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Chapter 1
‘The Highway Man’

Marion stared at the lights and impatiently revved the car. With every spare moment she stated at the money in the passenger seat. $40,000. Every penny of it was hers now. Night settled in around the highway, as Marion struggled to stay awake she was constantly blinded by the headlights on every passing car. She couldn’t carry on driving in the dark. It was too risky, she was bound to get caught. She park aside the highway and slept for several hours. She awoke at dawn the next morning as an officer was knocking on the car window. She sat up in her seat and forced a smile. ‘He knows’ she thought,’He knows.’ She rolled down the window and he stared through his sunglasses at her with accusing eyes. ‘Mrs, might I ask what you’re doing beside the road?’ – ‘Why I was struggling to stay awake last night so I pulled over by the road to snooze for a little while, is that a crime?’ – ‘Of course not.’ He replied dryly. He checked her license and other credentials. ‘Well it all checks out but I’m not entirely satisfied with your story Mrs.’ – ‘I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don’t have time for this.’ – ‘Well I’m afraid I can’t let you go until I’m…’ He swallows mid sentence, ‘…. satisfied’ said the officer with a wink. Marion gasped and stared at the officer in disbelief. He unzipped his trouser and sat his cock on the car door. ‘You know exactly what you’re supposed to do her Mrs’ he explained with a smug expression. She nervously reached out and held it in her hand. It wasn’t one of the biggest she had every seen but it was fully hard. He reached into the car and placed his hand behind her head, he then pulled her forward and forced his cock in between her lips and demanded that she sucked him. He stood there for some time but never felt her begin to suck, so he began to fuck her mouth like a cunt. He stood outside the car moving back and forth pumping his cock into her mouth moaning and growing in pleasure, smacking his hand on the car roof as he came closer to a climax. Then with no word of warning he exploded into her mouth. Marion gagged as her mouth was filled beyond its limit forcing her to swallow and let the rest dribble down her chin. The office fixed his uniform, stepped back and nodded before returning to his car and leaving.

Embarrassed, undignified, ashamed, she felt all but showed none, she didn’t have the time, she had to carry on.

Chapter 2

Darkness crept around the highway once more. The headlights dimly light her path but the road was more dangerous than every, when suddenly put the corner of her eye Marion spotted a light in the distance. She began to drive towards it, as she came within distance she read ‘Bates Motel, Vacancy’.

She pulled into the parking lot. The area was completely isolated. The cabins were all dark, as was the house standing adjacent to her accept from a single light in the bedroom. An ominous figure stood facing her. She got out of the car in an effort to wave them down but when she looked back the house was dark. Suddenly a hand reached out to her shoulder.

‘Oh my I’m every so sorry if I frightened you I didn’t mean nothing by it.’ – ‘Oh it’s alright, Ankara Escort I was wondering if I might trouble you for a room? Just for tonight.’ – ‘Well yes, every room is free actually. If you come inside into the office I can give you a key.’ – ‘Yes that’s be great thank you’ – ‘I was also about to have dinner, if you like you could join me after you unpack your things, I’d be honoured if you’d join me.’ – Marion shyly agreed. She’d do whatever it takes for a room to spend the night.

Chapter 3
‘Enjoy Your Stay’

– Norman Bates

The rain slithered across the outer walls. I sat in the office as Marion unpacked next door. Soon after, she entered the office. She emitted and awkward ‘Hello’ and I politely responded. I shouldn’t have offered her dinner. I know I wanted the company but she clearly was just being kind by accepting.She sat in front of me nervously eating in small bites. Neither of us could start a conversation and things were getting awkward. I lost track of where I was and started staring at her. Her hair was drenched from the rain and it lay shaggy across her face. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could clearly see her nipples through her soaking wet shirt. She didn’t have the biggest breasts I had ever seen but they looked perky, and boy did they look firm. I could hardly contain my excitement. She leant back in the chair and crossed one long, sexy tanned leg over the other. I could see right up her skirt now. I tilted my head to get a better look and she caught me in the act. In a desperate attempt to distract her I said ‘Want to hear and interesting fact?’ ‘Sure.’ She muttered ‘When a male bee has sex he dies because his testicles explode’. She looked away and let off a quite giggle. ‘Im sorry but I need to leave and go to bed now I need to leave early in the morning.’ She said ‘Sure, do you want breakfast? What time are you leaving?’ I replied ‘Dawn.’ She said in a tone suggesting she was glad to be going.
‘No problem.’ I said grinning. ‘Remember and recommend us to your friends, Bates Motel, just off the highway!’ She left the office and entered her cabin next door.

Several minutes after she left I stood up and removed a framed photo from the wall. Hiding behind it was and old circular hole O craft allowing me to see into the first cabin. I observed her unpack for a while, then she began to undress. She unbuttoned the first few buttons on her pink shirt then pulled it over her head. Her shirt was so tight from the rain her breasts lifted with the it and then fell back down in one quick motion and even bounced a little. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was standing in front of me completely naked wearing absolutely nothing. Everything was visible to me, her soft round breast her curvy hips and bubble shaped ass, her smoothly shaved pussy and long tanned legs. I was so hard now. I blinked for a mere second and when I opened my eyes she was gone. Then I heard her turn on the shower.

