Rude Behaviour


I was at a bit of a loose end and currently sitting on a bench to one side of the park, playing with my phone. On the far side of the park was a series of netball matches that I had been watching but then one of the umpires had suggested that I moved along as I was no longer required.

I protested, naturally. All I had been doing was standing there encouraging the girls to do their best.

“Calling the Centre a fat frump and suggesting she could jump if she lost some weight was not seen as encouragement,” the umpire commented. “Neither was telling Dianne not to turn round too fast as it was a non-contact sport and her flying boobs could brain someone. Shall I go on?”

“Helpful suggestions given with good intent,” I pointed out.

“Maybe, but the girls have asked that you be removed.”

“Oh, come on,” I protested. “Surely you don’t let the opposition dictate how we cheer for our side.”

“It was our girls who asked that you be removed. The opposition supported the move. Purely for your own safety, as they suggested that if you remained you might have a nasty accident.”

“I’m sure that you, being an excellent umpire, would be able to keep the girls under control,” I observed, feeling sure of my grounds there.

“I, having excellent hearing, heard your comments about a seeing eye dog and what I should do with it,” she returned. “If the girls ask me to I will help hold you down while they take turns stomping on your soft bits, providing you have enough to be stomped on.”

That last comment was just uncalled for. I gave her a pitying smile and decided that for the good of the team I should move along.

That explains why I was sitting in lonely splendour on the far side of the park, just me and my phone. Well, me and my phone and a couple of people who were walking past, although I wasn’t paying any attention to them.

The young ladies had a unique way of redirecting my attention from my phone to their lovely selves. One of them hauled off and kicked me sharply in the shins. I’m sure you can see how that sort of thing can focus your attention.

I tucked my phone into my pocket and regarded the girls. My memory for all things female and lovely kicked in and identified my assailants. Marianne and Carlene, both of them cheerleaders, eighteen, blonde, busty, and everything else that cheerleaders should be.

They were standing there, glowering down at me. Truth be told they looked enough alike to be twins. They were even dressed the same. Not in their cheerleader uniforms but with similar short skirts and short tops. They also had matching expressions and matching stances. They were both standing with their feet solidly planted on the ground, arms akimbo, radiating their displeasure.

I didn’t comment on the rather nasty kick in the shins, deciding to assume that it was an accident.

“And how can I help you lovely ladies?” I asked, giving them a brilliant smile.

“How dare you call my sister a fat frump?” demanded Marianne.

I straightened up, doing my best to look indignant. I also gave Carlene a very appreciative once over.

“I would never call Carlene a fat frump,” I protested.

“Carlene’s not my sister,” Marianne yelled, while Carlene smiled. “I mean Jody.”

“Carlene’s not your sister?” I asked, deftly changing the subject. “She looks enough like you to be your twin.”

“Not even a cousin,” Carlene said softly. “We just look alike.”

“Very much alike,” I agreed. “It would be hard to find two lovelier girls in the school.”

The way the girls were standing was very much a dominance thing. Feet set apart and solidly planted, arms akimbo, faces set, it all added up to ataköy escort a statement that said we are a serious force to be reckoned with. Of cause, there is a small flaw in that stance that someone with low cunning, ah, make that someone with superior strategic skills, such as myself, could take advantage of.

I casually reached out and slipped my hands over a couple of thighs. Inner thighs at that. Seeing the girls were wearing skirts there was nothing to stop my hands from running up and under those skirts until they were pressing against somewhat more sensitive flesh.

The looks on the girls faces when I started rubbing them was a delight. I’m not saying they were delighted, but that I was. They were more stunned, I think.

Although both had somewhat incredulous expressions on their faces they had slightly different reaction down below. Marianne seemed to pull away slightly while Carlene seemed to push toward me a little. It also seemed to me that Carlene felt more heated than Marianne.

“You’re touching us,” protested Marianne. “You can’t touch us like that. You know you can’t.”

“I’m not touching you,” I protested. “Not really.”

