Schoolgirl In The Springtime

Double Penetration

It was a beautiful Spring day. Angela was walking to her house from class. She was a senior this year, and even though she just turned 18, she still had to walk. Her mother worked during the day and took the car, so she either had to get a ride from a friend’s mom or walk. It was spirit week this week at school, and for the final day her friends and her had decided to dress as schoolgirls, after being influenced by a popular singer’s video. Angela had drawn her long dark hair up into pigtails, letting her bangs fall across her forehead. She had worn little makeup that day, but worn her lips glossy. Her shirt was a white button-down, and underneath she had on a black bra that she barely needed over her A cup breasts. She had skipped the sexy underwear she usually would wear underneath low-rider jeans and wore her white cotton underwear that she usually just wore when hanging out at home. A black and red pleated skirt hung off her nearly nonexistent hips and white knee-socks adorned her legs. She had worn some black chunky heels to add to her height. A classic schoolgirl; she had looked the best out of her friends that day.

She was thinking about homework when a car pulled up next to her. She looked over and saw that it was Mitch, one of her brother’s hot college friends. Her brother was a freshman at the university this year and wouldn’t ever give her a ride home.

“Hey!” Mitch yelled, “You wanna ride home?”

Angela was a bit taken aback by the offer. She hated walking home, and she had always had had a bit of a crush on Mitch. She decided to take the offer.

“Yeah, definitely, it’s hot out here,” Angela responded with a little smile.

Mitch watched the hot senior run in front of his car to jump in the passenger side. He prayed for a breeze so Angela’s little skirt would blow up. She jumped into the car and Mitch got a quick shot of her bra as she threw her backpack in the back seat.

“Okay!” Angela said, “Let’s go.”

Angela had a look in her eye that was teasing. Mitch wasn’t sure if he had been caught checking her out or not.

“You look really hot today,” Mitch Yalova Escort said.

Angela blushed. She didn’t want to jump at the compliment and make it obvious she liked him.

“Um, thanks. I wish more guys thought so. I wish I had a boyfriend, preferably a college guy that could drive me around, and take me to parties,” she giggled at what she had said. So much for not making it obvious.

Mitch was getting sort of excited now. Angela looked so hot today, he had heard that she was sort of a tease. He’d fuck her if he ever got a chance. He’d just throw her over her bed, rip off that little schoolgirl skirt…

The hardening in his pants told him that it was time to stop fantasizing for now. The rest of the ride was filled with small talk as they approached Angela’s apartment complex.

“Thanks for the ride!” Angela said.

Mitch was disappointed. He had hoped that something would happen between him and the girl sitting next to him in his truck. At least he’d get to see her cute body saunter away. Angela was about halfway to the door when she ran back to Mitch’s truck.

“Hey, you know what? You should come upstairs. We have snacks and stuff upstairs you can have. Plus I think my brother has something of yours,” Angela lied. She had noticed the look in Mitch’s eye earlier and wanted to get him into the apartment building. Hopefully he’d kiss her or something, and her brother wasn’t home, so Mitch had nothing to worry about.

Angela ran up the stairs in front of Mitch, teasing him with the way her little skirt bounced. He got a few quick glances up her skirt, but nothing amazing. She let them into the apartment.

Angela walked into her room and Mitch followed her. It took everything he had not to take her as she bent over her bed to throw her bag on top of it.

“Let’s go into the kitchen,” Angela said.

Mitch went to the fridge to get a jar of pickles. He opened the jar with no problem. Angela noticed his muscles and started to feel dizzy. She loved this. She had her longtime crush in her house alone with her.

“Want one?” Mitch asked.

“No thanks, Yalova Escort Bayan ” Angela replied. “They remind me of penises.”

Mitch gave her a look and Angela started laughing.

“Have you ever seen one in real life?” Mitch asked.

“Ew, no…” Angela responded, still laughing.

“Have you ever been with a guy at all?” Mitch asked.

Angela noticed that Mitch was completely serious. Things were going just Angela’s way. She decided to tell the truth.

“No, I haven’t even kissed a guy before.” She was embarrassed, but that’s just the way Angela was. Her mother always told her it was because guys were intimidated by her beauty.

Mitch walked towards her and in a moment he had his muscular arms around her thin waist. He kissed her gently, placing his hand on her cheek. He pulled away after a few seconds. Angela looked stunned.

“There. Now you have,” Mitch said.

The look in Angela’s eye made Mitch see she wanted more. She leaned in toward him again and they kissed again. Mitch scooped Angela up and laid her on her bed. Angela had an idea where it was going, but she surrendered into the feeling. Mitch looked at her for a second. She was pure innocence.

Mitch leaned back into her, kissing her softly, deeply, while unbuttoning her blouse. He tossed it to the floor and Angela did not seem to mind. She even arched her back up as he unhooked her bra.

Mitch placed a hand on Angela’s thigh. He felt her tense.

“Are you okay? We can stop whenever.”

Angela thought about it for a second, but then decided to keep going. She nodded her head and continued kissing Mitch.

Mitch moved his hand slowly up her thigh. He could feel the heat of her pussy on his hand. He stroked over her panties, feeling a small wet spot that was slowly growing. She moaned into his ear and grabbed onto his back. As he kept stroking her pussy his cock was growing so hard it hurt. He slipped off his pants and was now in his boxers. Angela saw this.

“Now take your shirt off too,” she said with a smile.

He did as he was told. He slipped off her now soaked panties Escort Yalova that weren’t hiding much anyway. Her pussy had just a bit of downy hair on it. He slipped a finger inside and continued working on her clit. As he was doing this, he took her hand and slowly started moving it up and down his cock underneath his boxers. There was no hiding what he was feeling. Angela knew this and started to undo her skirt.

“Leave it on,” Mitch said “but bend over.”

He loved how deliciously naughty Angela looked bending over her bed with knee highs and a schoolgirl skirt on with nothing else. He grabbed for his wallet on the floor and put on a condom.

He started to rub his dick up and down Angela’s wet pussy while grabbing her small tits with his hands. He knew he couldn’t handle this much longer.

“Fuck me.” Angela moaned quietly. Mitch couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Are you sure?” Mitch asked.

“Yes.” Angela moaned quietly again

Mitch slowly started to push his cock into Angela’s pussy. He knew it would hurt for her, as he heard the cherry pop. Angela gasped at this point and grimaced. He looked at her to see if she still wanted it, and she smiled and nodded. He started off slow and Angela was moaning into the pillow. This was Mitch’s ultimate fantasy to be getting an innocent virgin from behind on her bed. He played with her clit while he was fucking her. He felt her pussy tense as she started to cum and that was it for him. He came so hard inside of her he became dizzy. He pulled out and laid Angela on her back on the bed. She smiled. He kissed her again and ran his hands over her. Angela looked at the clock.

“You’d better get going, my mom’ll be home soon, and we don’t want her wondering,” Angela said. “Plus I gotta get cleaned up, I look like crap,” Angela giggled.

“No, you look hot, You gotta start dressing like this more often, it looks good on you,” Mitch said.

Angela smiled at that statement. She led Mitch out of the apartment and gave him a quick kiss before he left in his truck.

She was walking back to the apartment to straighten up when Mitch yelled to her.


She ran back to the truck.

“If you ever need a ride home again, I’ll be happy to oblige.”

He winked at her, and drove off. She smiled, knowing she’d never have to walk home again.

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