Neighbors Ch. 05: A New Beginning


A New Beginning

An open door and a trip to heaven.

Matt Brown woke up and looked at the clock. It was 2AM and the TV was flashing in sleep mode. He shook off the fog in his head and thought for a minute. He had fallen asleep again watching porn. His shorts were down around his ankles. He wondered if Luke came home or if he stayed all night with his friend. He switched off the TV and went to check Luke’s bedroom. The door was closed. That meant Luke came home. Luke had probably seen him again. He’d have to talk to him about it. He went to bed dreading that conversation.

Luke got up at 8. He had a late morning class and then planned to do some work in the Library. He dressed and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. He got a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. The memory of last night would not go away. His father had been watching porn almost every night. Luke wasn’t surprised that his father was watching porn, but the stuff he was mumbling came as a complete shock. Something about his mom and dad doing stuff. Sex stuff. So far, Matt had not gotten any responses from his dating site profile. Luke felt sorry for him. But he was interested in what all the mumbling was about.

Matt entered the kitchen quietly. He got a cup of coffee and sat down across from Luke.

“Morning, Luke” he said first.

“Good morning, dad.” Luke wasn’t sure what he wanted to say.

Though he dreaded it, Matt continued. “Ah, about last night.

He hesitated, gathering his thoughts.

“Look, dad. You don’t have to,”

Matt interrupted him.

“Yes I do, Luke. I need to explain some things. Can you understand that?” Matt asked him.

“Okay, dad. If you want to talk about it. What is it you want to say?”

“He we go” Matt thought. “Kids always think of their parents as these straight and narrow people. We hide stuff from our kids so they will. But really, we’re just people. People with desires and likes and dislikes and everything. And if we’re lucky, sometimes two people find each other and they share all those likes and dislikes and desires and the whole thing. That’s what your mother and I had.” Matt was beginning to tear up but he kept pushing. “And together, we decided that we liked sex. No, we loved sex. And we explored it completely. We enjoyed swinging with other people, Luke.”

There, he said it. He looked ay Luke for a response before continuing.

Luke saw his father looking at him. “You think I’m shocked, dad? I’m not.” He told him.

Matt sighed in relief.

“You still miss her, don’t you?”

“Luke, I’ll always miss her. But it’s been thirteen years. I made peace with getting on with my life a long time ago. I’ll always love her. Nut now, I miss the sex. The things we used to do and share. There was so much that we shared.”

“Why did you wait so long to try to find it again?” Luke asked.

“Because of you, Luke. I was still trying to hide things. I didn’t want you to find out about it.” Matt admitted.

“Well, now I know and I’m not shocked. In fact, I think it’s cool. So, now you should go for it, Dad.” Luke said smiling.

Matt sighed again. Finally, he smiled at his son and agreed.

“Yeah. Go for it.” he said smiling.

“Look, Dad. I know you’ve been out of things for a while. It’s not like it was back before mom died. It’s all free out there now.”

Matt sat back surprised. His son that used to be a wallflower was speaking with so much confidence.

“You sound like you have some experience in the matter”

“I do, Dad. I’ve learned a lot in a short time.”

“So, you have any advice for me? I’m all ears.” Matt sat back stunned.

“‘How about I take a look at your profile or set you up on some other sites?” Luke suggested.

“Okay. If you think that will help.”

“You just gotta be honest, Dad. Never mind I’m your son. It’s just two guys, okay? From the porn scenes you were watching last night it looks like you were into some pretty heavy group sex. Right?” he asked.

Matt blushed at first but then remembered what Luke had said. He forced himself to let the real story come out.

“God, your mother was beautiful. She was a beautiful person in the straight world, you know. But she was even more beautiful naked. And she loved it. She was the one who pulled me into it and I loved it too. We shared everything. Men, women, both together, couples, everything.” He looked at Luke with glassy eyed look of lust.

Luke knew the look well. He’d seen it in Jane’s eyes. “It’s still out there, Dad. You can have it all again. You’ll find someone who’ll share all that with you again, you’ll see.”

Matt snapped back to reality. “I hope so, Luke. I hope so.”

Luke thought about his dad all day. He couldn’t concentrate at all. He almost decided to give up the idea of going to the library but at the last minute he went anyway. He was still lost in thought about his dad as he opened the library door. When he did a girl came falling out at him. He managed to catch her before she hit the ground. He helped her up and picked up the books she had dropped. When he handed her books to her with an “I’m sorry” he looked at her face. She was looking at his eyes and he froze. He literally froze.

She wasn’t a ten. He would learn later that her measurements were 35-29-39. She had a pretty face. It was oval shaped, with a small nose, full lips and a nice smile. But those eyes. There was something about those deep blue eyes. They signaled a depth that Luke couldn’t fully understand.

“It’s ok. I just tripped and I thought the door would catch me.” Her voice was calm and smooth.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for catching me.” she added.

“Sure. I’m glad you didn’t fall. You might have gone down.” Luke was fumbling his words and realized that was a poor choice. “I mean down the steps” he corrected sheepishly.

She was smiling, almost laughing, actually.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing I didn’t go down on you.” She laughed again.

