Samantha And The President (revised)


Author’s Note: Marie in the following story is the French version for Mary. George Washington Brush is a fictions President. This revision version is correct. The revision is in the description of the Diplomatic Reception Room where I wrote the deception twice. That was my mistake. Sorry. I took the second description out.

“Douglas,” Samantha called coming back into the Silverton’s house in Westbridge from checking the mail.
“Yes,” her husband answered.
“Look at this that we got in the mail today,” Samantha said handing him an envelope.
The envelope had a postmark from Washington, D.C. In the left upper comer had the words THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON.
Looking at the long official envelop from Washington, “Why would the President be sending us a letter,” Douglas commented as he sat down on the couch.
“Open it and see what the President wants from us,” Samantha said. “That’s the only way to find out why he sent us a letter.”
Tearing the envelope open, Douglas took a sheet of paper out and read.
Dear Mr. And Mrs. Silverton,
Your presences are cordiality are requested to have dinner with me at the White House the night before I give the State of the Union and to be my overnight guests.
Sincerely Yours,
George Washington Brush
“An invitation to us from the President,” Douglas said after he read the paper. “He has invited us to have dinner with him and to stay overnight at the White House as his guests.”
“Oh, my,” Samantha said surprisely. “Imagine that if you will, a witch having dinner with the President of the United States. We are going to accept his invitation?”
“Well, hum, I suppose we have to, Honey.”
“When does he want us to join him?” Samantha asked.
“The invitation says the night before he is to give the State of the Union,” Douglas said.
“I don’t have a thing to wear proper for meeting the President,” Samantha said.
“When did that ever become a problem with you?” Douglas asked.
“Oh, you want me to use witchcraft and conjunction something up that would be proper to wear for meeting the President,” Samantha said. “Boy that would fix that for sure.”
Then as an afterthought she added “You don’t suppose that he has heard about me having sex with your clients so they would let you handle their accounts, do you?”
“What difference does it make, if he knows or not, Sam. He is the President and he practicality knows what goes on in the country. But I don’t think he knows about you having sex with my clients so I can handle their accounts.”
“Oh, that real assurances,” Samantha said, “And I quess that I just have to have sex with him.”
“Why worry about whether he wants you to have sex with him or not,” Douglas said.
“Me? Worry?” Samantha said. “Listened Douglas Silverton, my having sex with your clients to keep their accounts is one thing, but the President, that’s different. He’s life is open book, especially for the news media. If I have sex with him, everybody will know about it. Now do you want that to happen?”
“Honey, I don’t see why you are getting all upset about nothing,” Douglas said.
“Me, upset?” Samantha asked.
“Listen, Sam, if he does want you to have sex with him you have my permission,” Douglas said calmly.
“You know Darling, I have always did have the fanstry of having sex at the White House, but I had always thought that when I had sex in the White House would be with my husband as the President,” Samantha said.
“Oh, you have had that sexual fanstry,” Douglas said. “Well if the President does want to have sex with you, you can fulfill part of your fanstry.”
“That I can, but I will let him bring up the subject. Okay, Dear?” Samantha said.
“Okay,” Douglas said agreeing.
“Hey wait a minute,” Samantha suddenly said. “We almost forgot about Larry.”
“What about him?” Douglas asked.
“Well, the thought just occurred to me of, do you think he will let you have time off to go down to Washington?” Samantha asked.
“Well, I don’t see what choice he haves, when I tell him that I have to go to Washington,” Douglas answered.
“Oh, that’s nice to know,” Samantha said.
“Honey, Larry is not the kind of a man to refuse letting anyone have some time off, especially if the President sent for the person,” Douglas said.
“I suppose that you will just march into his office and tell him that the President has summoned you to Washington,” Samantha said.
“Something, like that,” Douglas said. “But you are right that I have to let him know that I was summoned to Washington.”
“You just do that, and I garanteed that he would want to go to Washington with us,” Samantha said unconvicly.
