Seductive Dreams Ch. 10


It’s been quite a while since I have been able to tell about our story. Well…..laid off and unemployed. Our company went down the shitter and here I am unemployed and not happy in this economy.

It’s been so long since I had a piece of ass from my favorite sales lady that I have almost forgot who I was fucking on the side, until I got this message one day.

“Hi Jay…….its Mel……I haven’t heard from you in a while…just checking in. I haven’t had many job leads, but I have an idea that I want to run past you. If you can….let me know, I would like to have you over for lunch and talk about this idea. Call me.”

Hell yeah Ill call ya….and maybe fuck ya and anything else that can come up. I called back and left her a message and knew that Thursday couldn’t come to fast.

As Thursday came I waited patiently for the time to head over to her house. Now Mel is still married with two girls and her hubby can be an ass from what she says, but I think Mel just likes my dick more.

So I proceed over to her house and I knock on the door. She opens it up and throws her arms up and gives me a great big hug. She smells so good and is wearing a string top shirt with a loose dress down below. EASY ACCESS baby.

I go in for the kiss….and she pushes me away…… “Now now….none of that anymore….and my girls are right in the other room.” Mel said.

I walk in behind her and she has the whole kitchen table full of stuff and papers and I am wondering what is going on.

“Jay…….give me about 15 minutes for lunch to be ready and I am going to get the girls down for their nap.”

I nodded and continued to look over the table. Products and product galore. This isn’t junk….this is quality stuff that could be marketed if done right.

Like she said Mel came back about 15 minutes later and was preparing lunch for us as she started to explain everything. I wasn’t paying attention to her in that way, but I was paying attention to her ass and her legs and those tits. I forgot how big they were. I am going to fuck her no matter what today!

I agreed with what she was saying and I am hoping deep down that I am not committing to investing into a ton of money for some stupid shit she is in.

I got up from the table and made my way over to her and stood behind her. If I was going to get the lunch I really wanted, I needed to do it now as her kids would be the deepest of sleep now.

I walked up behind her and reached around and grabbed onto her tits and squeezed them hard.

“What the Fuck are you doing?” she bellowed out.

“I getting ready for lunch” I said to her.

She laughed and said “yeah….right”

The attitude put me at ease and within ataşehir escort my range of displeasure at the same time.

Just her smell and grabbing her tits made me hard enough for a quick strike and I guess that’s the way it’s going to be.

I undid my pants quietly and as she kept talking about the venture program.

With my cocks out at full staff I walked up to her and as she was about to turn around I grabbed Mel and spun her back facing the counter that she was working on.

As I reached down and yanked at her panties, she yelped “Jay….stop….this is not going to happen!”

I didn’t listen to her anymore and another yank or so and her panties ripped enough to make them loose for easy access to her small tight ass and awesome pussy that lay beyond the mound of ass flesh.

She didn’t make much noise for the most part….probably not to wake her kids, but she struggled a lot.

“No Jay, Don’t do this! We can’t!!!” she cried out.

I kicked her legs apart and grabbed her arms and held them behind her. I slid my dick between her legs and my dick who has been abandoned for such a long time didn’t take took long to find her love hole that he has desired. She has gotten tighter a bit…..but my dick is huge compared to the hubby….otherwise I wouldn’t have this trouble.

My cock tried to penetrate her pussy, but because she has gotten tighter and smaller it hurt a little bit for the both of us.

As I continued to pound my rock hard cock into her she would cry out a bit “You fucker…..god damn bastard…..asshole……Stop that hurts…..”

Then all of a sudden her pussy opened up with a flow of nectar and my cock slid right in. Mel stopped struggling and went partially limp as all 8inches of my cock slid into her and made her shiver.

She kept the obscenities flying as I fucked her pussy against her wishes, “you fucker….stop this….Stop raping me!!”

At that point, she pissed me off totally. I stopped my fucking and got close to her ear and said, “Shut your mouth or I am going to take you to your room and fuck you in the ass, and I know how you really don’t like that!!!”

She shut up except for the whimpers as my huge ass cock pounded her pussy. I was going to enjoy this for a bit, so I slowed down my pursuit of sex and made sure that my thrusts into Mel’s pussy slow and deliberate. She soon became a little more limp and accepted the fact that she was going to get fucked all the way from her lover and that’s that!

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum deep into her pussy. I could feel the heat building up. Mels limp body tensed a bit and she started to avcılar escort moan a little. As I pressured my cock into her the moan became labored and then she really let go with a long low moan that allowed her to go totally limp. It was an exhausting orgasm for her.

