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Heather and her mother Rita moved into their new house a week ago. It was not a difficult move and they hadn’t moved very far; it was only a few blocks away from their old place. The house was considerably different. It was a large house in a very upper class street. It was in a practical sense too big for the single mother and daughter, but Rita loved big houses and was determined to move into one. Heather didn’t mind she was closer to her friend Anita, whom lived only a street away.

A week after they moved into the house, Heather was having a sleep over with her friend Anita. Both of the girls were in their pajamas, reading magazines and listening to music. They were in their last year of school, both of them eighteen. They were beautiful girls and were always gawked at by the guys at their school and sex was always a frequent topic for both of them, particularly Anita; who always seemed to be horny. Or so Heather thought.

Anita looked like a model. She was tall and thin and very petite; her breasts were small and firm and had a perfect nipple on each. She was athletic and loved to so gymnastics, hence her both was very taut and firm, her legs were long and tan and she had beautiful dark eyes that matched her short dark hair. Presently she was rolling a joint, having lived in France for a year on exchange she had become an expert at it. She licked the paper with her long tongue and examined the joint critically with a cute frown.

‘Is is done?’ yawned Heather. She was lying on the bed flipping through a magazine. Heather was a beautiful blonde, but a lot more robust than her pretty friend. Her body was maturing slowly into a full figure and she was almost ready for D cup, like her mother. Her hair was pure blonde, her thighs large and round and her skin had a light tan; not deep like Anita’s as she had missed last summer on a skiing trip. She looked forward to sunning her body in their new backyard.

‘Do you think that’s big enough?’ asked Anita, holding it up.

Heather looked over from her magazine with her blue eyes. The joint was twice as thick as a cigarette and a little longer. Heather smiled, ‘Depends what you want to do with it.’

Anita laughed and sat on the bed. Heather sat up and eagerly waited while Anita lit the luscious joint. The joint sizzled and cracked, then caught on fire. Anita blew it out and coughed. She took another drag and then passed it to Heather. They both enjoyed the joint and lay on the double bed together, listening to music and talking.

‘Your mum’s so cool,’ said Anita, ‘she let’s you smoke in the house.’

‘Not choof though,’ said Heather. ‘I don’t know what she’d say if she caught me choofing.’

‘She wouldn’t care, she’s really cool,’ said Anita. ‘Wish my mum was like her. Where did she go?’

Heather shrugged. ‘Out somewhere, with some friends. Don’t you think she’s too old to be going out?’

‘I would if I were her,’ said Anita, ‘besides, she not even forty yet and she looks incredible. Why wouldn’t she?’

‘I dunno. It just seems weird. Having a mother that goes out. Do you think she picks up?’ Heather giggled.

‘I reckon. She looked pretty hot tonight,’ said Anita and she meant it. She thought Rita was incredible and was very attracted to her. While in France, Anita had learnt a few things about women that she longed to share with Heather but she wasn’t sure how she take it so she kept quiet. Heather gave Anita a funny look.

‘What?’ said Anita.

‘You sound like you want to pick her up,’ Heather laughed.

‘Yeah right,’ said Anita, denying it even though it was her most frequent fantasy when alone in bed. They both were silent for a while. They both remembered an event they had witnessed when they were thirteen and it came up in their memories now. They had seen Rita kissing another woman. Not just kissing, but really kissing, with her tongue. Both of them were meant to be asleep at the time and were sneaking around the house. The other woman Rita was kissing was attractive, but didn’t stay. Heather and Anita had crept back to bed, a little shocked with what they had seen. Heather was deeply embarrassed and told Anita to never tell anyone what she’d seen. Anita agreed, although for some reason she was fascinated seeing the two older women getting it on. It seemed so adult and so sensual, so forbidden. It gave her a thrill when she thought about it.

Heather was a little nervous about the whole scene, but her mother saw men as well and in a few months the memory of the incident began to recede and she got on with her life. Heather didn’t feel any resentment towards Rita for it, she loved her mother; but she was a little confused. Anita was confused as well but in a different way, she began thinking of the older woman in a new light. When she went to France for a year; she learnt that the confusing event of a few years back was something wonderful. When she got back from France she was eager to see Heather and Rita, both of them seemed even more beautiful antalya escort than she remembered. She began to envy Heather being around Rita all the time, what she wouldn’t give to be Rita’s daughter. Anita could still hear the smacking sounds of those two beautiful lips kissing and sucking, vividly she could still see the tongues twirling around each other and the hands moving up and down each others body. It was a passionate loving kiss and mesmerizing to watch. Anita wondered who the other woman was.

