Nicole’s Feet Finally–Yami Joins the Fun Chapter 2

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Nicole and I went over to hostess stand and looked at who was working. Yami was in the G’s. Nicole let out a little squeal. “Yeah, my girlie is working.” She grabbed my hand and headed over to Yami’s section. Her fellow coworkers just stared as we walked across the front of the restaurant and over to the G section.

Yami was taking an order as we walked past. I stopped and stood to let Nicole slide in the bench first. Instead, she grabbed Yami and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the lips. The young couple she was talking to just looked and smiled. The female laughed a little. “I’ve got some exciting news for you!” Then she walked over and sat down across from me. To tease me, she kicked off her shoes again and put her feet in my lap. I was going to love this long legged beauty for a long time to come.

“Well, it looks like we have everybody talking,” I remarked to her as I motioned all the servers standing around talking and looking our way. Paige was actually heading our way. “Oh my god, here comes the bitch!” I continued. Nicole glared at me.

“Now just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she is a bitch to everybody. She has just really been through a lot in life and for whatever reason does not like you. I won’t have the name calling!”

“Well, okay then. For you. But don’t expect me to be nice to her after all she has done to me,” I replied. Paige walked right up to the table and glared at Nicole.

“Nicole, you and I need to talk. Can we go outside a minute?”

“Nope, we can talk right here. Anything you have to say to me you can say in front of my new boyfriend!”

Paige gritted her teeth. I just smiled and rubbed my new found sweet little feet. I wondered if Paige could smell them. “Nicole, you know better than this. He is nothing but an evil person and has done some terrible things! Your father would be mortified at this!”

Nicole had finally had enough. She stood up bare footed, right there in the middle of the dining room and stood face to face with Paige. Her footsteps left little sweaty footprints on the wooden floor “Paige, listen closely cause I am only going to say this once. Kevin is a wonderful person, an intelligent, good looking man, and one hell of a lover in the bedroom! Well, at least in a Jeep!” Her remarks made me snicker. “If you don’t accept me with him, then you don’t accept me! As far as my stepfather or my parents, or even my family, that is none of your business. I am an adult, a registered nurse, and able to make my own decisions about who I want to be friends with or fuck! And for what Kevin just did to my body, he will be fucking me for a long time to come!” Nicole stepped back to the table and leaned in and kissed me deeply.

“Well, I never!” Paige started to cry and ran to the back.

“Okay,” Nicole said, “Now you can call her a bitch! Because the way she just acted, she is judging you without knowing you and trying to tell me how to live. I won’t have that.”

Nicole slid in the seat beside me pulling her legs up under her with her feet against my leg. She leaned in to kiss me just as Yami walked up. “Hey, where’s mine?” Nicole laughed and turned to Yami.

“Sit down over there,” she told Yami. Nicole switched sides of the booth and threw her arms around Yami and French kissed her deeply as I watched in disbelief. “How was that?”

“Your face tastes all sweaty, girl. What the hell? You and Kevin hanging out now?” Nicole laughed and began to tell her the story. Yami’s only other Escort Bayan table stood up to leave and told her goodbye and told her the check was on the table. She thanked them and continued to listen.

“Before I go on, Yami, I need you to do something for me. Slip your shoes off and put them in Kevin’s lap. It will drive him crazy!” Yami protested, but Nicole told her about the awesome fuck session we had and about our new living arrangements. Yami just turned and looked at me in disbelief.

“Yes, I smell your shoes–or is that really your feet, girl? Is this true, Kevin. She really wore her shoes for three days without taking them off and you enjoyed the way her feet smelled?”

“And how! I licked and sucked and smelled every inch of her feet. Holy shit it was awesome!” I quickly replied.

“Well, I have a little confession to make, Kevin. Nicole told me what she was planning, but I have been so busy with here and the salon that I couldn’t talk to her much. When she told me she was going to even go to bed with her shoes on, I thought she was crazy at first, but the first night I thought about it, I thought about how she told me she saw you smelling Tara’s feet one night and got so aroused I felt myself getting wet. So,” she turned to Nicole, “I didn’t take my shoes off that night, or since. I did wash up with a washcloth, cause I can’t stand to be sweaty, but I wanted to keep my shoes on. I am a big girl, you know. But I haven’t taken my shoes off all week! Are you ready?”