As I continued to fuck Mel….each thrust of my cock made her moan more. This was turning me on so much that I really couldn’t’ help myself. Soon, I could feel the cum rush up my cock and I started to groan a bit.

I heard Mel mumble to me as she laid on the counter, “don’t cum in me!”

I replied with a grunt, “too fucking late”.

With each grunt, I came deep into Mel’s pussy. Five or six major streams of cum came out of my cock and with one final thrust I could feel what was the last possible drops that were going to come out.

I stood there in amazement of how good it felt to fuck Mel again.

Just then as I was dazed a bit she struggled out and away from me and ran to her room.

I pulled up my pants enough to walk over to her room and I push her door open some. I could hear the shower running and her mumbling away to her self.

I took off all of my clothes and walked into the bathroom. Opened the door to another shriek…. “NO JAY!!! Get out….. You fucking raped me!”

Good luck with that story. Lets see how much more ass I can get from her now. My cock still hard as ever and not going to soften soon…..I was going to take full advantage of this as I can.

As I walked into the shower, she started to fight me again. I pushed up against the wall. She was facing me this time. I reached down and grabbed her right leg and lifted up as high as I could. This left her in a position in which she had little control over the situation. Her pussy was neatly trimmed this time and I took my cock and slid it into her pussy again and she moans out.

“You asshole….” She yelled at me as she pounded her fists on me.

She struggled for a bit and realized that there was no way that she was going to get away from this punishment.

I new this was going to take much longer this time for me to cum and so I took full advantage of fucking Mel fast, slow, in between, turned her around, had her ride me on the floor. You name it we did it.

Then once again as I had her turned around and facing the wall of the shower, I could feel the heat. I sped up my thrusting a bit…..and I heard Mel ask, “Please don’t cum in me, and let me suck you off!!”

What was I going to say….NO!

I pulled out and she turned and dropped to her knees, and proceeded to suck my cock. I forgot how good she does this. Almost taking in the whole cock avrupa yakası escort into her mouth, I soon came with long streams of cum shooting into her mouth.

As I came….and my stream of cum started to slow down, I pulled her up by Mels hair and flipped her around….and with a moan and then a grunt, I took my cock and slipped into her pussy and I could feel my cock pulsate more cum. She begged me to stop and pull out, but I just didn’t. My cock was going nuts. It was still quite hard and not dying out.

I continued to fuck Mel from behind and she was really started to enjoy my cock in ways I didn’t think was possible. She was bucking back at my cock and started to fuck me instead of me fucking her.

She scooted me back a bit and slid down the wall and grabbed her own ankles as I fucked her non stop. Then as she was swinging down near the floor area, she was whining a bit and moaning out…..I think deep down I knew she was about to cum. I kept at fucking Mel’s pussy, as she started to bounce around and push her ass towards me more, making my cock bust deeper into her pussy. Then with a growl as she looked up at me, “fuck me asshole….fuck me!” she said.

So that’s what I did. I grabbed her hips and laid into her pussy as hard as possible making her cry out and moan like an injured animal.

Then with a sudden jerk and forceful movements, Mel’s body convulsed and then as she came again, her body started to go limp. Holding her up by wrapping my arms around her waist, she accepted my cock as I continued to punish her pussy.

I was having trouble holding up her limp body, so I slowly eased her down to the floor. My cock slid out of her with ease as she was so full of cum, that it dripped out as much cock came free. As she laid there on the slower floor, I scooted my body up behind her and positioned myself to fuck her some more. Even as I penetrated her pussy again and she initially tensed up a bit, she laid there awaiting my cock as it penetrated in and out of her pussy with reckless abandon. She would mumble from time to time, but it didn’t matter. She would grunt with each thrust into her and then it happened again.

It was so quick and unstoppable, I pushed my cock deep into her and the throbbing of my cock began and there was no holding back. I came again, for the third time in about 90 minutes. I didn’t feel a whole lot of cum but the feeling was wonderful.

While the water drained upon us, we laid on the floor of her shower for a bit. My cock finally losing its sex appeal slid out of Mel and then laid there half hard and still throbbing a bit.

I got up from the floor and just rinsed quickly off and turned off the shower. I picked up Mel, and still naked and wet, laid her on her bed. I quickly dried off and put my clothes back on, and covered her up. She was sexually exhausted and passed out.

I went out to the kitchen and found a small piece of paper and wrote a quick note…..

“Mel…..Thanks for Lunch. I am in for whatever you want to do! See you next Thursday again for lunch………Jay”

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