Terminal Liaison Ch. 02


Sitting in the back of the taxi your hand is sliding up along my arm, stroking my skin. I still can’t quite believe the effect you are having me. After all those conversations on the internet, all the phone calls, I knew something special was there, but I never expected this. The slightest touch has my entire body tingling. A look from you has my knees going weak. Part of me loved the feelings you evoked in me. Another part was afraid of the intensity of it all.

I lean in closer to you and you kiss my forehead. Your hand trails down my arm and passes down onto my leg, fingers lightly stroking my thigh. Even with the denim preventing you from getting to me, my skin is tingling and on fire.

Your lips trail along the side of my neck, inching up to my ear. You nibble gently on the lobe as your hand wanders a little further up my leg. Your hand around me is teasing along the side of my breast. Already I am aching for you again.

I glance at the driver but he seems to be paying us no attention. His focus centred on the road ahead. Which is a good thing, I think, as your hand creeps ever higher and starts to tease my pussy through the denim of my jeans. I gasp a little and you turn my head to kiss my lips, just as your hand assaults my breast too. Your fingers pinching the nipple through my clothes. I make a weak effort to prise your hands away but I am loving your touch too much to really want you to stop.

Your fingers push down harder onto my pussy, making the denim rub on my clit. The friction causes my body to shudder and soft moans to escape. My hand grips the front of your shirt tightly as I try to control myself.

You pull your head up and stare into my eyes. “God I am so hard for you again,” you mutter.

“Are you really?” I ask.

I loosen my grip on your shirt and slide my hand downwards. It edges down your stomach and beyond. I stroke my hand over the bulge in your jeans. “So you are,” I murmur.

“What are you doing?” you gasp.

“Returning the favour” I reply as my fingers open the button and slide the zip down. My hand slides inside and I feel your heat through your boxers. I slide my fingers up and down the length. I can feel you getting harder and your breathing quickens.

“We can’t do this here,” you protest. “The driver!”

I smile at you. “That didn’t stop you did it?” I tease. My hand finds its way inside your boxers and I wrap my hand around your cock. Gripping lightly, I stroke up and down slowly. Your body jerks and you unconsciously move your hips forward making it easier for me. I let my fingers trace over the tip and hear you gasp.

“You have to stop. I’m not sure I can take this.” You tell me, your voice thick and body tense.

My response is to grip you a little tighter and quicken my strokes. “Fuck,” I hear you mutter. Your head leans back against the seat and your eyes close. I lean across and trace my lips and tongue along your neck. My hand slides down and lightly brushes across your balls. Cupping them in my hand I squeeze a little before moving back up to your cock. I let my fingers trail lightly up the length. I tease them around your tip. I trail them back down. I grip you again and stroke harder.

Your hand moves down and grips my wrist, preventing any more movement. “You are gonna have me coming in my pants if you don’t stop” you tell me urgently.

I grin at you. I relax my grip around you and just let my fingers tease gently.

Glancing out of the car window I notice we are close to home. “Almost there,” I tell you.

“Thank God for that” you breathe, which makes me giggle.

I look forward and notice the taxi driver is staring into his mirror and watching us. His eyes dart to the road on occasion but his attention seems mostly focused on the couple on his back seat. I smile to myself and exaggerate my hand movements. Letting Şerifali Escort him know just how I am stroking up and down your cock. He adjusts himself in his seat and his eyes follow the movement of my hand. I’m not sure why I was letting him watch. Why I was making more of a show for him. I just knew that I was.

I pull your cock completely out into the open and let the driver see exactly what we are doing. I let him see me trailing my fingers over you. I let him watch me stroke the little precum from your tip and slide the moisture down the length of your cock. I let him watch me grip you in my hand as I stroke from base to tip.

The car swerves a little and my eyes meet the drivers in the mirror. I look away quickly. What on earth was I doing? Blushing somewhat I take my hand away from you. “I think you should put that away for now” I whisper to you.

You look across at me. “Not like the idea of being watched?”

You had known! My blush deepens. You grin as you fasten yourself back up. Leaning over you whisper into my ear. “It’s okay. It turned me on too.”

The car stops. “Here we are” the driver tells us.

After paying the fare we exit the car and I duck my head and look away embarrassed when the driver gives me a knowing wink.

