Of Mothers and Sons Pt. 07


Author’s note:

All characters are over the age of eighteen years. This story includes unprotected sex between family members with the intent of pregnancy. It does not include anal.

Previously: Megan, being the considerate mom, sends her husband/son, Mike, to spend a week with his latest infatuation, Brooke, so they’ll bond together. When he returns, the minister’s wife, Cleo, drops by with a dilemma. She’s pregnant with Mike’s child, but that’s not the problem. One of the horny parishioners is occupying too much of her husband’s time. Knowing Megan and Mike are incestuous coupling experts, she enlists them to help the horny parishioner switch her affections to her studly son. If successful, it would allow the minister time to service his other cash cows while promoting Christianity. Naturally, Megan makes certain her son deposits a load of cum into the horny mother before turning her over to her own son.

Special thanks to Malcolmsu for his assistance in proofreading and editing my story.

Two weeks had passed since the church stint. It was a lazy afternoon that concluded with a sexual romp. Mom rode me cowgirl style and had just finished an orgasm when we heard the doorbell ring. Pulling off, she threw on a robe and went to answer it. When she returned, she held a package. With a curious look, she unwrapped it and discovered the nighties she had lent to Lena. There was an envelope; Mom quickly opened it.

She read, “Thanks for the use of your lingerie. We won’t be needing it any longer. Unfortunately, some of the nighties are in shreds. I tried wearing them after our session at the church, and Axel couldn’t remove them fast enough. I’ve enclosed a gift card for a thousand dollars to cover the cost. Sorry about that, but it’s mainly your fault for turning my son into a motherfucker. I can never repay you enough for how much you’ve improved my life. Thank you very much!”

Mom smiled. “Another mother and son enjoying life as much as we do. I feel good about helping them.”

The rest of the day flew by and when we retired for the night, I asked, “How about a movie?”

Watching movies had a different meaning for us. The videos of Brooke and me at the cabin were on DVDs, and we routinely watched Brooke model her nighties with the fuck scene that followed. It made both of us hotter when we made love, watching our homemade porn. I hadn’t shown one of the seduction scenarios that Brooke and I had made. I thought it would be a perfect time to watch it – my favorite. I inserted the video and resumed my position on the bed. Mom crawled on me and assumed the reverse cowgirl position. We enjoyed fucking in that position so both of us could watch.

After Mom got up to a good pace, she said, “Okay, start it up. I’m ready.”

I clicked the play button, and it began with a scene of Brooke’s nude body, barely concealed in a sheer blue nightie, similar to Mom’s. She wore a sleeping mask, and Mom immediately increased her humping when she recognized the scenario. It was the reenactment of the first time Mom and I made love. When I crept up on the bed to Brooke in the video, I repeated the identical phrases I had spoken to Mom.

The vivid memories of caressing and worshiping Mom’s body made it easy to repeat our joining accurately. During the scene when I first entered Brooke and fucked her to an orgasm, Mom climaxed on my prick. I didn’t move because I knew Mom would want to watch the entire video.

Mom didn’t pull off or rest while she kept humping. Her gaze locked onto my performance with Brooke. Each step of the seduction set off mini-orgasms from Mom. Brooke had memorized Mom’s lines perfectly and performed flawlessly. I wanted to say something but didn’t want to interrupt Mom’s focus which was watching and listening to the show.

When I erupted in Brooke, and we pronounced our love for each other in the video, Mom’s major orgasm hit her. Her pussy squeezed hard and long. My prick exploded, sending shockwaves of pleasure through me while my load of virile, hot sperm jettisoned. My forceful release catapulted Mom into another climax. She was on fire and continued to slam her pelvis against mine. After my prick ceased throbbing, she dropped and rested until my softened cock escaped.

Pulling off, she turned and melded her body into mine. Her facial expression reflected her love and passion. Her eyes sparkled, and her face glowed more than usual. She kissed me tenderly and cooed, “Thank you so much. That was incredibly hot. Your memories of our initial coupling are identical to mine. We’ll never forget our first time, or today, for that matter.”

I agreed and soothingly stroked her back while we recovered. She hugged me tighter than usual, lovingly caressing my tired, sweaty body.

“I have a perfect idea of what we can buy with the gift card,” Mom purred.

“What is it, Mom?”

“I have a present for you, and it’s the right time to give it to you.” She kissed me tenderly and whispered, “We need to purchase some maternity clothes.”

Emotions of joy and Girne Escort pride flowed through me when Mom disclosed that she was pregnant with our child. “That’s wonderful! I love you so much, Mom. It’s the perfect gift to show our love for each other.”

