Our Last Night in Cancun

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There was pussy, pussy everywhere, but not a cock to fuck.

Not that I was complaining, encircled as I was by so many lusty young nymphs entangled together around me on the large, luxurious bed, writhing in a fleshy heap of shameless female fucking. Everywhere I looked were healthy bouncing boobies and firm willowy waists, pierced belly buttons glimmering with diamonds and gold…hands caressing curvaceous, slender hips, sturdy round buttocks, lithesome legs, some lifted in the air…

And the pussy…soooo many varieties of luscious lickable pussy all within reach of my hand or, with a little effort, tongue. Shaved ones, pierced ones, slim trimmed ones, plump bushy ones, some with a flaxen coiffure, some thick with dark alluring curls…

What possible need would a girl have for a clumsy cock prodding around this garden of delicate blossoms and delectable fruit like some vulgar snuffling pig?

How I ended up in this sultry situation is a bit hazy…it was the last night in Cancun for me and my sorority sisters so we went to Dady’O’s once more for another night of good, clean spring break debauchery among the partying sons and daughters of the decadent American Empire. Although my sisters and I held hands and snaked our way through the throng so none of us would get lost, my very best friend Jennifer and I got separated from the others.

What happened was, this drunken slut wearing a bikini top that barely covered her large swaying tits fell through Jen’s grasp of Kristin’s hand as some shirtless guy gripped her hips and pounded her ass in a simulated buttfuck (well, I think it was simulated, anyway…she was wearing this skimpy little denim skirt, after all).

They collapsed on the filthy club dance floor where I can only imagine the guy continued to hump the slut’s rear until he either came in his shorts or on her colon. Jen and I helplessly watched our friends disappear into the thick white cloud billowing onto the chaotic floor from a fog machine.

While wandering lost among the male and female bodies gyrating to the throbbing primal beat, we somehow got mixed up with this group of seven or eight really gorgeous, ultra-rich college chicks who were partying hearty on their corporate daddies’ credit cards. I’m not sure exactly how we ended up riding with these wild party girls through the bright, warm Mexican streets in the back of an enormous hummer limo, but that’s where Jen and I found ourselves.

All of us were huddled together snorting lines of totally high-grade coke fresh from Columbia. The white crystals were chopped into thick lines on an autographed photo of George Bush for some strange reason (one of the girls’ fathers went to Harvard with him or something). Personally, I can’t stand that asshole (much to my conservative parents chagrin), but there was a kind of twisted ironic political statement in using his image that way, I guess.

To wash down the tingling magic nose powder, we gulped chilled Dom Perignon directly from the bottle like swallowing an endless flow of intoxicating come spurting from hard green cocks that never went soft. In fact, one of the girls used a bottle on herself in just that manner as we rumbled through the steamy night, her glittery party skirt hiked up her thighs and panties rumpled around her ankle, her lovely face flushed crimson by the coke and naughty excitement of her brash exhibitionism.

She slouched on the seat, her mouth dropped open, fingering her fully exposed pussy with one hand and pumping the bottle neck piston-like into her lush pliable lips with the other. She really put on quite a show for us and you could tell she was totally aroused by all us watching and cheering her on as she fucked herself into a juicy climax. I’m not a lezzie (really, I’m not…I have a boyfriend and everything) but her erotic display really, really turned me on…However, her performance was merely an aperitif to the sensual banquet we’d all indulge in later.

Before the main course, we stopped at another club, very swanky and exclusive, overlooking the dark ocean. A group of horny business me—looking kind of dorky in Polo poker oyna shirts and shorts—plied us with drinks (pink pussies, not surprisingly, was the favorite drink). One of the men—a guy older than my dad who was wearing too much cologne and had stinky nicotine breath—kept rubbing my thigh under the table and bragging about how much money he had…I don’t know, but any guy who has to brag to me about how big his bank account is must be trying to compensate for deficiencies elsewhere, if you know what mean.

Inching his fingers up beneath my skirt further and further as I nonchalantly sipped my pink pussy, he leaned over, squeezed my thigh, and whispered in my ear that he’d give me $1,000 to suck his dick.

It was tempting, strictly in terms of a financial agreement (and in my intoxicated state) and I almost agreed, but just as his fingers neared their cushy destination beneath my dress Jennifer came over, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from my business negotiations causing me to spill my pink pussy all over the guy’s lap. She told me as we trotted to the exit and the guy cursed us loudly that the limo was boarding and ready to set sail.

