Santa’s Little Helper


Julie was completely humiliated. She was a senior in college on full scholarship, achieving high honors, and already accepted to three schools, one of them Ivy League, for graduate work. Yet the only job she could find over the Christmas break was dressing up as one of Santa’s elves in a mall. Flipping burgers would be better than dealing with those snot-nosed kids. Not to mention the parents. They were even more demanding than the kids. At least with her elf hat and pointy ears none of her hometown friends should recognize her. Unless they had kids that they brought into the “Winter Wonderland.” Great. Something else for her to worry about.

As she struggled into her costume in the mall bathroom (there was no way she was walking into the mall in that getup) she counted down the days until Christmas Eve, the last night of the job. Only seventeen days to go, but she worked fifteen of them. For some reason, people weren’t falling over themselves for this job, so at least she was raking in the dough on overtime. She was supposed to be saving the money she made for a down-payment on an apartment when she started grad school, but she figured the overtime money was fair game, and she knew just what she was going to spend it on.

The leather store was two shops down from “Winter Wonderland,” and Julie passed it every day on her way to work. She wouldn’t dare walk in while she was in costume, but she’d spied something the other day that caused her to come back into the mall after her shift. It was a tiny red leather corset, not the kind of thing she normally wore, or even had anyone to show it off to, but for some reason it turned her on and she just had to have it, even at eighty nine bucks. Stealing a little glance through the window as she walked past gave her the strength to face another day.

When she arrived at “Blighted Blunderland,” as she liked to call it, she was surprised to find Santa’s Workshop already unlocked with Santa inside. Ralph was notoriously late, and she’d invented a stockpile of reasons to give to the kids, everything from “Rudolph needed his nose polished” to “Mrs. Clause had to sew Santa’s buttons back on his shirt.” Santa might be fat and jolly, but one thing he was not was punctual.

As she ducked into Santa’s Workshop, the small building where they kept the props and photographic equipment, she was greeted with a bellowing “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

“Give it a rest, Ralph,” she complained, hoping to get everything set up early to prepare for the as-soon-as-the-mall-opens parents and tots. Even on weekdays they were hit hard right at 9:00. Didn’t these kids go to school?

“Better be careful, little girl, or you’ll end up on my naughty list!” Santa rumbled to her. Ralph had probably said three words to her in the week she’d been working with him, so this was very odd. She turned to look at the jolly man in the red suit. It was hard to see much behind the beard and mustache, fake eyebrows, and wig that was attached to the hat, but Julie could tell quite clearly that this was not Ralph.

The man in the red suit must have seen her look of surprise, because he dropped the fake deep voice and said, “Ralph had an accident last night. I’m going to be filling in for him for the rest of the season.”

He had deep blue eyes, so dark they were almost purple. There were very few lines around his eyes either, so he couldn’t have been too old. And his voice was just sexy as hell. It was ridiculous to be getting turned on by Santa Clause, but she was.

“Uh… Hi, I’m Julie.” She stuck out her hand awkwardly, feeling like a dumb high school freshman with a crush on her teacher. Julie would know. She’d had a crush on one of her teachers freshman year.

“I’m Alvin,” the voice behind the costume replied. “Ralph is my uncle.”

“Is he all right? What happened?”

“Dumbass got drunk and slipped on the ice at my folks house. Put his bad hip out of place. Again. Lucky me, I’d just gotten home that afternoon so my dad volunteered me to take over for Uncle Ralph. And since the other two Santas can’t work weekdays, I had no good excuse.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Julie lied. “Do you have any questions about what to do?”

“I just sit back and get all the glory while you do all the work, right?” he winked at her.

“Yep. That’s pretty much it,” she replied. She was glad to hear he had a sense of humor. She couldn’t wait to see him out of that costume. She blushed at the double meaning behind that, but it was true. She hadn’t been with a guy for nearly two years. She was hoping that would change soon.

