sex experience with my friend’s mother

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This is my first story. The story is completely imaginary .

Here I am going to explain you the sex experiences of a boy named rasmi with mother of his friend by blackmailing her .

My name is rasmi (17 years) and I have a child hood friend named avinash(17 years). I used to be in hostel as my parents shifted to nearby city on some extension of business and sometimes used to stay at avinash house for few days. Avinash has a sister 3 years elder to me named hasmika. as I am a child hood friend. Her mother is very friendly with me and she has a very cute face and still maintaining good physical structure. His father is a business man and used to stay abroad on his business purpose.
I used to visit avinash house. One day, unexpectedly, I went to avinash’s house .the door was locked and so, I turned to go back. But, I heard some sound from the house and so, I slowly peeped through the window.
I was astonished to see the scene over there that avinash’s mother is half nude and is kissing someone with his arm placed into her panty. My dick erected on watching this scene. With no hesitation, I took my mobile and started capturing the video.
I don’t know the man but, he is strong and firm. After some time of hard kissing, both of them took off their dress completely and hugged each other. He is planting kisses on her neck and is squeezing her boobs with one hand and other hand playing with her pussy.
She is moaning as he started fingering her pussy hardly. He continued to finger her pussy increasing the speed to throbbing her pussy harder and harder making her scream louder and louder. After some time, she kneeled and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it . But, he seems not satisfied with her sucking. So, he lifted her and made her lay on couch with her head hanging at the edge of the couch. He then started fucking her mouth hardly that his huge cock of 7 inches is completely buried into her mouth each time he inserted his cock into her mouth, She tried to push him by placing one of her arm on his thighs .
Finally, after some time, he left a lot of load into her mouth .then, he positioned himself between her legs . He started with a wild push into her pussy and she screamed aloud and he continued to fuck her harder and harder and made her scream louder and louder. I could understand that she is not able to bear his wild fucking but, he is not leaving her pussy and throbbed her pussy for long time and now, adjusted his position by making her both legs bend and touch her shoulders and fucked her vigorously .she is screaming like anything but, he seems to have no mercy on her and is fucking her harder and harder. Finally after fucking her Escort Keçiören for long time, again loaded her pussy with his white juices. Now, he left her take some breath.
He opened a bag lying on the floor and took out a rod from his is 9 inches long and 3 inches thin. I understood that he is going to torment her holes with that rod. She was nodding her head showing her disagreement to do further and held the rod to stop him but, he pulled her hair and forced her to lay on the couch and massaged the rod with some liquid. He took some liquid into his hand and applied it on her pussy and started fingering her pussy. She is giving out soft moans. After few minutes with a single push, he inserted the rod deeper into her pussy making her scream in pain and started throbbing her pussy harder with that rod. Tears rolled out of her eyes and now, his cock is hardening again and he went for her mouth and started fucking her throat .he continued it for about 15 minutes and then , he left the rod buried deep in her pussy and loaded her mouth with his cum. And left the room. She is moaning lightly (in pain) and slowly pulled out the rod out of her pussy .the man came back dressed and planted a kiss on her boobs and took his rod and bag and came out of the house through the back door . He then took his car and drove away.