“Well you want me to tell him that the President had invited you and I to have dinner with the President?” Douglas asked.
“That would be telling him the truth, Dear,” Samantha replied.
“Okay, I will tell him that the President had invited us to have dinner at the White House,” Douglas said.
The next day at work, Douglas went to Larry Adams’s office and told him about the President inviting Samantha and him to have dinner at the White House. He asked his boss for a few days off from work. Larry granted Douglas his request and he thanked him then left.
“Well how did went with Larry?” Samantha asked her husband when he came home from work.
“Um, it went well, Sam. He understood,” Douglas answered.
“I’m glad,” Samantha said.
Noticing that Darrin had some books in his hand, she asked him what the books were on.
“I stopped at the library on my way home and check these out on the White House,” Douglas said. “I thought that since we are going there, we might as well as get some knowledge on where the President lives at.”
“Good idea, Honey. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes,” Samantha said. “After dinner I pack our suitcase for our trip to Washington.”
After dinner, Samantha went upstairs to pack for their trip to Washington. Taking the suitcase out, she packed her nightgown and robe, socks, panties, and a change of clothes, along with her slippers. She packed a white dress shirt, a tie, and a suit for Douglas, along with a few pair of socks, undershorts, and his slippers, and a change of clothes. Having the suitcase packed she went over to her nighttable and packed her overnight carring case.
“Hello, Dear,” a voice said behind her.
“Mother,” Samantha said turning around reconginzing Marie’s voice. “How nice to see you. What brings you here at this time?”
“I just drop in to see how you are doing.” Marie said. Noticing the open suitcase she asked Samantha “Where are you going?”
“Douglas and I are going to Washington,” Samantha replied.
“Whatever for?” Marie asked.
“Douglas and I were invited to have dinner with the President at the White House and to be his overnight guests,” Samantha said.
“You are going to visit the President?” Marie asked surprisely.
“Yes, we are,” Samantha answered.
“Well, I’m glad for you and Dumbdumb,” Marie said. Then she had an idea. “I have an idea, why not you use your powers and pop you and What’s His Name down to Washington?”
“Now, Mother, you know how Douglas feels about me using witchcraft,” Samantha said. “Besides we are going to do the ornary mortal way. We are going to drive down there and back. Now Mother, promise me that you won’t do anything to ruin this trip for Douglas and I.”
“Witcheshonor,” Marie said placing her index and second fingers in the V shape over her nose for the sign of witcheshonor.
“Good. Now if you will excuse me. I am going downstairs and do the dishes,” Samantha said.
“See you when you come back,” Marie said then she popped out of the room.
That night when Douglas and Samantha went to bed, they began to read the books that Douglas had check out on the White House.
The next moring Samantha and Douglas left driving towards Washington, D.C. Leaving their house Samantha made sure she had her purse. The route they took, took them though New York City, across New Jersey, to Pennsylvania just west of Philadelphia into Maryland. In Maryland they pick up another highway that took them right into Washington, D.C.
“Just think, Douglas, that over two hundred years ago, when we fought the Revolutionary War that George Washington and the Continental Army marched along parts of this highway,” Samantha commented as they were driving through New Jersey.
“I was thinking the same thing that we could very well be driving where they had marched,” Douglas said agreeing.
Arriving in Washington, D.C. in the afternoon that the President was expecting them, the Silvertons drove directly to the White House. Coming to the White House, they presented the invitation they had received from the President to the guard on duty.
“Just a minute while I confirm this,” the guard said. He went into the booth and rang the President. He asked the President if he was expecting a Mr. And Mrs. Silverton from Westbridge, Connecticut. The President said that he was. The guard said thank you to him and hung up.
“The President is expecting you,” the guard said when he came back to the Silvertons. gaziantep travesti “Just follow the road to the door. He will greet you at the South Entrance.
“Thank you,” Douglas said.
