P.D.A. #1

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It was a quarter to one and all the good citizens had turned in for the night. There was always life in the city however and that was exactly why the two of them venture out on nights like this.
They stood at the bus stop waiting, a man in his mid-forties with light brown hair, handsome if a little care worn, tall and chiseled rough features. Next to him stood the girl, petite and blond, vibrant blond, with beautiful soft features she got from her mother. She looked every bit her age of fourteen. Her breasts were firm and her hips where round, she had the body of a world class jail bait.
The man had an air of excitement about him, anticipation played across his face like a marque. The girl looked timid and shy with her head down and her eyes darting back and forth from ground to shadows. She clung to the man as if seeking fatherly comfort from him, after all he was her father flesh and blood . They both wore the same same dull brown trench coats as well, a bit cleche but it did hide the fact that they where both naked underneath.
Her father placed his hand gently on her back, as if to say “Relax, you always enjoy it too,” then his hand slide down and rubbed her soft round ass.
He quickly pulled his hand away as the cross town bus pulled into view. She felt the wave of excitement and shame wash over her as was always the case. Excitement at what she was about to do, shame at the fact that she liked it and liked people to see her do it.
The bus came to a stop in front of them and they bored silently. Her father paid and she scanned her surroundings. The Tuesday bus was always light, seven or so people not counting the driver. Good, she liked a small audience.
The father and daughter pair made their way passed a plump, older black lady with some knitting, a couple that looked like tweakers and a girl dressed like a whore.
Her father took a seat across from a rather respectable looking kid in his twenties, most likely a student. She smiled at him and took her seat next to her father, leaving her out in the aisle. The bus started to rolling and now the game would begin.
Her Ankara Escort father’s hands where on her in an instance, but she keep her eyes forward and watched the young man out of her peripheral vision. He didn’t seem to be paying much attention, yet. Her father wasted no time as he slide one hand underneath her and the other into her coat to play with her tender pubescent breast their puffy aureoles and hard little nipples.
She closed her eyes and sighed. She knew it was wrong for him to be molesting her like this, that other girls didn’t let their fathers fondle their tits in public. It made her feel dirty and used like the whore a few seats up. Then she opened her eyes and saw that the young man had noticed them, along with a few others.
Her breasts where now burning with her fathers touch and her young cunt was slick with juice. She felt high all because she was being molested right in front of these strangers. She was as hopelessly addicted as those two tweakers peeping at her.
She now reach out to her father and without moving more then she had to slide her hand inside her coat and wrapped it around his rock hard seven inch shaft. She stroked it slowly around the head then down the shaft and back up. She remembered how it had felt two years ago when he had opened her with it for the first time.
She locked a glanced with the young man next to her and smiled a coy sweet smile. The was hers now, he would quietly watch the show she was giving him. Her fathers hand moved down to her pussy now, “Mmm…” she moaned just a little to loud. He tugged her small patch of downy downy soft pubic hair. Then stroked her erect clit. She started breathing a little heavier and her father became a little bolder. He Leaned over and began kissing and sucking her swan like neck.
Her cunt was an inferno by the time his thick finger penetrated into it. One then another and he pushed them in deep. She jerked his cock faster now and as she was about to cum he pulled out. She moaned again and whimpered about the emptiness inside her and quietly begged for more.
Her Etlik Escort father had other plans however. He held his fingers to her lips and wiped her sweet girl cum on them. The young man was now staring openly and may others cast quick glances as she lick her cream from his fingers. It wasn’t the first time she tasted herself.
After his fingers where clean he freed his cock from his coat, now she knew what was going on, they were going to push the game a little further. With another smile to the young man she bent her head to her fathers cock and began licking around the head before taking it deep into her wet little mouth. He in turned pulled her coat up around her waist leaving her ass and beautiful teen pussy exposed to all.
She felt the hot naked gaze of the young man on her pussy. She knew he was looking, he had to be, he wasn’t the type to take the jail bait but he would sniff the trap a little. Thoughts like this made her hotter and wetter as her father returned to fingering her with one hand stroking her hair with the other hand.
She had just picked up speed on mouthing her fathers cock and was nearing her own intents orgasm when she felt something press against her puckered anus. It was her fathers thumb and it was working its way inside her virgin rosebud. This was the first time he had ever even tried to put something in her ass, but she relaxed, she been expecting this at so point.
A girl at school had told her how some jock had forced it up butt in the locker room and how much guys loved it. It didn’t take her long to realize her father would love this way of humiliating and pleasuring her .
The thumb in the ass, the cock in the in her mouth, the fingers working her cunt and all the strangers watching it was all to much. Shock waves of pleasure tore through her and her pussy clenched around the invaders, drenching the fingers in cum.
Still cumming herself she was surprised when her fathers load filled her mouth. Pulling back she swallowed as much as much as she could but was hit in the face by a thick blast. Some got down the neck of the coat Escort Bayan and on to her puffy tits. It was a most powerful orgasm for both father and daughter.
The bus stopped then and as silently as they boarded the pair departed. They walked slowly past the whore and the tweakers and knew these where their people. No one said a word about the scene but they surely noticed the cum on her pretty little girl face.
It was nippy as they got off the bus but even so the pair opened their coats. She grabbed her fathers cock as the bus pulled away. She pulled him over to the well light bus stop bench and sat him down. A few cars passed by, but experience told her they wouldn’t stop, just another surreal sight in this surreal city.
He was hard again and not a moment to soon, she was in need. Straddling him she kissed him pushing her tongue into his mouth and slowly taking his hard cock into her wet little cunt. She fucked him wildly there in the streetlight. The game had went further then she had wanted and she felt cheap and dirty for letting him do it to her.
He paused her for a moment and she knew what was coming next. A car went by but they didn’t care. Reaching back she guided his cock between her, his daughter’s, ass checks and rubbed it there for a moment then lined it up with her asshole and slowly he pushed in to her.
She moaned from the pain and tried to except it as the girl had told her to do but still it hurt. After what felt like forever it was in and she felt him move in and out slowly. That was it, this was the last time she would ever give into his perversion.
How many other fourteen year old girls were being fucked up the ass by their own father in the middle of a busy street, to many… oh god, or not enough. She Began to cum again from her fathers cock pounding her asshole.
Suddenly they both hit their climax, her father shooting wad after wad of his cum in her ass. She felt ooze out and down to her pussy and then down her leg, or was that her cum? Who cared it felt amazing. The high wore off minutes later and there they were, a man in his mid forties standing with a fourteen year old girl at a bus stop.
A bus rolled up and she felt the shame and excitement again because she knew she would make him eat her pussy all the way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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