Anita had often thought about her friend Heather as well, who looked a little like Rita in terms of blonde but her face was a lot different. Heather looked incredibly sexy in her loose fitting pajamas and Anita could see some of her wonderful breasts. She felt horny thinking about the two women. Heather began to talk about boys but Anita talked half heartily about it, she was sick of guys. She fucked a few in France and they were better than Australia but they didn’t satisfy her enough; it was always messy and quick. Heather had only had sex once, although she had given a few blowjobs. She was interested in Anita telling her all the facts, as her sexy friend knew a lot more about it.

They talked long into the night about sex and other things; they ate some pizza and ice creams and smoked some more joints. Usually healthy eaters, both of them felt inclined to a good binge once in a while and they enjoyed themselves. The room stunk of dope and at around one o’clock the door suddenly swung open. It was Rita.

‘What have you been smoking I can smell it all over the house?’ she demanded, not really angry. She leaned her full figure around the doorway. She was dressed in a tight black dressed that showed off her fantastic figure perfectly, her green eyes sparkled and her long blonde hair was loose and free. Anita eyed her rich tan skin hungrily, the large breasts, the tight waist, the firm thighs and legs. She smiled at the older woman.

‘Nothing mum, just cigarettes,’ said Heather and laughed, looking anything but straight. Anita joined in and they fell into a laughing fit.

Rita stared at them for a moment and then smiled. ‘Yeah right. Next time blow it out the window.’ She came into the room and sat on the bed. ‘You don’t smoke that stuff all the time do you?’

‘No, don’t worry mum, hardly ever,’ said Heather. She crawled over and kissed her on the cheek. Anita wished she could do that. She was startled to find that her tight little pussy was instantly wet with Rita only sitting a meter away. The older woman looked stunning in her sleeveless dressed, the skin on her arms was beautiful. The smell of expensive perfume tantalized her nostrils. Rita had lipstick on, deep red like her long tongue.

‘Do you want some Rita?’ asked Anita smiling at her. Rita insisted that she call her by her first name.

‘No,’ said Rita sighing, ‘I had a few drinks tonight. One of those and I’ll be out of my tree. I’m just gonna go to bed. I’ll see you girls tomorrow.’ She left.

Anita thought of Rita unconscious and all the wonderful things she could do to her. I must be sick, she thought. I’m turning into a pervert.

‘Seeya mum,’ said Heather. Anita said goodnight, snapping out of her dark fantasy. They both went to bed, but Anita went to the bathroom first. She sat on the toilet and had a pee and then began rubbing her clit and gasped at the sensation, she was extremely turned on, again. She rubbed her clit in small and swift circles getting hotter and hotter. As she approached orgasm, she thought wildly of seducing Rita while Heather was asleep. Then she came. She carefully kept herself from crying out to loud and for long moments after she continued to rub her little pussy, rubbing her hand through the small and trim little black bush. Then she stuck her middle finger in her tight pussy, gasping as she felt her own hot and tight flesh. She tasted her own strong juices, pretending they were Rita’s before washing her hands and sharing the other side of Heather bed. She got as close to the sexy teenager without her getting suspicious and slept.

Anita left early in the morning, as she had to play netball. Heather slept in till late in the morning and then went for a shower. To surprise the bathroom was already occupied by Rita whom had only gotten up moments before. The house had another bathroom downstairs, but they only used it for guests.

The door was slightly ajar. Heather could hear water running and she came up to the doorway, for some reason wanting to look in even though she knew it was her mother having a shower. She looked through the slightly ajar door. Rita hadn’t stepped into the shower yet; she was just starting to take her sexy nightie off. Her large nipples poked against the silky nightie. The nightie was cut off at the top of her round thighs, only just covering what was between.

Heather couldn’t believe she was watching, but she kept telling herself she wanted to know if she had a body similar to her mothers, kemer escort like Anita always said. Heather was certainly gaining the same proportions although her breasts had a long way to go before they were as large as her mothers firm and seasoned melons.

