Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 13


Chapter 13. Mike W. (May 2004)

It was an unusually hot weekend for mid-May and on the Sunday afternoon hubby suggested driving over to B. Country Park. Sounded good to me so off we went.

Parking the car we set out on one of the main paths but had only been walking for five minutes or so when, typically, John decided he needed the loo. So back he went to use the toilets at the car park while I continued walking slowly onwards.

After a minute or two a guy appeared from a side path and falling into step alongside said, “Fine day for the time of the year, isn’t it.”

I agreed and we continued to converse while walking along the path side by side. His name was Mike, a slim bearded guy in his mid-forties, and I realised I was being chatted up when he commented that I looked incredibly sexy in my tight fitting jeans.

“Emphasizes your shapely bum,” he told me. “You’re an attractive woman all round.”

Well having turned 40 a few days earlier Mike’s compliments were music to my ears.

“Your flattery could get you almost anywhere.” I laughed. “Perhaps it’s just as well there are too many people about.”

“No problem there,” he said quickly. “I know a secluded spot outside the country park. There’s a small gap in the fence at the far end of the park giving access to farmland.”

It was just then that hubby caught up with us at a run, puffing and panting with the unaccustomed exertion.

“I think I’m being propositioned.” I told him and introduced them.

“Ah, a potential paramour.” J. said, shaking Mike’s hand.

“Oops, sorry mate thought she was on her own.”

“No problem.” J. told him and as the three of us continued to walk I told hubby about the secluded spot Mike had mentioned.

“Well the weather’s warm enough for outdoor sex, what Urfa Escort about it?” J asked me, though knew he didn’t really need to.

“Show us the spot.” I said to Mike in answer to hubby question.

Mike was looking confused by this time so I told him that J. likes watching me with other men.

“Nothing I like better.” J. confirmed. “If you’re comfortable performing with an audience that is.”

“Yea I’d have no trouble there, in fact it might be a big turn on to screw your wife in front of you.”

Little more was said while Mike led us to a gap in the hedge, across a field, and came to a halt in a sheltered spot overlooking a small stream.

“Perfect,” hubby said looking about and touching the grass. “Seems nice and dry.”

Hubby took the jacket which I’d been carrying from my hand and pushing me towards Mike said, “Be my guest, whatever you want to do with my wife’s fine by me.”

Now some guys are hesitant to begin with when hubby is present, not so Mike though. Pulling me to him he kissed me fiercely while pinching and pulling my bottom. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my body and teased Mike that it didn’t take much to get him going.

“I haven’t had it for ages,” he grunted, breaking free to undo my jeans.

“Let me, you’re all thumbs.” I chided, pushing his hands away.

Undoing my jeans I took them off and continued undressing watched by Mike, who was rubbing the front of his cord trousers. As soon as my bra was off Mike grabbed my breasts to bury his face between them. It was left for hubby to ease my panties down and off while I clung to Mike, enjoying the feel of his mouth on my nipples. It was also hubby who took Mike’s hand and guided it between my thighs, a look of surprise appearing on the guys face.

“Perhaps you’d also Urfa Escort Bayan like to put my cock inside your wife’s cunt,” he grinned facetiously.

“Yes, that would be great!”

“You’re really into this sort of thing aren’t you,” a rather bemused looking Mike said.

By this time his fingers were slipping in and out of my cunt in a very delightful manner, my little cries of pleasure becoming louder.

“Oh yes,” hubby assured him. “There’s nothing I like better than watching Sandi receive a good fucking.”

“Get it out for me then.” Mike said, turning slightly towards hubby while continuing to finger me.

Hubby knelt and I looked down to see his hands eagerly unbuckling Mike’s belt. Undoing the guys cord trousers hubby tugged them down, taking his underpants with them. Mike, growing more and more excited by the minute, pushed his genitals into hubbies face.

“Suck my cock,” he snapped, suddenly becoming more dominant.

I wasn’t surprised when hubby opened his mouth and to accept Mike’s cock, it wasn’t the first time and is unlikely to be the last that J sucked a guy’s cock.

“I could never have imagined anything like this in my wildest dreams!” Mike crowed, fingering me while hubby sucked his cock.

I surprised Mike even more then by kneeling and licking his balls, hubby continuing to suck his cock. Next we swapped round and I sucked Mike’s cock while hubby licked his balls.

“Fuck, I can’t take anymore of this!” Mike gasped and pushed me backwards onto the grass.

He mounted me and I spread my legs eagerly as his cock drove into my cunt.

“You said I could put it in.” Hubby’s voice had a plaintive edge to it.

“Next time. I’m gonna fuck your wife at least twice.” Mike told him. “Now watch, play with yourself if it turns you Escort Urfa on, while I give it to her.”

I wrapped my legs round Mike’s body while he fucked me and from the corner of my eye saw hubby masturbating while he watched. Mike didn’t last long; I hadn’t expected him to, and with a cry of, “I’m coming, filling your wife’s cunt with hot cream,” it was over.

Mike staggered to his feet and laughed to see my red faced hubby’s hand covered in cum. There was a sly grin on Mike’s face as he said to J, “On your knees again and lick my cock clean, taste your wife’s cunt juices on it.”

Mike’s laughter rang out again when he saw the eagerness with which hubby dropped to his knees and did as he was told. Moving to Mike’s rear I reached between his thighs. Stroking his balls, I kissed and licked Mike’s bum cheeks, soon allowing my tongue to drift down between them. What with hubby sucking his cock as well Mike was quickly erect again and ready for more.

Telling me to get down on all fours Mike moved into position at my rear.

“Now, this is what you want. Take my cock and insert it into your wife’s cunt.”

The fingers which spread my lips were also hubby’s and as Mike’s cock glided inside me I heard both guys sigh heavily. Hubby remained kneeling beside us as gripping my thighs Mike began fucking me.

“You like this do you, watching my big hard cock drilling your wife’s cunt?”

“Oh yes!” Hubby sounded breathless.

Mike’s fingers ran through my pubic hair to locate and stimulate my clitoris as he fucked me. Suddenly leaning over to grab my swaying breasts Mike hissed in my ear, “Hubby’s coming in his hand again and I’m soon going to do the same, but up your cunt.”

Within seconds the words proved correct, his cock jerking and releasing his semen into my depths. Mike rocked back on his heels, his cock remaining imbedded inside me.

“That was fucking good!”

Not all that surprisingly Mike wanted to meet up again but as he lives in town, just a few miles away, we decided he’s too close for comfort and declined.

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