Once inside you grab me again and push me against the wall kissing me hard. Your hands immediately move to the fastening on my jeans. You push them down my legs hastily and kick them away. Grabbing my thigh you lift it up around your waist and grind your groin against me. I can feel the denim of your jeans rubbing against my pussy and it causes me to cry out. “I can’t wait. I have to have you now,” I hear you say.

You open your jeans and pull your cock out, right away grabbing it and rubbing it up along my pussy. “Fuck, you feel so good,” you gasp and with one hard thrust push deep into me. My body shudders as I feel your hardness fill me again. You pull me up so both my legs wrap around you and start to fuck me hard and fast. No teasing, no gentleness, just quick pushes into my body, ramming your cock into me again and again. I gasp and moan in your arms, pushing to meet your thrusts.

“I can’t hold back,” you tell me as you push so hard into me it’s almost painful.

“Then don’t,” I tell you. “I want to feel your come inside me again.”

My words seem to push you over the edge and with one hard thrust I feel the heat of your come filling me. Wanting to be with you, I move my hand down quickly and grasp my clit. Flicking it hard and fast, it is only seconds later that I am pushed over the edge too. My body jerks as my orgasm hits me hard.

We collapse against the wall, our breathing ragged. My legs drop to the floor but I keep my arms around you, holding on. “Wow,” I whisper.

“Wow indeed,” you reply.

You move to kiss me gently. “I think you just might kill me before this weekend is over,” you joke.

“At least you will go with a smile on your face,” I tease back.

You grin and kiss me again.

I give you a quick tour of the house before showing you to the bathroom to freshen up. As I head back to the bedroom you grab my arm and pull me back to you. “Aren’t you going to scrub my back for me?” you ask, motioning to the shower.

“I thought I would give you a little recovery time. After all, I don’t want to be responsible for your death.” I say tongue in cheek.

“Hey, who said you were going to get anything more out of me? I just wanted some help cleaning this tired body of mine,” you say, acting innocent.

“Oh sure you do,” I grin, not believing a word, but moving into the bathroom with you.

You turn the shower on and turn back to face me. We stand staring at each other. “Come here,” you tell me.

I move to you obediently and stand before you. Your hands move to my shoulders and you lean down İstanbul Escort to kiss me softly. Your hands trail up my neck, pushing through my hair and you hold my head as your tongue traces along my lower lip. I sigh softly and as my lips part you gently push your tongue into my mouth.

As our tongues dance, your hands slide down my back. Moving them around front you pull my shirt up. We break our kiss as you lift the shirt over my head. You glide a hand across my shoulders; trail your fingers down my cleavage and down my stomach. As you open the fastening on my jeans your other hand has moved around me to open my bra. You slide both off until I am stood before you in my panties. You stare at me and smile. “Definitely better than I could ever imagine,” you say.

I blush lightly and your smile widens. Hooking your fingers into my panties you tug them down my hips. I feel them slide down my legs and I step out of them.

Your hands trail down my arms and take my hands in yours. Your hold them out wide and your eyes move across my body again. “Beautiful,” you whisper. My blush deepens.

I feel vulnerable standing naked with you fully clothed, so I tug my hands from yours and move them to your shirt, pulling it swiftly up and over your head. I let my hands glide down your chest and stomach. You help me to remove your jeans and boxers until we are both stood naked before each other.

You hold your hand out to me, and when I place mine into it you tug me forward and we both move into the shower. The water streams over our bodies as we stand close together. You lean across, pick up the soap and hand it to me. Turning away from me you ask “Are you going to scrub my back for me then?”

I laugh. I lather the soap in my hands, place it to one side and move my hands to your back. I stroke my hands up and down your back, lightly massaging. I hear you sigh softly. I move my hands from your shoulders, all the way down your back and move them lightly back up.

I lather the soap again in my hands and move around in front of you. I slide my hands along your chest, massaging the soap down your chest and stomach. My hands move down to your hips and then back up. As the water cascades down rinsing away the soap bubbles I lean forward and kiss along your collarbone, letting my tongue trace along your skin. Kissing down your chest as my hands move around and glide down your back. My hands continue down and I massage the soap into your ass.

As I listen to your sighs I let my lips trace a path across your chest and I circle my tongue around your nipple. I tug on it gently with my teeth before kissing along to your other nipple and nibbling on that one gently.

