Reality Jump – Chapter 5

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Charles awoke to Lilly calling his name. He opened his eyes to have two naked girls standing before him with their hands on their hips. “Get up already!” Lilly said kicking his foot.

“What do you want?” Charles said getting up and standing before the girls.

“She needs some.” Madison said with a grin that would challenge a cheshire cat. Charles looked at Madison then back to Lilly not believing what he just heard.

“You’re joking.” He said turning around and looking out the open window across the room as he heard a sound.

Charles felt a set of tits press against his back and a pair of hands move over his chest. “No she wasn’t.” he heard Lilly say. Charles didn’t pay any attention to her though and walked to the window. “Hey!” He heard Lilly say to his back. “Get over here and drop your pants!”

Charles peered out the window then dove to the side out of the window. A split second later a cannon ball flew through the air into the room. “GET DOWN!” Charles yelled at Lilly and Madison, both girls were still in shock from what had happened and stood frozen in place. Charles heard another thump and counted.

1….2…..3…..4…–BAM! Another cannon ball flew through the air and destroyed the chair Charles slept in that night. “GET THE FUCK DOWN!” Charles yelled again as the girls started to scream. He heard another thump and ran for the girls. Charles got to them and pushed them out of the way as another cannon ball came flying through the window; Charles dropped to the ground and barely dodged the ball as it flew over his head and smashing through the wall behind him. Charles got up, ran over to where Lilly was, scooped her up in his arms and ran for Madison. He heard another thump and started counting In his head, when he was at 2 he was over Madison and picked her up under one of his arms, Charles counted to 4 and looked out the window, he saw another cannon ball coming at them but smash into the side of the window taking out a chunk of wall. With Madison under one arm and Lilly under the other Charles ran for the door, he kicked it open when he heard several thumps emanate outside, Charles ran out the door and put Madison and Lilly down in the hallway. Charles went back to the door and waited until he felt 6 cannon balls hit things in the room. Charles went back in and looked around, the bed was destroyed, the chairs and couches where demolished, there were chunks taken out of walls where the cannon balls clipped them. Charles then spotted what he was looking for, his over coat. It was hanging up on a wall behind a dresser that was half obliterated. Charles went over to it and slipped it on, he heard what sounded like thunder come from outside, he glanced out the window and saw a wall of lead balls coming straight at him. Charles knew he didn’t have time to get back to the door and get out of the way and that left only one choice, out the window.

Charles rushed for the window and dived out of it into midair before Lilly’s room was destroyed from the onslaught of cannon balls. Charles reached up one of his left sleeve for the cable he had, but instead he only found his arm. Charles panicked remembering that he ran out of it when he fell from the window the first time. Charles glanced at the ground quickly approaching him, Charles then felt that same power high he felt before as he was almost at ground level, he hit the ground with a fist and a knee making a crater in the ground and smacking up a ton of dirt. Charles, still feeling the high, started running in the direction of the cannon fire, when he got to the wall surrounding the campus he saw guards lined up on the wall shooting bows over the edge. Charles looked to his right and saw a set of stairs leading up and climbed them, when he got to the top he saw an army of men charging the walls.

One of the guards looked over at Charles and walked up to him. “Sir, we could really use a hand here!” the man said nocking an arrow into his bow.

“What’s going on?” Charles asked crouching down as the army on the other side started to return fire with arrows.

“Invasion from the north, they decided killing this school would be a good start to their invasion.” Cannon fire raked the walls as they spoke blowing holes right through it.

“What do you need me to do?” Charles asked as more arrows flew over them.