Luke caught her tease and relaxed a little.

“Maybe you should sit down for a minute, just to make sure you’re okay. Can I buy you a soda or something?” Luke asked.

She thought for a minute and then responded. “Well, I don’t usually drink with strangers.” Another smile.

“Another tease,” Luke thought. “I’m Luke, Luke Brown.”

“I’m Grace. Grace Livingston.”

“There, we aren’t strangers now.” Luke informed her.

“Okay, Luke brown. I accept.” Another smile. Fate was in his corner he thought. What was it Jane had said?

An hour later they were still talking. She was 26, from Ohio. She was working on her masters in education. She liked cats, ice skating and waffles for breakfast. She had one sister and her parents had both passed away young, in their sixties. She was the most straightforward person Luke had ever met. He told her about playing baseball and liking the yard work he did for the neighbors and living alone with his dad. He told her about his mom passing when he was young and how it made him shy and introverted.

“You don’t seem very shy at all. Grace interrupted.

“Well, I’ve had some help with that.” was the only way he knew how to answer that.

“So, are you a Casanova, running around screwing all the ladies?” she asked with a straight face.

“No, That’s not who AI am at all” he answered with an earnest look.

“So, who are you, Luke brown?” Her eyes were like lasers, her stare was intense.

This was one of those moments. Make or break. He couldn’t believe he was going to say it.

“Someone who wants desperately to get naked with you right now.” he whispered.

He expected a slap across his face, or a kick in the balls.

Grace simply smiled. She looked all around the cafe and then back at Luke and said “We’d probably get arrested.”

“It would be worth it.” he said a little louder but still hushed.

“How about we find someplace a little more private?”

Luke’s heart skipped a beat. He picked up her books and took her hand.

“Come with me, Grace Livingston.”

“I hope to.” Luke stopped and looked at her when she said it. She smiled and he grinned from ear to ear.

Luke knew where he was going. It was Wednesday and sunny. His Dad would be on the golf course until dark. Fate not only led him to the library but he had just put clean sheets on his bed and cleaned his room. They talked about sex as they walked the 5 blocks to his house. She had been with a few guys but they all seemed too immature for her. She liked eroticism and liked to experiment. She wasn’t in a relationship and had not been for a couple years. He stopped once and looked straight at her and asked “Ever had a threesome?”


“Did she want to?”

“I’ll let you know” she smiled. They continued walking.

He stopped again and said, “Ever been with a woman?”

“Yeah.” Grace never flinched at all.

They resumed walking for a few steps before she stopped him the same way. It was her turn to whisper. “I’m not really experienced with guys. I’ve only been with a few and that was a year ago. I like you but there’s something you should know. I can be pretty wild. I’m creaming myself right now but if you don’t want to…”

Luke stopped her with a finger to her lips. “Shh. You’re perfect.” Then he smiled

When they got to the house Luke stopped short. His dad’s car was there. “Damnit.” he thought. His heart was racing which made him think of Jane. “Yes. Jane.” he decided. He took Grace’s hand again and went up the block and across the street the same way he had gone so many times.

Jane answered the door and immediately smiled at Luke. He knew everything would be alright.

“Jane, this is Grace Livingston. Grace, this Jane Cross.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Grace.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you too.” Grace answered.

“My Dad’s home. Can we use a bedroom?” he asked Jane right out.

Jane looked at Luke with a smile. Then she looked at Grace. Grace held her gaze before turning to Luke. When she finally spoke it was to Luke.

“You take good care of her, Luke. She is precious.” Then she looked at Grace and added “You two enjoy yourselves, Grace. Take all the time you need. I’ll check in on you later.” Then she gave Grace a little kiss on the cheek.

“Use my room, Luke. And the shower too if you want.”

Luke closed the door and turned to face Grace. She was all over him. Her mouth was warm and wet. He tongue was dancing with his as she undid his shorts. His boxers went down with the shorts and he stepped out of them. He had kicked his sandals off at the door. He had her shorts off now and was trying to get his fingers inside her bikini panties when she pulled back and tugged his shirt up over his head. She threw his shirt to the floor and Luke took her hands. Leading her to the bed he turned her around and kissed her. Then he knelt and slowly slipped her panties down. She stepped out of hers and he just looked at her. He looked into those deep eyes, down to her full breasts, down to her full pussy lips, wet with her juices flowing out of it. He couldn’t wait to taste her. He wondered how her clit would feel in his mouth. He leaned forward and she instinctively opened her legs for him. She groaned when his tongue met het pussy. Grace fell back on the bed and opened up wide saying

“Eat it Luke. Devour me.”

Her pubic hair was like silk. Light and soft. His mouth covered her pussy completely and he sucked and licked every inch of it. Her juices were sweet and thick. Almost like Jane’s. He hooked her legs with his arms and pushed them back opening her up. He dug his tongue as deep in her as he could get, searching for her “g” spot. She moaned when he found it. Jane had taught him well. He pulled his tongue out and licked all around her clit, driving her mad. Then he lashed his tongue down through her cunt to her asshole.

“Oh, you are dirty aren’t you Luke?”