Now, I am burning with the desire of fucking her. By then, I saw her unlocking the door and went inside. (She must have come out of back door). I have waited there for a few minutes and knocked the door. She opened the door (she must have taken a bath) and she was looking horny. She asked me to come in and I followed her. She brought me some drink and told me that avinash went along with his father to London and may return after a month.
I thought the day is lucky for me and thought of back up of the video and told her that I have some work on the computer and went to his room and switched on his pc and uploaded the entire video into my personal cloud storage online and now thought of playing some trick to have my chance to fuck her.
I came back to main room but, she seems working in kitchen. I went to the kitchen and saw her cutting some vegetables. I asked her that I have something to show her. She accepted and came along with me and sat beside be on the couch. I opened my mobile and started playing the video. She has no word to speak and was nervous looking at that video.
I told her” what if I show this video to your husband? “.
“N……… don’t ask for that……please …….” She started pleading me.
“Who is the man with his cock into your pussy?”
“He..he… was owner of gym which I used to visit” she replied.
“Ok. Keçiören Escort Whoever he may be. I have no business him. But you have to do same thing for me if you want me to keep this video as a secret. ” I replied by placing my hand on her thighs.
She understood my words and told “no……………….please don’t ask for that …please. I can’t do that please”
She is pleading a lot but, I was not in a mood to let the chance out of my hands so, I told her “you have no choice other than being a whore for me right now.”
Tears rolled from her cute eyes and said “my pussy is still painful with his wild fucking. Can’t hold the pain further for today. Please leave me today. You can come tomorrow.”
With a naughty smile, I told her “he did not touch your ass………did he?”
She have no words to speak and was 7 inches cock was strong already seeking for a hole.
I placed my hand on her waist and other on her boobs and planted a kiss on her lips. She tried to stop me but, in vain. I squeezed her boobs harder and harder. They are huge and squishy .I squeezed them robustly. She is reacting to my actions and took off my dress and she undressed herself with a lot of hesitation and I pulled her panties.
We both are nude now. I heaved her towards and kissed her hard and made her lay on the couch. I placed my finger into her pussy and started throbbing her pussy until my finger drenched with her juices and she is moaning loud as I increased the speed of throbbing and slowly I was able to push my fist into her pussy. As I started fisting her, she started yelling like a hell and screamed “ooooooooooooh my…..god……… oh ……..oooooooooh………slowly …….aaaaah……….it ……is paining ………..”
I have fisted her for some time and made her turn back to fuck her ass hole. I slowly inserted one finger into her ass hole and started throbbing it…and slowly increased the speed and her scream with pain continued .now, I positioned myself between her legs and slowly tried to push my cock into her ass hole and she was yelling like anything. It is very tight and I like to fuck the tight hole harder .so, I pushed my cock harder and half of my cock is buried into her ass hole. I pulled it out slowly again pushed it harder making my cock slide into her asshole completely and raising her moans to peak level.
I fucked her ass for a long time and she pleaded me to stop for a while .so, I stopped fucking and asked her to suck my cock .she sucked my cock for a few minutes and I got back to my position and this time, I fucked her with no mercy by closing her mouth with my hand to avoid her scream too loud and finally, loaded her ass hole with a load of cum. Her ass and pussy is red due Keçiören Escort Bayan to hard fuck. She laid on couch impassive for some time.
I made her sit and played with her boobs squeezing and kissing. I played with her organs for lot of time. At the end, I thanked her and showed her the complete video of her fuck with his gym master. She kept masturbating her pussy while watching her sex video. I have also recorded her fucking video with me secretly by locating my mobile at a corner which gave a clear view of our sex. But, I have not shown her the video and don’t want to hurt her more for that day. I told her that I would be visiting her whenever my cock needs a fuck until avinash return.
She accepted and asked “when will you delete that video?”
I replied “when I have no more interest on you.”
She did not speak anything and told me “if you will get rid of the gym master, you can fuck me any time “
I thought for a while and asked what the problem is and she started narrating her problem with gym master.
“I joined his gym last month as it was near to our house. He was nice to me at the beginning and used to visit our house. But, one day, he has copied one of the important business deals cd of my husband which has the complete details of our business .if it was leaked , all our business clients would file a case against us leading us to loss all our properties. So, he threatened me to have sex relation with him or else he would release it in the, I have to accept his deal. He fucked me for the first time the day before yesterday .it was the day my husband and avinash left to London. The next day, he brought one of his friends along with him to fuck me. I was not able to tolerate their solid fucking and their cocks are huge to fit into my hole. He also told me that I have to satisfy 30 of his friends by the time my husband returns. So, he trained me with today with a huge rod which is still hurting me. He also told that tomorrow he will fuck my asshole which you did today. I may not be able to survive their fuck daily for 28 more days. So, if you help me to destroy the data he had, I will satisfy you when ever needed and don’t let my husband know about any of these things and avinash either.”
I replied “how can I destroy the data?”
“Tomorrow, I will tell him that I will join myself at the gym along with my son and not at home and you can come along with me as my son. “She said.
“Will he accept to allow you to come along with your son that is with me?”
“I will manage it by saying…………………….may be…..I will say………..we used to have……sex and there is no problem with my son”(she is struggling to tell )
“Ok .but, what if there is more than one at the gym waiting for your pussy?”
(she did not speak a word thinking what to reply.)
Keep Wait for the next part ………..something more is going to happen…….

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