Radha: Bewitching Adultress Ch. 03

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Balloon Fetish

Radha gets the best from her ‘exercise’ regime.

Radha was restless. It had been quite some time and she was itching for a good cock. She had recently joined a GYM where most of the males eyed her lustily but she was not interested in the pot belly assholes. Her eyes were well set on Sekhar, the GYM coach- could be around 22 + in years and was very well bodied.

His daily routine impressed Radha- especially when he taught them the ‘Abs’ exercises, she really felt ‘wet’ and ‘juicy’ especially when he would say ‘open legs’, ‘lift legs’, ‘turn around’, ‘bend’.

Radha wore weird outfits and gave him ‘bizarre’ body signals, as she was sure he had his dick juicing for her. She resorted to teasing him ‘unto death’ and was provocative him enough so that he sports a full-blown ramrod, always readied and feeling like ‘steel’ when sunk into her pussy.

Today she came pretty early, got on to the ‘treadmill’ and did her 20-min of warm up. While she was on the treadmill, got a call on her mobile- the instrument was lying on the front desk. Sekhar picked up the same and went to give it her – ‘ Who is it, ah ah.’ Radha was panting on the treadmill.

‘It says “Ash” ‘ -replied Sekhar. Radha took the instrument and with her left hand started talking to Ash, Sekhar was just next to her, and she allowed him the intrusion into her privacy.

‘ How is the pussy doing today, juicing up for the young dick- where is he at this point of time ‘- was the voice at the other end.

‘ Enjoying, watching me sweat I am sure he is waiting for me to bend so that he can take a good look at my bare boobs behind the sweat shirt’- replied Radha.

‘ Okay listen, I am off to Delhi, Ripu and Shatir are meeting Neville the Anglo from DDun, they want me to come over and help them get the contract for the petrol bunks, we are going to be traveling to DDN and Sonika is coming over, are you interested in joining us? Understand Neville is an old rogue with a penchant for young cunts.’

Radha was very clear what she wanted, ‘ No! I am not interested’ and clicked the phone off and gave it back to Sekhar. Sekhar was smart- he took her hand pretending to be holding the mobile, Radha played on with the mischief and quietly dropped the mobile, it fell on the floor and startled Sekhar.

‘Sorry, Sorry- I though it was the mobile I was holding’ and quickly bent down to pick up the same when he saw the sexy ‘boob set’, he could not believe his eyes – she was not wearing a bra and they were as taut as iron.

Radha looked at him and smiled, her coy sensuous countenance was enough to make him lose his sense of thinking and for a second, Sekhar was just gaping at the ‘goddess ‘. He slowly got up, placed the instrument at the front desk and quickly went into the restroom to get relieved.

Instead of relieving himself – Sekhar was shocked to realize that he was jacking himself off, and in minutes globules of sperm spurted out of his cock- with ‘Radha Radha ‘ written on all cells.

Radha finished her GYM workout and left without speaking to Sekhar. She was into teasing him, at the gate she purposely spent couple of minutes with another guy doing his workout, that guy was talking less and ogling much more, he had forgotten his real reason to be at the GYM. Sekhar was not able to control himself- wanted to tear her away from him but then he had a job to hold and make sure his ‘living’ did not get affected.

The day passed into the afternoon and it was becoming unbearable. Sekhar knew her mobile number and was yearning to call her up and talk but what should he talk, he was bewildered. He did not know how to start and what to do, that whole day went bad for poor Sekhar, he felt like a ‘moron’- his dilemma was clear- what was she up to, what was she trying to convey. Was this her natural behavior and if it was- how was he to react?

Sekhar was now in a state, which is in between ‘mesmerized’ and ‘lusting’. He knew that this was going to torment him and something needed to be done at the earliest. He was in a restless state- his job was getting affected and this ‘cool’ babe was making him lose his sleep and also may end up make him lose his job.

That evening Sekhar did not go to the GYM- first time in months that he decided to skip his work place, he knew his gaziantep escort ilanları other ‘customers’ who come in the evening would be affected and may even, report his absence with some critical strictures to the management, but that was immaterial.

He was not in a state to decide ‘what to do ‘.

He picked up his phone and dialed ‘Radha’ on his mobile.

‘Hi Sekhar, ha ha ha himmmmmmmmmm, so you finally decided to call me, tell me now- what do you want? ‘.

‘ No….. Sorry by mistake I dialed your number’.

‘Okay then, do you want me to hang up?’.

‘ No, Yes, No….I want to talk to you ‘.

‘Tell me Sekhar, what is it that you want to talk to me about’, Radha was not going to let him be at peace, she was going to torment him till he creamed again, that was going to be a torture and Sekhar was already feeling the pain and agony between his legs.

Sekhar hung on the phone and disconnected.

He immediately jacked his dick and was restored to another round of ‘temporary state’ of relief; he had masturbated 12 times since the morning, when he did it in the GYM restroom. He was feeling the torment and torture killing him, he felt feverish and also realization stuck him that he hadn’t eaten a morsel since morning, so he was feeling weak and very disturbed.

