Teach Me Ch. 02

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Chapter two. I might suggest reading the first chapter first. Thanks for reading.


I awoke and rubbed my eyes as I looked around. I remembered last night and my hot teacher. I reached over to touch her but she wasn’t there. I sat up and thought it was dream just for a minute. I was in her bed and there were her cloths on the floor and so were mine. I looked towards the bathroom and saw the light on. I rolled the covers off and stood up. I treaded across the floor and stood next to the cracked door. The shower was running.

“Can I come in,” I asked?

“I didn’t think you were ever going to get up,” she replied as I opened the door to the bathroom. I crossed the tile floor to the shower door. I slid the door open a little and peaked my head in. She grinned from ear to ear and said, “come on in, don’t be shy.” I opened the door and climbed in.

“Hello,” she smiled and leaned in for a kiss. As our lips touched my cock bumped her tummy. She bounced back. “And hello to you too,” she purred as she gave my cock a quick stroke. Her touch trembled my legs as her soft hand ran its length. I ran my hands down her back and found her tight ass and gave it a cup. She returned her hand to my cock and stroked it lightly as we started to kiss.

“Ummmm,” she cried as my hand went down her crack and I felt the pucker of her asshole. We started kissing heavier now as my hands worked their way around to her front and in between her legs. I slid my finger tips through her bush and found her slit. She slightly tipped her pelvis forward and slid one leg out to allow me better access to her middle. My finger found the small mark and slipped into her hole. Her pussy undulated on my finger as she softly rolled her hips a little.

“Yes,” she moaned as she stroked me harder. I slowly ran my free hand up her body over her tummy, it softly rippled over her ribs on its way to her tit. I cupped it softly as I found her nipple and pinched it.

“Dam you are so sexy,” I breathed.

“Thank you,” she sighed as I worked my finger deeper into her cunt.

She suddenly twisted around and moved back. “Oh I wish we could spend all day like this but we have to get ready to go,” she sighed as she ran a little water over her smoking hot body. Her face was so flushed as she started to open the door. I looked down and sad.

“Don’t do that, it’s not you at all, we just have to get ready,” she assured me. She slipped out of the shower. She turned back as I watched. She dropped to a knee and her mouth covered my cock in a second. She sucked hard for a few seconds before releasing. The pleasure rocked my body and then was gone just as fast as it started. What a tease I thought.

“You have to get rid of that thing,” she teased as her lips covered it again.

“You keep doing that and it won’t take long,” I replied. She winked as she released and stood.

“We just don’t have the time,” she teased. She closed the door and started to towel off. Fuck I thought as I stood there. May as well finish it I thought as I soaped it up and started tugging.

The door opened again and she gasped. “Geez, I didn’t really mean it,” she said.

“Well,” I stuttered as she looked.

“Come here,” she sighed as I moved from under the water. Her tongue swirled around my head as I felt it start to build quickly.

“Here it comes,” I cried as she started to swallow my seed. “Yes,” I cried as the last burst came out and she still milked it a little. She released my still hard cock and smiled.

“There, now will it go away,” she teased as she turned. She bent down at the waist to get under the sink. Her ass and puss both peaked out at me as I started to get out.

“Not with that looking at me,” I replied. I gave her just a light smack.

“Oh,” she flinched as she stood back up. “Naughty boy,” she replied.

“Me, you are the bad one,” I retorted.

“Hum, hum,” she laughed softly. “We will see about that,” she replied. “Come on we have to get ready.”

She started to brush her hair as I dried off. I laid the towel down as she headed towards the dresser to get on some cloths. She reached up and quickly flattened out a picture of her and her husband. She opened the drawer and looked in. I leaned back on the bed and asked nervously,” so you are married?”

“Yeah,” she replied as she turned.

“Might I ask where he is,” I continued?

“Sure,” she said, a little more relief in her voice. “He is gone on a,” she paused, “Business trip.” “He is gone for a few days to a week at a time and then comes back only to leave again,” she continued.

“Ohh,” I sighed in relief. “So I could be over here quite a bit then,” I asked?

“Ha-ha, maybe,” she teased as she flipped her hair around to look at me with her little sexy look. “He is gone and I do get very lonely,” she said as she smoothed out a pair of khaki type dress pants that hugged her curves very nicely. She pulled out a red lace bra and slid it up and on. I watched as the material hugged her tits and lifted them just slightly, although they didn’t need any lifting.