The Urfa Escort day passed pretty much the same as usual, except that now Julie had a little more interest in what Santa was doing. She hoped Alvin would have lunch with her, but he went off to the food court, and Julie didn’t want to waste time changing and there was no way she was going in costume.

About an hour before she was due to leave, the manager called to ask her to stay for an extra shift. She reminded him she was already putting in a whole extra day on Saturday, but he begged her to stay and offered her a $25 bonus on top of the overtime pay, so she had to say yes. That would give her enough to buy the corset even without Saturday’s overtime, so she’d have plenty of money for presents and partying as well.

As the 5:00 Santa arrived to join the 3:00 elf, Julie and Alvin headed into Santa’s Workshop to finish up their paperwork for their shift. Alvin took off the Santa hat and beard, and Julie’s heart nearly stopped. He was even more gorgeous than his voice implied. He looked a little silly with the fake eyebrows, so she reached over and plucked them off.

“Ow!” he complained. “Now you’re going to have to take me out for dinner.”

She wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, so she decided to play it cool. “Alas, an elf’s work is never done. At least not until 9:00 tonight. But I’ll let you buy me dinner tomorrow, and if you’re nice I promise to wear something naughty.”

Alvin blushed, which he tried to cover by fumbling with the buttons on his Santa suit. “Well, then,” he said, still not looking up, “I’d say that’s a date. But why do you have to work until 9:00?”

“I guess not everyone has the work ethic of a true elf. The girl who’s supposed to be in at 6:00 called in sick, and Wednesday nights are busy enough that the boss wants two elves on. Plus, I need to support my crack habit.” She laughed so he would know it was a joke.

After Alvin left for the night, Julie hurried to the bathroom and changed, then rushed to the leather store to buy her corset. It fit perfectly, and really pushed up her breasts, which were pretty full to start with. She also made a dash to a department store to buy some racy stockings for the corset to hold up. Luckily, she already had an outfit to wear it with or else she wouldn’t have much overtime money left.

The next day Julie could hardly concentrate on the job. She was so excited being around Alvin and was looking forward to their date. At last it was 5:00. She agreed to meet Alvin in the parking lot and went off to get changed. Just slipping the corset on made her wet with anticipation, and she decided to skip panties and just go with the black stocking, black boots, black skirt, and black jacket. It was sexy, and it felt good.

Alvin was waiting by her car when she walked out, and she was very pleased by his appreciative stares. “I think I’m going to have to be very, very nice tonight,” he said.

They made small talk as she drove him out to her favorite little bar and grill in the next town over. She found out they had gone to the same high school, but he had graduated the year before she started. He had spent 5 years in the Marines and was now a freshman at one of the schools Julie was considering for grad school. Depending on how things turned out, her decision might be a lot easier to make. They also talked about their past relationships, and Julie let slide that she was on birth control. Alvin was relieved because he hadn’t even thought to buy condoms. The fact that neither of them had been with anyone in quite a while also made them feel safer.

Throughout dinner, Julie and Alvin kept finding reasons to touch each other. At one point Julie excused herself to the restroom just so that when she came back she could switch to the other side of the booth and sit right up next to Alvin. He took the hint, and his hand began caressing her inner thigh as they finished up dessert. His touch was like electrified silk against her skin. That they were getting along so well only made her more eager to know what it would be like to be with him.

After a couple of drinks they were more than ready to head out to someplace more private. Unfortunately, both Julie and Alvin were staying with their parents for the holidays.

“What about Winter Wonderland?” Julie joked, but as soon as she said it she started warming up to the idea.

“Are you going to put your elf costume back on?”

“No!” Julie replied.

“What if I said please?” Alvin was just as eager as Julie to Urfa Escort Bayan be alone, and the idea of being naughty in Santa’s hut was driving him crazy. As a kid he’d always thought Santa was the coolest guy ever, being in charge and deciding everyone’s fate. He wondered as Julie drove them back to mall how much of his fantasy she might make true.

