Not Alone On New Years Eve


I was alone oddly for New Years Eve. Why, I wasn’t sure. My wife went out of town for a funeral and my kids had plans for parties themselves. We did have plans to go to a friend’s for a couple’s party but since Patty wasn’t with me, I figured I wasn’t in that category. Okay they are good friends. I knew it sounded ludicrous but like I said, Patty wasn’t with me and thinking about it at the time, I laughed because there weren’t any rent-a-dates around.

Every year we go to this party. Every year I get in some sort of trouble. Every year I am caught hugging too many friends for too, too long who like me are drunk. Every year in addition to that, I am caught giving out an excessive amount of kisses, which are too long to begin with.

I am always drunk and I never cared. I wouldn’t think straight anyways, but it was good fun while it lasted. Remembering the parties, there’s the one who cops a feel on my crotch. It wasn’t me blazing a trail on their tits with my hand. That’s too downright crude.

This year I didn’t intend on any of that happening. I wasn’t going to the party. I wasn’t going to be caught this year. Giving out kisses to friends wouldn’t be a problem because I wasn’t going to be there.

The hugs the kisses, they were innocent fun. Yeah sure I’d love to know I could go further, but in reality I knew better. Yeah true I loved hugging my friends around the neighborhood, large or small, but again I know they were only hugs.

But this year I decided to stay home. Outside cleaning up the yard, Bob my neighbor and I start talking. “See you at the party” he asked me. I told him no because it’s a couples party and wifey isn’t home for this one. I told him I’m staying home. He told me I’m nuts. More reason to get out and party and get in even more New Years Eve kisses. We laughed and the neighborhood must have heard us roar heartedly.

I agreed but didn’t clean up, shave, or anything. 8:30 came along and I got a call from my wife. “I thought I’d call you early before you fall asleep.” We went onto talk about this and that, the funeral, and who was there. I wished her happy new year and said good bye. After hanging up, I sat around reading the paper and then got online.

Now generally, it isn’t my style to go to porn sites. I’ve been on some, but usually they’re cleaner ones as opposed to those where a man’s banging a woman good and hard and has an ungodly huge cock. How a white man gets one that big, I haven’t any idea.

That’s beside the point. Tucked in the corner of my home office and wearing nothing but my jeans, all of a sudden going from one picture to the next, pop-ups get force fed onto my screen.

“These women live in your town and are anxious to meet you. What you doing tonight? Give them a call or email them. Use your credit card now and chat online.” Like yeah right, like I’m gonna do that. I closed out one window after another. Another annoying one pops up. “Jesus Christ what’s up with this bullshit. I should have stayed off the freaking computer.” I logged off.

I began working on some project in the basement and got soot all over me. 9:15 comes around and I get another call. My wife suggested I go to the party but behave myself. I told her no I was staying home and sarcastically say “I’m going to be a good boy tonight.”

She says whatever. 9:35 and I get another call. I think I think “Jesus what does she want this time” thinking it’s my wife. It isn’t my wife and of course I answer the phone assuming it is and answer it “What?”

Renee, a friend who lives behind us, invites me to a party she and her husband were supposed to go to. It isn’t a couple’s party. Her husband’s not home for some unclear reason; I thank her and say “No I decided not to go out. She was insistent. I told her I was dirty and had to shower, shave, and stuff. She persisted and I turned her down. She insisted again.

We went back and forth but eventually I won that initial debate. 30 minutes later there’s a knock on my front door. I was dirty as dirty gets. Hair, face, chest, arms, and hands, as well as my jeans, I had dirt, soot, and grime all over.

Sweating up a storm I lugged my shirtless self upstairs to answer the door. I’m looking nasty as hell as I looked out the window. Seeing Renee who was dressed up in a fabulous short sleeve collared sweater vest and also wearing a pearl necklace was enough to change my mind. What was better yet was its design.

The thin ribbing of its design molded itself against her new figure. Having lost about 55 lbs, her tummy was flatter then ever even though she still had exciting wide hips. She always did have nice round tits too, but there wasn’t too much she could do except lose weight or have a breast reduction.

“Damn I think why now, why would she come when I look like shit?”

“Hi” she says with signature lush lips which surround her bright white teeth. “Why aren’t you at that party I invited you to? You know it’s open to anyone don’t you? They know you and would welcome you. I told alanya escort them you’d be coming.”

