Robert’s Fantasy

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Written for Robert Years Ago

I walked into the room in front of you, but I could feel you behind me. I reached up to turn on the light, and immediately it was flipped back off. I felt your arms come around me, pulling me back against you and holding me close to you. I could feel your breath on the side of my neck, and then your lips brushed my neck right behind my ear. I felt a shock run through my body, as if all my nerve endings were raw and exposed. I tried to turn around to face you, but you held me in your embrace and continued to nibble at the nape of my neck while slowly unbuttoning the buttons down the back of my blouse.

I felt the cool of the air conditioned room against my skin as you opened my blouse and let it fall to the floor. Your mouth was hot and moist, and I tilted my head forward as you kissed the back of my neck. Your fingers were working at the fasteners of my bra, and suddenly my breasts were free from its confines and in your warm strong hands. You kneaded my breasts gently, and I could feel your desire rising against me as my hips rubbed your groin. As you began to finesse my nipples between your thumbs and fingers, a shuddered breath escaped me, almost causing me to miss hearing your breath rush out. Your mouth returned to my neck, and began to travel down my spine, slowly, tantalizingly, tasting every inch, licking and kissing, all the way to the waist band of my skirt.

Again, Sakarya Escort I tried to turn around, but you held my breasts firmly, caressing them, bringing my nipples to hard points, and forcing me to stand still. Your mouth never left the small of my back as your right hand came down to unbutton my skirt. Then, the zipper was slowly lowered and the skirt fell around my ankles. You loosed your grip just enough for me to step out of the pool of fabric, then you brought me back against you, your hot mouth licking and nibbling on the cheeks of my ass as your hands began to move down my rib cage, stomach, and finally your fingers nestled in the soft hair of my womanhood, lightly caressing.

I said, “Oh, God, you are turning me on so much, I cannot stand it,” but you would not stop the erotic torture. Your fingers began to move slower, seeking something, probing gently until they found the object of their quest.

You touched my clit gently, and by body jerked in hot response. My breath rushed out in one long shuddering sigh as you began to gently rub around and around in circles. My hips were grinding in a matching rhythm to your finger, and as you entered me with your finger, all resolve left me and I began to thrust against you, losing myself in the sweet abandon of climax almost instantly. You held me there, my head thrown back, gasping for breath, and trembling all over from the Sakarya Escort Bayan rush of release as my muscles tightened on your probing finger until I was spent. Then, you loosed your grip on me and I turned around to face you. You reached out and immediately pulled me against you, your mouth coming down on mine in hot, thrusting, need.

Since you were still dressed, I unbuttoned your shirt as your tongue plundered my mouth. Hot, probing, searching, and making love to my mouth with it as I rid you of your clothing. When I lowered your shorts, my hands were filled with your rigid fullness, and you moaned.

I said “Please, make love to me.” You walked me backward to the bed, turned me over on my stomach, and took me quickly and swiftly, sinking your entire hardness deeply into the hot, wet core of me. You held there for just a few moments, then slowly, agonizingly, pulled out and thrust all the way back in, hard, fast, deep, and then pressed, pulling my hips back closer with your hands while I began to move from side to side. Your cock was pressing against that special spot, and the rocking motion was driving me mad with desire.

You said, “Oh, yeah, baby, fuck me long and hard.” Then you began the slow, tantalizing withdrawal. You withdrew yourself completely from me, and reached around to place your thumb over my clit. At exactly the same moment, you slammed back into me Escort Sakarya and pressed your thumb against my clit. You started to fuck me in earnest now, thrusting again and again and again, rubbing my clit while you penetrated me to the center. You brought me to the edge of climax, then held perfectly still.

I lay still as you kept me impaled on your hard, throbbing shaft. Your mouth was working and worrying at my earlobe, as you whispered, “Not so fast, slow down, make it last.”

I lay perfectly still until I could not stand it any more. I began to twist and wiggle under you, begging you “Now, please, I need you to fuck me now.”

You were talking to me, telling me “You are so hot. I want to feel you cum on me. I want to shoot this hot load deep inside you. I want you to feel my fiery release scald your soul.” You kept whispering this to me, over and over, driving me wild. Then, you started to fuck me harder and harder.

I let an agonizing moan of pleasure escape my lips I cried, “That’s it, that’s it. Fuck me harder .” I felt my muscles tense and I was panting harder and harder. I felt drops of sweat falling onto my back from your forehead and knew you were getting close yourself.

Then, I heard a low, growling, animal sound start deep in your stomach. You grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against you, holding me there and said “Here is comes, baby. Are you ready? I want you to cum with me now.”

I released, shuddering and jerking against you, climaxing as I felt your hot release high inside me, filling me, making me complete. Sweet release. Sweet surrender. Then, you fell on me and we lay there, entwined, you still deeply imbedded inside me, for what seemed forever.

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