Necrophism PT3: My Sister’s Keeper

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Title: Necrophism PT3: My Sister’s Keeper
Author: Morbidreams

Disclaimer: I do not condone the act of actual rape, mental or physical. This story is complete fiction. Note: Consenting adults acting out fantasies on the other hand, writing stories of imagined events (like this one), or discussing these topics with others; is quite all right, and often entertaining as well.

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Amber, a 17 year old goth in a small town in southern Mississippi, was severely gang raped exactly one month by local red-neck teens while she was trying to gather materials from a graveyard for a black magic ceremony; and this is her story. Earlier tonight she started the black magic spell to enact revenge on the boys that had raped her; there was only one thing left to be done to finish the spell and receive the Daemon Lord Belial’s power. She required the blood of a virgin to sate her dark lord’s lust; and the only person she positively knew was a virgin was her younger, goody-two-shoes sister, Crystal.

~:Part 3: My Sister’s Keeper:~

On the bike ride home Amber thought of how she could possibly get her sister back to the graveyard for her dark lord without rousing her father and mother from their sleep. There were a few possibilities, but it was a complicated matter. She would never be able to just convince her sister to get up in the middle of the night the night and sneak out to a graveyard; so that would be the first problem. The next was if she couldn’t convince Crystal to go willingly, how would she force her? And if she forced her, how the hell would she get her there on her fucking bicycle? Problems, and more problems; but she would find a way. In fact, she thought she had it already figured out.

When she got to her house and dismounted her bike, her daemon cum-soaked pants stuck to the seat and made a slushing noise as she pulled herself off. With every step she felt her freshly fucked ass and pussy twitch and spasm; and she could feel her ass cheeks and pussy lips sliding back and forth the cum acting as a lubricant. She had to stop herself as she realized she had started rubbing her clit through her moist jeans; she would have to focus all her concentration on the task at hand.

Quietly she slipped into her house, moving as a ghost up to her room and to her closet. She had bought a stun gun from one of the truck stops in town, for $20 and a look down her shirt; the clerk hadn’t even bothered to check her I.D. This little device would solve the first problem, convincing her sister to go to the graveyard with her. Just one more problem left to solve and she would be on her way to sweet revenge.

Slowly opening the door to her parent’s room, she silently slipped through the door; and moved to the dresser where she knew her dad would have left his car keys. Slipping the keys into her pocket she crawled back out the door, and quietly closed it; her parents never even moving in their sleep. It was almost too easy she thought as she moved to her sisters room to “convince” her to go to the graveyard.

When she opened the door and peeked into her sister’s room, she was mildly surprised to see her sleeping there on top of the covers in just a tight night shirt and no panties. She always thought her sister would have worn a full set of pajamas or something modest like that; but there she was laying there in a tight shirt that accentuated her surprisingly round breast and her legs spread revealing a cleanly shaved pussy. Again Amber was surprised by the fact that her sister actually shaved her pussy; which raised the question “was she really a virgin?”

Posed by this new dilemma she had no real way to check other than by going through with her plan. It really was too late to turn back; she had come much too far. She crawled over to her sister’s bed, making sure to move as quietly as she could. When she got to the bed she pulled out her taser and moved it to where it was close to her sisters temple; she figured a shock to the body might immobilize her sister, but leave her able to call for help; as such she knew she needed to completely knock her out.

“ZZzzaaaaht!” came the sound as she pressed the device to her sisters temple, causing her sister to convulse and twitch on the bed. Amber heard a sloshing sound as well, and realized quickly by the smell that her sister’s bladder had just expelled itself soaking the mattress. She removed the taser from her sister, and quickly felt Crystals pulse to make sure she was still alive; worried that the shock had been too much. As she felt her sisters pulse and relaxed she looked down at her sister’s limp form, noting how wide her legs had spread as she twitched, the large wet-spot between her legs; and the way her hard nipples poked through her tight baby T.