“Fight if you can, if not help with wounded.” The guard stood up, released his arrow at the oncoming army and was then filled with 5 in the chest. He fell back, already dead when he hit the ground. Charles looked around and saw men trying to knock down ladders that had started to spring up around the walls. Charles turned when he heard someone yell behind him and saw a man with a two handed bastard sword coming right at him. Charles drew his revolver and shot at the man hitting him in the head. He fell to the floor in an instant not even knowing what killed him. Charles peeked over the side of the wall and saw barbaric looking men, thousands of them, marching in to kill them. They were climbing tall ladders and overwhelming the school guards as they came up swinging axes and swords, the ones on the ground had cross bows and long bows and fired at the men shooting down at them. Charles saw a ladder hit right above him with a man swinging a hammer at the top of it, the man saw Charles and did a downward swing hitting Charles in the chest crushing his chest and breaking all his rib bones.


Charles gasped as he woke up with a crushing pain in his chest, he looked around and saw he was back in the vortex area and Cecilia was right there crouched next to him, still a 12 year old girl with hair that went down her back. “You died again.” She said looking at him.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Charles said rolling over and getting to his knees. He gasped as his chest exploded into excruciating pain.

“You shouldn’t do that, your bones are still trying to mend themselves.” Cecilia said watching Charles try to stand up.

“I don’t care, I want to stand up.” He struggled to his feet grasping his chest as he felt the bones moving around by themselves and joining back together making his chest feel like it was on fire. “Now, can I take on an army?” Charles asked looking down at Cecilia.

She looked up at him with and answered. “Of course you can, your immortal you dolt.” She stood up putting her hands on her hips as she looked up at his face. “You could go up to each one of them and tear out their vocal cords and shove them up their own asses if you wanted. But I guess that would take about a week with how many there are of them. Plus that wouldn’t save the school students like you want.” Charles opened his mouth to say something only to have Cecilia say “I can read your thoughts.”

“Well is there any way to defeat them all in a quick manner so as to save the students and the remaining guards?”

“Yeah there is, but you might frighten some people along the way.”

“I don’t care, tell me what I do!”

Cecilia looked Charles right in the eye, she saw he was serious about it and sighed. “You can summon your own army.”


“I’ll teach you…”


Charles woke up in the real world where he was crushed by the hammer and looked around. He saw more and more barbarians scaling the walls. He stood up and drew his revolver, he cracked it open and reloaded it. He then snapped it back, spun the bullet chamber and put the barrel to his temple. He pulled the trigger. Charles was still standing when he opened his eyes. He looked around and still saw the barbarians fighting the guards. The ground then started to rumble with the beats of drums and Charles looked towards the west. He saw black banners with a bloody hand print on them being carried, under them was his army.


After Cecilia explained to Charles how to summon them she told him to think of what he wanted his army to be made up of. The first thing that popped into his head was the Uruk-Hai and the battle for helms deep from the two towers (If you don’t know what that is, wow, I mean just wow.)

“Let me get this straight, you want to control an army, from a movie, who were the bad guys, and lost?”


“Whatever!” Cecilia said rolling her eyes at Charles. “Now just think up a banner for them and yourself and you’ll be set.”


Charles drew his knife and started running along the walls towards his marching army. Along the way he saw the man with the hammer looking at him with a puzzled look on his face. As Charles ran past him he swiped at his neck cutting right through. The man dropped his hammer and grabbed at his neck which was now spewing blood all over himself. Charles did the same to any barbarian that stood in his way clearing a path with bodies behind him. As he reached the corner he jumped down and sprinted for his army. When he got to them he went up to an Uruk-Hai mounted on a grizzly, the leader instantly saluted Charles and whistled.

“Master Charles!” He said looked down at Charles. “We are ready to serve you till death.”

“Good commander.” Charles said mounting another grizzly that was brought to him. “Show them hell.” The Uruk-Hai nodded towards Charles and donned his helmet, he then brought a horn to his mouth and blew. The Uruk-Hai behind him roared Ankara Escort like beasts and started to march towards the barbarian army.

As the horns blew and the drums beat the battle at the school stopped, everyone gazed to the west, students, guards and barbarians. When they saw the massive army marching towards them everyone in the school lost hope. The barbarians however started shouting and beat their chests. The ones in the school came out and joined the rest of their army. They ran to meet this new army head on in battle.