We hugged each other, basking in the thrill of creating our child. We lay in bed with our stomachs melded as one, hoping our baby would experience our love.


Yawning and stretching, I leisurely awoke from a restful sleep. Last night’s discussion hit me. I smiled wide, looking over to Mom while she blissfully slept. My baby grew in my beautiful mother, and I was going to pamper her more than ever through her pregnancy. Quietly slipping out of our bed, I threw on my robe and went to the kitchen to prepare Mom’s favorite breakfast.

Mary wasn’t home, sleeping at one of Charlotte’s girlfriend’s houses. Charlotte was so thankful for the church activity that she had offered us a way to satisfy my sister’s sexual appetite. Charlotte introduced Mary to her lesbian harem, and my sister took advantage, regularly hooking up with one or more of them for a fun night.

Since it was the weekend, I allowed Mom to sleep as long as possible. When I heard her stir, I ran to help her out of bed. After gently kissing her, I said, “Good morning, Mom. Take a shower, and when you come out, I’ll have breakfast ready.”

She kissed me back. “Don’t you want to help your Mommy wash? She’s all dirty and could use some son love,” she said sexily.

Our previous sessions in the enclosed cubicle ended with us banging and bumping into the walls. I wasn’t taking the chance of hurting our child. “No, Mom. The food is already cooking, and I don’t want to burn anything,” I lied.

Her sorrowful look broke my heart. “Okay, see you in a bit.” My prick hardened when I watched her nude body enter the bathroom. Maybe it wasn’t too late to change my mind.

Reluctantly, I went to the kitchen and finished cooking. Mom appeared in her short robe; I dashed to pull her chair out for her to sit.

She smiled when she saw her favorite meal in front of her. We ate and talked about turning my old bedroom into a nursery. When we finished, I rose and helped Mom out of her chair. She kissed me and untied our robe belts, our mouths mashed together.

“Sit, Mike,” she pointed to her chair I had shoved away from the table.

She sounded serious, so I didn’t argue. As soon as I was seated, she removed her robe and spread mine apart before resting on my thighs. After pulling my robe off my shoulders, her hands caressed my chest before grasping my manhood. “I’m your mother, and I know what you’re thinking. You think my pregnancy has turned me into a fragile, delicate flower, don’t you?”

My earlier suspicions that she could read my mind were confirmed. “Sorry, Mom. I guess I might have gone a little overboard. I love you so much. I don’t want to harm you or our baby.”

“The woman’s body is designed to protect her child. Treat me as you always would. You can start by practicing feeding on me.”

She pushed her chest out, and I quickly latched onto her nearest nipple. Her hands gripped the sides of my head and pulled me tight to her taut teat. “That’s my baby. Suck them hard and get used to it. I’m a heavy milker; I’ll need you to help relieve the pressure when I begin feeding our baby.”

My sucking increased while my other hand teased her other breast. I switched back and forth until both brown tips were fully engorged. Mom’s steady moaning and wandering hands signaled her excited state. “Pull off for a second, dear,” she commanded.

Scooting closer, she pushed my cock down and sat on my thighs. My prick sprung up and nestled along her moist, thick lips. She rocked back and forth, sliding her soaked trench against the top of my shaft. When my bloated cap scraped across her clit, she groaned and released more pre-cum. My prick was well-oiled and ready to drill her pussy.

She rose until her puffy outer lips gripped my cockhead. Dropping hard, she impaled herself and didn’t stop until her ass slammed against my legs. “Keep sucking, baby. Milk your mommy while your prick feeds my pussy.”

Gladly obeying her, my mouth and hands obeyed her commands. She rose and dropped several more times, fucking herself on my rod. When her frantic humping knocked me off her distended tip, she yelled, “Don’t let go; bite and hold my nipples. Pull them until I cum on your beautiful prick.”

Lightly gripping her dark-brown nub with my teeth, I pinched the other and pulled both of them. Mom bucked frantically, and it wasn’t long before her pussy seized and released her juices. When she pulled off, I ceased teasing her sensitive breasts. Resting on my legs, she kissed me. “Jesus, I can’t wait until you can really feed on me. That turns me on so much.”

“It’ll be fun,” I agreed. “Even more so when our baby and I nurse together.”

She rose and held her arms out to help me up before pulling me to her nude body. The same Magosa Escort thrill shot through me as always when our bare flesh meshed together. My prick pressed into her soft stomach.