Amber reached down between her sisters spread legs, touching Crystal’s wet pussy, and slid her finger in. She had to know if her sister was a virgin, Belial would be happy with nothing less. She felt the hot tightness of her sister’s cunt grab her finger as she slide it, slowly inside. “Yes!” she whispered, struggling not to yell in her excitement. Her sister was still a virgin! It wasn’t all for nothing, she just had to get her to the cemetery now, and the ritual would be completed. She would get her power and take revenge on all the people that wronged her. Sure, her sister would be “sacrificed”, but her sister was one of the ones who had wronged her.

Walking over to her sister’s dresser Amber pulled some panties out of the draw and a couple belts and scarves. Using the supplies she quickly gagged Crystal using the scarves and panties; then she used the belts to bind her legs, and arms. She couldn’t risk her sister waking and trying to get away. It took her a little while to slowly slide and pull her sister out, down the stairs, through the living room and then out to Escort Bayan their parent’s car. It only took her a couple minutes then to drive to the cemetery, and drag her sister out of the car and to the area she had performed her spell.

“My Lord, I’ve brought you a virgin,” She called out to her dark lord.
“I see,” replied a deep voice coming from the air around her. “She is unconscious. Wake her,” Belial commanded, “and remove your clothes as well.”
“Yes Master,” Amber instantly responded as she began to strip off her clothes. Her jeans clung to the cum that had dried on her cunt and ass. She quivered as she felt the cool night air hit her still gaping cunt and ass; they felt as though someone had rubbed sand paper over them – and yet, some how good. She vaguely wondered how her sister would take the stretching and pounding as she began to untie her bonds and take off Crystal’s clothes.

Crystal was still completely unconscious, her body loose and easy to move around. Amber had no difficulty taking off her sister’s clothes, and then positioning her on a sarcophagus with her legs spread wide and hanging off either side showing her bald pussy lips. Her sister’s pert, full breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. Her virgin cunt lips still nice and closed; but all to soon they would gape open. Belial began to materialize at the base of the stone sarcophagus while Amber was finishing placing her sister, and tying Crystal’s legs and arms down.

Belial stood there, his erect double penis’ protruding from his pelvis. His powerful, obsidian body commanded the obedience of all who witnessed his immense presence. His massive horns jutted from his brow, the moonlight glinting off them. His forked tongue snaked out of his dark lips gently licking them as he gazed down at the incapacitated body in front of him; and precum was beginning to ooze from the heads of both his cocks.

Kneeling down between Crystal’s legs he let his long tongue run over the lips of her pussy; even in her state she let out a little moan. Amber was amazed to see her sister’s pussy lips begin to get puffy, and moist; just from the touch of Belial’s tongue. She watched as her sister, still unconscious arched her back and let out a gasp of pure pleasure. His tongue slowly went up and down over the pussy lips causing them to continue to grow and moisten. His tongue gradually forced it’s way between the hot, moist lips of Crystal’s virgin cunt; burrowing deep in the sopping snatch. Her pussy lips began to twitch, and quiver to the arousing presence, as the aphrodisiac in Belials saliva gradually worked its way into her bloodstream through the pours in her sensitive vaginal lining.

Crystal’s eyelids suddenly popped open as she regained consciousness, and realized a burning longing coming from her loins. She tried to move and realized she was tied down, the cold stone pressing into her back; she looked down to see the deamon crouched between her legs, his tongue wiggling in and out of her sopping pussy. Her scream was defining as she began struggling to get free of her trappings, unable to even close her legs; she was in a nightmare! Despite the lust building in her dripping snatch her mind still fought against her rape, trying vainly to get free.

Belial looked up and laughed at her, his voice rumbling in the graveyard, “there is no one here to free you. You’re body and soul are mine…. Thanks to your sister. “
“Noooo! Please, please! I’ll do anything!” she begged and pleaded, her voice cracking in desperation.
“Alas, it’s much to late for that. You are mine to deflower.” He responded, as he leered down at her nubile young body.
Crystal’s eyes bulged as she looked around and found her sister standing, also naked, to the side, “Why?? Why would you DO this to me?”
“Why? You dare ask? You treated me like a slut after I got raped, RAPED! Well now it’s your turn bitch, and I’m going to enjoy watching every second as my Dark Lord rips your cunt and ass open.” Amber sneered.