It was just starting to snow as they arrived back at the mall. Julie regretted not wearing a coat, but figured the look on Alvin’s face earlier was worth it. She parked by an employee entrance and punched in the code, thankful that she’d memorized it despite thinking she’d never need it. There were just a few cleaning people in the individual stores, and security only monitored the doors. Julie and Alvin wouldn’t be in trouble unless they got caught in a compromising position, and chances are the night guard would look the other way even then for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

As soon as they reached Santa’s Workshop Alvin’s hands were around Julie’s waist, pulling her toward him. He kissed her deeply, their tongues sliding over each other and leaving them gasping for air. Alvin’s hands went to Julie’s shoulders and slid the sweater off to the floor. She shuddered at his touch, and her own hands reached around to squeeze his ass. She could feel his cock getting hard between them, and she slid her hands back around front to stroke him through his pants.

Alvin wanted nothing more than to rip off their clothes and fuck her good and hard, but he also wanted to savor the moment and see how far he could take it.

“You’ve been a naughty little elf,” he said, hoping she would play along, but ready to back off if she wasn’t.

“Oh, Santa,” Julie pouted. “Isn’t there any way I can get back on your nice list?”

“I might be able to think of something,” he replied, unbuttoning his shirt so she could slip her hands inside. Julie wasted no time, and was soon covering his chest with kisses, biting his nipples, and nibbling on his ears. He slipped out of the shirt and grabbed the Santa hat.

“That’s good,” he said, “but you’re going to have to try a lot harder to get on MY good list.” Alvin unbuckled his belt, and without missing a beat Julie took over.

“Let me do that for you, Santa,” she said, opening his fly and sliding her hands in to stroke his hard cock. Alvin felt himself being pushed backward until he was forced to sit in the oversized chair that served as a backup throne in case there was an accident with one of the kids. There was also an extra pair of pants, but Alvin didn’t think he’d be putting them on anytime soon. As soon as he was settled into the chair Julie knelt between his knees and took his cock in her mouth. Her aggressiveness and the tight warmth of her mouth nearly made him cum right then and there. As she worked her way up and down his shaft he relaxed and focused on enjoying the sensation. He felt himself working up to a climax, and Julie must have realized it, because she slowed down.

“Do you want me to finish?” she whispered.

“No. I want you to take off your skirt,” he told her. She stood up and slowly pulled the skirt down around her ankles, revealing the sexy stockings and her pussy, covered only by a thin layer of public hair. “Now turn around,” he told her, and she obeyed.

Alvin grabbed her hips and pulled her closer so he could reach around to feel her wet slit. He rubbed her clit and she moaned lightly. “Why don’t you come sit on Santa’s lap, little girl,” he said. Julie let herself be guided onto his lap so that her bum was rubbing against his erect penis. Then Alvin got back to work, stroking her wet pussy and nibbling at the soft nape of her neck. Julie started wiggling beneath him, wanting more. Without warning he shoved two fingers into her hot, tight hole as far as they would go. Julie let out a little gasp, then relaxed into it and started moving herself up and down on the fingers. Alvin let her go for a while then went back to rubbing her clit and shoving his fingers in at the end of each stroke. Julie was going crazy, rubbing her cute little ass against his cock and bucking her hips with his movements.

Julie tried to get up so that she could let Alvin enter her, but he wouldn’t have any of it. Instead, he pushed her onto the ground on all fours. “Not so fast, you naughty little elf. You’re not getting off that easy.” Then he slapped her ass hard. She cried out, but didn’t make any move to get up or move away from him. Feeling more confident, he started striking her again and again. “That’s for putting Escort Urfa too much stuffing in the teddy bears. That’s for not winding up the wind-up toys. That’s for forgetting the milk with my cookies.” He kept it up until her ass was as red as her leather corset.

