Texas Panhandle

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Celeste is attractive and petite she is the one people equated to dynamite. She is perky and energetic, always the one to have that winning idea and the energy to carry it through. At twenty eight she had risen through the ranks of her company quickly. However, it is on a business trip that her luck took a sudden turn for the worse. Insisting on driving through the vast empty spaces of west Texas is her first mistake. How is she to know that on immensely long stretches of highway you can still get lost? Flat landscapes look all the same no matter how you turn. To add insult to injury her rental car decided to break down. A flat directed her to the side of the road where habit led her to turn off the car. Getting out and checking for a spare led to yet another indication that luck had turned it’s back on her… no spare. Standing there along a deserted looking stretch of road, no town in sight, no other car in sight she cursed and kicked at the ground with high heeled pumps.

The sun beamed down upon black tar highway as it always did in Texas…hot. She soon is shrugging out of pale blue dress suit jacket and tossing it into the back seat while she sat in the driver’s seat contemplating. A turn of the key had left her with the knowledge that the car had become a turncoat. One hand lifted up the mass of dark hair while the other held a client folder to fan pale skin under the lacey camisole blouse she wore. Afternoon is slipping into evening though the heat didn’t seem to notice. At one point a car happened down the lonely stretch of road only to pass her by without a care. She gave no thought to the dangers of being alone, female, and stranded. All she cared about is getting to the nearest town since out in the middle of no where, cell phones take a vacation.

An hour or so after her only sighting of what could have been a human behind the wheel of that lone car she hears the approach of another. Getting out of her dead shell of a vehicle she stood by the road and waved until the beat up old truck rolls to a slow stop. Dangers? She won’t let herself dwell on those despite her run of terrible luck. My truck stops behind her dead car and she stood patiently while I climbed out of the cab. Plaid red shirt, mostly unbuttoned. ” Hi.” Celeste gushing words, ” Oh I’m so glad to finally see another person! My car decided it was quitting time before it got me to where I was trying to get which in itself seems like a comedy of errors in getting lost. Is it always so hot. Do you know anything about fixing this pile of junk? Oh but that probably wouldn’t help anyway it’s got a flat and no spare.” Bubbly rambles accompanied by a sweet smile on a curvatious vivacious woman…. it is forgivable.

I told her ” My cattle ranch is not far from here. You can spend the night and in the morning, we can get your car repaired.” Celeste, at 28, is very attractive. At 5′ 5″ and just 118 lbs. She works out regularly and her dark shoulder length hair and dark eyes attracted more than her share of longing stares from men and women alike. Although not busty, Celeste has an hourglass figure and tight butt. It was her looks that caught my eye when Celeste was standing nest to her car waving her arms. I’m a big man and would never let a good-looking woman get away. When I felt the urge, I would look through my black book or go out to a nightclub. My cattle ranch is fifty miles from the nearest town here in the panhandle of Texas. ” She’s alone,” I thought to myself. I had already
noticed she wasn’t wearing a wedding band. I also took note that Celeste is wearing a pullover light dress
that did little to hide her firm breasts. I noticed her hesitation, I said ” The nearest town is approximately a 100 miles away.”

” I’m going to make you appreciate being a woman.” Celeste suddenly realized the danger she is in. Since the truck is travelling slowly, she attempted to open the door and leap out. However, she quickly discovered her door is locked and the mechanism to unlock it has been removed. Celeste begins to scream, but I slapped her hard across the face. Celeste cried, leaning against the window as I run my hand up her smooth leg. ” Don’t cry now, honey. You be begging for my big cock once I’m finished with you,” I taunted. Soon my hand reached her crotch and Celeste closed her legs tightly to protect herself from my invading fingers. ” Open your legs,” I commanded. Celeste refused as the truck entered an empty garage. Slowly her legs opened, allowing me access to her pussy. As the garage door closed, I licked my fingers slipping them under Celeste’s dainty panties. My wet fingers found her clitoris and started to rub it as Celeste continues to cry. ” Please don’t do this to me!” Celeste implored as I continued working on her little bud. I temporarily stopped, as I pulled her from the truck. I took her to another room that contained some office furniture and a mattress bayan escort gaziantep in the corner. I shove the petite woman over to the mattress and down on her back. Then I straddled her. Celeste grabs my hands to stop me as I begin squeezing her firm tits. She allowed me access to her breasts. This one is young and a fighter; but, I know once my big snake spews its venom in her small pussy a few times, she will surrender to me, become subservient to me.