They drove through the gate and up the graval path to the South Entrance. Stopping in front of the South Entrance, they got out.
Looking up at the White House, Samantha commented to Douglas that she didn’t realized just how big the place was. Coming out the door, the President greeted them, extending his hand to shake theirs. Douglas and Samantha returned the greeting with thanking the President for the invitation that he sent them. The President gave a welcome to them.
The President was a man of five feet and ten inches tall, with straight sandy hair gray at the temples. He had full bread that he kept well trimed. Samantha thought that he was somewhat plan looking with the bread when she saw him.
The President thought that Samantha was a very good looking attractive gorgeous woman with her blond hair. He judge that she was five feet six inches tall, with well-kept figure. He
The President thought that Samantha was a very good looking attractive woman with her blond hair. He judge that she was five feet six inches tall, with well-kept figure. He judge that Douglas was six feet tall, handsome looking of a fellow.
“Shall we go inside,” the President said suggesting.
Pausing just inside the entrance the President instructed a servant to see that the Silvertons lugguage was taken to the Lincoln Bedroom and take care of their clothes. Hearing the President the servant saw to that the Silvertons’ clothes were taken to the designated bedroom.
They followed the President through the door that led directly to the Diplomatic Reception Room. The room is one of four oval shape rooms in the White House. The walls haves wallpaper with American scenes from across the country that was admired by Europeans in the 1800’s. Above the fireplace is the famous portrait of George Washington done by Gilbert Stuart. The pieces in the room were done in the Federal period of 1790 to 1820 with many examples of New York and New England cabinetmarkers. From the ceiling hung a cut-glass chandelier done in the Regency style (that was popular when George IV served as regent in the name of his father). The rug had emblems of all the states in the Union.
“Mr. President, where is the emblem of Connecticut at in the rug?” Samantha asked out of curiosity.
He showed the Silvertons where the Connecticut emblem was at in the border of the rug.
Walking out of the Diplomatic Reception Room, they entered the Central Hall. The Central Hall runs the full length of the Ground Floor connecting the residence section to the East and West Terraces which in turn connect to the East and West Wings. At the east end of the hall between the hall and terrace is the Vistors Foyer. At the west end of the hall before the terrace is the Palm Room. On the west wall were the painting entitled Union and opposite were the painting titled Liberty each portraying a full dressed woman. The ceiling in the hall is vaulted and the President explained that the vaulted ceiling help support the upper floors to the main supporting walls. Down the center of the hall is a red rug with a woven gold line border. The Silvertons saw the paintings of the two most recently First Ladies of Barbara Bush and Hilary Clinton hanging on the sides to the Diplomatic Reception Room. They followed the President to the elevator to go to the second floor.
“The second floor is where my private living quarters are located at,” the President said as they rode up to the second floor. Arriving at their destination the President said “Welcome to my home,” to them. He explained that he could truly feel at home in privacy on the second floor. He showed them where the Lincoln Bedroom was, where the bathroom and the closet was located at.
“You might like to freshen up before dinner,” the President said on arriving at the Lincoln Bedroom.
The Lincoln Bedroom is part of a suite of rooms in the southeast corner of the second floor. They are the only rooms to be name after a President. The other room in the suite is known as the Lincoln Sitting Room. The bedroom part contains the famous Lincoln bed. The bed measures six feet wide by nine feet long. The head and footboards are rosewood with carved grapes, grapevines and birds.
Seeing the bed, Samantha commented that she never realized how tall President Lincoln was.
“I read that he was six feet four inches tall,” Douglas said.
“Well at that height no wonder he need an enormous bed to sleep in,” Samantha said jokingly.
Then she got more on the serious sided when she suggested that she and Douglas might as well freshen up for dinner. They had just finished freshen up when the President came to the room to announce that dinner was ready.
“Good, I am straved,” Samantha said. Douglas echoed Samantha’s statement.
