New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 11


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Over the course of the day, the older men of the family approached us. They introduced themselves to my new son Leo and congratulated me, and I offered up his ass to them. I watched with pride and glee as cock after cock slid into my son’s ass. Like a natural slut, he grunted and moaned in ecstasy the entire time. Load after load was unleashed inside him, until his wrecked hole was dripping with their juice. I hungrily slurped up every drop that dribbled out of him and fed it back to him, tongue-to-tongue.

He would have happily gone on all day like that, but I didn’t want him to get worn out too soon. We still had four days to go after today, and I wanted to see every last man of the family make themselves at home inside my son.

I led Leo outside to the back deck. The air was cooling now as evening was approaching, and it felt wonderful on my bare skin. From here the view was fantastic; the mountains loomed around us, and the pines whispered gently in the light breeze. There was a clearing past the deck, and beyond that we could see the river rushing past.

The view right in front of us was a stunning sight too. The mood on the deck was relaxed; there were only a few men back here. They came here to smoke, enjoy the view, and enjoy each other’s company. Most of the heavy action was taking place inside.

I was thrilled to see my grandfather out here, as I suspected he might be. He was in his favourite rocking chair, enjoying a thick cigar. Every time I saw him, I had to stop myself from drooling. Even leaned back and relaxed like this his presence was formidable. He was tall- probably close to seven feet, and built like a brick shithouse. His mass wasn’t just muscle, either. He loved to eat and was a master chef with two centuries of experience under his belt, so he was round too. Every hair on his body was white now, including his long mane of a beard that reached down all the way to his belly button. In public, kids would have confused him for Santa Claus- except at his size, they were mostly just terrified.

Grandpa Nathaniel rose to his feet when he saw us approach, his cheeks balled up in a warm rosy smile. He wrapped his arms around both of us and pulled us in, burying our faces in his armpits. Leo was learning his scent for the first time, but for myself I was wrapped up in nostalgia and love. I breathed in the smell of him until I felt high as a kite. My grandfather and I had spent a lot of time together, and I would always be madly in love with him. I suspected most of the men in our family felt this way about our patriarch.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Leo,” he said in that deep, grandfatherly voice. “Your cousins told me about you.”

My poor son looked like he was going to pass out, overwhelmed by this much larger man. My grandfather loomed over him, and was holding him pressed up against his wide round belly like a twig against a boulder. “Thank you, sir,” he bleated out meekly.

The difference in height was so great that grandpa Nathaniel didn’t even bother trying to lean over to give him a kiss; instead, he wrapped one arm around him, cupped his pert little ass in the other hand, and heaved him up. Leo wrapped his arms and legs around him- as far as he could reach, anyway. Then Leo’s face disappeared behind that huge white beard. They stayed like that for a minute, gaziantep suriyeli escort and I could tell that Leo was thrilled to have his great-grandfather’s tongue play with his own.

When grandpa set him down, Leo stumbled, light-headed. Grandpa’s thick long arm caught him and held him tight, while he turned his attention back to me. He’d guessed correctly how badly I wanted a kiss from him, too.

That beard enveloped me next, wrapping around my cheeks and tickling my throat and chest. He met my lips and parted them with his thick, strong tongue. I could taste the heady mix of beer, cigars, and caramel in his mouth. He kissed with such warm, strong paternal power- dominating me with his tongue, but also holding and comforting me. There was nothing in the world like a kiss from my grandfather. I never wanted it to end, and he was kind enough to make it last a while.

When it finally ended he looked back to Leo, who was rubbing that broad furry belly and looking up at his great-grandfather with lust in his eyes.

“Sir, would you like to fuck me? I would love to have you inside me.”

He chuckled gently. “Oh, I will soon, young man. But I doubt you’re quite ready yet. In a few days, once you’re loosened up.”

Leo choked back a pout. “But I’ve been getting stretched for days, and I’ve been fucked ten times already today.”

He nodded sagely. “Maybe so, and I’ll bet you’re a good little pig who loves getting stretched. Why don’t you play with my cock a bit, tell me what you think.”

I saw Leo reach down, knowing he was in for a bit of a shock. He wrapped a fist around his great-grandfather’s cock- or at least tried to, because even though it was still soft it was massive. It was thicker around than my wrist, and I knew it would get thicker yet. Getting fucked by this beast was like getting fisted.

“It’s huge,” he breathed in amazement.

“You might be just a big some day, little man. After you’re turned, you never really stop growing. I’m two hundred and seventy-six now. When you get to my age maybe you’ll be just as tall, big, and hung.”

“Wow.” He continued playing with that enormous dick, obviously lusting for it, but knowing he wasn’t ready.

“In a few days, Leo. You’ll be ready. In the meantime, don’t be a stranger.” He patted Leo’s head with his enormous hand, and Leo smiled.

In the meantime, we returned to the hall. Things were heating up now; most of the family had arrived, and there was a lot of sex happening. Everywhere we looked, hairy bodies were pressed up against each other, slamming into each other, teasing and satisfying each other.

My youngest brother Steven was late to arrive, but when he walked in carrying his cocktail he came straight towards us with a smile.

“James!” he cheered, wrapping his arms around me. “I’ve heard the good news. You must be Leo,” he said, turning to offer his new nephew his armpit.

While Leo learned his uncle’s scent, Steven and I shared a brotherly kiss. Steven was unique among my brothers and I- much leaner, but still with that handsome jaw, brown hair, and our father’s eyes. He was also unique for being almost exclusively a bottom; and since my brothers and I tended to prefer to top, when the five of us got together it often turned into a gangbang with Steven at the centre. Steven loved the attention, and we all respected him for his stamina and willingness to take a nonstop pounding.

With a new, younger member of the family though, Steven always felt a different stirring.