“Hi Renee, Happy New Year” I replied trying to be as friendly as possible. Thinking how she looked, I stayed with those thoughts. “Thanks for the offer, but I was gonna hang out this year and work some on a project or watch TV or something.”

“No you aren’t. Tim’s gone, Patty’s gone, you’re single, and guess what? I am too.” “The best thing you could do for yourself is go upstairs, shower up real nice, and put on some nice clean clothes, and be my escort to that party.” “You know what? Since we’re both single tonight, I might even let you hold my hand” she added jokingly. I knew she didn’t mean it, but it was a fun offer.

I laughed but thought, “Hell I’d do more then hold your hand girlfriend, I’d, I’d, well I’d” and stopped right there. I looked at her in her attractive looking sweater and then went south checking out the rest of her.

It was obvious I was checking her out, but I guess she knew and didn’t care; neither did I for that matter. I always found her attractive and I think the feeling was mutual.

“Okay, alright, you twisted my arm. Are you going back to the party or were you planning on waiting?”

“I’m going to wait and tell you what, while you shower I’m going to go through your closet and pick out something for you to where.”

“Uhh is that the right thing to do?” I didn’t mind it at all. It was crazy to think it, but slowly maybe a fantasy was being fulfilled or was I kidding myself. “Should you be doing that” I asked her.

In the shower for a few minutes, I began to rinse down my hair and body with the spray so I could shampoo. As I lathered up, from out of nowhere I feel two hands descend upon my chest and pull me against a woman’s body. Trying to look around, I was sure it was Renee.

I got so excited about the possibility that she stepped in, I wanted to kiss and kiss her, but I was still gross and dirty. Immediately, she took a bar of soap and began washing my chest, back, neck, and again on my chest.

Taking the shampoo from me, she began washing my hair and letting the lather run down me. As it did, she cooed and so did I but not as nicely as she did. I loved when she cooed. Her breasts, I could feel them just a little bit against my back. They were full and thick, and they were sexier then I can describe.

The more she washed me the hornier I got. I wasn’t sure I wanted her to know I was horny. Finally it didn’t matter. “Mmmm, I love that” she said. I really love it” as she grabbed it gently holding it and not doing anything. My semi-hard cock was in her hand.

Finally I turned around and looked at Renee with a huge admiring smile. “Why did you do this? I mean you were all dressed up and now you have to start all over, I mean prettying yourself up again.”

“It won’t matter because I’m here with you, and that’s what I wanted and that’s what you did too. I know it.” She looked into my eyes, smiled, and grabbed my cock.

“Umm, uhh was I getting some special New Years Eve treatment” I joked. “Only if you wanted it” she came back. “Did you want some special treatment because I am more then willing.”

“Umm what do you mean by that. What are you willing” but she dropped to her knees on the solid ceramic slab and put my dirty cock in her mouth. Immediately I lifted her up.

“It has to be washed Renee. I am not gonna have ya do that without it being washed.”

“Oh” and she grabbed the soap, lathered up my cock, rinsed it off real well, and made sure there wasn’t any residual soap left. “Is that better I hope” smiling and running water on it again before putting it in her mouth.

She didn’t suck on it or anything. It sat in her mouth motionless. She let herself feel it inside her mouth. She’d look up at me and I looked down at her. All we did was smile. I turned off the water and she stood up as we cuddled in the warmth of the air behind the curtain. Putting more shampoo on ourselves, we rubbed one another’s bodies. It was cool. I loved feeling her ass, her back, and finally I let myself run my hands over her boobs.

“About time you did that” she kidded me. “Now, tell you what, if you’re sure Patty’s not coming home tonight. I mean if you are absolutely positive, I’d be more then willing to finish off this project as opposed to the one you’re working on down in the basement. And by the way, I’m a lot better then what you’re looking at online too.”

“Huh how did she know I was online” I thought.

“Oh I knew, I did believe me, I did. Sometimes curtains don’t hide enough.”

We got out and my clothes were laid out for me on my bed. She dried off and used Patty’s other hair dryer and curling iron to make her hair look perfect. It did indeed. I held her hand, felt her flat tummy, and caressed her breasts while she fixed her hair. We snuggled after the shower, naked or half naked, and either way it was cool.

Finally we went to the party but unfortunately her husband showed up. Still there were more people there then I imagined, and I made sure like the other party I usually go to I was the life of that party. I was that and I stole hugs and kisses but they were not as good as the ones at the other party.