“Well, good then. May I have the honor of escorting you to the dining room, Mrs. Silverton?” the President asked extending his arm to escort Samantha.
“You may, Mr. President,” Samantha said accepting his questure. Putting her arm around the President’s he escorted her down the Central Hall to the dining room.
The dining room is located in the northwest corner of the second floor. The walls were done in gold-cream color that dated from the George Walker Bush’s Administration, and white woodwork. The ceiling was plaster. In the center had a Sheraton pedestal mahogany dining table and New York Sheraton dining chairs. The table was set with pieces from the Lincoln White House china set along with glasses for champagne. The Lincoln White House china had a pattern of a purple-red color called “solferino.” In the center was the American Bald Eagle behind the United States facing the olive-branch for peace in its talons? In the other were the arrows for war. In the east wall was a plaster composition mantel with the words “We have met the enemy, and they are ours” carved. Perry spoke those words during the War of 1812 after the Battle of Lake Erie. Draperies of yellow-cream hung at the windows.
“I never thought that President Lincoln’s White House china had a very simple design till now,” Samantha said commenting on how Lincoln’s White House china looks.
Douglas said the same thing.
“I hope that you like champagne,” the President said as a servant poured champagne.
“We do, Mr. President,” Douglas said.
Seconds later their dinner arrived. The dinner consisted of steaks, mashed potatoes. Spanish, hot bread rolls. For desert a lemon magine pie.
During the course of dinner, the President asked Douglas “Mr. Silverton is it true of what I had heard about your wife?”
“What would that be you heard, Mr. President?” Douglas asked the President.
“I heard that Mrs. Silverton haves sex with your clients so that you can handle their adverstiment accounts,” the President said.
“Well, Mr. President, it is true of what you had heard about Samantha,” Douglas answered. “Do me a favor will you Mr. President, and that you keep it a secret?”
“Trust me, Mr. Silverton, I won’t tell anybody about it, if you do me something in return?” the President said asking a favor from Douglas.
“What would that be, Mr. President?” Douglas asked.
Taking a deep breath of air before he spoke, he then asked “Will you let her and I have sex tonight?”
“Well, Mr. President,” Douglas began, “Samantha and I had talk about it when we received your invitation to have dinner with you here at the White House and I told her that if you did want to have sex with her, she certainly had my permission to have it with you, we don’t want the news media to know about it so will you have it here on the second floor?”
“Why that was where I was thinking about having it with Mrs. Silverton so it would be kept private,” the President said in repling to Douglas.
“You may screw the fuck out of me, Mr. President, tonight,” Samantha said consenting. “Let me know when you are ready to have sex.”
“I will, Mrs. Silverton,” the President said. He added “First how would you two like to have a tour of the White House?”
“Sounds fine with us,” Samantha said.
Finishing their dinner, the President showed them the White House. The tour officially began in the Oval Office, the most famous room in the White House. The Silvertons could feel the power of the presidency lodge in the room. There the Silvertons saw the Resolute Desk that Presidents had used since 1880, when it came to the White House. Since John Kennedy, Presidents had used it in the Oval Office. Showing the Silvertons the Oval Office the President said to them “Of all the people that I see here in this room, by far you two are the most special ones that I had in this room.” They thank the President for his kind words to them.
Exiting the Oval Office, he led them down the West Colonnade to the residence part. Entering the residence part of the White House, he showed them the Map, China, Vermeil Rooms, and the Library. Taking the elevator, he showed them the East, Green, Blue, Red, and State Dining Rooms and the Cross and Entrance Halls. Going up the main staircase that led to the second floor, he showed them the Treaty, Yellow Oval Rooms, and the Queens Suite, which is across from the Lincoln Suite, separated by the East Sitting Hall. The tour ended at the Master Bedroom. The Master Bedroom is across from the dining room, separated by the West Sitting Hall.
“I didn’t know just how grand the White House really was,” Samantha said at the end of the tour.