“Kill them all, wipe them from the earth.” Charles said as he watched as thousands of barbarians ran at him.

“As you wish master,” The commander said, he drew his sword into the air, let out a war cry and roared “FIRE!” as he pointed his sword at the army. Thousands of arrows were let free and killed hundreds of the barbarians as they came closer. Charles got a sword from the commander and spurred his bear to move. The grizzly reared back, let out a roar and then went into a run with the commander on his grizzly right behind it, behind them were the thousands of Uruk-Hai charging to meet their enemy. Charles yelled as he met the barbarians head on, his grizzly leaped head first into them killing 7 men landing. Charles leaped off it and brought his sword down and through the head of a man. The commander was right behind him and was hacking and slashing at men as his grizzly attacked at the same time. Charles’s army slashed their way through the thousands of men cutting off limbs and making heads roll. The barbarians didn’t know what hit them as they clumsily swung their weapons.

Students came out of the towers and lined up on the walls surrounding the school and watched as the two army’s clashed. The barbarians outnumbered the others ten to one, but that didn’t stop this new army from slaughtering its way through the lines. Lilly gazed down and saw a man that looked different from all the others killing dozens of barbarians. She took a spotting scope from another student and saw Charles killing men left and right.

“Charles is in there!” She said watching him cut down man after man.

“I could care less about him,” Madison said looking where Lilly was. “I’m more interested in who the hell are these other guys!”

“They look like a plague on the land.” Ellen said standing next to her sister.

“Let’s just hope we don’t have to battle them.” Lilly said giving the scope back to the person she took it from.

Charles felt power surge through his arms and pounded his sword into the earth, the ground around him was then exploded sending the men that had surrounded him flying. The Uruk-Hai evened out the numbers between the two armies within 20 minutes and continued to kill more and more barbarians by the minute. Soon they had the barbarians running away from the carnage that followed the army they were facing, Charles ordered the army to take them down and slaughter them. A group of Uruk-Hai on grizzlies raced after the retreating barbarians and rode them down killing the last of them. Once it was done the commander rode up to Charles and said “We have wiped the scum from this earth my lord, is there anything else?”

“No, you have done your part for now. Go and take rest until I call on you again.” The commander nodded and blew his horn twice, the Uruk-Hai picked up their dead and carried them as they went back the way they came. Just as suddenly as they had appeared they were gone, leaving Charles alone in a battlefield surrounded by dead men and rivers of blood.


As Charles entered the school again he saw that everyone was looking at him from the walls, all with looks of fear towards him. He walked over to the girl’s tower and entered it, the doors opening as if they were pulled open for him. Charles went to the servants’ door and entered it, he got the same series of looks from all the maids as he walked through them. He went up to Erika’s desk and sat down in the overstuffed in front of it, hunched over, head downcast and hands hanging between his legs.

“Charles?” He heard Erika say behind him. “What’s the matter?” Charles turned around and saw her standing 8 feet away with the other maids. Everyone had the look of fear on their faces just like the students and guards outside.

“Nothing,” Charles said slouching down in the chair even further into the chair. “I’m just tired.”

“Bull shit.” Erika said taking a step closer to him. “You just commanded an army of god knows what and led them to a slaughter of thousands of men. You alone probably killed over 200, so bull shit nothings the matter!”

Charles stood up, turned to look at Erika and saw no more fear in her eyes, but concern. “Erika…” Charles started to say but stopped, he fell forwards into the chair exhausted. Erika ran over to him to see him asleep in the chair.


Charles woke up in a bed by himself. He looked outside the window near him and saw that it was night out. Charles got out of the bed and instantly noticed that he was naked, but also felt like he just had a bath. “The fuck…?” Charles said out loud to himself when he heard the door open. He jumped back onto the bed and put the sheets over himself when he saw Erika walk in the room with Lilly behind her.

“Ah good, your awake.” Erika said walking over to the bed while Lilly stayed by the door.