Belial slowly stood up, revealing to Crystal for the first time, just what was about to tear away her virginity and innocence. His massive thirteen inch duel penises jutting forward, black precum glistening in the night as it slowly oozed out of the heads and rand down along the shafts. Belial grinned wickedly as he watched the girl close her eyes and shake her head from side to side trying to block out the horrid image that was about to rape her. He eyed her now puffy pussy lips that had swelled with arousal from the caresses of his forked tongue; and he knew that the saliva that acted as an aphrodisiac also had other properties, like allowing her little holes to stretch and take his massive members. He knew it would still hurt, and he would enjoy giving intense pain; but it wouldn’t permanently tear her.

He slowly placed the heads of his cocks against her cunt and ass; enjoying the pleading look in her eyes as she looked up at him. Tears ran down her cheeks as she continued sobbing and pleading with him not to rape her. As Belial pressed his hips forward he felt the heads of his cocks pushing into Crystal’s tight ass hole, and virginal cunt. The lips of her pussy spreading to take in the massive intruding object; and at the same time her puckered anus stretched, opening to accept the head of his cock. Crystal grunted and cried out as her cunt and ass stretched to enormous proportions accepting the large phalluses.

With one powerfully hard thrust Belial deflowered the poor girl, ripping threw her hymen and sinking his cocks all the way to the base. Her tiny cunt and ass gripped his massive cocks like a vice; squeezing his cocks hard as he began to pump them in and out of her. Her screams as he pistoned in and out, music to his ears. His large balls slapped against her ass as he thrust his cocks the full thirteen inches into her tight holes, raping her and feeling her stretch around his massive members. Ankara Escort Reaching down he grabbed her legs and easily pulled them free of their restraints lifting them, and spreading them even further allowing him full access to her.

Crystal Grunted and gasped with each thrust into her, crying out for help, but there was none to be had. She looked over at her sister, standing there nude her pale skin shining in the moonlight and realized that her on sister was masturbating while watching her rape. She could barely think, the pain was so intense, but her body, her cunt and ass were beginning to respond. The Daemons saliva and dark precum’s evil magical properties taking hold of her. She could feel her nipples stiffening, her hips beginning to buck back forcing the massive cocks deeper even as she felt her mind beginning to shatter under the trauma.

“Come Amber, sit on your sisters face and grind your cunt into her. Show me how much you enjoy her degradation,” Belial called out.
“Yes, My Lord!” Amber replied as she moved to mount the sarcophagus and plant her dripping snatch on her sisters open grunting mouth.
“Nooooo! Uuggghh! Please uhhhgg! God uugggh! NOOO!” Crystal called out between grunts.
“I am your god NOW bitch, and you will worship me. Your body and soul are mine!” Belial replied.
“Yes dear sister, You’re his whore now just like me.” Said Amber as she thrust her pussy down on her sister’s mouth, grinding her gaping, young snatch against her sisters soft lips.
“Lick your sister’s evil cunt, give in to your desire, your lust.” Urged Belial.

Crystal felt her tongue of it’s own free will begin to respond, moving up to touch and caress Ambers dripping pussy; tasting its juices and working its way inside. Her tongue flickered over her sisters clit, working it back and forth as her sisters hips bucked against her face, covering it with pussy juice. The smell of sex was strong in her nostrils, and she felt her mind finally shatter; her eyes rolling back into her head as her body took over. Her soul being torn from her body in that instance and devoured by Belial; her body was just a living husk of lust filled evil as Belial began to cum.