I ripped open Celeste’s blouse, revealing a hot pink bra that matched her panties and contained her firm breasts.
Once I had fucked her a few times, she will become like putty and couldn’t get enough of my spunk. Celeste’s hands meagerly tried to prevent me from unfastening her front clasped bra. As the garment is pulled off, I’m delighted in seeing her perfectly shaped, firm, 34 C tits. I sucked and nibbled on her right nipple until it became hard and then did the same thing to her left one. As I sucked on her breasts, my hand lifted up her skirt. She is a beautiful site laying there topless with her pink bikini panties that matched the same light hue as her erect nipples. I slipped my fingers into her panties and begin pulling them down. ” Oh, God! Please, no, no, no,” Celeste begged through her tears. ” I have not been with a man in a long time.” she cried, hoping I would show some compassion. My cock is twitching in my pants as I relished the idea of fucking her. I jerked off her skirt and opened her legs. Her struggles are futile anyway soon she will be wrapping those smooth thighs around my ass, pulling my cock deeper inside her. I pulled her panties to the side to inspect Celeste’s pussy as she sniveled helplessly.

I pulled her panties off. Now she is completely naked. I licked my thumb and resumed rubbing her clit. After a few minutes of stimulation, I noticed the little nub harden, like a tiny prick, as it filled with blood. I pushed her legs further apart and pulled her labia wide open with my fingers. Her vagina is like a delicate flower, pink and wet inside. I took in her sweet scent. Her pussy smells sweet. I decide to taste her juices and begin licking her moist, tender, feminine flesh, sucking up her tasty nectar. Celeste lay helplessly on her back staring at the ceiling and trying to mentally remove herself from this situation. Feelings of helplessness and vulnerability fills her mind as a steady stream of tears flow down the sides of her face. Her pussy has not been seen and touched by a man in a long time. She is totally exposed and accessible to me. My 9 inch monster cock leaped to life and had to be released from its confinement. I pulled off my pants and shirt.

” You gonna cum soon, Celeste,” I stated. Celeste look at my hairy chest. Her light blue eyes wondered down to my stomach and then widened in terror as my monster cock came into view. She didn’t know penises could be so big; it could not be real. But my organ is real and I’m going to use it on her. Celeste begins to panic as I push the heavily veined appendage down toward the entrance of her pussy, it is so big. It cannot possibly fit inside her without tearing her apart. ” Please, no, you’re too big!” she screams. This is music to my ears – the part I loved most about raping beautiful women is their struggles and pleas just before my conquest that will permanently ruin them for other men. I turn these women into cum loving whores who will only fuck me. Even this resistant young woman will eventually surrender to my cock. My big snake pushed at Celeste’s entrance as she balled her small hands into fists and banged on my chest. She feels the lips of her vagina stretching to accommodate the large bulbous head as it pushes toward her tiny very tight pussy. She begins kicking to the side, trying to dislodge me; but, since I’m already between her legs, there is not much she can do now to protect herself.

Good thing I had made sure her clit is hard and her cunt is wet before I attempt to enter her since her pussy is so small. With just the head of my cock inside her, I feel the resistance from her thick walls. ” Sure enough, you have not had sex in a long time. Your very tight like a virgin,” I said gleefully as I paused a few moments. My delay played with Celeste’s mind by giving her false hope of maybe keeping her virginity. She had no choice and would eventually become my cum slut. The intense pain is slowly subsiding as Celeste’s tightly stretched pussy begins adjusting to my cock head inside it. Then suddenly, I thrust forward and tore through her narrow tunnel. I rammed my monster cock into her small opening. Her blood and secretions lubricated my cock as it slowly moves in and out. I can read women and I knew that this woman, will take longer to become use to my size. From the numerous women I have fucked, I knew that the less sexual experience a woman has, the more time it took to get her addicted to my cock. Celeste’s lack of previous sexual activity will mean more fucking to get her hooked. It may also require multiple times of fucking.