“Where am I?” Charles asked as he watched Erika take off her shoes and put them into a closet.

“You’re in my room and in my bed.”

“Naked and clean..?”

“You were filthy with mud and blood all over you and your clothes so we maids cleaned you up.” Charles saw Lilly blush as she heard Erika say this. Erika dropped her uniform revealing her naked body to everyone and walking over to the bed. “You must have been really tired because you never stirred while the maids gave you a bath.”

“Uh Erika, what are you doing?” Charles asked as she climbed into bed next to him just as naked as he was.

“I want some of your cock, and I don’t really like wearing clothes while having sex.” Erika slithered her hand down Charles’s leg and found his quickly stiffening prick.

“And what about her?” Charles said nodding over at Lilly who was still standing near the door.

“Oh her?” Erika said looking over at Lilly. “Well if she wants to join in I don’t have a problem with it! Remember, you wore me out along with 5 other maids last time.” Erika ducked her head down under the sheets and put Charles cock into her mouth going down a good 8 inches before she chocked and pulled off. Charles lost all shyness in front of Lilly when Erika captured his cock in her mouth, he moaned out in pleasure as he felt it go down her throat. Charles then grabbed Erika’s thighs and moved her so her pussy was pressed into his face.

Lilly blushed a deep crimson as she saw Erika full naked and slip into the bed next to Charles, all of her blood seemed to rush to her face as she saw Charles pull Erika’s ass to his face but he legs wouldn’t seem to move. He own pussy was starting to have a real bad itch to it as she saw the covers bob up and down where Erika blowed Charles, finally she couldn’t take it any longer and walked over to the bed, as she went she took off (more like tore off) her shirt and skirt, she was left standing there in the nude next to the bed. She took a hold of the sheets, took a deep breath and then tossed them out of the way. The site before he made her even more horny, Erika now had Charles fully down her throat and was salivating all over him, she moaned through orgasm after orgasm as Charles brought her off but she never took him out of her mouth all the way.

“Want in?” Charles asked as he let Erika calm down after her 4 orgasm. Lilly just nodded her head stupidly. Charles put his hand to her pussy and started to play with her clit, she melted right away as Charles played with her. She fell forward onto the bed moaning, Charles caught her and picked her up like she was a feather. He brought her to his face and went to work on her pussy and slowly fingering Erika’s.

Erika moved her hips away from Charles and slid down his body, she grabbed his cock and held it up and straddled it with her back to Lilly’s as she was now screaming through a multi orgasm.

“No more!” Lily said pushed against Charles face and falling to the side. She watched as Erika slowly lowered herself onto Charles huge cock.

“It seems longer!” Erika said as she felt her outer lips touch his balls.

“Is that a bad thing?” Charles asked as Erika lifted herself up. She went up 6 inches then slammed down again, her clit constantly dragging scraping against his cock as she fucked herself on it.

“How long is it?” Lilly asked starring at Erika wildly fucking herself.

“I don’t know, but I feel so full!” Erika said slamming herself back down. Lilly leaned over and started to suck on Charles balls as Erika was still impaling herself on his cock, Charles moaned as he felt Lilly’s tongue toss and roll his balls around, Erika screamed as she went through another orgasm making her legs shake so much they gave out under her and made her fall completely down onto Charles cock. Charles felt as the head of his cock touched her womb and went inside of it, this combined with Lilly juggling his balls with her tongue made him gasp as he started to cum directly into Erika, and this in turn set her off into another orgasm right after she was done Etlik Escort with her first one. “I can’t hold it!” Erika said falling backwards onto Charles chest, cum started to leak out of her pussy around his cock in a steady stream. Lilly was on it instantly licking it up and playing with Erika’s clit making her moan in pleasure.

After Charles stopped cumming he realized that Erika had fallen asleep on his chest with a grin across her face making her have a look of total satisfaction. He looked down at Lilly and saw her still licking his cum up, she looked up and saw him looking at her with a puzzled look on her face. “It’s good!” She said not stopping licking up the rest of it.