Entering the Master Bedroom, the President instructed the servants that he was not to be disturbed for anything til he told them otherwise, no matter what noise they heard coming from inside his bedroom, as he handed his suit jacket to one of them. They acknowledged their instructions closing the door, leaving the President and the Silvertons to themselves.
The Master Bedroom was done with Chinese wallpaper with the design of birds and butterflies. This gave the room an airy atmosphere. In the east wall was a wooden matalpiece done that made it look like marble. Opposite of it was the President’s mahogany bed. The bed was a full size one. In front of the matalpiece was two couches and a coffee table of walnut. The ceiling was plaster with a cut-glass chandlier hang from it. In the north wall was a disguised door that led to the living room next door. In the southeast corner was another disguised door that led to the same room. In the northwest corner was a door that led to a small dressing room and a bathroom. The north wall was in a half-rounded shape. At each side of the bed were two armchairs that matched.
“Before we actually get into having sex, I have a secret to tell you about me,” Samantha said.
“Okay, what is the secret?” the President asked.
“The secret is that I am a witch,” Samantha said trusting the President with her secret. “I can make this room soundproof. That way no outside the room can hear us.”
“Can she, Mr. Silverton, make it where no one outside the room is to hear us?” the President asked.
“Well, she can and all you have to do is say the word,” Douglas answered.
“Mrs. Silverton, go ahead and make the room soundproof,” the President said.
Using her powers as a witch, she casted a spell that made the room soundproof, so no one could hear them outside of the room.
“Mrs. Silverton, your secret is safe with me,” the President said.
“I suppose that you two want to be alone,” Douglas said after the President gave the servants their instructions.
“You can stay, Mr. Silverton, if you like,” the President said.
“The bathroom is right in there,” the President said indicating that it was opposite of the door in the westwall, “if you like to get ready.” She knew what the President meant.
“Well, I do need to go and potty, Mr. President,” Samantha said.
Excusing herself she left to use the bathroom. While she was there she took her blouse off to remove her bra, pulling up her skirt she took her panties off, while she used the toilet. Putting on her blouse again she rejoined the President and her husband in the bedroom.
While Samantha was in the bathroom, the President turned off the lights except for the light that came from the chandlier giving a soft glow to the room. The soft glow from the chandlier gave Samantha’s yellow lemon blond hair a golden color and made her even more attractive and desireable to the President.
“Are you nervous about this, Mr. President?’ Samantha asked the President.
“A little, since I haven’t had it since my wife’s death,” he said.
“I will go slow for you till you are more comfortable,” Samantha said.
“You don’t have to do that on count that I am a little bit nervous of having sex with you,” the President said. “You looked even prettier in this soft light,” he continued in commenting how the soft glow from the chandlier made her look.
Moving closer to Samantha he desired to kiss her. Moving his arms around her in embracing, he began kissing her passionatly. Meeting his embrace, Samantha embraces the President returning his kiss of passion. Kissing each other, the President ran his hands up and down her back, noticing that Samantha had taken her bra off.
“I notice that you don’t have your bra on,” the President whisper to her.
“I took it off, along with my panties, while I was in the bathroom,” Samantha whisper back to him.
They return to their kissing each other affectionatly and tenderly.
Samantha whisper to the President “Put your hands on me, Mr. President,” when they broke for a breath of air.
Continuing to kiss, he began to unbuttoned her blouse slowly letting the moment last as long as he could. She losen his dark blue tie and pull it off. Pulling away from the President’s mouth, Samantha allowed him to unbutton the rest of her blouse. Returning to his mouth to resume their passionately kiss, she undid his dress shirt. He pull her blouse off while they continue their kiss, as she his off. Running his hand over her smooth skin, he found her tits, began feeling of them. Feeling the President’s hands on her tits, Samantha whispers “Oh, Mr. President.” She moved her hands down to undo his belt while he caresses her tits. Her tits swell from his caressing them. Opening his pants, she felt for his uncircumcised cock that was getting hard and pull it out. Running her hand over the shaft, she estimated that his would be at least six and half inches when it was fully erect.