Belial felt his balls stiffen as they slapped against they young, waifs ass; feeling his dark, evil cum building for release. He knew as it poured into the girl and filled her that her soul would be expulsed for him to pluck and add to his collection. Her body here would be an empty vassal for him to mold and use as he pleased his own slutty, whorish puppet on Earth. With a massive bellow the daemon released his dark seed into the girls gaping ass and fertile well fucked cunt; her limp legs flopping with each of his thrust as his cum shot into her. A slurping sound came from the girls cunt and ass and ass as the cum bubbled out and splattered on the tomb with each thrust.

Amber came also, on her sister’s face to the ministrations of her sisters lapping tongue. She had been reaching down and squeezing her sisters large breasts harshly has she was grinding her cunt down; rocking her hips back and forth. She pinched her sisters nipples violently; seeing them harden and turn red from the pressure. Her cunt quivered in evil pleasure as she felt her orgasm explode spraying her own cum all over her sisters face, coating it. Standing up she looked down at her sisters limp body, glistening with sweet and covered with the juices of sex and lust. She smiled as she saw her sisters eyes were rolled back in her head, comatose.

Belial slowly pulled his cocks from the girl’s over-fucked ass and cunt, and smiled to himself as he listened to the slurping, sucking sounds. His still hard cocks sprang from the young girl’s abused holes; and his black seed erupted from the holes squirting out from the holes that had been filled to capacity with his cum. Crystal’s cunt and ass continued to gape open, refusing to close after the hour long fucking they had endured by objects with the girth of baseball bats; and cum continued to run out of them for several minutes.

“You have done well Amber, come to me slave and lick your sisters juices from my cock and I’ll give you your reward.”
“Yes Master,” Amber said as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled over toward Belial; raising up to run her tongue from the base of his large ebony balls to the top of his cum oozing pricks. She ran a hand up each shaft as she tongued his large cocks tasting her sister’s cunt juice and the Daemon’s own cum. She swallowed all the liquid enjoying it.
“Raise your ass for me slut, so I can give you what you deserve.” Belial said as he reached up; grabbing one of his large iron colored horns. Twisting it he wrenched it from his head with a snapping sound. He then took the horn and pressed it against Amber’s cunt, slowly sliding the hard, phallic horn into the girl. She squirmed as her cunt spread to accept the object, but she never quit performing her duty of cleaning her Dark Lords cocks with her tongue.

Amber felt the horn sliding into her spreading her cunt, piercing her and relished the searing pain of it. She felt her cunt spread and gape open from the intrusion and realized that she liked it, she liked the feel of her cunt being spread and stretched open. She needed it. She wished Belial would fuck her cunt and ass again, like he had done earlier tonight and really use her body. She was his slut; his whore; his slave. She realized with sudden disappointment that the horn he had pressed into her snatch was, some how shrinking; growing smaller; but at the same time she felt this warmth spreading from her open cunt. This powerful heat spreading through her veins, through her nerves, her limbs. It filled her whole body. She felt, powerful. Finishing cleaning her sister’s juice off his cock she looked up at him in wonder.

“Stand up,” Belial commanded, and when Amber did he ran a clawed hand down her body, cupping her full Ankara Escort Bayan breasts and then running a clawed finger down her stomach to her stretched pussy. “I want you to concentrate. I have given you some of my power, a finite amount. You can use it however you want; but when it is expired you will be pulled down to my Kingdom in Hell. Now, there are some benefits you have received that will not require you to expend your power. My semen that has coated your cunt and ass is a potent aphrodisiac; the smell alone will drive humans to lustful thoughts and arousal, BUT the touch of it seeping into their skin will cause them to be insatable. The will have to have sex, to thrust their cocks into cunts or asses, or if they are female have their cunts and asses filled with cock. In you, and your sister, it is permanent.. but in others it will only last for a little short while depending on how much they get into their body.”

“The second power you have received I want you to use now. Concentrate on your cunt, and imagine how it feels to have a cock in you. Now imagine that large cock in you, coming out. Imagine it extending from your pussy, instead of going in and you will grow your own; able to produce black cum with the same effects as mine.”