“Well it’s your turn.” Charles said sliding Erika off his still hard cock and saw Lilly look at it with complete lust in her eyes. “Any preference to the position?” He asked as she began licking his cum and Erika’s juices off his cock.

“Doggy.” She said slobbering all over him. Charles grinned at this and sat up, he took her face into his hands and kissed her on the lips. As they swapped spit Lilly moved on top and fed Charles one of her tits. Charles made love to her nipples, switching from one to the other whilst twisting the other. “I can’t wait, give me it!” Lilly said pushing Charles away and leaning back. Charles saw her put her knees up to her shoulders as she waited for him to stick his cock up her love hole, he looked down and saw that she was already dripping wet down there with her own cum, he grabbed his cock and put it to her lips teasing her clit with it. Lilly moaned as he did this, finally he entered stuck the head into her and started pushing forward slowly. Lilly wasn’t having any of it, she hooked her legs on his shoulders and shoved her butt up to him. She moaned out as another 4 inches penetrated into her.

“Careful.” Charles said sliding out a bit.

“Fuck careful!” Lilly said looking at Charles. “I like things a bit rough, so slam that monster in me!”

Charles placed his hands onto her hips and drove the remaining length into her, Lilly screamed out as her body accepted his foot long dong and had a multi layered orgasm along the way. Charles didn’t stop as his cock hit her womb and pulled out making her feel empty all of a sudden. He flipped her over so she was on her knees and slammed back into her driving her insane with pleasure.

“Oh god that feels good!” She moaned as Charles just stayed fully inside of her. “I’m so fucking full right now!” She said as she felt his cock push at her wombs entrance.

“Tell me if you like this.” Charles said moving his right hand from her hips to inserting a finger up her ass. She moaned out and her pussy clenched onto his cock even tighter as it gushed juices. “I’ll take that as a good thing.”

“I love anal.” Lilly said as she felt his finger go deeper into her.

“Want it up the ass then?” Charles said taking his finger out.

“After you give me three more orgasms through my cunt!”

“Deal.” Charles said sliding out and then slamming back in making her scream out in orgasm. Charles put his hand down to her clit and rubbed it almost raw giving her orgasm after orgasm while stroking in and out of her. After her 5th orgasm Charles slid completely out of her and scooped up juice leaking from her pussy and smeared it all over her rosebud. “Ready for this?” Charles said putting the head of his dick up to her asshole.

“Just do it!” Lilly screamed still coming down from her orgasms. Charles applied pressure to her asshole making it stretch wider than she ever had it, she screamed out as she felt Charles slid halfway up her ass in his first thrust. “OH SHIT!” She screamed as Charles pulled back then slammed another 4 inches deeper into her rectum.

“Get ready for it!” Charles yelled out as he felt that tingle in his balls start to work its way up his cock. He put his hand down to her clit and played with it furiously giving her an orgasm as he slammed the last of his cock up her ass and released a giant load of cum up her intestines. Lilly felt as hot cum completely covered her insides shooting up into what felt like her stomach. She hollered out her earth shattering orgasm from the sensations in her ass and Charles ministrations on her clit, finally losing all power to her arms she fell to the floor, ass in the air still being pumped full of cum and enjoying it.

Charles pulled out of her and saw as her ass gaped open spilling his cum out of her like a hose was turned on, he looked down and saw that some of it must have went all the way to her stomach as it had a bulge in it that was deflating as she laid on it. Lilly was already passed out on the floor with a look only belonging to those that have been fucked silly.

Charles smiled then felt his head start spinning like he had just sprinted two miles all at once. He went over to the bed and flopped down on it with his face up. The last conscious sight he had was that of Erika’s naked ass.


“Hey!” Charles sat up right away looking around him, he saw Cecilia standing there before him naked as a jay bird. “You’re having a TON of sex while I only get to watch, it’s not fair!”

