Taking It To Extremes


As presented here, Erin is a composite of herself and the woman that I eventually married. Most of this is as it happened. But, a little fantasy has been included.



Drew always looked forward to a new semester. Once he left the Jesuits, he especially looked forward to seeing the women in his class. He was teaching a two semester course that combined applied research and senior thesis and had about twenty students enrolled.

Four interesting girls walked through the door together—Erin, Mary Beth, Winnie, and Teresa. Erin and Mary Beth looked like your typical college coeds. Winnie was in her late 20s and very much over weight. Teresa was from Venezuela. The first three women were wearing cutoff jeans and t shirts. Teresa was wearing full length jeans and a blouse.

The women sat in the front row, side by side, in front of the lectern. They loved to tease Drew. They brought lollipops to class and licked them and sucked on them. One day, all except Teresa, came wearing t shirts and were bra-less. The outline of their tits showed through their shirts. Another day, all, except Teresa again, wore tank tops with no bras. They would lean forward flashing their cleavage.



It was the last day of class and Drew was collecting the students’ projects. Erin came up to Drew after class and said that she forgot her paper at home and asked if she could bring it to Drew’s apartment in the early evening. He said, “Ok.” He gave her directions.

About 6:30, Erin knocked on Drew’s door. She asked if she could come in and talk with him. They sat on the couch. She said that forgetting her paper was an excuse to talk privately with him. She explained that she was attracted to him and would like to see him. Drew said that the feeling was mutual, but that he was already seeing some else. She responded that she was also seeing someone else, but they could have a platonic relationship. Drew agreed to the arrangement.

Drew knew that she would be attending graduate school at the university in the fall, getting her masters. He asked what she was doing that summer. She said that she would be managing the university’s outdoor swimming pool.

Their conversation ended after about 45 minutes. She left.

Three days later, Erin stopped by Drew’s office and asked when they would be getting together. Drew invited her to dinner at 7:00 at his apartment for that Friday. That way, Drew could talk to his girl friend earlier that evening and wouldn’t be seeing her until Saturday evening.

Erin knocked on Drew’s door at seven. He let her in. She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans revealing a tight round ass. She also had on a white t shirt, obviously without a bra, and a pair of thong shoes. They hugged gently and kissed each other on the cheek.

Erin said that she had a surprise for him and that he couldn’t look. She went into the living room and he went into the kitchen. A minute later, she called out for him to close his eyes and not open them until she said it was ok. She walked into the kitchen and told Drew to open his eyes.

She was standing there, wearing only red thong underwear. His dick immediately became hard, and he thought, “So much for a platonic relationship!” Her skin was tan. And, with the tan lines, her breasts looked like two pyramids coming out of her chest. They kissed each other open mouth with their tongues darting into each other. She pulled Drew’s t shirt off. Then, she knelt down on a pillow she brought from the living room. She unbuttoned his jean shorts. Drew’s throbbing dick popped out of the top of his underwear. She pulled down his jeans and underwear. He was completely naked.

She took his dick completely in her mouth. He gently fondled her ear lobes as she sucked on him. He moaned quietly as he was about to cum. She pulled her mouth back a little and sucked him dry. She stood up with his juices running out of the corner of her mouth and pressed her lips against his. Their tongues moved back and forth exchanging cum until they swallowed all of it.

Erin asked, “How was that for an appetizer?”

Drew replied, “Wait Pendik escort until you see what we have for desert.”

She exclaimed, “I can’t wait!”

She asked Drew to stay naked. She took off her underwear revealing trimmed pussy hairs that fitted nicely under a bikini bottom.

Drew said that he was going to make white Russians and he would bring her a drink to the living room. He mixed the drink in a tumbler and poured it into a tall glass from which they would share. He brought it into the living room where Erin was sitting naked on the floor.

They sat face to face. Their bodies were pressed against each other, legs intertwined. They sipped the drink from the glass. Erin told Drew that the thought of being with him tonight made her so horny that she masturbated three times during the day. She started gently rubbing herself. She gave Drew pillows for under his head so that he would comfortable lying on his back. She mounted Drew’s hard dick and started slowly riding him like a cow girl while masturbating herself. Her pussy juices were flowing all over Drew. She went faster and harder both riding him and masturbating. She shouted each time she almost would cum. She let out one constant scream as she climaxed. The force of her orgasm made Drew cum. They broke apart, lying on the floor for awhile— breathing heavily with their hearts pounding.

Drew said, “I guess that was the main course!”

Drew set the table before Erin arrived and was keeping the food warm. They had sliced ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green peas with little pearl onions. They ate dinner in the nude. They had strawberry shortcakes with ice cream for dessert.