I just sat quietly in disbelief. All of a sudden, Nicole interjected. “Wait, baby.“ She slid down in the floor under the table and with me watching, slid Yami’s shoes off and handed them to me. She kissed the toes of each of Yami’s feet and smelled them. Yami slid down in the bench and positioned herself so she could reach my bench with her feeet between my legs. She was much shorter than Nicole and I at only five foot. Next thing I knew, her blue toenails were in between my legs against the bench, her toes rubbing against my balls. It’s a good thing nobody else was sitting around us because they did stink. I was instantly hard again as I smelled the sweet stench invading my nostrils. I didn’t even care who was watching. I pulled each shoe to my nose and inhaled deeply. Yami began rubbing my member with her toes.

“Well, I can see you do like it! Oh my god, that is so gross. I can smell them from here! But we are going to have to save the rest of this for tonight when I get off. Here comes Ron.” She sat back up in the bench and I took one more quick whiff and hander her the shoes across the table. I watched her slide her little size 5s back into her shoes as he walked up.

“Yami, why are you sittting down? You know how I feel about that!” Yami stammered that she had to fix her shoes and that she didn’t have any other tables. Nicole came back beside me and Yami got up. “Now, Nicole, why is Paige in the back crying telling me that you told her off?”

“Because she came over here telling me that I didn’t need to be with Kevin and that my parents would not approve. I told her to mind her own business. If that made her cry, that is her problem. People judge Kevin before they know who he really is. He is my new man and I’m sorry she doesn’t approve. I didn‘t swear at her or tell her off. She just cannot accept that I am with Kevin and that is her problem.” Yami mentioned that she heard the whole conversation and that Paige was overreacting.

Ron sat down with us and just shook Ankara Escort his head. “So this is what you want? I know you asked my opinion of Kevin the other day but I thought you were just making small talk. I had no idea you were thinking of dating.”

“Oh, we are not just dating, we are moving in together. I shouldn’t have waited so damn long to let him rock my world. And Yami is coming with us. I think my life is really fixing to take a change for the better.” She turned and kissed me and I put my arm around her. Yami had gone to get us drinks and put a soda in front of Nicole and a Margarita down in front of me. I could only hope that it was not Paige that had made it.

“Wow, okay then. As long as you are happy. Kevin, it looks like things are looking up for you. Just don’t ever hurt her or you will have me to deal with.”

“The only place he is going to be hurting me is spanking me in the bedroom. Or shoving that big cock deep inside of me!” Nicole squealed in delight.

“Wow!” Ron said again, and just smiled and threw his hands up. “Eat whatever you want tonight. I am buying your celebration dinner.” He bumped fists with me and walked off.

“Everything okay?” Yami asked.

“Yep, never better,” I said. “Thank you for that foreplay. Your feet are almost as awesome as Nicole’s. I can’t wait to get them in my mouth. They really do stink. You don’t have any other tables right now, do you? Let me see your shoe again. So do you want to move in with us?”

She handed me a shoe and I smelled and licked as much as I could of it. Nicole made Yami give her the other one. We left her standing barefoot on the floor, her feet making little wet spots on the wooded floor. Yami began, “I need a new place to stay. My folks have made that clear recently. And with three of us working, we should be able to pay the rent okay. How many bedrooms do you have? Where are we going to put all our stuff? And where will we all sleep? And…”

Nicole interrupted. “Easy girl. You are sleeping with me. And if Kevin eats your pussy like he just ate mine, you are going to want to sleep with him. I have a king size bed I am bringing so we will have plenty of room. I am going to be snuggled up to Kevin all night, and you will be snuggled up to me, so it will be fine. You don’t have to worry about rent–just promise us sex and feet whenever we want it. The way I see it, I can fuck you, you can fuck me, and Kevin can fuck us both. We will be on different schedules, but we can try and plan our schedules together to have at least one day a week off together and we can all be together at night. We can figure it all out. Just call me when you get off and we will all sit down and talk. Right now, I want to get to Kevin’s house so we can break in his bed right!” Yami smiled a smile that not even death could take off and wrote down our order.