” Ah, ah, ah,” she screams in rhythm to each of my thrusts. For over 50 minutes my cock drilled deeper and deeper into Celeste’s untouched cunt. She has no idea that her once tight pussy has finally accommodated my huge cock as agony gradually becomes mild pain, then intense pressure, and finally intense discomfort. My large cock reached all the way up to her cervix. I put my mouth to hers, forcing my tongue deep down her throat. Now they are exchanging more bodily fluids and Celeste’s disgust grew. I increased my pace and my big hard cock swelled larger as I came closer to injecting Celeste’s womb with my cum. Celeste’s female instincts kicked in as she broke our kiss and pleaded with me not to cum inside her. ” I’ll get pregnant. I don’t want a baby. Please take it out!” she begged. I gazed into her eyes that are filled with fear as I force my cock up to her cervix and sprayed my seed directly into her womb. Celeste feels the flood of my warm cum as my evil cock repeatedly fired salvos of spunk deep inside her. I filled her with my cum. ” No, no, no! Why did you do this to me?” she cries in frustration.

I finally withdrew from Celeste’s vagina watching her tender labia slowly close the temporary opening created by my penis as some of my cum leaked from her cunt down to her small, pink asshole. Celeste mistakenly thought I was finished and would finally leave her alone. But I realized that she is far from being converted to a slut that craved my cock since she hadn’t cum once during our previous love making session. I had already anticipated this situation due to her lack of sexual experience. Her pussy is still learning how to respond to my stimulation.
I pulled out of her leaving her in the room. I returned two hours later to continue our love making. I had not completely mastered her pussy yet. My work is not finished until I had successfully forced her to cum multiple times on my monster cock. The first few orgasms will be against her will. She will fight them and try to conceal the pleasure they brought. But like my other women, Celeste’s orgasms will gradually intensify and she will begin to crave more of them. Her now inexperienced pussy will grow dependent on the extreme stimulation received from a huge cock to achieve orgasm. The small penis of other men will then no longer be able to arouse her
and she will belong to me.

I shove her back down on the mattress, grabbing her knees, and spreading her legs wide. I spit on my thumb and again rubbed her clit in tight circles. This time her nub responded much more rapidly. ” Oooh, oooooh, oooooooooh.” Celeste softly coos as she unconsciously raises her hips slightly in response to the attention her clit received. I stretched open her labia with my other hand while rubbing her excited clit without interruption. Her pink flesh inside is dripping wet. My big viper returned to life again this evening. This time my stamina will be longer. It is time I begin the final conquest of this young beauty. I barely nudged her and she laid back for me this time. Her glassy eyes gazed into space as I spread her legs and resumed the motion of my thumb against her clit. ” Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she repeated each time my thumb manipulated her clit in certain ways. I lifted Celeste’s legs to give me better access to her pussy and lined my cock up to her entrance. Celeste realized what is happening again and tried to rotate her hips away from my invading member. But, she did not move quick enough. My cock had partially entered past her labia that tightly stretched around its head.

With each stroke I withdrew my cock except for its tip, and then pushed it a little further in her cunt until once again the entire rod is buried deep inside her. Celeste is confused. Through her stupor she has the uneasy feeling that somehow she is in trouble. But this huge cock feels so strange as it moves in and out of her tight pussy. Sometimes I would rotate it in different directions. Other times I would withdraw my cock completely and slide its head along her clit. She has never felt such erotic sensations before. But in the back of her mind she knew this was wrong. I kissed her and my tongue slithered deep in her mouth again. This time her tongue played back a little while my big cock kept her pussy occupied. An hour of intense love making passed when I feel Celeste’s cunt muscles begin contracting around my massive rod. This is wrong. Celeste resisted the impulses building within her. But I noticed that she had stopped crying and seemed to be more accepting of her situation.