“Want me to stop?” he asked her.

“God, no. It’s great. Make me cum Luke. Suck my clit again. I’m almost there.”

He went back to the “g” spot first, to prime her pump, then hit the clit again and sucked it in between his lips. As he sucked it he also flicked at it with his tongue. Her orgasm took her like a storm. It swept from her feet to her head in a swift rising tide that washed her away. She screamed in pleasure.

“God, you are good. Where have you been all my life?”

“I’ve had a good teacher.” Luke answered.

“Your turn, lover. Get up here.”

Luke lay down next to her and she kissed him. She licked her juices from his lips and his nose and his chin. Then she tongue kissed him so they could share them. He loved her already. When she went down she took it all, right to the root in one motion. She had him balls deep in her mouth with her nose pressed to his pubic bone. Then she amazed him. She slipped her tongue out of her mouth and licked his balls.

“Oh, my God.” he said it out loud as she was sucking her way up the shaft to get some air. “Not even Jane can do that.”

When he realized he had said it he looked down at her immediately to see her reaction. She had her hand stroking him and she was restoring the air in her lungs from holding her breath. She simply smiled a huge smile at him.

“I love it!” she whispered and went back down to the root again. Then the tongue came out again and he erupted in her throat. She didn’t flinch. She pulled up but stopped with the head still in her mouth and let his cum roll into her mouth and out round his cock. She kept pumping him with her fist. When he was finished coming she licked down and cleaned it all up.

“Don’t be greedy.” Luke told her.

“Wow, you keep surprising me.” she said. She kissed him and they shared the cum. “You’re a filthy, dirty boy, Luke Brown.”

“I told you I had a good teacher.” He was looking in her eyes to see if she had figured things out.

“She smiled at him as she answered “Yes, you did. “Why do I think Miss Jane had something to do with that?”

“Would that bother you?” he asked her seriously. He was getting a real comfortable feeling about this Grace Livingston.

“After that orgasm? Maybe she could teach me something too.” Grace smiled.

“Come here, Grace Livingston. I’m going to fuck you.” Luke announced.

“You better. Now that we’ve both taken the edge off we can fuck nice and slow all afternoon.”

She climbed on and settled her cunt down over his cock. She was tight, very tight. It felt like he was being pulled into a vise. But she was also wet, very wet. Luke was in heaven. She fucked slowly, just like she said, savoring every orgasm. He lost track of how many she had. She rode him and he rolled her over and took her missionary style. He put her on all fours and fucked her from behind. Luke came three times himself. The last time he told her to lie down. He hooked her legs again and rolled her back up exposing her well fucked a filled cunt. It was a mess. The lips were pink and swollen. Her clit was still erect and proud. Her inner labia were leaking his cum. It was beautiful. He devoured it, giving her one last exquisite orgasm.

They lay together for a while before they heard the knock on the door. The door cracked open.

“May I come in?” Jane asked. It was Grace who answered.

“By all means, Miss Jane.” Grace said.

Jane came to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Have you two had a good time?” she asked rhetorically. “I’m so happy for the two of you.”

“It seems you have had something to do with that, Miss Jane.” Grace suggested.

“I’m sorry, Jane. I t sort of slipped out.”

“Well, it doesn’t appear to be an issue with grace, here, does it.” Jane surmised.

“No, It doesn’t” Grace said. Luke and Jane caught a subtle shift as Grace opened her legs slightly.

Luke saw Jane’s eyes go to Grace’s sloppy cunt.

Jane looked directly into Grace’s eyes as she said “Be careful, Grace. An old slut lime me might take that as an invitation.”

Grace opened her legs a little more and answered “Well, we did use your bed.” Then she looked at me and continued “And you did teach him everything.” Then she smiled at Jane.

Jane looked at Luke and he smiled at her, nodding his head.

Jane crawled very slowly on to the bed. She looked up at Grace as she moved into the wet, sloppy mess between Grace’s legs. When Jane caught her clit between her lips Grace settled back on the bed and just gushed. Jane continued to clean her up. Grace had a couple more small orgasms.

Jane moved to Luke’s cock and sucked it in. Pulling up off it she looked at him and said “she’s delicious.”

“I know.” Luke settled back and concentrated on the talented mouth working on his cock but he was pretty fucked out. Jane sensed it and looked at Grace.

“Help me, Grace. He needs a little more.” Jane was the teacher again.

Grace scrambled around and locked lips with Miss Jane. They kissed with a fierce passion. Then they attacked Luke’s failing cock. It failed no more. With Grace swallowing it balls deep and both their tongues working on his balls Luke exploded for the last time that day. They shared it between them, and they each shared it with him. They cuddled and rested quietly for several minutes.

Grace spoke first.

“Thank you for opening that door, Luke Brown. And thank you, Jane for opening your door too.

“I like this Grace Livingston, Luke. Why don’t you two stay and have dinner with me. We need to get better acquainted. I think we’re going to be seeing quite a bit of each other.

Luke looked at Grace and she shrugged her shoulders saying “I don’t have any where I need to be.”

Luke just grinned and smiled at Jane, nodding his head.

“Was this heaven?” Luke thought.

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