Novak Might Like Me Ch. 03

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All usual disclaimers apply.

Thank you everyone for the kind comments you have sent regarding the Novak series. This will be the third and final installment of the Novak series. I have had an awesome time writing about Jason and Novak and I hope you continue to have fun reading about them. **Spoiler Alert** I have gotten a lot of requests for Novak to penetrate Jason…I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 03: Shower Sex

I woke up before Novak like always and immediately felt his stiff prick against my lower back. When we had finished last night I had gone right to sleep bathing in Novak’s warmth. We were still in the same positions; me on my side and Novak up against my back with his arm wrapped tightly around me. This was easily my favorite place to be in the whole world. I had to get up though. My little bladder was at maximum capacity. I got out of bed and leaned over to Novak’s face and gave him a little kiss on his soft lips.

I was just finishing up urinating when my mother informed me that she and my father were going to the market. It’s not like I needed the update; they went every Saturday morning. Our parents were easily the most predictable people in the entire world. If a serial killer wanted to kill my parents they would be perfect targets due to the consistency of their schedule. I could also tell you exactly when they would be home. They would be home between 12:45 and 1:00 o’clock. As that donned on me, I knew exactly how long Novak and I would have alone.

I went back to our room and I climbed underneath the blankets. I started rubbing Novak’s already hard dick. It was hot to the touch and it had a fishier smell than normal. Novak awoke and got up without saying anything to me and headed to the bathroom. I could hear him urinating. He shortly reappeared standing in the doorway naked. “Come in here take a shower with me.” He said with the biggest grin I have ever seen on my big brother’s face.

I followed him into the bathroom and I stripped down to my birthday suit while Novak set the temperature for the shower. He stepped in and I followed closing the glass door behind me. I couldn’t believe how much standing under the water with Novak made me happy. I wrapped my arms around him in a death grip hug. I couldn’t imagine loving another human as much as I loved Novak. As the water fell on and around us Novak bent down and kissed me fully. For only my second time making out I think I was doing a pretty good job.

Novak positioned himself behind me and started shampooing my hair. It was weird to me how great this felt. I washed my own hair every day and never got satisfaction this complete from it. After rinsing my hair he proceeded to take a bar of soap in one hand and rub it all over my body. He was following the bar of soap with his empty hand to lather the soap. It felt amazing to have him wash me. I was so excited thinking I would get to wash Novak and bring him this kind of pleasure in just a few minutes. With one last drop of water the soap had been rinsed from my young body. I would miss the feel of Novak’s long slim fingers and hands on me but I was excited about the idea I would be washing him now.

I turned and faced Novak. I reached behind him and grabbed the shampoo. I poured some into my little hand and Novak bent down just a little. I started lathering the shampoo in his shaggy brown hair. It felt gaziantep suriyeli escort so good to be running my fingers all through his hair. This felt more personal to me than playing with his dick. Novak’s eyes were closed and he was breathing very deeply through his flared nostrils. I had the feeling he was really enjoying himself as well. I was massaging the shampoo into Novak’s scalp and trying to completely bury my hands into his hair as much as possible. Novak moved around me and put his head under the direct flow of falling hot water. I rinsed Novak’s hair thoroughly. Novak opened his eyes again and kissed me on the forehead. His lips never felt softer.

I grabbed the body wash that Novak always used and poured some onto his loofah. I got it all soapy and began to rub it on his shoulders. Watching the suds roll down his wide and somewhat bony shoulders made me idolize my big brother even more. He looked to me like a statue you always see on the covers of Greek Mythology books. I squeezed the loofah to get a bunch of the suds to come out all at once onto Novak’s naked chest. I placed the loofah back on the shelf and began to rub my brother’s chest with my bare hands. I washed the entire anterior of Novak’s torso; from his long graceful neck down to his waist. Novak turned around and I washed his back to completion. I could feel every muscle of his back. Novak raised his arms slightly and I thoroughly soaped each armpit individually again loving the feeling of his hair between my fingers.

Novak faced me and put a hand on my shoulder. I went down to my knees. I sucked his hard dick into my mouth quickly. I was sucking as hard as I could and using my hand to stroke him in rhythm. Novak took a half step back and said he was saving himself for something different this morning. I poured some body wash directly into my hand and started rubbing it into the entire area surrounding my big brother’s dick. I was soaping up his low-hanging balls, thighs, hips and I loved all the contact. My brother turned around which put that firm ass of his right in my face. I started rubbing my soapy hands all over his gorgeously shaped ass globes. I started working my hand into my big brother’s ass crack and to my surprise he bent over and spread his legs wider. This gave me a perfect view of his actual asshole. I had never really thought of what a butthole looked like. It was actually inviting. I rubbed my soapy hands all up and down Novak’s ass crack. I was rubbing my finger in a circle around my big brother’s tiny little asshole. It was so small. No bigger around then a penny. Novak was moaning very loudly. It was so foreign to me to be touching Novak’s asshole I didn’t want to stop but Novak stood erect again taking away my easy access. He was breathing very hard like he had been running. I just took it to mean he wanted me to finish washing his legs and feet and we would get to whatever this new thing was.

I continued soaping my big brother up and rinsing him until I had cleaned all of his body. Novak looked right into my eyes, “Are you ready to try something new?”

I replied, “Absolutely Novak.”

This isn’t something we have done and I bet you haven’t even heard of it. It sounds weird and it will hurt you at first. It will only hurt for a minute then it will feel really good. Are you sure you want to do it?”

“If it will make you happy I will do it. I trust you completely, Novak.”

