Sin , Sinner Meet Online Ch. 1


I had only been to Literotica chat a few times. My first time there I met someone, and quickly became involved in an intense affair. My husband showed no interest in me. I was lonely and wanted some kind of companionship, and maybe to release some sexual tension.

I enjoyed going to Literotica. The stories kept bringing me back; but in my loneliness, I soon became addicted to chat.

This particular night, I was waiting on my lover. He was my first, and I was still in that puppy dog crush stage. I was roaming the rooms in chat, talking with some familiar friends and meeting new ones. I’d had several PM’s since signing on, telling them all politely no. I only pm’d with my lover. The screen turned yellow again; and there you were.

“Hi,” your pm read. “Cute nick.”

I was a little flabbergasted. I’d seen your nick before. I found it intriguing. I never saw you chat in public, so I figured you were always “busy”. I was flattered, and a little excited, that you had noticed me. Breaking my rule about pm’s, I answered you. I just felt compelled to know you.

“Hi,” I responded, not sure of myself.

“Hello,” came your reply. “Your nick and profile are very cute.”

I was nervous, a little tense. I couldn’t comprehend the feelings I was experiencing. My lover consumed me, day and night, and yet my heart was racing at the thought of knowing you.

We chatted lightly. Testing the waters. Exchanging A/S/L’s, we found out we lived within an hour of each other. We laughed about it, but an image of being with a stranger, Yalova Escort intimately, popped in my head.

“Does that scare you?” you teased.

“Naw, I’ve got a big dog.” I answered laughing.

“Good, I like big dogs.” you replied.

On the outside I chuckled about the situation. Inside my emotions were in turmoil. I really liked you. Liked the way we connected so easily. We had so much in common. Enjoyed the same music, same taste in movies. Before long we were saying the same things at the same time. I was growing so comfortable with you, and at the same time a little scared of the intense lust I was feeling.

You asked me if I would like to meet for lunch sometime. I figured you were joking, but these thoughts started invading my mind. What if we were to meet? What if the attraction I felt for you here carried over into real life? Would I be willing to risk all I hold sacred, my marriage and family, for the chance to put out this fire you started in me? I didn’t have an answer to any of these questions. Not sure if you were serious, I answered playfully.

“Will you take me to the stadium for hotdogs?” I asked. “I haven’t done that since childhood.”

“Me neither.” you replied. “Its a date!”

My date came in then, and yours was due soon. So we said our goodbyes and exchanged emails. Something I wouldn’t normally do, but I had to hear from you again.

That night I had an intense dream about our lunch date. I imagined kissing you, as we leaned against your truck. Bodies pressed close together, Yalova Escort Bayan feeling your arousal growing against me. I dreamed we found a hotel, and as I sat nervously in my car, you registered as John Smith. When we entered the room, we fumbled to the bed. Tearing our clothes off, we fell onto the bed in a tangled mass off limbs and flesh. Your lips traveled my body, finding every erogenous spot. You sucked on my nipples, gently at first, then a little rougher as your desire grew. Dragging your teeth across my tender flesh. I clawed at your back, moaning into your ear that I wanted you, wanted to feel your cock inside me. You had other plans, however, kissing and licking your way to my belly button. Your tongue darted out, teasing the stud there. You sucked and flicked my stud, bringing me close to orgasm. Smiling up at me, you licked your lips and moved down to my pussy, lapping up my juices and sucking my clit. I was in ecstasy. I screamed out your name as you shoved your tongue deep into my wet cunt.

I woke soon after, hot and sweaty. I was alarmed by the intensity of the dream. I realized how dangerous our meeting could be, and how willing I was to go through with it.

The next morning you were still on my mind. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I sent you an email, something short and silly. “Hi” and “ping”. After that I kept checking my email; waiting anxiously for a reply. Finally, after what seemed like forever (actually about 20 minutes), a reply from you. Very simple, “hello, it was fun Escort Yalova chatting with you”

We emailed back and forth, each one a little more open and intimate than the other. Teasing each other. Seeing how far the other would go. One email hooked me completely. You said you were licking cheese popcorn from the bottom of a coffee mug, and thinking of me. I melted. There was something so sexy and familiar about that one sentence.

I found myself looking for you all the time in chat. You would pm me under all these different names. It was thrilling and exciting. I’d be with my lover, never maximizing the screen anymore, and I’d get your “hey babe” pm. Jolts of electricity would shoot through me when I saw that. Each time we chatted it became riskier. I started to become more aroused at the thought of you.

I knew I wanted you. Knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had you. Maybe we could feed this hunger online, never to cross that line in real life. Or, would we find that being together online wasn’t enough? Deep inside, I knew I was willing to commit the ultimate sin to be with you. I was willing to risk my marriage, my online lover, for one night of passion with you.

Aching for each other, we finally set a date. To cyber. We had gotten to the point where idle chat and teasing weren’t enough. In 24 hours we would finally be together, to share and explore each other’s passions. I was on edge, afraid of what might happen, and wanting it to happen.

We agreed to use different names when we were together in chat. We didn’t want our lovers to know. Wanted something just for us. You asked me what name I wanted to use.

“Ultimate Sin.” I replied.

“Good.” you said. “I’ll be Ultimate Sinner.”

I was tense and excited. It would be a long 24 hours, but definitely worth the wait.

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