Playing with Ice


I lie there waiting. I hear the click of the door as it opens, the swoosh as it slides against the carpet and then another click as it latches closed again. I know you are in the room again; I turn my head but can’t see you. Earlier you had bound my hands and ankles, leaving me spread eagle on the bed, completely open and exposed to you. If that was not enough, you blindfolded me just moments before I felt you climb off the bed, hearing you leave the room. Now you are back. I feel your presence as you near the bed. I hear the sound of you setting something on the bedside table. I hear movement and wait anxiously. The bed dips as you climb up next to me. I feel your hand as you reach out and run it up my leg along my inner thigh. I squirm as you near my already wet pussy, but your hand bypasses it, moving up over my hip and to my breast. You let your fingers circle my nipple, making it hard before trailing your fingers up along my collarbone to my neck. Your fingers trace over my ear, up along my hairline, past my temple, and stopping in the middle of my forehead before trailing down over the bridge of my nose. Your fingers trace the outline of my lips and Karaköy escort bayan I part them as I gasp from the sensuality of your touch. Suddenly your fingers are gone and I arch my back, stretching my body towards you. Craving your touch. Seeking it out. I feel a drip of cold wetness hit my lips just a moment before I feel the cold press of the ice against my mouth. You trace it along my lips and then I feel your warm breath as your mouth takes mine and you suck the ice cube into your mouth. Your mouth leaves mine and I feel it trail along my neck, feeling the coolness as you take a nipple into your mouth. I arch my back as a wave of pleasure washes over me. I cry out as your mouth and hands move away. “Shhhh,” you say, as you put a finger to my lips, shushing me. The warmth of your breath again caresses along my neck as you lean down and whisper into my ear, “You are mine; my little slut to do with as I please.” The coolness of an ice cube send shivers running down my body as you run it first around, then over one hardened nipple and then over the next one. Again, I feel the caress of your breath as you take Escort Kayaşehir each nipple in turn in your mouth. Warmth contrasting with the cold as you softly suck on them causes me to moan and arch towards you. You reach down and touch my clit with your still cool fingers, rubbing over my clit and feeling the wetness seeping from between my lips. I hear the smile in your voice when you say, “I see you are enjoying this as much as I am. You love being so helpless, letting me do a I please to you.” I moan and again arch my body, still bound and unable to move, but wanting… seeking… craving your touch, even more so as your hands and mouth leave my body. I lie there waiting… wondering… anticipating your next move. The drip of cold water hits me suddenly and flows into the hollow of my throat, followed by the light brush of the ice as you glide it down my throat. The coldness melts against my warm skin as you move it slowly down between my breasts. The melting ice pools in the hollow of my neck, creating a pool that you reach down and lap up with your tongue. I moan and again pull against the restraints as a wave of Küçükçekmece escort pleasure washes over my body. My body is in a state of confusion. The coldness from the ice causes goosebumps to rise along my skin, but then the warmth from your mouth again warms and heats me. Once again, you run the freezing coldness of the ice over my breast as you circle first one nipple, then the other. The tip of your tongue flicks over the hardened nipples as you tease them with your tongue. The warm heat of your hand cups my breast as you knead and suck my nipples, causing a wave of pleasure to run through me, making me quiver under your hands and mouth. I pull tight against the restraints as I feel you move the ice cube, melting between my breasts, down my belly, and circling it around my belly button. You guide it lower and rub it over my clit. I arch and lift my hips, seeking your touch, feeling the ice run over my lips. I cry out as the cold hits my hot throbbing clit. Your voice is husky with desire as you say, “That’s my little slut. Take it. Push that pussy up to me and beg me.” And then you slide the melting cube past my wet lips and into my hot pussy. “Please,” is all I am able to say in a quivering voice. You push the ice in deep with your finger. You continue to slide you finger in and out of my pussy. Stroking first one, then two fingers along my g-spot. I cum as I feel you rub your thumb over my clit; it took just a flick and I melted just like the ice cube.

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