After clearing the table and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Drew took Erin by the hand into the bedroom. Drew said, “Now I am going to eat your pussy for desert.” Drew kneeled on the bed. Erin spread her legs and brought them over Drew’s shoulders. Drew dug his mouth into her cunt. He alternated between licking her g spot and sucking her clit. Her body started rising up and then dropping down. She screamed with each rise. Then, she had an orgasm. She pushed Drew’s head away. But, Drew hung on—continuing to suck on her. She had unbearable sensation and furiously moved her legs from side to side until she broke away from him.

Drew wasn’t going to give Erin, or himself, any time to rest. He flipped her over and brought her beautiful ass up so she was on her knees. He banged her doggy style, hard and fast, over and over again. She yelped with each thrust. When he started to cum, he slowed down and pounded her slowly and hard until he climaxed. He moaned as his juices flowed from his dick.

Once again, they were breathing heavy and their hearts were racing. Drew said to her, “That was a nice orgasm. Wasn’t it?”

She chuckled and said, “It was ok.”

“If that was just ok, I can’t wait to see you when you have a really great orgasm!”

It was late. They pulled the sheet and blanket over themselves. Drew slept with his back to Erin. She put her arm around his waist. They both shifted positions as they slept. Drew woke up in the middle of the night and gently rolled Erin on her back. He mounted her and slowly moved in and almost out of her. He came. He got her off with his fingers. They had sex without making a sound. Drew fell back asleep. He wasn’t sure if Erin was ever awake.

About Erin and Drew

Erin was 100% Irish. She has an older brother and younger sister. She grew up in Brooklyn through the eighth grade. Then, her parents moved to Los Angeles. She went to Catholic elementary and high school. She was twenty one.

Erin was 5’3″ tall and weighed 115 pounds. She had dark red hair and hazel brown eyes. She had large, firm, round breasts (36-D) with perky nipples and had a tight stomach with a 24 inch waist line. Her ass was round and firm with a 34 inch hip line and her pussy was trimmed.

Drew’s people came from eastern and southern Europe. After attending the University of Detroit High School, he joined the Jesuits with the intention of becoming a priest. He attended Georgetown University and received Kurtköy Escort a PhD from the University of Michigan. Before attending the major seminary and being ordained, he left the Jesuits, but remained on the faculty of Saint Ignatius University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Drew was 5’11” and weighed 170 pounds. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. His cock was cut and trimmed. He was 7″ when erect.

Great Sex

One evening, Erin and Drew came back to Drew’s apartment after eating pizza and drinking beer for dinner at a local Pizza Hut. They sat on the couch sharing a glass of sangria wine and smoking a couple of joints.

As they got higher and higher, their sense of touch became exaggerated with sensations jumping out of their skin. And, the acid rock music from the radio became three dimensional. They embraced and felt like they were floating in air. They both felt like they were having one constant orgasm. They kissed feverously—their tongues moving in and out of each others’ mouth.

Drew removed Erin’s t shirt and bra. She removed his t shirt. They took another hit from a joint. Drew gently squeezed Erin’s breast and, then, stroked them with the back of his hand. They felt like their bodies were one. Erin nipples were hard. Again, they French kissed for awhile. Then, he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She moaned with the pot-enhanced pleasure.

Their bodies were behaving instinctively. They became more and more out of control.

Drew ripped off Erin’s jeans and panties. She took off his jeans and undershorts. They French kissed as Drew grabbed and squeezed her ass with both hands. He fingered her wet pussy, sending chills through her body. She yelped from the sensations.

Before they went down on the floor, they each took a couple deep hits on a joint. Drew laid on his back with a couple of pillows under his head so he could watch Erin. Erin knelt on his right side and clamped her mouth all the way down on his dick. Her eyes were closed. She sucked and sucked. Drew reached behind her and fingered her g-spot and clit in a circular motion. Her body would tense up and then relax. She had to fight hard to keep from biting Drew. High on pot, she couldn’t tell whether she had had a real orgasm.

After about twenty minutes, they spontaneously broke off the action. Drew didn’t cum. They sat up on the floor and started to uncontrollably laugh for what seemed like hours. Afterwards, they ran into the kitchen to get some snacks which they ate while sitting on the couch.

Erin went into the bedroom and got into bed. Drew shut off the lights and radio, and followed her into the bedroom. Erin saw that Drew was still hard. So she started to jerk him off—faster and faster, harder and harder. Drew’s body was arching, but he didn’t cum. Then, suddenly, he exploded, feeling a chill coming from deep in his groin. He shouted and moaned. A tingling feeling ran down the inside of his tights and up his spinal cord. His body relaxed.

He turned to her and said, “Thank you.” He rubbed Erin’s vagina until she had an orgasm. Exhausted, they fell asleep—with Erin’s back to Drew and his hand around her waist.