“That’s because you’re a kid still and I could really hurt you with what I got!” Charles said as Cecilia approached him.

“So your saying that you would do me if I didn’t have the body of a kid?” Cecilia asked putting her hands on her almost nonexistent hips.

“Yeah, that’s about the only thing keeping me from jumping your socks right now.”

“Could have just told me so,” Cecilia said taking a step back. She put her hands above her head and did a little spin, then right before Charles’s eyes she morphed from the body of a 12 year old girl into one of a 19 year old hottie “I can change the way I look dummy.” She said before Charles could ask.

Cecilia was now sporting good DD’s and grew about 8 inches, her hips and ass filled out nicely and her legs seemed to go on forever.

“Now can we do it?” She said putting her hands on her now full hips and cocking her head to the side.

Charles jumped up and at her and kissed her on the lips, she met his lips with hers and dueled his tongue back and forth between their mouths. Charles’s hands moved all over her tits caressing them as they made love with their mouths, her arms went around his neck and she did a little hop. Charles grabbed her by her ass and held her up as her legs wrapped themselves around him, Cecilia’s hand moved between them and started to caress his rock hard cock pressing into her belly. “I hope you don’t mind but I made you a bit larger after you got shot.” She said rubbing it up and down peeling the foreskin back exposing the head of his cock.

“So that’s what was different!” Charles said kissing down her neck. “By any chance did you mess with the amount I cum also?” He said kissing back and forth along her collar bone.

“I didn’t have too; your body did that all on its own when you gained the power.” Cecilia moaned as Charles put a nipple into his mouth and massaged her ass. “Now let’s cut the chit chat and get on with it!” Cecilia said pushing down on Charles shoulders. He lifter her up higher so her pussy was just sitting on the head of his cock then lowered her down making it slip into her. “Ohhhhh!” Cecilia moaned as she felt it slid into her. Charles felt resistance and stopped immediately. He lifter Cecilia up and put her down making her give him a grumpy face.

“You’re a virgin!” Charles said looking at the young hot woman before him.

“Yeah, I was saving it for my master, and that’s you. So can we please just fuck like rabbits?!” She said looking up into Charles eyes.

“Oh we are, but it being your first time I want to make you enjoy it to the fullest extent.” Charles drew Cecilia closer to him so her tits were mashed up against his chest and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back with a passion like a lover. Charles put his hand behind her back and put her down so she was lying face up with him on top. He broke the kiss and moved down to her breasts which he kissed and massaged with his big hands making her squirm with joy. Charles tweaked her nipples as he kissed his way slowly down her body making love to every inch as he went. When he got down to her pussy lips and moved one of his hands down and inserted a finger into her while he sucked on her clit. Cecilia felt like she was going to lose her mind from the things he was doing to her, the slowness of his actions but the passion with which he did them with, it was driving her crazy with lust and the need to have him. Charles was in no rush though as he took his time exploring every inch of her outer and inner lips to her pussy, licking all the way around it then inserting his tongue into her and tasting her sweetness. After what felt like ages to Cecilia Charles moved back up her body to her lips and kissed them.

“I think I just fell in love with you!” Cecilia said as he broke the kiss.

“Those feelings seem to be going both ways right now!” Cecilia put her arms around Charles and hugged him close for a deep kiss. She felt the tip of his cock touch her outer lips and she knew what she wanted right then, to be full of the monster that she had helped make into an even larger one. “Ready?” Charles asked looking deep into Cecilia’s grey eyes. She nodded her head yes and kissed him again. Charles slipped the head of his cock into her until he hit her hymen again making her wince in pain. Charles put his lips to hers and lovingly Escort Bayan caressed her tits, when she started moaning into his mouth Charles gave his hips a small thrust bursting through her hymen making her scream out in pain and agony. Charles stayed like that, not moving an inch, and kissed her deeply trying to make her focus on him instead of the pain she was feeling at the moment.