I slipped my index fingers under the crotch of their panties and gave a tug. Fortunately they were wearing what I guess you could call scanty panties and they popped off their hips and slid down quite nicely. No way could I do that if they’d been wearing granny pants. Now when I started rubbing them I was no longer rubbing their panties.

“Now you could say I’m touching you,” I said softly while Marianne spluttered incoherently. Carlene was just looking shocked (and still pushing against me).

Marianne’s mound was now heating up while she squirmed about a bit.

“Will you take your hand away?” she demanded.

I considered this, smiled, and shook my head.

“No. I like the feel of you,” I told her.

I didn’t see that she had anything to complain about. If she really wanted me to let her go she could just take a large step backwards, something that she certainly wasn’t doing.

“Just what do you think you’re going to achieve by this, this, assault on us?” she demanded.

“You really need to ask?” I asked with some surprise. “I’ve always considered that your intelligence matched your beauty. Please don’t let me down now.”

She blushed and glared at me. Girls like to be told that they’re lovely but it never hurts to admit that you think they’re smart, too.

“You don’t really expect to entice one of us to go to bed with you?” she said with some scorn.

“You disappoint me,” I said sadly, slowly shaking my head. “By the time I enticed one of you out of here to some place there’s a decent bed you’d be out of the mood and I’d be left devastated. I’m also greedy. I want to make love to both of you, right here, right now.”

Both girls started laughing at that.

“Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen,” scoffed Carlene. “Right here in public? I don’t think so.”

It amazed me that neither girl had yet backed away from my wandering hands. It seemed to me that if they were still permitting this then they probably would go that little further.

“I do,” I said with a big smile. “No, really, consider the situation. Marianne is going to sit down on my lap. The only person close enough to see anything is Carlene and even if someone on the other side of the park had binoculars Carlene would be blocking their view. We’ll actually be quite private. Turn about Marianne will be blocking the view while she watches Carlene get monstered.”

“Why have you picked Marianne to go first?” asked Carlene with a giggle.

“Nerves,” I ataköy escort bayan said. “Marianne suffers from them. If she saw what happens to you before she experiences it herself she might panic and run.”

“I would not,” snapped a defiant Marianne, insulted at this slur.

My hands finally dropped away from two hot and wet little pussies.

“If you say so,” I said agreeably, unfastening my trousers rather swiftly and pushing them down far enough to let my erection spring into view. “Come closer and turn around.”

I tugged on Marianne’s skirt, drawing her nearer while she was staring wide-eyed at my cock.

“Turn around,” I coaxed her, helping her turn and drawing her even nearer. “Now just settle down slowly. I’ll hold you skirt up so that Carlene can see what you’re doing.”

It was all Carlene could do to stand there. She looked as though she wanted to roll around on the ground, laughing her head off. She had an excellent view of Marianne’s pussy and my erection so very near to it.

Marianne still hadn’t decided. I could feel the tenseness in her. I suspected she wanted to say no but she also wanted to do it, not because she wanted me so much, as because she was probably feeling perfectly wicked. She slowly started to sit, gasping softly and freezing in place when she felt my cock make contact with her lips. She hesitated for a moment and then I felt her hand close around me and ease into the proper position. After that she slowly sank down onto me, and I could feel her wet warmth closing around me.

Carlene made a hissing sound, eyes wide, not wanting to miss a moment of this. Marianne kept sinking down with me slowly going deeper and deeper. She was wet and tight, almost having to force herself down onto me, but she was going so slowly I felt an increasing need to scream for her to hurry up. I saw Carlene’s face as her eyes flicked up to look at me and from the smirk on her face I suspected that my frustration level was showing.

Time passes very slowly at times and the few moments that Marianne took to settle down onto my lap was one of them. It felt like entire minutes passed as she slowly adjusted to me, easing herself down onto me. Finally she was ready and I was greatly relieved. Carlene looked fascinated. She probably hadn’t seen live action before and she was dead keen to see more of it.

I could feel Marianne slowly relaxing. She was still breathing a little heavily but I thought she was now ready. I didn’t wait to see if she was going to initiate the interaction, flexing my hips slightly so that I pushed a little more firmly against her. She gave a small gasp and I relaxed and then gave her another little push.