“What,” küçükçekmece escort she asked as I watched?

“Who me, oh nothing…just wishing I was that,” I said as I pointed.

She slid a dark colored shirt over her shoulders and buttoned it up. She returned to the bath room and pulled her shoulder length hair into a pony tail. She shut the light out and came out. I was still lying naked on the bed with my dick standing up.

“Well I can see what you are thinking about,” she said and she pulled it down and let it go. It sprang right back up to attention.

“You of course,” I replied. “You are so dam sexy how can you be in a rut.”

“I’m not anymore,” she glowed. “But you got to get dressed.” I gathered my cloths and started to put them on.

“You can’t wear those again,” she hollered.

“I have some cloths in my gym locker I can change into when we get there,” I said.

“Okay then, let’s get going so I’m not late,” she said. We left the house and got into the car. We drove to school and acted completely normal.

“Not a word,” she reminded me as we parted way for the day.

“I know,” I replied as I headed for the gym. I did a quick 30 minute workout and tossed in some kicks and shadow boxing to make up for my missed practice. Then I was ready for the day.

The day wore on until I finally arrived in her class. I took my seat. She winked at me as I smiled. Class started and she told all just to work on their projects. She took her seat and I waited a little before making my way to her desk.

“So I was thinking that you might need more help on your project tonight,” she said with a coy little smile.

“Yeah, I sure do,” I replied being serious. “I didn’t get anything done last night.”

“So you want to stay over again then,” she asked with wink.

“Naw I don’t want to stay, I have project I need to finish,” I replied pretending not to know anything.

“You could do extra credit like last night,” she replied in earnest.

“Naw,” I said. “I don’t think I want too,” I replied.

“What,” she asked hurt?

“Just joking,” I said. “I want all the extra credit I can get.”

“Okay, for a minute there I was worried,” she replied.

“You don’t even have to ask you should know,” I said.

“Here is a pass, go call home and ask,” she said. I took the pass and left class. When I returned there was nobody left as the bell had rung. She looked at me with wanton eyes.

“I’m staying since nobody answered,” I said. “I knew she wouldn’t since nobody was going to be home until tonight.” “We argued about this last night.”

“Well are you ready to go then,” she asked?

“Never been more so,” I replied. She grabbed her things and locked the door. We were off.


“Dam this traffic,” she cried as she looked at the clock.

“What’s the rush,” I asked?

“I have to be somewhere at 5:30,” she barked.

“Well we got all night, I can wait,” I replied.

“Yeah but I want you,” she purred. “I have been wet all day thinking about you.” “I thought we could get in a quickie or something,” she teased.

“A quickie,” I replied. “I am no McDonalds drive through.” “Besides once we get going we wouldn’t want to stop.”

“Oh I know but I’m creaming in my pants just thinking about you,” she cooed.

“I can take care of you,” I replied.

“Not while I’m driving,” she said sadly.

“We haven’t moved in 20 minutes,” I said. She thought for a second and was starting to move to unbutton her pants. Traffic started to inch along. We moved forward.

We past a 3 car pileup with cops, fire trucks, and ambulances lining the road all over the place. “Shit that’s why it took so long, “she grumbled.

“Yeah, somebody had a bad day,” I offered.

“Well I feel sorry for them,” she said. We drove on to her house. We arrived at 5:30. I got out and she said, “I will be back as soon as I can.” I went inside and turned on the TV. Hope her hubby don’t decided to come home I thought. Although I don’t pose a threat I just look like a kid.

I sat around and waited until 8:15. I saw light flash through the front window and then heard the garage open. Finally I thought as I rose up.

“I am so sorry,” she said as she walked into the door. “So, so sorry I didn’t mean for it to take that long.” “Then I had to stop at the store and that seemed to take forever to.”

“It’s okay,” I said as I followed her into her room. She turned and sat on the bed and tossed her bag next to her. I looked at her as she looked at me. I lowered my head down and kissed her mouth. She returned the kiss as I gently started to work on getting her shirt undone. I got a few of the many buttons undone as she stopped me.

“Wow aren’t we confident now,” she asked?

“I just know I can have what I want,” I replied. The shirt came unbuttoned. I pushed it down her shoulders and off. Her tits came into view still held in place by the red bra.

“You are so sexy,” I said as I went şişli escort to kiss her.

“Why thank you,” she said as she dodged it. I looked kind of funny at her. “You can have me don’t worry, just not here.” “I want an adventure tonight,” she teased.