He called his friend Sikandar (An Aerobic instructor in a neighboring GYM) and asked him to come over to his house and requested him to get some food from a nearby restaurant and he went back to thinking of Radha- the pussy had made his life miserable.

Sikandar came after an hour with some food and both had the ‘Idlis and Dosas’ (South Indian rice bread) and were washing their hands when the doorbell rang. Sekhar went up to door and opened it in a casual manner and got the shock of his life- his ‘dream girl’ was in front of him. She was truly spectacular… long; dark hair, flashing eyes and a full, red, sensual mouth that looked just made for wrapping round a man’s cock. She was wearing a Salwar kurta with a gold chain flashing on her bodice and the straps were pretty thin over the shoulders… she was not wearing a bra.

Her breasts were firm and large, but somehow seemed as perfectly proportioned as the rest of her gorgeous body. She had long, tanned legs, a narrow waist, and an ass most men would gladly die for.

Actually several had… but that’s another story.

Sekhar led her into the living room where she for the first time saw and met the other hunk, Sikandar. Sikandar was aware of this pussy and had seen her couple of times at the GYM. He had fucked enough women in his 22 years of life and was not an amateur. He knew what to do and how to get them under his torso, watching her standing there looking and admiring his athletic body, Sikandar unzipped his fly and let the dick come out. He had a pretty thick and an 8″ long prick.

” Wow- your friend knows my taste and you have been behaving like a puppy all this while’, she gave Sekhar a light pat on his left cheek. ” Can I enjoy him with your permission’, of course she had no reason to wait for a ‘nod’.

Sikandar and Radha- both took off each other’s clothing without any delay. Sikandar tore at the salwar straps and the entire garment just came off, she saw the garment on the floor for the last time, ‘ Give it to your maid in the morning and tell her it is a present from your Raand (slut), I have a spare to wear and go back tonight’, she turned her attention back to Sikandar- though they could neck and pet, clothed, anytime, but this was a rare opportunity to be naked in private and they were in no mood to waste any time in preliminaries or foreplay.

Sikandar’s prick was rock-hard and oozing pre-cum freely, and his balls looked ready to explode. Radha was as astute as she had to be, after all she was a prized slut in the ‘market’, she had the sense to bring the young man off with her mouth first and she certainly wanted to suck Sikandar’s cock, and he sure as hell wanted to feed her pretty mouth, they were too excited and had completely forgotten Sekhar, Radha started breathing deeply as the tangy scent of hot male genitals drifted to her nostrils.

Radha’s mouth was watering at the sight and the scent of the stiff cock-meat as much as she had over the thought of tongue-fucking the ass just below. One man would never satisfy her after all this visual stimulation and from the hungry way she was staring at his prick, it seemed certain that she would relish a mouthful of his hot cock-meat. She was standing near the bedroom and facing her was Sikandar with his back to the Wall. Coolly with no invitation, Radha squatted on her knees facing the enormous prick.

“Jack me off on your tits, baby,” Sikandar groaned. “My fucking balls are so damn full, they ache!”

Radha cupped Sikandar’s balls in the palm of her left hand, jiggling the solid nuts, lifting them slightly, as if judging the weight of his sperm content. She folded her right hand around his cock-shaft, at the top, and skinned down, baring his cock-head, pre-cum gushed from the slit and ran down his prick. A paste of this lubricant swelled up on the space between Radha’s thumb and forefinger. She licked it off and doing so showed her tongue to Sekhar in a very lewd manner- brushing the hair strand from the front of her face with her right hand.

She skimmed up, holding his cock lightly and with her palm and encircling fingers, barely brushing the thick shaft of his throbbing erection

She pulled up and down, her hand gliding on a film of his warm, slippery lubrication. Sikandar groaned and leaned back on the wall, hiking his ass up. The muscles of his young thighs were taut as steel rods as he humped his hips up, fucking his cock through Radha’s clenched fist as she jerked him off with a slow, practiced rhythm.

“Unnngghhhhhh, God yeahhhh! Eat my dick, Radha!” he grunted.

The slut tightened her grip and pulled his cock up, his foreskin sheathed the cock head in a fleshy cave and then again pumped back down toward his balls, moist and glistening.

Sekhar in the meantime hadn’t been wasting any time either- he was stripped and sporting just underwear on his stud like torso, which had excited Radha to make a beeline to his house this evening. He politely asked if they wanted a drink, Radha didn’t need any socializing to enjoy a good ‘group fuck’. After what had happened earlier on that morning and till now, even Sekhar was in the mood for some fast and furious fucking and had no problems in sharing the ‘queen bee’ with his friend.

They all went into the bedroom and undressed completely, Radha sprawled out in the middle of the large crumpled ‘bachelor’ bed, smiling in happy expectation. Her back was arched and she slowly and teasingly spread her lush, sexy legs.

They began to feel her up, and she played with their cocks and balls. Her dark head turned from side to side as she kissed each young lover in turn, and tipped down as she gazed at their groins. Their pricks were about the same size, but shaped differently, Radha like some difference since it provided for a pleasant variety.