Rita loosened the shoulder straps of her nightie and it felt to the floor, leaving her completely naked. Heather heart skipped a beat when she saw the hairy bush of blonde pubes. They were a darker blonde than her own, but the bush was thicker and hairier and Rita’s pussy lips stuck out a little. Heather pussy lips didn’t show at all, her mothers looked open, like they’d been explored thoroughly.

Heather stepped away from the door, her head swimming. She was been staring at her mother naked body and for some reason, she was excited and disgusted by it at the same time. After a moments thought she found that she was more excited than disgusted. All that talk about sex last night still had her charged up. Usually she would play with herself in bed, but Anita was there and then usually if she missed that session she was have it in the shower. Now her mother was there. Her mother, firm and voluptuous; every man and lesbians dream. Heather thought again of her mother kissing that other beautiful woman, reminding herself how disgusting it was, but her body stepped back towards the door and looked inside again.

Rita had turned around and was looking in the mirror, displaying her fine ass. Her large thighs came in tight at her ass, leaving a diamond shape in the middle, she turned around and was about to step through the shower door, when she caught Heather eye through the door crack. They looked at each other. ‘Oh, mum, you’re in the shower, I was going to have one,’ was all Heather could think of to say and she knew she must be bright red.

‘That’s okay hon, I won’t be long, you can use to toilet while I’m in if you like,’ she added then stepped in the shower. She was a little startled that Heather was watching her but only because she thought it might have been someone else.

Heather was about to step away from the door when she realized how badly she needed to pee. She needed to pee and rub herself off. They had two other toilers downstairs but she felt compelled to go into this one. She stepped in the bathroom and tried not to look at her beautiful and naked mother washing herself in the shower cubicle that was vastly becoming steamy. The toilet was next to shower, she would have to sit and pee right where he mother could see her. She felt Rita’s eyes on her as she casually checked herself in the mirror, like everything was normal.

Heather then quickly pulled down her pajamas bottom and sat on toilet, fully aware of the shower cubicle next to her and the fact that her mother might be watching. She didn’t dare look, she was afraid. Her clit was humming, it needed to be rubbed so badly and she even enjoyed the sensation of peeing, it soothed her aching vagina and tickled it at the same time. She finished and then stood up prepared to leave when her mother spoke.

‘You can have a shower with me if you’re in a hurry,’ she said casually and then added, ‘or use the one downstairs.’

Heather’s pussy twitched and the thought of having a shower with her own mother. What is wrong with me? She thought and was immediately about to say she’ll have one downstairs when she looked in shower at her mother. Her hair was wet and plastered to her head; her large breasts were loose and free under the stream of hot water, the nipples poking out at attention. She didn’t imply anything, she just asked, nicely. Heather remember they used have baths and shower up to when she was about eleven and she remember how incredible her mother’s body was and was surprised that it hadn’t changed. It was still just as firm and inviting as it always had been. She remembered they used to wash each other’s hair.

As if answering her thoughts, Rita added, ‘you can wash my hair for me, like we used to, remember?’

Rita smiled at her. There was nothing to be ashamed of, thought Heather, feeling reassured. She took off her pajamas and opened the shower screen door, stepping inside quickly as she was cold. Rita had her back to her displaying her fine ass, which Heather tried to ignore her and enjoy the stream of hot water. Her nipples and pussy twitched when the water hit them and she noticed to her embarrassment that her nipples were stiff. She was very close to her mother; they were only an inch apart. Rita turned around and smiled at her, their nipples touched, both pairs stiff.

Heather couldn’t believe how smooth and silky her mother’s body felt against hers and she felt the urge in her loins again. She pretended she wasn’t bothered by her Rita’s large breasts touching hers and started to rub the water on her body. It was hard with both of them there; she kept, without meaning to touching her mother’s body as she tried to clean herself. She blushed in embarrassment. Rita didn’t konyaaltı escort say anything and didn’t seem bothered having her daughter there with her and kept a appreciative eye on her daughters finely maturing body.

‘Do you want me to wash your hair?’ asked Rita.

‘Okay,’ said Heather without thinking.