The next morning, Drew was half hard and felt abrasions from Erin’s teeth on his foreskin and the base of his penis. The head of his penis was bruised.


Drew and Erin were shopping for some wine and snacks at the local grocery store. Erin disappeared for a moment. She returned with a can of whipped cream. She smiled at Drew and put the can in the shopping cart.

When they got back to Drew’s apartment, they went into the bedroom and got naked. Drew laid on his back on the bed with some pillows under his head. She covered his cock with whipped cream. She started licking it off just above his balls. Then, she slowly licked upward on the shaft of his dick. Next, she circled the head of his penis with her tongue. Finally, she took his whole dick in her mouth and sucked him dry. She pressed her lip against his and pushed his cum into his month. Their tongues slowly darted into each other’s mouth.

Drew sprayed whipped cream into her arm pits. Maltepe Escort He slowly licked it off. Then, he circled her breasts with whipped cream and covered her nipples with it. Again, he slowly licked it off and sucked on her nipples. Finally, he went to work down below. He put whipped cream on the inside of her tights and in the crease between her tights and pussy. He licked it off and, then, buried his mouth on her cunt. He licked and sucked until she climaxed.

Drew’s mouth was full of whipped cream and Erin’s pussy juices. He kissed her, giving it back to her. They exchanged fluids with their tongues.

After all this, they were sticky and needed to clean up. So, they got into the shower. This was a whole other erotic experience. They rubbed each other’s bodies with soap. Erin stood with her back to Drew. Drew rubbed his erect dick in the crack of Erin’s ass. His hands felt up her tits. Eventually, he worked his hands down to her pussy and fingered her. They rinsed, got out of the shower and dried.

They were, again, horny as hell. They laid on the bed opposite of each other—his feet by her head and vice, versa. She gave him a hand job and he fingered her.

Can’t Get Enough

They didn’t limit seeing each other to weekends.

She would stop by his office. He would close the door. They would French kiss and he would fondle her ass. Sometimes, she gave him a blow job.

When she needed to release tension, she would stop by Drew’s apartment in the evening or have him come over to her place.

One evening, she telephoned him. She asked if he was in the bedroom. He said, “No.” and asked, “Why?”

“Because you fucker, I’m really horny and am laying on my bed, trying to get it off.” He went into the bedroom, stripped naked, and got onto the bed. “Now,” she said, “stroke your cock and we’ll see who cums first.”

He would moan and talk dirty, trying to help her get off—”I’m behind you with my dick in your ass and squeezing your tits,” “You’re blowing me and I’m moaning until I cum,” and “My face is in your pussy, sucking on your clit.” She moaned constantly and screeched when she climaxed. Drew finished himself.

Fantasies Fulfilled

Drew kept pestering Erin about two things—spanking her and letting him shave her pussy. To both, she always said, “No.” One day, she told Drew that he could shave her if she could shave his dick first. He agreed. After shaving each other, they got into a sixty-nine position until they both climaxed. Every Friday, they shaved each other and sucked each other off.

Another evening, Erin and Drew came back to his apartment at about 8 about after eating out on Saturday night. She said, “I have a surprise for you.” She took two pairs of handcuffs out of her purse and handcuffed him to the bed.” He was lying on his back.

She took his balls into her mouth. Then, she worked her way up, licking his dick. She took most of his cock in her mouth. His dick was throbbing.

She knelt up on the bed and said, “Sucker, it’s time to get me off!” She placed her legs under his arms, and said, “Eat my pussy! And, don’t bite!” Knowing that he would not get out of the handcuffs unless he obeyed her, he licked and sucked her until she climaxed. She laughed.

She took the handcuff off him. He grabbed her, bent her over his knee, started to spank her—”1, 2, 3. . . , 8, 9, ten” With each stinging smack, she shouted, “Ouch!” Her ass was red and she was crying.

“Bitch, get on your knees and suck me off!” Her tears ran down her checks as she sucked him. He had an orgasm and made her swallow. He took her up on the bed and gently kissed her. He slowly made love to her. . .

They both fulfilled fantasies.

About 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning, Drew had the chance to fulfill another fantasy. For years, he dreamed about gently rubbing his stiff cock in the crack of a woman’s ass. Erin was sleeping on her side with her back to Drew. Drew just lightly touched his dick to Erin’s crack. He just wanted to feather it. He moved back and forth with very short strokes. The sensation was magnificent. He quietly had an orgasm and, then, rolled over a fell back to sleep.

Around ten o’clock, they both woke up and sat up in bed. Erin turned to Drew and said, “I felt really sexy when you creamed my ass.”

He responded, “Oh, you were awake?”

She replied, “Ya.”—and laughed.

To be continued. . .


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