The President moan feeling Samantha’s hand wrap around his love pole. “Play with my cock, like you know how to do, Mrs. Silverton.”
She stroked the presidential dick till it was fully erect. Breaking the kiss, the President moved towards the bed and lay down. Samantha followed him. She pulled his pants and shorts off. Positioning herself between his legs, she took his penis began to suck the presidential cock.
“Suck that dick, Mrs. Silverton,” the President said seeing his penis was hard and erect from Samantha’s stroking it.
Samantha began to suck the head of his penis. She ran her tongue over his dickhead and the full length of his penis shaft. Returning to the head of his penis, she worked it licking the piss silt in the head. She then moved on to his shaft sucking it till she felt his dickhead in the back of her mouth. Continuing down the shaft til she reached the base of his penis, she felt his dickhead in her throat. She slowly moved her mouth back up the shaft, stroking his shaft as she went. She could tell that she was pleasing the President with her sucking and stroking his penis from his moaning sounds. As she suck and lick the presidential penis, Samantha felt his testicles squeezing them in her hand. As she sucks his penis, Samantha also sucked the presidential balls, jostling them around in her mouth.
“Suck those balls,” the President said feeling them in her mouth. “Suck them as you know how to suck nuts.”
“Are you ready for my pussy, Mr. President?” Samantha asked the President as she was nearing the end of sucking his dick.
Finishing sucking his dick and balls, Samantha got up and pulled her skirt off. Lying down on the bed, opening her legs, she showed the President her pussy. Seeing her pussy, the President commented that hers was a nice looking pussy.
“Suck my pussy,” Samantha instructed the President. “Let me feel your tongue in my clint.”
“I hope that I hadn’t forgotten how to lick and suck a woman’s clint,” the President said as he was getting in position for her pussy licking.
Lying between her legs, he pushed a finger in her to stimulate and get her aroused even more than she was. He moved his finger in and out fingering fucking her, and rubbing her clitoris. Getting her pussy lubericated as he could with his finger, he began to lick her pussy. He knew that a woman’s sexual arousal rose more slowly than a man’s. She could feel her arousal mounting up in her, as the President was lubericating her vagina. Soon she felt two fingers in her, then three.
“Ah, that is it, Mr. President,” Samantha said. “Lick my pussy and finger me.”
The President lick and finger Samantha till her pussy was lubericated. He licked the inside of her thighs that sent sensational feelings through her to her mind. She knew for the moment her body was his to do as he wished. He returned to her clint to lick and suck it.
Finishing his licking and fingering of her pussy, the President told her “Turn over and get on your stomach.”
Turning over onto her stomach as the President wanted her, he began to massage her back. Beginning in the small of her back, he worked upward with alternateing strokes massagaing her back. He worked his hands first along her spine, then outward to her sides. Working her sides with his massaging he could feel the outer contours of her tits as they were flat against the bed.
“Um, yes, Mr. President,” Samantha said, “your massage feels good on my back.”
He worked with his hands down onto her buttocks, then on her legs, massaging her all over. He squeezed and rubs her buttocks.
“Oh, it feels so damned good,” Samantha groan as the President massage her all over.
He was getting her more arouse for him to penetrate her when the time came for penetration in her. She knew that he was getting her more in the mood for his cock. He could tell that he was getting her even more aroused for him. He continued his massageing till she was fully aroused for him to penetrate her love tunnel.
Knowing that Samantha was fully aroused the President knew that she was ready for him to penetrate her.
“You ready for the presidential dick to penetrate you?” the President ask her.
“I’m ready for you to fuck me,” Samantha answered. “Fuck me with that cock of yours.”
“Then get on your knees and hands,” the President said.