Sekhar’s cock was thick and like a tuber, bulging at the end, Sikandar’s prick was tapered, thicker at the base than the tip… the sort of prick that seemed designed to dig and dig into tight places. Both of them had massive balls that held promise of a lot of cum-juice and jism loads.

They began to suck Radha’s tits, both groping into her pubic area from either side. .

She didn’t need much foreplay, having been hot and wet to begin with; both men were highly aroused, their pricks dripping with pre-cum. It was evident that they would cum very fast once they began to fuck her, and from previous experience with younger lovers, Radha knew it would be a good idea to drain their initial cum-loads off so that they would last longer when they fucked her.

She also knew that both of them would love to see her (a beautiful slut) swallow their juices before they rammed those big cocks into her waiting pussy.

She restarted the ‘cock sucking’ and this time kissed both of their cock-heads, then slowly, teasingly sucked Sekhar’s swollen cock-knob into her mouth.

‘ Aaaaahhh, Ummmmmmm, like it my darling… Ummmmmmm lovely ‘ saying Radha kissed and smooched the prick head and the balls alternatively and winked at him with a sly smile.

This was ‘dream come true’ for the poor GYM coach- his cock was paining badly – after all it had ejected 12 loads already during the day but not withstanding all that he immediately began to face-fuck her frantically and Radha spluttered as he rammed his cock in/out of her throat.

Sikandar who had already made her taste his sturdy dick earlier, held his prick out over her occupied face, eagerly awaiting his turn again into her hot, sucking mouth.

Radha was a considerate slut- she wanted to give Sekhar more ‘role’ in this whole enactment, after all Sikandar was just an ‘incidental’ and since she could not hold back temptation for good pricks, he was still around, otherwise the whole plan was to give enjoyment to Sekhar and Sekhar alone.

On each stroke, Sekhar’s thick prick came out slick and glistening with saliva, then he pushed back in, stuffing Radha’s mouth and throat with as much of his shaft as she could take without choking. He fucked her face for a few minutes with Sikandar standing nearby, rubbing his own huge cock in frustration as he watched his friend getting the cock-sucking of his life.

Suddenly, Sekhar stiffened and grunted the muscles of his lower back clenching and unclenching rapidly. When he pulled out again, his cock was all covered with creamy juice and he had ejaculated abruptly, without any warning. Just a minute ago Radha was enjoying a mouthful of throbbing cock-meat, and now her mouth was full of hot creamy white sperm cum juice.

She swallowed Sekhar’s sperm-load hungrily as he stuffed and emptied his balls into her gullet and long waiting mouth. When his cock stopped releasing cum, Radha let it fall from her ‘well pouted, sexy’ lips and smiled at both of them. She opened her mouth so that both could see the silvery film of cum that was coating her tongue.

Then, immediately she turned her attention to Sikandar and swallowed his long, snaky cock into her gluttonous mouth.

Sikandar shot his load even faster than Sekhar had. He had been extremely turned on by the sight of this naked uninhibited ‘Iyengar ‘ slut giving his friend a fantastic blow job, and he’d been jerking off while he watched, so he was well prepared for a fast release, his cock drilled into Radha’s mouth like a hot knife through butter, the tapered cock column cruising through the tightly-stretched oval ring of her lips and his balls slapping her under the ass-cheeks.

“Yeah… fuck her face! Use her mouth like a cunt!” Sekhar growled, thrilled by the sight and the sound of the cock-sucking, incomparable pangs of jealousy adding to his excitement.

Sikandar pulled back and Radha whispered on the head of his cock as if it were a human ear.

“Cum in my mouth, baby… I’m dying for your sperm! Let me have it all, my darling Siku!”

She was speaking more for Sekhar’s benefit than Sikandar, knowing that her wanton words and depraved desires would increase the thrill for Sekhar. But her words affected Sikandar more and a couple of seconds later the young man began to spray her throat with hot sperm juice, Radha gulped his jism down and sucked, sucked waiting for more.

After all that, to give both of them a good look at the creamy climax and see just what she was swallowing, Radha pulled her lips off the head off Sikandar’s prick and finished him off by running her palm up and down on his moistened cock head, and at the same time held her mouth wide open an inch from his cock hole, letting the white cum laced on the jaws and teeth, erupt and show up from the very interior.

Radha moaned like a ‘bitch in heat’ and writhed on the bed- the gold chain around the 29″ waist shaking while she moved around like a ‘cat’, only adding to the libidinous demands of both the guys. She gulped, and Sekhar just gaped as he watched her in that feverish state. He was caught in rapt fascination.

It was the first time he had seen any woman swallow a man’s cock-juice this way and he knew this would remain etched on his mind and thrills him all through his life.

Finally, Radha caught hold of both the pricks and jacked them off into her face, then sucked them in for another round- and this time ‘fuck’. The cocks were still stiff and swollen, and, glancing from the corners of her eyes, she saw that Sekhar was sporting a fully rampant cock again.

It had been a great idea to take their first ejaculations in her mouth, finding that both guys were already ready to fuck.

Now it was time for what they’d all come into this bedroom for tonight… some hot ‘n heavy fucking!

Wait for my next episode to read the same!

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