Will her torment ever end? I continue working my massive tool inside her. I now feel Celeste’s pussy contractions growing tighter and occuring with more frequency. This strong-willed, woman hadn’t surrendered yet, but she is definitely losing her battle. Celeste is fighting the sensual feelings increasing between her legs. She is unaware of it, her body grew more responsive to the continuous attention it is receiving from me as her hips start meeting my thrusts. Her reactions did not go unnoticed by me, however, I use the response her body is involuntarily providing me to intensify the movements she found most pleasurable. Celeste’s spiraling descent is gradual as she loses control. What is she doing? She hadn’t realized that two hours has passed because she is experiencing multiple orgasms whose intensity is increasing. Her pussy contractions are like a vise growing tighter and trying to milk the sperm from my cock. She is so wet. My huge stick glistening with her juices as it slides in and out. I admired the contrast of my cock against her petite body each time her tight pussy accepts the entrance of its big lover. ” That’s it, baby, cum for me,” I encouraged.

” Ooh, ooh, nooooo!” Celeste whimpered, shaking her head from side to side. ” Good girls didn’t enjoy masturbating or forced sex. But her pussy is contradicting what her words are saying and revealed to me what she is trying to conceal. I enjoy watching the conflict of emotions playing out in women as they unsuccessfully struggle to maintain control of their bodies. An orgasm is a woman’s most sacred possession – a possession buried in their sacred center, stimulating this sacred center is what made taking virtuous young women so exciting to me. It is the orgasmic stimulation that enables me to unleash their primal need into addictive lust. Yes, I was endowed with the huge cock to use to release primal cravings in women. I learned and honed my skill to unleash erotic sensations in woman. My semen is my gift to women. ” Oh, oh, oh, ooooooh. Noooo. God, please help me,” Celeste is moaning as my cock causes another wave of unwanted sensual delight to overwhelm her. I knew there would no help for her. ” You want more of my big cock in your tight little pussy?” I taunted her.

” Nooo,” Celeste softly moaned with her small hands up against my chest feebly trying to push me off of her. But I’m to large and powerful. My monster cock found another untouched sensitive area deep in Celeste’s vagina to manipulate, causing another tide of unwanted orgasms. Celeste’s hands stopped pushing against my burly chest and slides to my sides and then around my back. I now feel the nipples on her perky tits pressing into me. My conquest is nearly finished. But one more change in position is needed to ensure her complete surrender. I unexpectedly withdrew my cock from Celeste’s hungry cunt. She gazed down in surprise at the hard pole coated in her secretions and saw it twitching. I carried the small woman in my arms over to an empty desk, positioning her at the table’s edge. Celeste sat up on her elbows and watched my cock fill her pussy again. She offers no resistance; the cravings from her have become too strong.

As I begin fucking her again, I reach down coating my thumb with her silky secretions then stroked her little pink clit. I can tell from the way the little nub hardened that it enjoyed my touch, even if Celeste wished to deny it. ” Ooooooh, ooooooooooooooooh, ooooooooooooh,” Celeste is softly moaning. She arched her back in one last attempt to position her hips away from my invading organ. But, my massive cock is too big and buried deep inside her, her final effort to dislodge it completely failed. She can no longer resist the accelerated strokes of the large serpent moving inside her combined with the attention her clit is receiving. She tightly wrapped her legs around me, drawing my cock deeper within her pussy as she surrenders to her fate. I picked her up off the desk with my cock buried in her. She clung tightly to me with her arms and legs wrapped around my neck and ass.

With my left arm holding Celeste’s small waist, I move my right hand down the crack between her firm buttocks inserting my finger into her tiny tight pink asshole as my cock completely impaled her now quivering pussy. I use the leverage of my finger in her ass to move her pelvis just the right way on me, causing her pussy to violently clamp down on my erupting cock numerous times as we experienced a massive orgasm together. I pressed my mouth tightly over hers and she eagerly swallowed my saliva as our tongues danced with each other and her cunt drank more of seed from my cock. She has completely surrendered and belonged to me, which meant that I will soon move on to my next conquest. I will return to service her on occasion. I knew that she will now call me to satisfy the cravings I planted in her. Our future love making sessions will never recapture the euphoria of these two sessions. Our future sessions will satisfy the craving while striving to climb to new erotic experiences. I understood something else about Celeste, no other man will arouse her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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