Samantha knew that he wished to fuck her first doggie style. Positioning herself in the doggie position she spread her legs apart. Kneeling down behind her, he said “Here comes my dick, Mrs. Silverton,” as he took his erect dick to guide it in her.
He penetrated her vagina. He thrusted his cock in her love tunnel, stretching her vagina open for his dick, began to fuck her. Feeling the President inside of her as her vagina was being stretched wider to accommodate his penis, she said “Oh, ah, yes, Mr. President. Fuck me.”
The President went slowly with his thrusts in her vagina as her love tunnel was getting accustomed to his cock. Thrusting in her, the President moved his dick back and forward fucking Samantha with slow strokes, working his cock in her deeper.
“Um, ah, yes, Mr. President,” Samantha said feeling the President went deeper in her. “I like being fucked deep. Let me feel every inch of the presidential dick in me.”
The President granted her desire to be fucked deep, thrusting his throbbing cock in all the way letting Samantha feel his balls against her liber lips. He fucked her deep and hard for several minutes. With each thrust in her, Samantha moaned and groans softly, as the President fuck her doggie style. She felt her vagina gripping and relaxing as he fuck her. Then he began to fuck her slow again.
“Mrs. Silverton, do you mind if I fuck you in your butthole?” the President asked Samantha as he fuck her slowly once again.
“If you like to fuck me there, Mr. President, I don’t object to being fuck in my anus,” Samantha answered him.
“If I had this kind of corporation from Congress, then I could get more done for our country,” the President whisper to her jokly.
Samantha smiled at the joke knowing how true that was of what he said to her in a jokly manner.
Withdrawing his penis from her love tunnel, he turned her around so she could suck his dick. Reaching her asshole he inserted his finger in her butthole, fingering her there getting her butthole lubericated for his cock to go in easier while she suck his dick. He worked his finger in her butthole till it was well lubericated. Moving back behind her facing her ass, he instructed her to open her ass so he could see her asshole.
Graspping her ass, she spread her asschecks apart so the President could see better where her asshole was. Taking his dick, he inserted it in Samantha penetrating her anus. She twitched her nose to ease the stretching of her butthole being open with his dick as he pushed it in slowly. Her muscles around her anus responded to his penis gripping and relaxing as he pushed in her. Feeling his penis all the way in her anus he began to fucked her. Her anus was stretched to accommodate his penis. He fucked her slow and easy, working deeper in her anus. He was exploring all of her ass with his dick. Pushing his penis in deeper, he felt her rectum with his dickhead.
“I feel your cockhead in my rectum, Mr. President,” Samantha said.
“You like being fucked deep in your ass, Mrs. Silverton?” the President ask.
“I like being fuck deep in my ass,” Samantha answered him.
“I was hoping that you did,” the President replied.
“And you was right, Mr. President,” Samantha said.
The President fucks her deep in her anus feeling her rectum for several minutes. Those minutes felt like an eternity to Samantha. She thought that at any moment the President was going to cum in her ass. Just as she thought “Oh, God, I’m going to feel his cum in my ass,” the President slowly withdrew his penis.
“Whew, you were in my ass a long time,” Samantha said as her butthole return to normal size. “I thought that any moment you were going to shoot your load in my anus.”
“I was in there a while,” the President said. “I would never cum in a woman’s anus, if I can help it.”
“Which position do you want me in now?” Samantha asked him.
“Turn over on your back,” the President said, “So I can fuck you in the Missionary position.”
Rolling over onto her back, she spread her legs apart. Kneeling down between her legs, he inserted his penis in her vagina again, putting his weight on his arms. Once again she felt her love tunnel being stretched open by his penis as he pushed it in.
“Oh, yes, fuck me, Mr. President,” Samantha said.
Working his love pole in till he was fully in, the President began to fuck her, thrusting back and forward. He moved his penis back till his dickhead was in, and then he would push his penis back in all the way.
“Fuck me,” Samantha said feeling him taking long and slow strokes in her vagina, “Fuck me deep.”
