The Bum of a Princess


I’m an Indian guy who have a friend from my home country. This friend has been depressed for a few years, but also has an older relative who is very rich. He works in Silicon Valley and is known to do all sorts of crazy stuff. To alleviate the depression of his younger relative he took the two of us to Disneyland, of all things. Not only that, but he had ordered a VIP room, a secluded area and bar where we would have one of the park’s Disney Princesses in exclusive attendance for two hours. The gods know how much he must have paid for that.

She was a sight to behold when she entered. Dressed in a pink gown, a silvery crown and a silvery necklace, with long, silky blonde hair. She had a lot of makeup or foundation. Smiling, chirping in a soft and girly voice, and even spinning around the room. She showered us in attention and questions. It’s her job, after all, as one of the official princesses. Obviously, I can’t tell you which one. She deflected all personal questions about her name and background. Also, part of the job, I guess. Our wealthy patron told her she was going to college. Judging from a brief expression on her face, it was probably true.

He wanted her to look at something and pulled out a large and heavy brown envelope. She was very suspicious at first, but eventually opened it to his constant insistence. She pulled out a bundle of 100-dollar bills, and several more such bundles fell onto the large dining table. He told her the envelope had 10 000 dollars inside of it, and that it was for a specific purpose. It was apparent she immediately had a notion of what it was for.

The conversation that followed went a little like this.

“My mother warned me about men like you,” she chirped and pushed away the large stack of money.

He told her it was all hers if we could have our way with her, all of us.

“You’re not a very nice guy, are you, sir?” she continued.

He told her it would be a nice addition to her college fund.

“I’m not a whore.”

“Of course not,” he told her. It was all just for fun for all parties, and nobody would ever know.

“And I have a boyfriend.”

“He’s not here now. This will be a secret.”

Her persona cracked, finally.

“Only in my pussy, right?” she asked.

Me and my friend had followed the exchange breathlessly. Now we knew she was negotiating.

“And it’s gotta be fast.”

They both took a look at us.

“I Sex Hikayeleri don’t think that will be a problem.”

“Do you have condoms?”


There would be no condoms, else the deal was off. She figured that between the three of us we probably didn’t get laid much, and told us quite clearly. So, she’d take her chances.

They still had to negotiate the technical details. Missionary was too personal, she told us. There would be no blowjobs. She’d just be bent over the table while we had our way with her, as long as we didn’t touch or finger her ass. He told her she might be rubbed there. Reluctantly she agreed, as long as it was gentle and superficial. We couldn’t believe the priorities. For us having her from behind was better than anything else. There would be no filming or pictures. Then she’d scream.

As a final precaution, she went over to the envelope and examined the stacks of money closely. Each bundle was counted and she even held up some bills to the light. She put it all away, and finally she went back to the table with our patron, facing us at the other side. It had taken exactly half an hour to meet her and convince her. She informed us that at a specific time the door would be opened by her colleague. We had to be done by then. This was exactly one and a half hours from now.

Our older patron didn’t want to waste any more time. So, he made her lean forward and rest on her arms upon the table surface. We watched in amazement as her large, pink gown was flipped over her back. He bent down and there were the sounds of elastics as her panties were pulled down and discarded on the floor. Soon after her defiant gaze turned into one of surprise and embarrassment, as he put his face in her behind and had an intimate make out session with her. He got up and there was the sound of a zipper going down. It didn’t take long before he had penetrated her and they were having a vaginal intercourse.

He was at least twice as old as her and kept a slow tempo. It was interesting to look at her face and her reaction to each movement. She looked a bit indignant, to be honest. For the most part, her eyes were closed. He was breathing heavier by the minute and clearly enjoying it. Soon the firm rhythm was accompanied by a big Thump! against her butt for each movement. Suddenly he increased his tempo, clutched her hips and leaned backward while he moaned. We couldn’t Erotik Hikayeler believe what was happening and that he was shooting his load into a beautiful blonde girl. (Yeah, Indians love blondes). She raised her upper body as she received this messy tribute to her femininity.