We picked a spot on a couch to sit, with Leo between us, and proceeded to take charge of his body. I watched Steven give his balls a workout, stretching them gently and stroking them, while they got to know each other better with lips and tongues. I stroked my son’s young cock gently and played with his nipples.

Our fingers both made their way down to hole, where we started fingering him together. His eyes rolled back and he smiled up at us.

“Has dad fucked him yet?”

“Yeah, you bet. It was hot; you know how dad loves fucking his grandsons.”

Steven laughed. “Yup. Just like his old man.”

Steven lived here with our grandfather now, part of what we jokingly called his “stable.” Steven was one of his stallions, and spent a lot of time pleasuring grandpa Nathaniel. As a result, his ass was almost always loose and wet. Our grandfather had insatiable desires and kept his men busy.

Thinking about Steven’s wide, willing hole getting penetrated by that horse-sized dick was getting me hard. When he leaned over to start sucking on Leo’s dick, I took advantage of the opportunity. I moved to the other side of the couch and started playing with his ass.

His hole was a swollen, floppy mess. I played with the lips of his cunt, fascinated and massively turned on. I slid a few fingers in with no resistance as Steven began bobbing his head up and down on my son’s cock.

I had four fingers inside him now, and was aggressively ramming him and exploring him from the inside.

He stopped sucking Leo for a moment to say, “Go for it bro. I can take it.” Then he returned to take his nephew’s hard dick back down his throat.

I didn’t fist guys very often- my hands are too big, but I could tell that Steven really wanted it. He arched his back to offer up his ass to me. I made a point with my hand, and slowly eased it in. There was no pressure until I got to the thickest part of my first knuckles; he was tight here, so I spent some time working my way in gently.

He gasped as my hand passed the tightest point, and I felt his hole grip me as the rest of my hand slipped in to the wrist. He felt amazing inside; I spent a few moments exploring him carefully, seeing how far I could slide inside him. He squirmed and moaned like a pig.

I loved this side of my brother’s personality. Most of start out as sluts, ready and willing to fucked by our fathers and any other member of the family at a moment’s notice. Steven never grew out of that stage, and only became more of a pig. It was only a matter of time before our grandfather had invited him to spend his days riding that enormous cock. In our family, it was a very respected position.

I formed a fist in his ass, and slid gently back to his hole again. My fist was too big to fit through him, and the gentle pressure I applied made him squirm even more. I could also feel my fist rubbing against his prostate; he was in heaven.

“Don’t pull out,” he said with a gasp, pulling his mouth off Leo’s cock. Leo was watching what I was doing to his uncle with a slack jaw and wide eyes. I added another mental note to the list of things I would try with him later.

Steven shifted over to kneel between Leo’s legs, and I shifted with him, keeping my fist firmly inside him all the way. He grabbed Leo by the hips and pulled, putting Leo on his back with his ass in the air. That beautiful hole I’d made and helped stretch was aimed right up at my brother’s face.

Steven wasted no time eating him out. I could tell as he dug his tongue around inside that he could taste my load, as well as our brothers’ loads, and several other men too. He loved it. He rubbed his face all over that loose hole.

Then, once he’d enjoyed himself enough with his tongue, Steven shifted closer to Leo and started slapping his dick against the young man’s hole. He caught Leo’s eyes, and they nodded to each other with a heavy, wordless agreement.

This was too much for me; I carefully withdrew my hand from inside my brother, and brought my crotch up instead. I needed to be inside him.

First, Steven entered my son, sliding himself up into that hole with a sigh of pleasure. I followed immediately after, into Steven. My little brother’s hole was familiar territory to me now, one I always enjoyed visiting, but I’d never felt him this loose. That soft grip on me was exhilarating, especially when I thought about how our grandfather had opened this path up before me.

Steven began thrusting, sliding in and out of Leo while riding me at the same time. I held still and let him work; watching his muscles move and his body heave back and forth was hot as hell.

I looked over to see Leo enjoying himself too, playing with his uncle’s nipples and his own while his ass was getting rammed. It occurred to me that the two of them were bonding on the same level; both were getting what they really needed: their holes filled.

My brother worked up a good sweat, and the smell he was giving off was driving me wild. I was so turned on, but with such a loose hole I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come. He would, though; after working Leo’s hole for a while I could tell he was getting close. Then, with a groan, he collapsed on Leo’s body and gave him his seed.

He barely missed a beat, though, and suddenly he was crawling up on Leo’s lap and sitting himself down on his nephew’s cock. I watched my son’s manhood disappear into that gaping hole, and it was probably one of the hottest things I’d ever seen.

Steven looked over his shoulder. “Come on, old man. This is a father-son ride. Get up here.”

I laughed and straddled Leo’s legs, and in a moment I was back inside my brother. I felt my cock slide up against my son’s, which was hard as a rock. It was our first time double-penetrating together. I leaned around and caught his eye, and I could tell he felt it too; it was a wonderful bonding experience.

Steven started rocking back and forth on our cocks like a pro, arching his back and moving his ass in beautiful undulations. Feeling my cock rub against my son’s inside all of that movement was wild.

Leo hadn’t come in a while, so he didn’t last long. I felt his cock twitch as he cried out, and the warm wet feeling of his cream coating my own cock sent me over the edge. I grabbed my brother’s thinner body and slammed hard into him, squirting my own load inside him. I held him tight as I came down from the high of my orgasm, and when I pulled out I could feel a small gush of fluid.

Steven rolled over to lay down beside Leo, and I lifted his leg to get a look at that beautiful hole. As I suspected, it was leaking cum, so I quickly lapped it up. I lapped up the cum that had spilled out of his hole on Leo’s crotch, too, and the three of us shared that bounty in one sloppy, wet kiss together.

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