She pulled back and bent over the kitchen sink, holding onto the faucet handles. She spread her legs and ordered, “Fuck your mommy as hard as you want.”

Mounting my mother, I slammed to the bottom. Her well-oiled channel welcomed back my familiar prick. Holding her hips, I fucked her furiously for ten minutes. “Harder, Mike. Slam me into the sink.”

“Fucking you hard, Mom!” I screamed, my hips slapping against hers. When I released my grip, she collided with the counter edge. Mom’s grunting, along with the banging and sloshing noises, filled the room. Her pussy surrendered, flooded my shaft, and imprisoned my prick in her spasming crevice. My orgasm quickly followed. Smashing against her cervix, my boiling cum splattered her insides and overflowed from her saturated slot.

When my balls finished spewing my reservoir of semen, I slowly backed off and dragged out a blob of cum. My dangling balls were coated with our sticky, gooey love juices. Mom’s quivering pussy pulsed and purged our mixed juices from her battered pussy. Streams of our spent cream dripped down the insides of her thighs.

“Beautiful,” chirped a familiar feminine voice behind us.

Quickly turning, I was surprised to see Brooke watching us. Considering the noise we made during sex, it was easy to understand how she had entered without knocking. “How long have you been here?”

She walked over and kissed me. “Hello to you, too,” she laughed. “Your mom gave me a key a few weeks ago. She called me last night and told me to come over to watch you doggy-fuck her this morning. It was a spectacular show.”

“The women I love most are here. I’m glad you approve of my performance.”

Brooke kneeled and licked the cum from Mom’s thighs. “Boy, you sure had a load. Did any of it stay inside?”

Mom smiled and replied, “Not much. It’s what happens when you’re carrying a child. We don’t want all of his fluid drowning my poor baby.”

Brooke screeched, “You’re pregnant? Congratulations. I can’t wait to see if my pussy does the same since I’m in the same predicament.” She resumed her cleanup of Mom’s flesh.

Mom exclaimed, “That’s wonderful news! How long have you known?”

“Last night, after you called. Silly me, thinking I would be the center of attention when I announced my pregnancy,” she laughed. “It’s hard to outshine a horny mother.” Having licked Mom clean, she stood. I locked my lips on hers, tasting the remnants of our juices.

Mom turned and stood next to Brooke, smiling with approval.

“Both of you are glowing and radiant,” I complimented them. “You’re going to be wonderful mothers. Mom taught me this morning how to properly treat a pregnant woman. Neither of you needs to worry about me easing up on your sexy bodies.”

Mom turned to Brooke and pleaded, “We’re turning Mike’s room into a nursery. Why don’t we make it for multiple babies, and you move in with us?”

Brooke kissed Mom and replied, “I’d love to. It’ll take me a month to end my lease and pack up. It’s going to be so much fun being with you guys full-time. I’m afraid my lonely cougar life has come to an end. I’m enlisting into the army of Mike’s milfs.”

We laughed, and Mom’s expression turned serious. “Mary will freak out if she comes home and finds another woman in the house. She fears that someone will take Mike away from us. We’ll have to break the news gently to her.”

“Let me do it,” Brooke insisted. “After hearing the details of your seductions, I want to be included. Do you think I’d scare her off if I approached her romantically?”

Mom chuckled, “She’ll attack you like a horny bear. Maybe Mike didn’t tell you, but Mary spends most of her time cycling through a circle of lesbians. When she gets horny for cock, she comes here for her Mikey. He’s the only man she’ll allow to have her. Her strong attraction to sexy, older women will make it a snap.”

Brooke cupped Mom’s breasts and replied, “It’s understandable, with such a passionate mother. A plan is forming in my mind. When I finalize it, I’ll let you know.”

“Perfect, it’ll be a relief to introduce you to Mary, at last,” Mom asserted.

“You two better put on some robes, or you’re going to see how fast a horny woman can attack,” Brooke croaked hoarsely.

“I have a better idea, Brooke,” Mom surly replied. “You remove your clothes, and we’ll show Mike how much rough treatment two pregnant women can take. We’ll spend the rest of the day watching movies.”

My smile widened, and my prick jerked, knowing the day would once again test my stamina.


None of us were up for a round of morning sex after the previous day-long marathon. We ate and lounged around the house, knowing Mary was spending the weekend with one of Charlotte’s minions. In the late afternoon, Brooke explained her plan.

“We have a room Kıbrıs Escort at the back of the store we use for special customers. A few of our sales associates use their talents to entice wealthy clientele into buying an extensive selection of garments. I’ve reserved it for five next Friday. If you can convince Mary to show up and ask for me, I’ll attempt to seduce her by fitting her into a nightie.”