‘Turn around,’ said Rita. Heather did and her mother got a good chance to appreciate her daughter body from behind. Heather had a nice ass like hers, two full ass checks and shapely legs. Rita’s nipples stiffened as Heather stood in front of her waiting for her hair to be washed. She knew it was wrong to be turned on by her own daughter, but seeing her daughter blonde little patch that was trimmed so neat and tidy made her want to be more than just a mother.

Rita poured some shampoo into her hands and began to rub it into her daughter wet blonde hair. Her stiff nipples stuck into Heather back and rubbed lightly on her soft skin as she massaged the shampoo into hair. It felt good.

Heather ass moved back slightly and she could feel Rita’s hairy bush sticking into it and she moaned at the thought of it. Rita’s nipples felt incredible against the skin on her back and she enjoyed the sensation thoroughly. Heather pussy needed attention so badly she had to restrain herself from fingering her pussy right there and then. Rita finished washing her hair and now it was her turn.

Heather turned around, their naked breasts sticking into each other and they looked into each other’s eyes, blue and green. Rita pulled her daughter even closer and put her arms around her waist, both of their bushes colliding. Heather gasped and did the same, it felt natural and wonderful. She couldn’t believe how silky her mother felt against her own smooth skin.

‘Are you going to do mine now?’ asked Rita to break the tension. Heather came back to earth and release her arms from her mother. Rita turned around and pressed her sweet butt into Heather’s bush. Heather began to shampoo her mother’s blonde hair, her breasts poking into her mothers back.

‘You have wonderful hands,’ commented Rita as Heather was washing her hair.

Heather smiled but didn’t say anything, she was too conscious off her mother’s asscrack touching her silky pubes. It felt so soft and warm. She finished her hair and Rita turned around and clasped her hands around her daughter back again, enjoying the feel of their breasts touching.

‘Thankyou sweetheart,’ said Rita and kissed her softly on the cheek. ‘We should do this more often.’

Heather didn’t quite know what to say, so they both just held onto each other, enjoying the warmth of the water of the water cascading on their bodies. Heather didn’t want to break the embrace, but felt she should. Rita hands were exploring her back and ended up touching her backside.

‘Mum ..’ gasped Heather.

‘Yes, hon?’ said Rita, kneading her daughter buttocks.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Heather softly, but not wanting Rita to stop.

‘I’m cleaning you,’ said Rita, her voice hot as she felt along Heather asscrack and then felt her young and furry trim from behind. Heather gasped out loud and pressed up against her mother, gyrating her pussy on her mother’s thigh.

‘Do you like that baby?’ asked Rita, squeezing her ass some more.

‘Yes ..’ Heather’s voice trailed off as she approached orgasm. Rita bought her hand around and began rubbing Heather’s pussy from the front, running her hands through the neat blonde trim and locating the clit. She gave it an expert rub as her daughter held on to her tightly and screamed out in orgasm.

Rita kept rubbing her pussy as Heather came hard and for a long two minutes, her body convulsing and jerking, her stomach muscles clenching as her juices fled through her tight folds. Heather had her arms around her mothers neck and breathed hard until she finally began to calm down and come back to earth, Rita strokes becoming slower and slower and then she stopped and rested her hands on Heather’s hips.

Heather, who was practically sitting on Rita’s thigh, slid back; growing confused after the intense orgasm subsided. She stared into her mothers green eyes. Rita could sense she was afraid and gave her pretty daughter a hug and another kiss on the cheek. Heather broke the embrace.

‘Feel better honey?’ asked Rita.

‘Yeah …’ Heather voice trailed off, unsure of herself and what had just happened. ‘I think I’ll get out now.’

Heather got out of the shower, a strange look on her face and quickly grabbed a towel. She wrapped the towel around her and left the room, leaving Rita very worried about her.

Rita turned off the taps and stepped out of shower, rubbing her voluptuous figure down quickly and noticed that the beautiful slit between her hairy blonde bush refused to be dried. She lingered there in ecstasy for a moment then reluctantly left her wet snatch to console her daughter. She grabbed a dressing gown and wrapped it around her so she wouldn’t confuse her daughter even more.

Heather was in her bedroom when she got there and already dressed. Rita knocked on the door even though it was opened and hesitantly walked in.

‘Can I come in?’ asked Rita smiling at her. Heather looked at her and then looked away.

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