Climbing aboard the gas-guzzling monstrosity, I noticed a couple fresh faces from the club had joined our bevy and were staring wide-eyed at a couple of girls in our group embracing each other and kissing, their mouths sliding together sloppily. The new girls must have thought they had stumbled into a Girls Gone Wild video as the chicks in our group giddily yelled their bawdy approval of the two smooching lovelies, holding champagne bottles over their heads and passing George Bush’s powdery face around…

I have no idea whose ritzy room we finally wound up in or how many of us beautiful young women ended up climbing in bed together…ten, maybe twelve total. Honestly, I was too tipsy to count as I lay back on the silk sheets gazing dreamily around the sexy scene, rhythmically thrusting my hips as a cute little thing with big brown eyes slurped and sucked and licked at my cunny with delightful girlish gusto.

Her sun-bleached auburn hair was tied back in an adorable ponytail and it was obvious she was a couple years younger than me, around 18 or so, but oh did she have quite the experienced tongue. As she pressed my pussy lips apart with her fingers and lapped at my quim, which was enough to get me off, I also grew hot watching all the gorgeous girls around me discarding what was left of their inhibitions and flinging what remained of their expensive clothing and lingerie across the room.

There were two girls kneeling beside me, for example, one blonde, the other brunette, both locked together in an unbridled female kiss, their mouths churning against each other with their bare melonous breasts pushed together. The blonde slid her hand slowly over the brunette’s smooth hip and down between her legs to grab a hot handful of her twat.

Lolling my head around to the other side, I found the smooth half moons of some other chick’s taut little ass gaping before me, her puckered butthole winking at me as she frantically fingered her slick drippy labia below. I could just make out around her fleshy orbs the back of her head bobbing briskly between Jennifer’s tanned thighs. My friend leaned back on her hands, her jugs spilling off to the sides and stiff nipples brazenly jutting out, her attractive face upturned into the plush crotch of an arrogant looking bitch standing over her on the bed.

The haughty bitch, her strong legs astride, head tilted to the side and mascared eyes closed, cupped her hands around her globular titties, her kissable lips twisted into a sadistic kind of smile.

I heard myself groan and my hips shoved a little faster at the sight of Jen’s threesome, but the girl still licking me (she had amazing jaw muscles!), apparently did not think I was paying sufficient attention to her cunnilingual efforts. So she suddenly suctioned my hard clit into her mouth and gently bit it, causing me to yelp and look down at her with my mouth and eyes open wide in surprise.

Her big brown eyes mischievously twinkled up canlı poker oyna at me, with her perky nose buried in the tangle of my curls and tongue waggling in my crevice. I was soooo in love with her…for a moment anyway. I’m sure my emotionalism resulted as much from the residual coke high as from her lovely licking…Gyrating my hips hard, my long silky brown hair tumbling around my face, I wanted to wax all eloquent about how great she was, about how I would dump my boyfriend, abandon my family, sell secrets to the Iranians—anything, if we could just remain in this sinfully sensuous position forever.

However, all I managed to blurt out in my passionate throes was something like, “Oh, yeah, lick it, pretty girl…lick my pussy!” That’s all she needed to hear, apparently. Stretching her lips wide around my vulva and looking up at me with those doe-like eyes of hers, she took my entire pudendum into her slurping teenage mouth, her cheeks hallowing as she sucked and sucked and sucked on me.I threw my head back and brought my leg up onto her back and groaned, pummeling the bed with my ass. My! What are they teaching kids these days?

The blonde and brunette who had been lost together in a steamy Sapphic kiss were now at my tits, the blonde swirling her tongue around my pouting right areola, the brunette nearly losing her balance as she climbed over us and latched onto my pointy stiff left nipple with her mouth.

And off to the side the arrogant bitch, her lips curled back over her pearly whites in a snarl, was swiveling her hips hard and fast while pinching her nipples. Jennifer wrapped her arms around the broncking bitch’s thighs and struggled to keep her mouth affixed to the slippery moving target swaying above her. The girl between Jen’s thighs suddenly threw her head back and whinnied loudly as she fingered herself into a messy climax, her asshole contracting and expanding, her thighs trembling and butt cheeks quivering as if her rapidly rubbing fingers had struck an electrical current hidden within her glistening coming cunt.

“Oh. My. Gawd,” I swooned, my head involuntarily dropping back onto someone’s leg or belly or back as I succumbed to total sensory overload, arching my back and squirming beneath the two girls suckling at my breasts. Brown Eyes between my straining thighs had her lips firmly pursed around my sensitive, velvety folds and tossed her head, ponytail swishing, from side to side like a little puppy playing with a favorite chew toy.

The intense pressure surged stronger and stronger in my throbbing, spreading pussy…I was gonna come…oh I was gonna come…the blonde was now kissing me on the lips, her golden strands hanging around her pretty face, her rum-soaked tongue probing deeply into the receptive depths of my mouth. My hand groped her tit as the brunette jealously elbowed the blonde away from me and planted her mouth onto mine.