“OK, turn around bend over slightly. Put your hands up against the wall there. Spread your legs.”

As soon as I followed one direction Novak gave me the next in his silky voice. It seemed like he was having me get in a weird position but I trusted Novak more completely then I trusted myself. I heard him pop the cap on the body wash. I could hear him breathing hard and water splashing. It seemed my senses were heightened with the anticipation I felt for the unknown that was getting ready to happen. Then I felt it. One of Novak’s long fingers had slyly crept inside me. It was in me so quick I even had a delayed gasp. Novak was right…it hurt like hell. It burned and felt like an unwanted intruder. I instinctively tried to push it out of my rectum.

Novak said, “No, don’t do that. Don’t fight it; don’t try to push it out. Just relax as much as possible and take deep breaths.”

I followed my big brother’s orders the best I could. It was hard to relax. This was a definite first in my life. Novak had graduated to 2 fingers now and he was twisting them clockwise then counterclockwise while moving them in and out of my now partially accommodating sphincter. This went on for about 2 or 3 more minutes then Novak told me to brace myself I would really hurt for a minute. He pulled his fingers out of me and I instantly wanted them back in. I felt so empty without them. It was strange. I didn’t realize how much I liked him fingering me until he wasn’t.

I now felt something much bigger than a finger pushing softly on my now welcoming hole. I took a deep breath and I noticed how Novak’s grip on my hips really tightened. He was now squeezing my hips with what felt like all his force. Much to my surprise I felt his chest and stomach on my back too. He was leaning on me and his left cheek appeared on my right cheek. I turned my head towards him and he gave me a long deep kiss. Then it happened all at once.

In less than a second Novak bit my bottom lip hard and forced his swollen mushroom tip into my ass. I had never felt pain like that. It wasn’t the worst pain I had ever felt it was just different than any other pain I had felt. It was a stretching, tearing, and most of all burning pain. If I didn’t know better I would have thought someone poured gas on my ass and lit it. I instantly knew why he bit my lip and I loved him for it. By biting my lip he took the initial 4 or 5 seconds of pain I would have felt in my ass away from my focus. Novak started slowly moving his dick in and out. Never all the way out actually I think he was only moving it an inch at a time. Each time he would push it in though he would push it a little farther than it was last time. I was still in pain but it was quickly being replaced by a feeling that was completely euphoric.

Novak and I had now been in the shower about 18-20 minutes and he was fucking my little ass with his whole seven inches of awesome. He had moved his left hand to my left shoulder and his right hand was still on my right hip. He had been fucking me for about 4 or 5 minutes when he said he was going to cum. He practically shouted in ecstasy and I could feel his sperm coat the inside of my ass. As much as I loved the taste of my big brother’s spunk I loved this feeling too. He wrapped his arms around me and we stood up together. He pulled his dick out of me and shut off the water. Then something neither of us ever would have expected happened.

The all too familiar sound of the garage door. Our parents were home for some reason. “Get out, Jason!” My brother said it with fear in his voice. I went to run to our room when he grabbed me and said, “Never mind, stay in here! If questioned you were taking a shower and you got a bloody nose and I came in to help.” Then Novak grabbed a pair of jeans out of the hamper and threw them on with no underwear.

The door opened and my father was standing there with his eyes narrowed, “What is going on in here you two?”

I stammered, “Well…dad…Novak…was in here…you see…to help me with something.” I thought it sounded fine but I could see the all too familiar look of skepticism in my father’s aged face. Dad looked right at Novak and raised his eyebrows. In response to this Novak answered with a voice that was strong and confident and by the time he was done giving the explanation I would have believed it if I didn’t know better, “Jason, woke me up for something stupid like he always does. He was screaming for me to help him. I walked in and he had one of the nosebleeds he has all the freaking time. He was crying like a little baby. You and mom said I could move my room to the basement last summer and you still haven’t gotten rid of the crap in it. I am sick of Jason always ruining my life; He wakes me up all the time, annoys me when I am with my friends, and just annoys me in general.” My brother had walked past my dad and towards our room during the last sentence. I had just witnessed an Oscar winning performance and our dad bought it hook, line and sinker. “Put some clothes on for Christ’s sake, Jason, and can’t you give your brother some space. It’s hard for him being older, he has a lot of pressure that comes with growing up. You will know soon enough Captain.” My dad always called me Captain for some reason.

My dad grabbed my mom’s purse which was the whole reason they came back home and he was out the door again. I walked into our room and Novak was laying on his bed flat on his back just smiling. I was wearing a towel now and he had gotten fully dressed. I went over and got dressed and then sprinted across the room and jumped onto my big brother. He wrapped me up in a big hug and we laid there for a minute before Novak said he had plans with some friends today but he wouldn’t be missing curfew. I smiled and said I don’t care when he gets home as long as he comes home and lets me play with him.

Novak and I continued our brotherly love until he left for college. When he came home for holidays we would still mess around. During his second year he announced his engagement to girl. She was lovely and very smart which appealed to me. I was happy for Novak. He told me he truly loved her more than anything but he would never forget the love we share. I came out to my parents the summer after graduation. I met a fantastic guy at college and we plan to get married as soon as it becomes legal in our state. My parents took the news well and haven’t warmed up to the idea but they try to be supportive; which is all I can really ask. I always tell my boyfriend there is no better sex than shower sex and I smile.

Thank you again everybody for reading. Novak and Jason have a special place in my heart and I feel I have gotten their story out in its entirety. Much love to you all.


As always I would love to hear your comments and criticisms. Feel free to email me.

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