“I’m okay now.” Cecilia said after a couple of minutes of Charles kissing her and tweaking her nipples. “You can go in further now.” Charles started to move his hips so he was pushing further into her. Cecilia gasped as she felt pain and pleasure as he slid in further. Not wanting to have to endure any longer she bucked her hips up to meet his ramming his cock all the way inside of her. Charles groaned as he felt her pussy fully envelope his cock and touch her cervix. Cecilia started moving her hips up and down along his cock as Charles just stayed there trying to regain control and not cum to soon. When he felt that his balls weren’t going to explode right away Charles began moving his hips in time with Cecilia’s so that when she pulled back he pulled back so he was only halfway in her then slam home with her as she shoved her hips up to him. Cecilia had countless orgasms as Charles fucked her brains out making her scream out in complete ecstasy several times.

“I’m cumming again!” Cecilia screamed as her pussy trembled. Charles had been on the razors edge for a few thrusts so far and her newest orgasm set him off. He grunted as he started pumping her full of his cum shooting directly up past cervix and into her womb. “AUGH!” Charles yelled out as he gave her his last spurt of cum. Charles collapsed on top of Cecilia who was still cumming as she felt her insides get all warm and slippery. Cecilia waited for Charles’s cock to go soft so that she could pull it out but it never did, it stayed rock hard the entire time inside of her as Charles regained his breath from one hell of an orgasm.

“This just can’t be right!” Charles said rolling over and looking down at his cock. “This is the third time I’ve gotten my rocks off and still hard as a board!”

“It’s the power you got from the blood.” Cecilia said turning over on her side looking at Charles. “Your stamina, strength, speed, all were boosted to a godly level when you got that drop of blood in your mouth while fighting the vampire. And after factoring in that injection they gave you to the heart, your already high power levels were increased at least ten fold.”

“So how was it that I died from a guy smashing my chest with a hammer? Shouldn’t it have just bounced off like it was rubber or something!”

“Just because you have that power doesn’t mean your body will use it at that level the entire time, you have to work your way up to that level of immortality and over whelming power before you can just use it at anytime.” Cecilia moved her hand over to Charles and grabbed his rock hard cock and started stroking it. “It looks like your already well trained in this part of your body though!”

“There’s no way you want more!” Charles said groaning as he felt her hands work magic on his stiff cock. “Your still leaking cum out of your pussy!”

“Mmmm, yeah I am,” Cecilia said moving herself so she was straddling his legs. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want more in me!”

“You could get pregnant from me!”

“Nope, not here at least,” Cecilia said lowering onto Charles cock. “Now if we were in the other world were you got Erika pregnant than yeah, I could get a little tyke growing in me.”

“I got Erika pregnant!?” Charles said mid groan from Cecilia’s pussy slipping over his cock.

“Yeah, you poured like a galleon into her, what’d you expect would happen!?” Cecilia was now all the way down on Charles, she felt his dick jump when she was talking about Erika now being the mother to his child. “You’re getting excited over this?” Cecilia said looking down at Charles who looked like he was in a different place entirely.

“Yeah,” He said looking up into the sky deep in thought. “I kind of find pregnant woman sexy in a way.”

“What do you like about them? The expanded belly maybe? Or is it the fact that their tits grow! No, that wouldn’t be it, her tits are already big enough.” Cecilia leaned forward and laid down on his chest letting herself rest there.

“None of that, she’s already a freak as it is without the hormone boost.” Charles said as he felt Cecilia’s tits press into his chest. “It’s hard to say really, I just find it hot.” Charles humped his hips up a bit poking Cecilia’s cervix and making her squeak at the sudden movement. “But let’s focus on the moment right now.” Charles slid out then back in giving Cecilia orgasm after orgasm as he pumped her full of his cum, but not going soft he kept fucking her through it. She felt in heaven having cum shoot up her as she was getting fucked at the same time.