As I eagerly entwined my tongue around hers, the brown-eyed girl down below continued frenetically flicking my rock-solid clitty with her tongue…Oh my poor pussy!…I was so close…sooooooo fucking close….

The resentful blonde bumped the brunette off my mouth and planted her lips back onto mine as Brown Eyes sunk her finger into my gushing vagina. And I lay there with the blonde and brunette’s nude bods pressed onto mine, and I was so close…so close…The brunette refused to concede my lips to the blonde and tried to push her rival away again but the blonde pushed back…they were cheek to cheek, their delicious lips vying for mine, one kissed me, then the other, then the other and soon we were twirling our tongues together in an exhilarating three-way kiss.

Brown Eyes thrust her finger in and out of my grasping, yearning cunt and licked and licked and licked my clit…I reached both hands down between the tense thighs of the blonde and brunette and simultaneously fingered their soft, sopping pussies as they closed their eyes, held their heads back and moaned appreciatively in unison. That seemed to do the trick for me.

“I’m coming,” I blurted out, clenching my eyes and bracing myself. Right…on…the…edge…

The internet casino blonde beat me to it, though. Collapsing onto me with a loud throaty cry, her sweaty, slender body shuddered and shook wildly against mine. “Oh fuck fuck fuck,” she muttered breathlessly in my ear, as my fingers relentlessly continued to wiggle and wiggle and wiggle her sloppy slice.

The brunette shakily lifted herself up off of me with this totally crazy look in her eyes. Breathing hard and fast through her mouth and positioning herself over me, her dark sweaty hair tussled around her cherry-red face, she grabbed my tit with a trembling hand and lowered her yawning sodden pussy right down onto my incredibly engorged nipple.

“I’m…gonna…COME…” I squeaked.

The brunette squatted onto my breast and, holding my shoulder with her other hand to steady herself, thrust her hips rapidly, her perky titties sloshing around freely. Despite her obvious good breeding, she was now rapturously releasing her inner whore and, based on her slutty performance, apparently loved it every moment of it.

She held her head back, moaning lecherously to the heavens, her bobbling knees wide apart, her hips swiveling with increasing intensity, her pussy making loud squishy sounds as it rubbed against my ample breast, fucking herself into a sudden, shaking, shrieking orgasm. Seeing her body quaking in such orgasmic ecstasy, with the blonde’s cunt still oozing warm syrup all over my hand, I felt my own pussy finally erupt in a jolting release of hot honey come.

My entire body seismically shook with multiple creaming convulsions, with Brown Eyes down below still fucking me with one finger and rubbing my spasming clitty with another, perhaps giving her poor mouth a well-deserved rest.

The brunette remained slumped over me, her wet pussy still pressed onto my tit…the blonde snuggled with me nibbling on my ear and mumbling very dirty things, and Brown Eyes sat up proudly on her knees, wiping my cunt cream from her glistening mouth with her forearm as the chick who had fucked herself with the champagne bottle reached around from behind her and, taking both of Brown Eyes’ petite tits in hand, kissed Brown Eyes’ bare shoulder…

Soooo much more happened but all good things must come to an end (and my end did certainly come a few more times)…Jennifer and I finally staggered into the empty lobby of our hotel a little before sunrise. Catching a glimpse of our disheveled appearance in the lobby mirror as we clopped noisily to the elevator—worn-out eyes, tussled hair, clothes all out of place and rumpled—I was struck by how we both looked as if, well, we had just come from an orgy. I was soooooooo tired and just wanted to get some sleep before going to the airport, but I was also soooooooo incredibly relaxed.

When we entered our suite, Jen and I found Kristina, Megan, Kellie, and Samantha huddled around the television and watching the news. They seemed like they had been up all night too, only they had obviously been crying. They all flocked around us when they saw me and Jen. From what I could gather in my sleep-deprived state, they were concerned about what had happened to us after our separation in the fog at the club. Oops. I guess we should’ve called. Our bad.

“Oh my god, we thought you had been abducted or something,” Megan cried, hugging me tightly.

“I mean that’s what they do that to pretty white girls down here,” Kellie was blathering, “I know because I saw it on Nancy Grace and…”

“We were just about to call the police,” Samantha said in her usual uptight and overly dramatic way.

“Where were you guys?” Kristina demanded, kind of relieved and pissed at us all at once. Well, how on earth do you answer a question like that after the kind of night Jen and I had experienced? What had happened all seemed so surreal now and almost impossible to describe, like waking from a really hot wet dream. I didn’t even know where to begin. Plopping down tiredly on the couch with Jen, we exchanged tired glances and silly grins.

After looking for a moment at our concerned friends gathered around where we slouched on the couch, their wide inquisitive eyes fixed on us, I drew in a deep breath and said the first thing that came to mind:

“There was pussy, pussy everywhere, but not a cock to fuck…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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