Santa’s Helpers

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I stepped back to admire the job we’d finally accomplished. The toys were stacked in two bountiful little piles, created from a laundry list of toys from our sons’ Christmas wishes. They were gonna shit their pants!

“We did good this year,” you whispered as you pushed into my arms, wrapping yours around my waist. You nuzzled into my chest and I caught a whiff of your shampoo. Clean, pretty, my favorite of the million you’ve tried over the years. “didn’t take us long. We’ve probably got 2 hours before they wake up.” You finished your thought, breaking my little daydream, sniffing your head.

“Two hours, huh? Almost seems like a waste to go back to bed.” I half-growled. I love Christmas and I almost never sleep on Christmas Eve, but I wanted to make it clear what a sacrifice I was making.

“Well, then, let’s just get in the shower.” your eyes twinkled, and I finally caught up with your drift.

The shower? It had been months since we’d ventured out of the bed for sex. The last time was literally a five minute interlude as I fucked you bent over the washing machine between the kids leaving on the bus and me leaving for work.

It’s not that we didn’t want more sex, we both loved each others bodies and liked to spend time on them, it was just that we had no time. The kids, work, family, bills, chores, errands. It piles up on man and wife, and before long it’s been months since you’ve fucked anywhere but lying on your bed.

You had raced back through the house and already started the shower when I entered the master bath. This room was your palace. You’d started the remodel for our fifth anniversary, two years after we bought the house, but hadn’t completed it until last year. A garden tub the size of a volkswagon was the centerpoint of the room, columns surrounding and secluding it.

A his-and-hers vanity ran up to the door, with drawers and cabinets below and a startling room-length mirror above it. The dark marble countertop matched the bath, and the base of the double waterfall shower, my destination.

The glass wall and door of the shadow were üsküdar escort clear, thick as soda bottles and just short of soundproof. You could hear on the other side, but it was a muffled, contained version of itself. This shower alone was costing me a quarter of my yearly salary, but in this moment, I realized why it was worth every single penny.

I stood in the door of the room, heart racing and cock already hard at the thought of our mid-night adventure. You had just entered the shower, steam already rising around you. You were facing me through the glass wall, legs spread just a bit. Your hands pressed up against the glass, your eyes caught mine and you licked your lips. I nearly came.

I don’t remember crossing the room or opening the shower door. I don’t remember when I took my clothes off, or if I even did before I was under the spray. I just remember my hands on your hips, then sliding up to cup your breasts, as my body aligned with yours and my hard dick slid between your cheeks.

My hand found your chin, spinning your head to the left as I suck your neck. Your skin was salty in my mouth, a hint of your perfume and a whiff of that shampoo I was admiring earlier.

“Oh, baby…” you groaned, grunting and grinding your ass against me. You’ve missed this as much as I have! The realization struck me hard across the chest and I forget myself for a moment. The second without attention was too much for you and you grabbed my cock between your legs.

“Already baby?” I gasped as you began rubbing my head up and down your slit. We never start with intercourse. I love eating you too much, and it’s always the best way to make you cum.

“Just fuck me, babe. You can lick that pussy later. Fuck me, Ben!” and you didn’t give me any choice as you pulled my cock into your wet hole.

And, oh my God, were you wet. You always had a wet pussy, but that was mostly because I spent so much time licking it. I hadn’t even touched you today. Not sent one dirty text. But you were overflowing, your juices mixing with the shower and yenibosna escort pouring down my balls.

You had pulled me in balls deep, and that’s where I sat as I let the sensation pour over me. The hot shower, the cold tile, the sight of your smooth spine and beautiful ass above my cock, deep inside you.

“Fuuuuuuccckk.” you moaned in pleasure, tightening your pussy walls around my throbbing dick. That was enough to bring me back. I’m here, I’m fucking a beautiful woman, my wife, my lover, fuck yes.

Immediately, I began a deep and fast thrust, pulling all but my head out of you and slamming it all in, as my hips pounded against your ass. You leaned further into the shower wall, grunting now with each thrust.

“I love you, baby.” I said as my cock blurred in and out of you. I slid my right hand from your hip around to your button as I leaned down aligning my chest with your back. As I found you, you startled and we stumbled slightly pressing both our hands against the glass now, holding ourselves up together.

Your left hand joined my right between your legs then. You took over your clit, as I let my fingers slide up and down the sides of your lips around you and my own cock.

“Cumming.” Just one word, that’s the only signal I got, as your orgasm washed over you. You’ve cum violently before, and it’s not out of the ordinary for you to pull something, or injure me slightly when you peak. Luckily this one didn’t strike you that way. As precariously as we were held up, a violent orgasm might have killed us.

You did buck though. Your hips thrusting against me, forcing me deeper and deeper inside you, like there was an itch that needed to be scratched, and it was just a bit further inside.

Then, just as suddenly as it started, you were satisfied and slowed your rhythm on my cock, until you finally slip free of me and stood, spinning to face me.

“I want you to cum on my titties.” You said, matter of factly, as you started stroking my cock with your hand. “It’s been a long time since I saw you cum.”

I zeytinburnu escort almost always came inside you since I’d had the vasectomy. We had our two kids, we didn’t want anymore, neither one of us liked condoms and we both like when I finish inside you, why wouldn’t I get it done? So your announcement that you wanted to watch me climax and spray it all over your chest was novel for us. And very exciting for me.

“Well, if that’s your Christmas wish…” I laughed, not able to finish the thought I was so excited by the idea of spraying across your beautiful breasts. You kneeled in front of me then, licking your lips and stroking my cock slowly across them. Then, just as quickly as you pulled me into your pussy, you swallowed me whole.

You had never been able to deep throat before me, and hadn’t been able to swallow me for the longest time. But recently, on occasion it seemed like your body would just be a little more hungry for dick than normal. Your pussy was wetter, your throat less sensitive.

My dick was nothing but sensitive. Your mouth and tongue were so wet and hot, sliding around me. You’ve always been an excellent cock-sucker, since the days when we were dating. In your own way, your as much an artist at oral sex as I am.

And that morning in the shower, you were painting your masterpiece.

Your hand slid up and down my shaft, the other stroking and pulling my balls. Your lips tight around my dick, tongue circling the the head and tickling my glans. You were playing an excellent game, and had me in a special level of heaven, then you called the trick play.

Your thumb suddenly at my ass, pressing into me before I realized it. Your throat suddenly around my cock as you took me all the way in, the combination was too much. I began my orgasm and screamed. You pulled my dick out of your mouth and started feverishly stroking it, pointing at your swinging tits. Your thumb continued its work, pressing against my prostate as I began to squirt.

Four, five then six sprays as I covered your neck and chest with cum.

“Looks like someone has been a very, very good girl this year.” I said, catching my breath as I finally came down from orgasm.

“And Santa got me everything I asked for.” You said, licking the cum off your fingers as you stood up and wrapped your arms back around me. “Merry Christmas, baby.”

“God bless us, everyone.” I laughed, as I turned you into the waterfall and reached for the soap.?

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