“Okay then!” Yami said as she put her pad in her pocket. “Here, I’ll give you something to get you started.” Yami reached in her pocket and pulled out a red thong. “I’ve had these on since yesterday. I didn’t have time to wash this morning and it is hot as hell today, so you and Kevin should have fun with these.” We handed her back her shoes and Nicole instantly smelled them as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. When she opened her eyes, she noticed Paige was looking straight us from back behind the bar. Her eyes were puffy and the look on her face was anger. “Give me the address and I’ll just follow my GPS to my new house!”

I Ankara Escort Bayan could not believe both girls boldness. Nicole and I shared kisses as we ate, and licked my fingers off several times, causing erection after erection. She handed me the thong which I waited to smell and lick when Yami came back to the table with our boxes for what we couldn’t finish. I took the thong and found the spot where her asshole had rubbed against the string. It tasted a little shitty, but wonderful. Yami stood with her finger in her mouth as she watched me. She squeezed her legs together and told me to stop as I was making her horny. She handed us a bag with a new can of whipped topping and told us to use it wisely.

We finished packing the leftovers and I wrote the address down for Yami and hugged her goodbye. “No way, you’re not getting off that easy,” Yami said. With that, she planted a kiss deeply on my lips. “Don’t be asleep when I get there. We have a lot of catching up to do.” Then she turned to Nicole. I saw Paige standing with her mouth open as she watched us. “You be done with that dick when I get there. It’s mine the rest of the night! It‘s been 3 weeks since Chris and I broke up and I need to get fucked raw!” She frenched Nicole in front of the remaining customers in the dining room. Nicole was a little embarrassed this time. I guess she had calmed down.

“I thought you did not want everybody to know we were hooking up, Yami,” Nicole stammered.

“If he makes me feel half as good as you say he made you, and I get to live with both of you, I don’t give a royal fuck what anybody thinks! Your smile speaks volumes. I can‘t wait to get to feel like that!”

We all laughed and Nicole and I walked out. Ron was outside smoking and apologized for confronting us the way he did. He knew Paige and I did not get along when I used to work there and thought maybe it was my fault. I was putting Nicole in the truck as Paige came running out screaming at Nicole and swearing. “Fuck you Nicole! I told you this was wrong and you make a mockery of me by this display of affection in front of customers, much less kissing that little whore Yami! They are fucking losers and you know it!” She came running over to that side of the truck and slapped Nicole. Nicole started crying as I jumped in between her and Paige and Ron jumped in between the two of us.

“Damn it, Paige, now you’ve done it. Get off the property right now and don’t ever come back. I’ll put your tips in the safe and we will mail you your check and tips next week on payday. You just messed up worse that you can ever know!” He shoved Paige back towards her car. I had never seen Ron so mad. I was holding Nicole as she tried to gather herself and we both watched as Paige marched back towards the building.

“Take one step more towards that door, Bitch, and I will call the law to have you arrested for trespassing!” Ron shouted.

“I’m going to get my things!”

“The Hell you are! Get in your car and drive to the back door. Stay in your car and I will bring your shit out to you. Now go.” Paige got into her car and sped around the building. “Are you okay, Nicole?” Ron asked.

“I’ll be okay. I have Kevin to take care of me. I’m sorry it had to come to this. It’s all my fault.”

“No, I’ve been wanting to say that to her for a long time. When she touched my baby girl, she crossed the line and will never work here again as long as I am here.” He gave her a big hug and shook my hand. “Ya’ll have fun!”

“Oh we will!” Nicole blurted out. “My pussy is already sore!” Ron just laughed and walked away shaking his head.

We drove off into a setting sun, on our first trip home together.

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