When his eyes rolled back and he had relaxed a little, he wanted us to come and have a look. As we crossed the table, all we could see were the milk white hips he was clutching. He removed the contrasting brown penis that had been inside her and took a step back. We could see an equally milk white butt, her cummed in pussy and her pink asshole. To no one’s surprise, her trimmed pubes were blonde.

He wanted another go, as he was the one that had been paying for it all. Each of us would get two goes, and it had to be quick. He stood behind her and masturbated until his dick was ready again, while squeezing her ass. She was standing submissively and resigned with her head hidden in her arms. Then he put it in and they were at it again. This time the movements were faster, and harder, and he took his time to rub her asshole, as he had promised. He even gave her a few smacks, making her raise her head and look back indignantly. Admittedly it was fascinating to see his brown dick slide in and out of her. I noticed how he was standing with his shoe inside her panties on the floor. This went on and eventually he came. He collapsed over her back and remained there for a while, squeezing her breasts through the fabric of her gown.

For some reason time had passed drastically. There was only half an hour left. The whole thing was a sight, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get to have my turn. My friend took his place behind her, pulled his dick out and masturbated furiously. He jabbed it in and moved it back and forth like some sort of weapon, and came after like ten strokes. She yelped and protested the brutal treatment, and he pulled it out to continue masturbating, while stroking his thumb over her anal opening.

The second time around lasted longer, but he stilled used the same jabbing motion in her girly parts. It was fascinating to see the lips of her pussy being brutally pushed in by each movement. I saw how he too had stepped on her panties.

“Slower! My pussy is not a fucking anvil!” she yelled at last. By then he was already cumming. He too took his time to lie over her back and squeeze her Tecavüz Hikayeleri breasts. There were only ten minutes left when I could take my place behind her and pull my zipper down.

This close I could see more details. Her ass was perfectly heart shaped and rounded, with smooth, almost transparent skin and not even a blemish. Her pussy was open and drooling cum, hanging in a single large thread down to her thighs, but at least her female parts were not gaping. The opening was bubbling over with semen. She smelled kind of fishy, to be honest. Her asshole pink and tiny.

I put it in.

It was like one could expect. Sloppy seconds are sloppy and not exactly silky. I was moving inside the semen of two other guys. There were wet sounds and she queefed at one point. I had made sure to make my shoe touch her panties too.

“Hoow much longer? Hurry up!” she complained.

I could feel the sudden warmth of her pussy as I massaged my penis inside of her. And then I came.

I don’t know how much time was left. I was masturbating my penis and she was telling me to be quick about it. So, I put it in, or so I thought.

“Unnngh!” she complained. “This is not what we agre… Hngh!”

Looking down, I could see my penis was firmly planted all the way inside her asshole. The warmth was incredible and by pure instinct I started thrusting.

Her grunts were guttural.

“Urrgh!… ungh!… unnghh!”

Suddenly her asshole clamped around the root of my penis. I thought she would squeeze it off then and there. Instead, an incredible feeling surged over me, and I leaned back and had the strongest orgasm of my life. It must have been like 45 seconds until I collapsed over her back. I was too numb to smell her hair or squeeze at her breasts.

“Pull it out, please. Gently.”

I did as she said, and my penis left her ass while I was over her.

She was the one to regain the initiative. She slipped out from underneath me, thanked us ‘gentlemen’ for the sex, and hurried to get her panties on. After dropping the fabric of her pink gown and straightening her wrinkles, she regained her persona and started chirping and cooing over us, like she had when she first entered. Two minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

Only when she let us out did I catch a glimpse of anger flashing from her bright blue eyes. Then the door was closed.

I got the shortest time with her, but I also got something few men will get. I never thought I would do a college aged Disney Princess up her bum. For all I know I might even have gotten her anal virginity.

So, excuse me Princess. And thank you. So very, very much, because this was the highpoint of my life.

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