“Perfect,” Mom remarked. “I know her cycle, and next weekend she’ll be fertile. If you involve Mike, we can resolve both matters.”

“Mom,” I interrupted. “We need to get Mary horny again so she’ll be more vulnerable. On Wednesday, let’s convince her to abstain until Friday. Remember how horny she was when we did the same for you?”

“Good point,” Mom replied. “Horny and fertile. Remember what else happened when she hooked up with me? She loves it when you fuck her while she’s eating pussy.”

After finalizing our plans, Brooke left for her apartment.

Mary showed up Tuesday evening and informed us she would be home for a few days. Mom wore one of her nighties from Brooke’s wardrobe when we excused ourselves for some private time, leaving Mary on the couch.

Before Mary left for work the next day, Mom strode out in a different nightie. Looking frustrated, my sister asked, “Mom, how many nighties do you own? They’re so sexy, and from what I heard last night, they have quite an effect on Mikey.”

Mom smiled and replied, “There is a store I frequent, and one of the sales ladies employed there knows exactly the lingerie that flatters a woman best. I’ll call her and see if she can fit you in. Consider it an advance for your birthday present.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Mary chirped as she left for work.

Mom and I departed to work and were back home by one. Marry arrived at five when we all worked to prepare dinner. While eating, Mom announced, “Mary, I talked to Brooke today. She’s the lady at the lingerie store I mentioned. She’s reserved a time for you at five on Friday. I’ve already paid her and filled her in on your tastes.”

“Thanks, Mom. I’m looking forward to some new clothes. Maybe if I dress a little sexier, Daddy will pay more attention to his horny daughter instead of devoting all of his time to Mommy,” Mary chuckled. Catching my disapproving look, she stuck her tongue out at me. Remembering what Mom said, I laughed instead of haranguing her.

“I’m sure he will. In fact, let’s make a deal. If you don’t have sex until you return on Friday night, I’ll give him to you for the entire night,” Mom bargained with her daughter.

“Two days?” queried Mary. “I guess it won’t be too bad. Let’s up the ante. Mikey can’t have sex either. We’ll both be so horny that it’ll be a night to remember.”

“Deal, young lady,” I smiled, agreeing to her demands.

My sister had an easier time remaining abstinent than I did. My sexy mom sleeping by me and walking around our bedroom half-dressed drove me crazy. She helped by not instigating any foreplay, but it was still a long two days. My dear sister would receive a large load of sperm on Friday.

Before I left for my rendezvous, Mom kissed me long and hard. “Brooke and I talked today about your meeting with Mary. If everything goes according to plan, she’ll disclose all of our pregnancies to your sister.”

“Thanks, Mom. I felt uneasy about holding back information from her.”


I arrived at the store entrance thirty minutes before Mary’s scheduled time.

Brooke led me to the rear of the store and into the client’s room. It was plush and reminded me of the Minister’s private realm. Racks of nighties were staged along one wall, while three cubicles were lined up on the other side, walled with full-length mirrors.

A leisure chaise that looked like it belonged in a psychiatrist’s office was in the middle of the room. The fabric looked soft and weaved tight. Several lavish chairs surrounded it.

Brooke led me to one of the cubicles and swiveled the mirror, demonstrating how it could act as a door. A bench was inside. “When you sit here, you can turn the mirrors an inch or two and watch. I’ll be on the lounge, and she’ll be between us, so don’t worry about getting caught,” she instructed.

“Looks good. When do you want me to show myself?”

“It depends on how it goes. You’ll do good. Don’t worry.”

Her face radiantly glowed; she was looking forward to seducing Mary. I was positive that her flared, short skirt didn’t conceal any panties. “Brooke, you look incredible today. I won’t be upset if Mary doesn’t show up. I’d like to try out the casting couch with you.”

She held my hand and kissed it. “Poor baby,” she purred. “You’re as horny as I am. Want to see?”

Before I answered, she guided my hand under her skirt and jammed my fingers in her sopping slot. She smiled when she moved my hand back out. I quickly licked off her juices, and my prick jerked with excitement. “Damn, you’re hot. I’m envious of Mary.”

“It’s time,” she stated. “Strip and wait for the show.”

When she left, I yelled, “Break a leg.” She laughed before the door closed. After removing my clothes, I sat on the bench and practiced swiveling the different mirrors. Ten minutes later, Brooke and Mary walked through the door. Brooke pointed to a chair for Mary while she sat on the edge of the lounge.

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