“Santa, please stop,” she cried. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

Alvin couldn’t hold back any longer, and plunged his dick deep inside her eager pussy. She cried out again, and moaned as he started rocking her back and forth with his thrusts. “You like it like that, don’t you naughty elf?”

“Oh, yes, Santa. I love it when you fuck me. Fuck me hard, Santa.”

Alvin grabbed her tits out of the corset and mashed them with his hands, then pulled back until her nipples were stretched to the limit. He felt her tighten around his cock, and he did it again and again, feeling her getting close to an orgasm. He forced himself to relax so she wouldn’t take him with her.

With a soft cry Julie shuddered underneath Alvin. He kept pulling on her tits until she was squirming and moaning, but he kept at it until he felt her tighten again. Another slap to her red buttocks sent her over the edge again, and he let her slide off him and to the ground, where she lay panting.

“Oh, no, little elf. I’m not done with you yet.” Julie looked over her shoulder, amazed to see his erection still stiff and long. She rolled over and sat up to take his cock in her mouth again. For a few minutes he stayed there, letting her taste her own juices on him. It was so unlike anything she’d done before. Most guys she’d been with were quick to take their own pleasure without seeming to care about her needs.

Alvin pulled Julie up to him and kissed her deeply, then pushed her back to the floor. “Let’s see if my little elf tastes as sweet as she looks,” he said, then lowered himself down between her legs. Her clit was hard and her pussy lips swollen with excitement. He took his time, exploring her folds of skin with his tongue and occasionally thrusting deep inside her tight slit. Her nearly bald pussy actually did taste sweet, her orgasm juices running down his chin as he licked from anus to clit over and over again.

Julie was moaning and thrusting her hips into him. Alvin wondered if she would let another one of his desires come true. Using her own wetness, he began rubbing her anus until it was slick and stuck in one finger. She gasped, then relaxed. Slowly he worked the finger in and out and she warmed up to it quickly. He sucked on her clit as his finger fucked the tightest hole he’d ever felt. When she felt ready, he let another finger slide inside. She didn’t protest at all, and Alvin was getting hot thinking about what he planned to do next.

He withdrew from her and sat back, leaving her puzzled and incredibly turned on. “Please, Santa,” she whimpered. “I want more.”

“I don’t know,” Alvin replied, stroking an imaginary beard. “How much will you do to get back on my good list? Are you willing to do anything Santa tells you?”

“I will Santa. I’ll be the best elf ever.” Julie was so hot she felt like she might be on fire, and she yearned for Alvin to touch her again, to tell her how to please him.

“Roll over,” he told her, and she went back to all fours, presenting him with her still red ass. He rubbed her anus again, feeling her relax and open up to him. He put the head of his dick up to it and rubbed a bit, waiting to see if she would say no. She didn’t, and he pushed until the end of his cock disappeared inside her. Julie shuddered, her sphincter instinctively clamping down on his dick. He groaned, ready to cum already. Then she relaxed again, and he slid in, a half an inch at a time, until he was fully sunk into her amazing ass. Taking his time, he worked himself back out, then in again. His pre-cum lubed her up, making it easier. At last he was able thrust in and out without fear of hurting her, and he let himself really get into it.

Reaching around, he started working her tit with one hand and her pussy with the other. Julie was so turned on she felt herself working up to another orgasm. “Oh, Santa. You fuck so good. Fuck my ass, Santa. Use your little elf, Santa.” Alvin picked up the pace, and soon Julie felt another climax wash over her. Her anus tightened up, and it was just too much for Alvin. He shot his cum deep inside her, groaning and pulling her to him.

They both collapsed to the floor then, spent and completely sated. After a minute, Alvin pulled his shrinking dick out of Julie’s ass and rolled to the side facing her.

“Well, little elf, I would say you passed the test.”

“But I think Santa was a little naughty himself,” Julie laughed. “And it sure was nice.”

As they dressed and headed back out into the cold, Julie and Alvin were actually looking forward to work the next day.

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