“Oh,” I asked?

“How does the beach sound,” she asked?

I tried to be funny.

“The beach, but its dark out there isn’t it,” I teased?

“You afraid of the dark,” she asked?

“I won’t be able to see you pretty face,” I replied now trying to be sweet.

“Awe,” she said. “So sweet.”

“Plus I have a hard enough time working in the light, now I won’t be able to find my way around at all,” I continued.

“Trust me, you will do fine,” she teased. She leaned over and took a new bikini from the bag and looked at it.

“I know why you don’t get laid,” I teased.

“Why is that,” she asked defensive now.

“You play hard to get,” I replied still teasing.

“I most certainly do not,” she huffed back. “I almost throw myself at him,” she steamed. “I thought there was something wrong with me.”

“Not with you,” I interjected quickly, “defiantly with him.”

“Well I’m not going to let it bother me,” she sighed. “I’m fucking somebody tonight,” she said as she looked at me. I smiled as she bit the tag and pulled it off.

“Me,” I asked? She winked as she spit the plastic out.

She stood and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. I stared as her tits swung free. She watched me as the straps of the suit climbed up her arms and over her shoulders. She clasped the back and adjusted it a little. It was a little more revealing than the black one from the other day. Her nipples harden and pointed out.

“Nice,” I said as I watched she check herself in the mirror. She turned away and unbuttoned her pants. She slid them down over her butt and off. No panties. My eyes popped as she stepped out of them. Her sweet round ass shook gently as she turned and looked at me.

“Dam,” I sighed.

“What,” she asked playing dumb but knowing the effect she was having on me. I am a thong or sexy panty kind of man but that just changed my mind.

“If I had known that then I would have needed a bathroom break,” I teased. She giggled and she stepped into the bottoms. She pulled them up and let go. They started to slide back down over her hips. She untied one side and retied it tighter. She turned from side to side and looked. The bottoms were hiding about half of her round ass as she turned.

“Dam,” I sighed again. She arched her back towards me slightly and looked. “Fuck,” I said as I watched her butt stick out. It was so nice and firm. She faced me and smiled.

“What,” she asked? Her face was now flushed and on fire.

“You are fucking hot,” was all I could say.

“Hum, thank you,” she replied ever so sweetly. She looked down and saw a few hairs. She slid her hand under the fabric and adjusted. She moaned slightly as her hand brushed over her mound.

“I am so wet,” she teased. My dick strained as she spoke.

“You ready,” she suddenly said.

“You just got dressed,” I replied.

“Yeah for the beach, naughty boy,” she coyly.

“Yes that too,” I said as I followed her to the door. She gathered a few other things and then we were off. We made a stop at McDonalds before we made the beach. She pulled the car to a stop as I checked out the lot. Not a soul was around.

“Just us,” she smiled as she turned the engine off.

“Good thing,” I said as I opened the door. I reached into the back and got the blanket out. I met her at the front of the car and took the bag she was carrying.

“Don’t lose that,” she said.

“It’s in safe hands,” I assured her. We walked down the quiet beach to a spot and settled down. I spread the blanket and sat down. She joined me. We looked around before looking at each other.

“Let me see if we can keep you out of your rut,” I said. I leaned in and kissed her mouth. We kissed passionately under the stars as a warm and gentle breeze past over our bodies. We slowly took turns removing clothing as we continued to kiss.

I got her out of her shirt and shorts as she pushed me and climbed on top. My hands worked quickly and I unhooked her suit top in one quick snap. The top popped free and slid down her arms quickly.

“Wow, you are getting better at that,” she said. She playfully slapped me as she stood and tossed her top onto the blanket. She pulled one of the strings on the side and let her bottoms fall off as she started running to the water. I jumped up and started to follow. I kicked my shorts off about half way to the water and ran bare assed after her until we reached the water. We resumed kissing as we stood in knee deep water. My dick poked into her lower tummy as I was aroused.

“Hum,” she breathed as she felt the pressure. I broke our kiss and decided to be bold. I knelt down and eased my nose into her moist bush and blew on her lips. She shuttered in excitement. She tipped her hips forward şirinevler escort and flared her legs out just slightly. I nosed in and gave her a quick lick.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as her knees trembled a little. She pulled my head tighter to herself as I ran my tongue along her wet length again. “Yes, oh right there,” she cooed as I found the spot.