Amber concentrated as her dark lord said, and felt a tingling deep inside her cunt, that slowly began to build. She felt her pussy lips swelling and merging. They were growing out larger and larger, the head of them where her clit had been. She looked down and at the large cock that was growing from her pussy and slowly darkening in color to deep ebony. It enlarged and continued to stiffen until it was about as large as one of Belials massive cocks. Amber reached down and stroked her new member, and shivered at the sensation as a bit of black precum began to emerge from the head of her shaft. She wanted to use her new cock as soon as possible; she just needed a hole.

Sensing her thoughts, Belial said, “Look at your sister, laying there. She is ready for you to rape her again. Take her. It is my last command before I depart back to my realm.”
“Yes, My Lord. She will be my first victim.” Amber replied as she moved over to where her sister laid.

Crystal was lying on the sarcophagus; her body limp from the abuse it had just endured. Her eyes were still rolled back in the back of her head, and her legs were still spread wide. Her cunt and ass still gaped open as Amber positioned herself between her sister’s legs and decided which fuck-hole to fill first. She decided to fuck the girl’s cunt, as she lined her massive cock up to Crystal’s dripping snatch. Her large, new cock easily slipped in the slick, wide hole.

Amber thrust her hips forward plunging the cock into her sister’s well fucked hole producing a low slurping noise as she worked the cocking in and out. Belial’s cum that was still in Crystals cunt spurted out around Amber’s hard pumping cock. Amber felt herself leaning forward to really pound her large cock into her sister’s loose pussy; enjoying the new sensations as she fucked like a guy for the first time. Finally, with a last hard thrust, planting her pelvis against her sister’s and burying her cock all the way to the hilt inside her sisters gaping, loose cunt she came. Her whole body shook as she felt the black demonic cum shooting through her cock as she had her first orgasm through a penis.

Her cum squirted and oozed out of her sister’s abused cunt when she pulled her daemonic cock out of her sisters twat; and there was a loud sucking sound when the cock popped free. Looking down at her sisters open cunt and ass she knew her own pussy and ass had looked the same when Belial was finished fucking her; she was amazed at how wide she and her sister must have been. Reaching down she touched her sisters open, juicy hole with her fingers. Sliding all her fingers in her sisters openness she balled her hand and pushed it inside; seeing her fist disappear into the messy pussy.

Ramming one of her fists in and out of her sisters cunt, she brought her other hand to her sisters ass; and began to prod it. Easily four of her fingers slide into her sister’s ass, while she continued to fist her sister’s cunt. It didn’t take long to force her fist into her sister’s loose ass, and then ram it in and out as her sister continued to lie there; occasionally grunting from the constant ramming. She was surprised at how easily her fists worked in and out; there was almost know resistance and she realized that her cunt and ass would be just as easy. When she finally pulled her fists out of her sister’s cunt and ass she was surprised to see them gape open even more.

Amber realized the hour was getting early and she needed to get her raped sister back, as well as her parents car before they woke up. She looked down at her sisters limp frame and wondered how on earth she would do it. Finally she just called out to her, “Crystal, are you there?”
“Yes,” Crystal answered in a flat tone.
“Then get up, Bitch!” Amber called to her.

Slowly Crystal pulled herself up from the tomb and stood up; cum poured from her abused holes and ran down her legs to pool between her spread feet. Her mind was a blank slate; her soul gone. She responded as an automaton as she followed Amber’s commands, moving to the car, getting in and then following Amber into their house and up to her room. She crawled in bed at Ambers command, still nude, and lay there. Her legs slightly spread, her cunt and ass still open, and cum still oozing out; she closed her eyes and her body slept.

Amber stood there, looking down at her sister lying there in bed in almost the exact same position she was in at the start of the night. She slowly licked her lips looking at her sisters abused body; thinking back to Belial using it, then her fucking it; then fisting it. Amber quietly walked out of her sisters room, and closed the door behind her. She would take a shower now; and then the punishment of the individuals that raped her would begin. She would have her revenge.

——————] The End [——————

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