breathing again.

“Have you told them yet?” Michelle asked her.

“Told us what?”

“No. I’m doing it now. Listen.” said Sam. “Things are kicking off here and James and the others are kicking us out unless we… unless we…”

“Unless you what?”

“Unless we get naked.”

“WHAT!?” Steven, Graham and Craig all stood up at once, their erections bouncing like springboards.

“They all agreed, pretty fucking quick if you ask me, that it’d be unfair if we sat watching them in our clothes. It’s not the theatre, they said. Now hang on, I know what you’re thinking but we’re not getting involved. They’ve set a couch aside, out of the action and they’ve promised not to come anywhere near us. It’s just… we have to be naked.”

“For fuck’s sake!” Graham cursed. “Where is the prick? James? James!”

James was busy eating my wife’s pussy at the moment, we saw, when Kay stepped out of our line of view. Karen’s tiny panties were gone. She was on her back, high up on top of a man’s shoulder holding her legs akimbo while James ate her out. The others were watching, their bulges in their cycling shorts becoming indecent.

“God…” Graham’s cock twitched. “Fuck. Well. I guess so?”

Steven and Craig conceded. “We might’ve put up a better argument if we weren’t standing here in the buff ourselves.” Steven muttered.

“Fine. Go ahead.”

Karen was being lowered onto James’s stiff cock when Sam called over the room, “Yeah. It’s fine. Looks like we’re staying.” and every man let out a rowdy cheer of applause, instantly causing us to doubt our decision.

Karen thrust her fist up in the air in approval – unable to verbalize as James’s massive cock stretched out her tight vagina. When he started fucking her in earnest, my little wife made pleasurable “Ah” sounds with every thrust becoming louder and louder as he pummelled. His arms held her entire body weight with no effort whatsoever as he slid her up and down his shaft.

As the three girls started to remove their clothes, he turned to watch them, using Karen as a fuck-toy. Her legs around his back, his hands under the small of her back, she hung backwards, her hair brushing the floor, her tits bulging upside down, looking fucking incredible! She cupped them as they jiggled, twisting her nipples, heightening her pleasure. When she saw Michelle and Kay slipping the dress straps off their shoulders and Sam pulling her sweater over her head, she let out a shrill note of pleasure and twisted to watch too. The athletes started pulling their cocks out of their shorts, toying with them and running their eyes over the women’s bodies.

With all eyes on them and a heightened sexual energy in the room the girls took their time, removing their items slowly, removing their bra-straps one at a time and curving their shapely asses as they teased down their skirts.

Karen wanted a better view so James manhandled her leg round so she was now side on. One arm on the inside of her thigh and the other holding her from beneath and her knees akimbo, we all had a beautiful view of her pussy as James’s cock slammed into it, her arse making loud clapping slaps against him. She rubbed her clitoris and sucked her fingertips into her mouth.

“Fucking hell!” James gasped as Sam pulled her bra down, revealing her puffy round nipples. Kay tugged her dress down over her nipples and let it fall to the floor revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. She was completely naked. Her pussy was like Karen’s; completely bald. She toyed with it with her fingertips because some of the men were staring so hard, put one foot on the bed and parted legs for them to admire her succulent, wet lips. Michelle stepped out of her dress in bra, stockings and suspenders. She arched her back like a burlesque performer and slid her knickers down her ass cheeks, taking her time, revealing her asshole bit by bit. When her knickers hit the floor, she parted her legs, granting them a glorious view of her pussy. When she released her full, delectable breasts, dropping her bra, she asked coyly, “Do any of you mind if I keep my stockings on?”

No one minded at all.

Sam made a real show of removing her trousers, flirtatiously lifting a knee and slipping them and her panties over her hips. With legs locked straight, she bent low to the floor ensuring her asshole was fully on show when she pulled them all the way down.

“Fucking hell!” James gasped, a half crazed look in his eye.

Still pounding the fuck out of my wife, he carried her towards the camera, shifting her position so that she was facing us with her legs behind him; his massive hands held her inner thighs, inches away from her where we could see his balls slapping manically against her open labia. When he leaned back, her body would lift up until her back was against him and we could admire her tense stomach muscles and bouncing breasts.

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