It didn’t take very long before Marianne was bouncing on me quite happily, my cock sliding up and down her passage, delighting me and apparently bring her a good deal of pleasure. Now that I had a nice rhythm I kept it up. Oh, in case I didn’t mention it there was one extra little detail taking place. My hands had slipped up under Marianne’s top, unhooking her bra and then capturing her breasts, playing with them as some additional entertainment.

After a while I could hear Marianne’s breathing getting harsher and a more urgent edge was developing in her actions. She was ready to go and I saw no reason to disappoint her. (Not that I was ready. I was saving myself for the second course.)

I started squeezing her breasts a little harder, rubbing them a little more roughly. At the same time I picked up the pace a little, my cock banging in harder and faster. Picking my moment I gave an extra hard thrust and she was done, cooked to a turn and covering her escort ataköy mouth with her hands to stop herself screaming as she climaxed.

She just relaxed on my lap afterwards, me still stiff as a poker inside her. I could feel her twitching and I suspected she was ready for seconds. Not that she got a chance to do anything about it because Carlene was grabbing her arm and telling her to stand up.

I had expected Carlene to climb on board but she wasn’t having a bar of it. She practically dragged me to my feet, urging me to move around behind the bench. Then she was bending over, her arms folded on the back of the bench and her head resting on her arms.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” she demanded.

“Um, for Marianne to move around so that she can have a decent view?” I suggested and Carlene gave a very put upon sigh.

“Well?” she demanded, now directing her query to Marianne. “Are you going to watch or what?”

Marianne was still breathing fairly hard but she was also giggling.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” she giggled. “Let’s see if he can make you scream.”

She moved to where she had a better view and I lined up and entered Carlene quite roughly, not that she seemed to object to it. I waited a moment while I flicked open Carlene’s bra and that was the moment Marianne started her commentary.

“They’re off,” she called, “and it’s hairy paws to the front covering little nips while long shaft is driving hard after wet pussy.”

From that point on her commentary got ruder and cruder, with Marianne giggling and chanting, ignoring threats of murder and mayhem from Carlene. I, of course, rose above such mundane matters, giving my full attention to Carlene. If a man’s work is to be completed then he had best get down to it and do his best.

Marianne wasn’t the only one commenting. Carlene was giving a non-stop line of chatter, encouragement to me, death threats to Marianne, and some general excited squealing as I drove into her. I suspect she was rising up on her toes with each thrust as she pushed happily back to meet me, taking me just as deep as she could.

I was pleased to see that Carlene’s excitement was building quickly. When I’d first touched her and felt the instant heat I’d suspected she would be aroused quickly and would climax without too much effort on my part. That was proving true and it seemed to me that I could just take my pleasure without worrying about Carlene. I had no doubt that when the time came she’d go off like a cracker. The way she was reacting she might not even last that long.

She didn’t. She climaxed just a few moments before I was ready but that didn’t matter. A few hard thrusts and I was going off as well, and a good time was had by all.

For all that I think it was a bit rich for Marianne to conclude her commentary by declaring Carlene the winner, describing me as an also-ran.

When things had settled down a little the girls started making noises about going back to the netball.

“Well, when you get there make sure you tell Jody that you read me the riot act for my rude behaviour and tell her I apologies most humbly.”

That earned me a suspicious look but I just shrugged.

“Hey, I can be a gentleman at times,” I pointed out. “An apology was warranted so I’m offering one. Um, no need to apologise to the umpire. I still think she’s blind enough to need a seeing-eye dog.”

I got another suspicious look but the girls departed peacefully. Now all I had to do was cut them out of the pack one at a time so that I could have a more, ah, concentrated entertainment session with each of them. I didn’t know how I would achieve this but I’m sure I would manage.

Oh, you’re wondering why the umpire was upset because I inferred she needed a seeing-eye dog. A common insult to umpires, you’re thinking. I think it was the fact that I suggest she get it so she could screw the dog instead of the team that upset her. Women can be so sensitive at times.

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