I told Renee, and the host and hostess I was heading out for another party and thanked them. Renee pulled me off to the side and said she’d try to sneak away somehow. I said I hoped she would. Everyone was getting smashed. It was a good drunk.

“Breath mints, breath mints everyone; only 10 minutes remaining until 2007. Yes I know, not everyone wants to kiss everyone, but in this house on New Years Eve, when you’ve been drinking, everyone is sexy and requires a good long kiss. Does everyone hear me” called out Cora the hostess. Laughing, the 40 or so invited neighbors began sucking on the mints, and slowly started prematurely hugging one another. Even some of the guys hugged other guys. Seeing as everyone was pretty good and drunk, not a soul cared.

“Two minutes until the New Year, does anyone else need a breath mint? Remember what I said, everyone looks sexy tonight” yelled out Cora.

“Yeah, yeah I know I know I’m so sexy. I’m sexy uh huh that’s right I’m sexy” I said. Knowing my history at this party everyone got a kick out of the comment. “Who’s first in line” I yelled out.

Nobody responded. I wondered if I was full of myself and nobody wanted to kiss me. “Anyone want a hug then?”

Nobody responded. “Okay what’s up with that” I thought. The clock struck midnight and everyone was kissing everyone else, but not me, I didn’t get any action right away. Usually I get some lip action, hugging action right away.

After a few minutes one older woman who was around 60 came up. She looked nice, but was butt ugly in some ways said “I’ll kiss you.”

“Okay it’s a start” I figured. “Thank you” I said and as I began to give the older woman a peck on the cheek, she grabs me as if we are lovers and gives me a bear hug and lip locks me like there’s no tomorrow. “Fuck man, she’s a helluva kisser for her age” but then I feel her hand squeeze my crotch. Then I hear the place erupt in laughter.

The joke was on me. Everyone had pooled their money together seeing if I’d let the woman kiss me passionately. She did just that. The truth was all of them were going to kiss me but I had to suffer through that woman and two others.

Then Bob’s mother in law, a big, big woman whom I like well enough came up and said “If you let me kiss you, I won’t cop a feel, but feel free to do it yourself if your motivated. I won’t tell Patty either.”

“Umm what the heck” I thought. “Okay” I told her what the hell.” She grabbed me and started kissing me fervently. “Fuck man, wow I’m getting turned on by a 55 year old bitch too.”

Everyone stood silent and maybe stunned that I was kissing Bob’s mother in law. One guy came up and asked “Man, don’t ya have any scruples?”

“Hey a kiss is a kiss isn’t it?”

“Umm no way dude, it sure isn’t.”

I felt like an outcast at that point. I had been duped. One last woman who I recognized came up and whispered to me “Hey I know the jokes on you, but if willing I’d even fuck you for say $75.00. How’s that sound?”

I laughed but she was serious. She wasn’t hott looking, but she did have a decent looking figure, nice medium length hair, great makeup, and even a nice looking ass underneath the slacks she wore. I was tempted to ask her how she looked in a skirt.

“Okay, I can tell you are hesitant; $100.00 dollars but that’s my final offer.” I told her a good kiss will do. “No I don’t give kisses out. I have to get more then that honey. I’m willing to get more for $100.00 tonight.”

It was becoming too weird. I was duped and I didn’t like it. I was ready to say goodbye and then said goodbye to the hostess and host as well. Renee never showed up.

Walking home that last woman followed me out. “Hey there I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I’m sorry about that. It’s just that I was told well I was told you were someone special on New Years Eve. That’s all sonnyboy; but I’m alone tonight and it looks as if you are too. Come with me and give me a chance. If the chemistry isn’t there we’ll know it within 15 to 20 minutes. How’s that sound?”

I turned her down and thanked her for seeing me that way. I was honored but then again I wasn’t. I wasn’t someone’s whore.

I’m 34, my wife’s 30, and we have a great marriage. I know I get out of hand and I know I have a weakness for Renee and a couple of others, but I love my wife, and something like this would somehow come back to haunt me. It would and I knew it would.

“$300 and that’s my final offer” she said.

“Listen, first off I don’t know you. I’ve seen you walk the neighborhood. You don’t know me, and it’s always seemed like we wouldn’t have anything in common at all.”

Interrupting me she said “I’m Darlene and you unless you try me how would you know what I’m like. I’m a very healthy, very active, and a very, very sensuous woman. My husband and I are recently separated and I do not prefer being alone on New Years Eve. I don’t know your situation and obviously you’re married. You have a ring on, but what nobody knows honey, well you understand. Come over with me and test drive the car and it’s just for tonight.”