One big wave crashed into her butt and caused her to stumble forwards. I dug in and pushed back causing her to stumble and fall. I fell into the water right after her.

“Shit,” I said as I came up and gasped for air.

“Shit is right,” she cried as she floated in the water wiping her eyes. I stood and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waste.

“Wow your strong,” she sighed as I held her easily.

“You are just light,” I teased. She slid down and my cock shaft rubbed against her slit.

“Hum, hum that is strong too,” she purred. We kissed as she slowly slid along it.

“Let’s go back to the blanket,” she suggested. I was enjoying the closeness but decided her idea was better. I carried her back to the blanket and gently set her down. She lay with her legs apart and looked so sexy being wet and salty.

“Dam,” I cried as I settled down between her legs and spread her bush away from her lips.

“Oh yes,” she cried as my tongue ran over her slit down to her asshole. “Hum,” she teased as I tongued it a little. I worked my way back up her slit, over her small tight opening. Back around her soft little inner lips until I reached her little pearl. I slowly worked over it as pleasure ran through her body. Her puss started to flow white from the center as she withered with joy.

“Yes right there, I’m going to cum.” “Yes,” she moaned as her chest heaved and she gasped for air. “Oh fuck yeah,” she cried. Her body tensed as she came. I lapped slowly as she came down from her high.

“Okay, come up here,” she sighed.

“Here,” she yelped as she handed me the rubber. “Fuck me now, I want it bad,” she cried. I opened the foil.

“You remember how to use it,” she asked quickly.

“I got it sweet thing,” I assured her as I unrolled it down my shaft. She parted her lips with her fingers and awaited my invasion. I tossed the wrapper and down it tumbled in the breeze. She giggled slightly at the sight.

Somebody was going to find that in the morning and know someone had some fun the night before. I saw my target and I slowly entered her creaming wet hole. I slid all the way to the hilt slowly as she felt my cock pulse deep inside of her.

“Yes baby, just like last night,” she cooed. “Nice and slow so you don’t cum to fast.”

“Fuck your slow,” I said as I felt how hot and wet she was even through the rubber.

“Well faster then,” she cried as I picked up the pace. My hips slapped her pelvis as I slammed into her. I felt the pressure in my balls to cum within a minute.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming,” she cried. Her shout startled me as her pussy clamped down around my cock and creamed. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” she cried as she shook.

“Okay stop, slow down, easy,” she cried. I came to a stop. “Just rest for a minute,” she purred. I slowly pulled out and looked at her. She gleamed with happiness. “Oh fuck that was a good one, I came so hard,” she purred. I crawled up and laid next to her.

“Did you cum too,” she asked after a minute?

“No, I just heard you say stop so I stopped,” I replied. “I don’t know much about women.”

“Well you know enough to make them cum awful hard,” she cooed.

“I just know when I cum I need a minute,” I replied.

“Well I don’t need a minute to stop, I just need a minute of slowness to recover for the next round,” she replied. “But that is so sweet of you to worry about me.” “So what would you like as a reward,” she asked?

“Whatever you want to give me,” I replied. She bit her lower lip and seductively thought about it. She reached down and removed the rubber. She tossed it off to the side of the blanket and wiped her hand on the blanket. “Slimy,” she said.

“That was your cum,” I replied.

“Hum,” she purred her little girl growl that I loved.

“Dam that growl is sexy,” I said.

“Hum,” she growled again. “I have just the treat for you.”

She straddled me and took my cock into her soft grip. Oh fuck I thought excitedly. No rubber and I’m going to enter her somewhere. She ran my cock down her slit and over her pussy. I felt heat and wetness as it passed by on the way to the other hole. She stopped and circled it over her asshole before gently lowering herself. My cock applied pressure to her rectum as she continued to lower herself. Her asshole relaxed as it opened slightly and started to let my head enter. She sighed as her hole relaxed a little more and my head slipped in.

“Oh,” she cried as my head poked into her exit.

“Um,” I groaned as the sensation of her asshole around my cock was new and unfelt before. She continued to slowly work her way onto my cock until it accepted most of it. It took some time to get it in since her ass didn’t cream like her pussy and there wasn’t a whole lot of lube left from the rubber. She settled and rested as my cock pulsed inside her. It was so tight I could have cum right there. She must have known this as she rested for a minute before starting to slowly withdraw. She carefully settled back down as she started to build a rhythm.

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