As my hands continue to massage your back and ass, my mouth moves lower and kisses down your chest. I move onto my knees and move my mouth back to your skin. Gentle teasing kisses down your stomach. My hands slide down past your ass to the back of your thighs. My fingers trailing lightly down them and back up. My lips and tongue move down your hip.

I slide one hand around to your front and tease my fingers up the inside of your thigh. My hand finds your cock and I wrap my hand around it. I hear you moan as my hand starts stroking you slowly. I move my mouth to your cock and I dart my tongue out to tease the tip, circling my tongue around it. Then tracing my tongue down the length to the base of your cock and licking back up the underside, and back to the tip. Circling my tongue around once more and dipping it into the slit in the end. Tracing my tongue up and down, tasting a little of your precum.

Your hands move down to slide through my hair, holding my head to you. I feel the water pouring down my back, warming my skin. My tongue darts up and down the slit more. I love the taste of you and want more.

I hold your cock in my hand Ümraniye Escort and I move my eyes upwards. You are watching me and our eyes meet. As I hold your gaze with mine I take the tip of your cock into my mouth. I suck on it a little, making you gasp, before starting to slide more of your cock into my mouth. Guiding you in with my hand wrapped around the base. My eyes never leave yours as I take you inch by inch into my mouth. I take you deep into my mouth until I feel the tip of your cock pushing against my throat.

I start sucking on you slowly. One hand guiding you into my mouth as the other one moves down to tease your balls, squeezing them gently. I hear you groan and your hands grip tighter in my hair. Your head falls back. “Oh fuck baby that feels so good.”

I take you in and out of my mouth a little faster. Sucking a little harder. Your hands grab my head and you start to push with your hips. Fucking my mouth. Sliding your cock so deep in and back out. Hard and fast.

You suddenly stop and pull my head away. As I look up at you confused you say, “You have to stop now or I’m going to cum.”

“What’s wrong with that?” I say grinning up at you, my hand still stroking along your cock.

You pull me onto my feet and kiss me hard. “Because I want to be inside you when I do,” you tell me. With that you turn me around, facing away from you. The water falls down across my chest and runs down my body. Your mouth moves to the back of my neck and you nibble gently on the skin.

You nudge my legs apart with your knee and lean my body forward a little. With one arm around my waist and one on my hips, you slide your cock to my pussy and let it rest there. My hands move to grab the shower rail and I lean forward more for you, pushing my hips back to you, feeling your hard cock sliding against me.

Your hand moves from around my waist and to your cock. You guide it to my pussy opening and slide the tip inside. I moan as you hold still a moment before sliding the full length of your cock inside me.

With both hands on my hips you start rocking into me, sliding your cock all the way out and back in deep. The moans tumble from my lips as I feel your thickness filling me again and again. “Oh God, fuck me. Fuck me so hard,” I gasp.

Your hips move faster. You thrust into me harder, faster. Your fingers are digging into my skin as you pull me back with force onto your cock. The water is pounding down onto my back. I grip the shower rail hard, my knuckles turning white. “Oh God, yes,” I cry.

My pussy contracts around your cock as I lose control and come. Your grip tightens even more and with one final deep push I feel your heat spilling into me. I can feel our juices mingling inside my body. I keep my muscles tightened around you, holding you in me, feeling so full of you.

My fingers loosen their grip on the rail. Your hands move in circles on my hips, soothing the red marks caused by your fingers. We both stay still a moment, our bodies remaining locked together, catching our breaths.

You pull me upright and hold me tight against your body. Neither of us moves or talks. We just stand letting the water cascade down over our joined bodies.

Eventually I shiver and you turn me in your arms. You place a soft kiss on my lips and moving your arm up, turn the shower off. “Let’s get you dry,” you tell me.

We step out of the shower and grab some towels before heading into the bedroom. You take my towel and lovingly dry my body for me, letting the soft material gently massage my aching skin.

You slide back the covers on the bed and push me gently down. I lay back and watch you as you dry yourself off. You considerately hang both towels up before joining me in the bed. You lay behind me and wrap your arms tightly around me. We lie there still, curled up under the covers, just enjoying the closeness of each other. You place a butterfly soft kiss on the side of my neck and whisper “Good night my angel.”

I smile sleepily and snuggle closer to you. “Good night,” I whisper softly as my eyes flutter close.

To be continued…

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