The President fuck her deep as she wished for him to do. Fucking her deep he lower down to kiss her. Taking his weight off of his hands, he lower himself down on her. This allowed him to fuck her the full depth of her vagina. She wrapped her legs around his to hold him on her better and moved her hands to his asschecks.
“I can feel your balls up against me,” Samantha said to him.
Withdrawing his dick, he moved her legs up to her chest. Reinstering his penis, he continued to fuck her. This position allowed him the maximum of penetration that could be attained. He fucks her in the position for several minutes. In this position he continued to stimulate the back wall of her vagina.
Twenty minutes later, he told Samantha to get on her side. Lying on his side behind, he took her leg, hooking his arm around her leg, he inserted his penis in her. This allowed him to have access to her tits to caress them. He thrust in her as far as penetration allowed him to go.
“Oh, yes, Mr. President,” Samantha said moaning. She knew that in the position they were in, he would be stimulating her front wall of her vagina.
As he began to fuck Samantha, she moved her hand down to her vulva to feel the presidential dick sliding between her index and second fingers. He moved his hand to caress her tits as he fucks her.
“Ah, I can feel my cock sliding between your fingers, Mrs. Silverton, as I fuck you,” the President said.
“I can feel your cock also sliding between them also, Mr. President. I like feeling a man’s dick sliding between my fingers when a man fucks me in this position,” Samantha said.
“I didn’t know that you like it,” the President said. “It does have a good feeling to it.”
Ten minutes later, he asked her if she was ready to fuck him. Samantha told him she was.
Taking his penis out, he rolled over on his back. Moving onto him, Samantha spread her legs apart, she positioning herself on the President. Taking his cock in her hand, she inserted it in her vagina. Moving up and down on his dick, she rode his dick, moving her pelvis.
“Oh, oh, yes, Mrs. Silverton, ride that cock,” the President said feeling Samantha’s vagina contracting back and forth with each movement on his dick. “Fuck me, God Dammit, ride that dick.”
Samantha increased her movements on his dick obeying the President.
“Oh, oh,” the President said. Before either one of them knew, the President shot his load of cum up in her vagina.
Samantha stayed on his cock til the last drops of his cum was squirted out. With the last drops out, she moved off of his cock and lay down beside him, exhausted.
Catching their breaths, they went in to the bathroom, to clean up. Cleaning up, they came back to the bedroom.
“That was some wonderful sex we had, Mr. President,” Samantha said. “Are you satisfied?”
“I am,” the President said. “You make a good sex partner.”
“Well, thank-you, Mr. President.”
“Would you like to have more sex, Mr. President?” Samantha asked.
Looking at the clock on one of the bedside tables, the President noticed that it was ten o’clock at night.
No, I don’t want any more sex, besides I have a big day tomorrow getting the State of the Union ready.”
They got dressed. Samantha and Douglas went to the Lincoln Bedroom for bed.
While they slept in Lincoln’s bed, Samantha was wakening by strange walking sounds that sounded like they were coming from inside the room. Opening her eyes and stretching, she looked to see where the strange footsteps were coming and low and behold she saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.
“Why, Mr. President Lincoln,” Samantha said.
“How did you know who I was?” the ghost asked. “Who are you?”
“I’m Samantha Silverton,” Samantha said introducing herself. “As to how I knew who you was, that’s simple. I recognized you from the many pictures that was made of you and has survived til now,”
“Well it is nice to be recognized, especially by a gorgeous lady like you,” the ghost said.
“Well, thank-you for the commented. Coming from you, Mr. Lincoln, I consider it an honor.”
“I must be leaving now,” the ghost said.
“It was nice to have met you Mr. Lincoln, even though you are a ghost,” Samantha said.
“And it was an honor for me to have met a gorgeous lady.”
Then the ghost left and Samantha went back to sleep.
The next moring after breakfast, the Silvertons left going back to their house in Westbridge.

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