Sandi’s Erotic Adventures Ch. 01

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A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter One. 1982.

(July). Early experiences. Benny.


One Saturday afternoon at the beginning of the summer holidays I was walking the fields with a girl friend, following the path of a brook which had at some stage been straightened out in several places. We elected to follow the original, and now dried up meandering course, and in one overgrown loop came upon a group of youths. They were older than us and my friend Pat, who was eighteen the same as I, wanted to turn back. I told her not to be silly, there was nothing to be afraid of, and marched boldly onwards. At the furthest point of the old path though, the youths barred our path.

“Now then girls what’s your hurry. Stay and have some fun,” one of them said.

Pat asked them in a tremulous voice to let us through as by this time we were surrounded by perhaps a dozen youths.

“Come on the sun’s hot, relax and have some fun,” someone said, his hand groping one of my breasts.

I giggled as more hands groped me, one thrusting its way up my skirt. A scream brought my attention back to Pat and I saw her down on the grass being stripped by three or four laughing youths. I was gratified to find myself the greater object of attention, eight or more of them surrounding me!

Then I too found myself being stripped but instead of screaming like Pat just giggled excitedly. With the greater number of youths involved I was naked first. On my back in the grass, ankles held wide apart, the excited murmur of the youths died away as they stared between my legs. Pat was in the same predicament and again I was pleased to find I had more youths inspecting my body than she had. Despite their excitability the youths seemed nervous and with Pat still yelling, something spooked them. Taking fright they ran off, laughing at their supposed bravado. We collected our clothes, our knickers which had been thrown into a bush I extricated with difficulty, dressed quickly and left the brook to walk home. It was while collecting our clothes to dress that I saw a guy watching through the bushes, presumably what had spooked the youths. casino şirketleri He continued watching while we dressed but then disappeared. I said nothing to my friend about the watcher; she was upset enough as it was.

Pat was still tearful but I recall feeling elated at the effect my body had on all the youths, the way they stared, open-mouthed some of them, between my thighs. Even then it gave me a sense of power over the male of the species.

Next day, Sunday, I walked the path again, this time alone. I’d talked Pat out of telling her parents what had happened but she was adamant that she’d never walk the fields again.

Approaching the spot where we’d met the youths yesterday I felt tense with excitement, wondering if they’d be there and what might happen if they were. My nervous excitement increased when I heard voices up ahead and knew it was them. I could have turned back at this point but despite, or more probably because of knowing what could befall me, carried on walking. It was very much a repeat of the previous day in that I was promptly stripped naked by the gang of youths. This time though there seemed to be more of them, at least fifteen I thought, and I was the sole object of their interest. Stretched out naked on the grass it was incredibly exciting to witness all these youths

jostling and pushing one another in their desperation to look between my legs. It seemed to me at the time that I wielded a very great power over them.

Bolder this time some hands were on my breasts, other exploring between my legs, and despite a certain roughness I loved it! At that point though the youths were again spooked and ran off laughing. That’s where the similarity with yesterday ended though because this time the guy I’d seen watching came out from behind the bushes.

I recognised him now as a sort of traveller who did seasonal work on local farms and any other odd jobs he could find. He was known around the village as Benny and lived in a caravan with a woman and several teenage children.

“No, no, please lay there a bit longer. I won’t hurt you, I just want to look,” he pleaded when I started getting to my feet.

I returned to my prone casino firmaları position on the grass and even spread my legs further, excited by his gasp. “Don’t be frightened,” he muttered, undoing his jeans.

Kneeling between my feet the guy had his penis out masturbating. I’d never seen an erect one before and watched his pumping hand fascinated.

“Use your fingers to open your cunt lips,” he urged.

Without giving it a second thought I just did as the guy asked and continued watching his hand pumping away at his penis while he stared between my thighs. When he came I saw the white cream spurting from his penis and felt blobs of semen landing on my leg. My God, I’m the cause of that, I thought excitedly. Looking flushed and nervous now, he zipped his jeans back up and hurried away. I laughed, feeling a sense of power to see the state my body had reduced the guy too, and stopping to look back he asked if I’d be all right.


I had remained laying on the ground, despite my heightened sense of excitement feeling a little bemused by what had happened. Scrambling to my feet I began dressing. Returning to help me find my scattered clothes the guy said, “You won’t tell anyone about this will you?”

I assured Benny my lips were sealed and he looked at me speculatively before saying, “Come with me a minute, I want to show you something.”

I followed Benny in the direction from which he’d first appeared and a barely noticeable path led us over the dried up brook. Through a gap in the hedge we emerged in a field where, indicating a semi derelict barn the fully open side facing the field, Benny told me it was a favourite haunt of his. The barn clearly hadn’t been used for anything in a long time and there were a few old bales of hay up one end, with more loose hay scattered about the earthen floor.

“If you meet me here same time tomorrow I’ll bring some skins,” he told me.

I looked at him puzzled and he went on, “A packet of Johnnie’s; Durex.”

“Oh I see,” I replied, the meaning of his words dawning on me. “Yes I can be here tomorrow.”

I was going to lose my virginity I thought excitedly; the fact that the scruffy looking guy güvenilir casino who was going to deprive me of it was probably my parent’s age didn’t enter my head.

Next day he was there first, sitting on a bale with a packet of Durex beside him and smoking a cigarette which he stubbed out at my approach.

“So, you came then; you must be willing.”

He stood up and began undoing his jeans. Trying to conceal my nervousness I undressed before laying on the straw covered ground. I stared in awe at the hard penis rearing up from below his torn and grubby vest, wondering if I could take it. Benny’s hands moved impatiently over my body, squeezing my breasts before one of them pushed between my legs. His fingers roughly forced their way into me and I screamed with the suddenness of the invasion.

“Open you up a bit, ready for my cock,” he grunted, continuing to finger me.

Then he swiftly tore the Durex packet open to extract a condom. I watched fascinated while he rolled the sheath over his penis. Next he moved onto me and I again felt his fingers spreading my cunt lips.

“Oh!” My exclamation rent the air when his penis nudged its way inside me.

He was rough, kissing me and clawing my breasts as he fucked me with little regard for anything but his own gratification. It didn’t last long either but I remained laying naked in the straw long after he’d gone.

In hindsight I can’t say my first experience of sexual intercourse had been up to much but even then I knew I wanted more. I hadn’t said no when he asked me to meet him at the barn again next Saturday. Eventually I dressed, eyeing the used condom he’d left hanging over a beam, and walked home with much to think about.

Throughout that fateful summer I continued to meet Benny at the barn for sex but in the autumn he and his family moved on and I never saw the guy again. He fucked me 23 times; I know that because he hung his used condom on the beam each time! Despite the fact that Benny took me roughly and with little thought for my own pleasure, I loved it and knew the experience would get better. I loved the fact that my body caused his penis to rear up but was also responsible for its rapid wilting afterwards!

I revisited the barn several times over the next year or two, the row of condoms still adorning the beam invariably exciting me, and it was in the barn that I also discovered the joys of masturbation!

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