I took the spare key and hastily left the office. Silently, I opened the cabin door and entered. Looking around the room I could see all her clothes neatly laid out across the bed. I even spotted a dildo under some Eryaman Escort of her panties. The bathroom door was open just a crack allowing me to see inside. I couldn’t see through the shower curtain but her silhouette was visible. The shower head had been removed from its holder, I couldn’t see where she had it. I stepped inside and ripped open the shower curtain in one quick action to reveal the young whore standing there with the shower head spraying across her cunt as she moaned close to orgasm. I grabbed her by the neck, the shower head fell to the floor. ‘You don’t need a shower head for that sweetie, I’m here now.’ I whispered. She tried to speak but failed. ‘Don’t worry. We’re just a little horny, we all go a little horny sometimes.’ I uttered grinning. I pulled her close to me by the neck and forced my tongue into her mouth. If she bites I’ll snap her neck.

I kicked open the bathroom door and dragged her out towards the bed. She kicked, she screamed, she scratched, she begged, I squeezed her neck tighter. I threw her onto the bed and demanded her to use her dildo. Without question she quickly scrambled through her pile of clothes searching for it. After finding it she immediately inserted it into herself. She began to move it around her cunt slowly. I sat on the edge of the bed stroking my stiff cock. I couldn’t restrain myself anymore. I held up her leg and slid my tongue across it down to her tasty pussy. I began to rapidly lick her like a hungry dog. She tasted sweeter than the last girl. In that one moment I let my guard down and she attacked me with a nearby lamp. That was her last mistake. I removed some belts from her suitcase and bound her hands to the bed. She squirmed in an effort to break free but failed. I kicked off the last of my clothes and lay upon her. I held her ankles on my shoulders and forced my dick into her cunt. She felt so tight around my dick, almost like a virgin. I harshly squeezed her nipples as I fucked her. Her face couldn’t decide to express pain or pleasure, in the end it was both. I flipped her face down on the bed crossing her arms over her back. She wined in pain. I grabbed her smooth round ass cheeks and shoved my face between them. She vigorously began to kick as I slid my finger into her ass and spanked her with my other hand. Her perfect ass was covered in red hand prints, and even some bruises, now it was truly perfect. The tip of my cock pressed against her asshole struggling to slip inside. ‘No!’ She begged. I ignored her. ‘We can make things easier if you’d like’ – ‘Please! Anything!’ – ‘Open you mouth then, you need all the lube you can get.’ She began to suck my cock, desperately trying to cover it in spit to help it slide in easier. I kneeled behind her and lifted her ass into the doggystyle position. In one quick push I brutally slid my dick into her. She began to scream as I rode her back and forth pulling her hair as I rode her. I continued for sometime. Every now and then she would utter ‘please’ or ‘stop’ but I didn’t, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t. Soon I could no longer stop myself. I pulled out my cock, rolled her onto her back and began fucking her tits as I fired shot after shot of cum across her face. Escort Bayan When I finally finished it was dripping from her chin and completely covered her lips. ‘Lick up every last fucking drop slut!’ And she did, she even swallowed without me asking. I got dressed and headed back to the office. Room One was now permanently occupied.

Chapter 4
‘Mrs Bates’

– Norman Bates

I awoke the next morning feeling more refreshed and satisfied more than I have in years. I decided to play with my toy once more before breakfast. In a joyful gleam I skipped down the steps towards cabin one when A black car pulled up outside. A curious traveller emerged and began to stare around the motel. I cautiously crawled behind the office and slid into cabin one through the rear window.

– Detective Milton

From the moment I arrived I didn’t like the look of this hotel. If Marion took the highway she’d likely have dropped in here. The place looked deserted, from the look of it business was poor. The main office and surrounding cabins were all locked but I could have swore I heard a bump in cabin one. The house was the last hope, I ventured up the stairs and could help notice someone in the upstairs window. I knocked on the front door three times. After waiting and receiving no reply I lost my patience and burst through the door. I had a quick loom downstairs but no one was there, so I began to go upstairs, I made it up to the final step when suddenly a door flew open and a woman completely nude, she looked around her early forties, came running out the room towards me. Apart from high heels she was comely naked. I stood speechless and admired her figure. She had the body of a 20 year old, and what a ravishing, voluptuous body it was. Her breasts were so huge they almost met her stomach. Her legs were so smooth and long, she was irresistible. She didn’t even have to say anything, we both new we were about to fuck. She dropped to her knees and pulled my trousers and underwear down to my ankles. My semi swung out under her chin. She gasped and began to stroke it at the base, then slipped one of my balls into her mouth and sucked them as she played with my cock. I lifted her off the floor and slid my cock deep into her cunt as I held her off the ground. ‘Where is the bedroom?’ I seductively whispered. ‘Why do you eat to know? We won’t be sleeping.’ I dropped her to the floor, flipped her face down and started to fuck her again using her hips like handles to pull her back and forth as I penetrated her. ‘Harder!’ She begged, I complied. ‘Put it in my ass please! Put it in my ass pleaseeeee!!!’ In a almost easy move my cock slid into her ass, she exhaled in relief. She lay on her back and held her ankles in the air as I penetrated deeper and deeper inside her. ‘Im almost there!’ She exclaimed I could barely continue. As she moaned and began to orgasm I couldn’t hold it anymore. My dick exploded inside her filling her ass with my cum. I pulled my cock out and fell onto my back. I lay there satisfied and grinning. She slid two fingers into her ass and pulled them out dripping wet with my cum, and then she sucked her fingers dry and rolled her tongue around them them humming as she enjoyed it. Suddenly I realised we weren’t alone. To my side I noticed the shadow of an obscure figure and turned around to face him, the last thing I saw was the knife he was holding.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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