I introduced myself and the way she debated or replied to my last remark sold me. She was nice, sweet, and I was drunk. She was pretty and had a nice figure, and I was drunk. She smiled, walked up, and held my hand and it felt sensational, but I was drunk too.

“Okay lead the way honey” I said. “Show me your house and what you have to offer. Show me everything you have to offer.” I was drunk. Upon getting there, my speech wasn’t too slurred so I wasn’t that bad off. Unfortunately several people at the party saw me walk off hand in hand with the woman. I didn’t even remember what her name was by the time we got to her house.

As soon as we were inside, she offered me a beer or a glass of wine. All I wanted was to experience sex with the woman who was many, many years older then me. All I wanted to say was I did someone who could be a grandma.

My mind started saying “Get some sex. Get a piece of ass.” I didn’t care how old she was. She was fit for her age. I figured she was over 50 and maybe around 55. I didn’t know or care. I was drunk and the idea of fucking the mysterious woman offering me money alone turned me on.

I made the first move. I ran my hand through her head of hair which was full mousse and hard to get through it. I kissed her neck and quickly kissed her cheek, and she pulled her body against mine tightly. Somehow I loved it. We kissed and I was more turned on. I was jazzed up. I tingled more and more. My cock got a little harder. I enjoyed kissing her more and more. I uttered “mmmmm.”

She and I stopped kissing. She looked at me with happy eyes and a smile. I hoped you’d like kissing me. I liked kissing you. I know there’s an age difference, but I think it’s the desire and spirit within a person that makes something like this very special.”

She didn’t ask me if I agreed. She simply put her lips against mine and we started kissing. Her body was pressed against mine again and I was hott all over and loved how she felt against me. She was hott. She was sexy. Again, I was drunk.

I stopped kissing her. Looking at her, I undid her blouse. She stopped me.

“How about we go into my bedroom honey?”

No disagreement I thought. None whatsoever on my part I thought.

“Have you ever been tied up honey” she asked. “I love being tied up but it’s been ages.”

Right then, and there somehow I sobered up. I forgot about the money. I was strictly into straight up sex. I didn’t do kinky, wouldn’t do kinky, and wouldn’t even consider kinky.

“Listen Darlene, maybe another time. I don’t do that shit.”

“Then just eat me out and then fuck me. Nothing crazy or kinky, I guarantee it. Just turn me on, make me orgasm, please, ohh please” she pleaded.

I said I’d think about it and maybe another time. I told her I was sorry but honestly I’d think about it at another time. Looking at one another, she knew I meant what I said. “$500.00 right now; you can put it in your pants right now, and no kinky shit honey.”

I thought “Fuck, she wants it badly and will pay me $500.00 to fuck her? Hell yes I’d do it.” Standing up, she went to a drawer and I saw all sorts of garments, lingerie and such, and a pouch she pulled out. She handed me 5 one hundred dollar bills. I tucked them into my pants.

“Darlene what may I do to please you tonight. I hafta get off on too and I’ll do almost anything for you. Tell me what you’d love to do.”

“Jack off for me. Let me see you jack off first. Let’s not get naked, but you pull your pants down and jack off. How’s that sound?”

It was odd but “What the hell, she did just give me $500.00 cash” I thought. So I stood in front of her while she sat on her bed fully clothed and I began jerking my cock. Nothing happened and she told me to sit and try to do it.

I sat down with my pants only half down and I jerked and jerked, but nothing. “Hmm this isn’t good is it? Is it because you and I are too drunk dear? Let’s say we start the bath water and sit in there and get romantic.”

I didn’t care. My mindset was as though I was getting sex from the mature woman one way or another. I was drunk. I liked being drunk with her. “Darlene, did I tell you I am drunk?”

“Oh it’s okay honey. I like it that you are drunk. Be that way if it means pleasing me tonight” and she laughed.

Undressing in front of me, there were some areas which sagged but I liked what she looked like and wanted to see more of her sagging spots. She was actually much better then I ever expected and I could wait to see what she was like once she and I fucked each other. No, I couldn’t wait at all.

Sitting in her tub naked, both of us were drunker then we imagined. “Did I tell you I am drunk too” she asked. We laughed while we made small talk and while I studied the older woman’s figure.

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