After giving Cecilia the time of her life and going soft finally Charles laid down with her in his arms, falling asleep. As he woke up he saw he was back in the real world in bed with Erika and Lilly snuggled up on either side of him. As he got up he saw a maid walking out the door, she left a tray with steaming food on it on a table, his clothes were hanging on the back of a chair. As Charles tried to get up Erika opened her eyes and looked directly at him. “And where do you think you’re going?” She asked looking at him with a serious look. “I’m not just some one night stand for you to use anytime you want!”

Charles leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and said “I was actually going to get some food and coffee in me and then make you pass out again from a plethora of orgasms!”

“Mmmmm, sounds like a plan!” She said as she watched Charles walk over to the food trays. “Can you get me a cup?” She asked as she saw him pour some coffee.

“Sure, how do you take it?” Charles asked flipping another mug over.

“Cream and sugar not too much though.” Erika said sitting up and holding the covers over her breasts. As Charles brought her a cup of coffee and a danish they saw Lilly stir in bed and raise her head up and look around.

“Is there coffee?” She asked putting her nose in the air.

“Yeah, over by the table along with some danish.” Charles said handing over the coffee to Erika. Lilly jumped up and practically sprinted to the table. She poured herself a cup, chugged it, made a disgusted face then fixed herself a real cup of it.

“God, what did I let you do to me last night?” She said walking back with a mouth full of danish.

“Before or after the anal?” Charles said with a slight chuckle to his voice.

“Never mind, I don’t think I need to know all the details.”

All three of them sat around talking as they eat their breakfast before Charles cock started to grow as he gazed upon the two beautiful women before him. “Ready for some more?” Charles asked setting his cup down. Erika gave him her cup and spread her legs and started rubbing her clit.

“What about you?” He asked getting up on the bed and positioning himself between Erika’s legs.

“I still feel sore from last night and got a class in an hour.”

“Leaves him all to me then!” Erika said leaning in to kiss Charles.

“Nope, he has to come with me for the class!” Lilly said walking over to food.

“Awwww!” Erika groaned looking like a five year old who had to stay home at Halloween.

“We can still do it in the shower before we have to leave!” Charles said breaking the kiss he began with Erika.

“Yay!” Erika said joy filling her face again.

“Do we really need showers?” Lilly asked with swallowing a chunk of danish. All three of them stopped what they were doing and smelled their pits. “Oh fuck!” Lilly said yanking her head away as Charles and Erika did the same.

In the shower Charles had Lilly up against the glass as he plowed into her as Erika sucked on her tits. “How did I let you guys talk me into this!” She said after coming down from her orgasm.

“I’m not the one who suggested we all take a shower at once!” Charles said fingering Erika’s pussy.

Both Lilly and Charles looked over at Erika who had a tit in her mouth. “What?” She said looking back at them with an innocent look on her eyes. “I never said we HAD to do it, it was just a suggestion!”

“Your turn then.” Lilly said getting off of Charles cock. Erika took Lilly’s place and moaned as Charles slid into her all the way in one thrust. Lilly picked up a bar of soap and started lathering up, when she was fully lathered she went behind Charles and started to slide up and down his back lathering him up from his cheeks to his neck. Charles went to the ground so he had Erika on her back while water poured over them. Lilly laid down ontop of Erika and slid up and down her as Charles went from one of their holes to the other, both of them were moaning as they lathered each other up got a good fucking at the same time. After having half a dozen orgasms Lilly rolled off of Erika and went into a corner and watched as Erika and Charles were still going strong.

“How can you keep going?” She asked as Charles picked Erika up and made her bounce up and down his cock.

“I’m nearly at my limit!” Erika said as she felt Charles’s cock keep hitting her cervix. As she went down she clawed at Charles back and screamed as her pussy clenched around his cock. This set off Charles who poured another load of cum directly into her womb while crying out. His knees gave out and they crashed to the ground still coming from one another.

“Okay, let’s really take a shower, Charles and I have to leave in a few minutes.”

End of Chapter

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