The Cunterbury Tales Ch. 01


As a group we had known each other for a long time but we had never talked about our sex lives before. There were five of us – three men and two women. We had first met at the local Arts’ Centre film club where we shared an interest in modern, arty films. After a movie we used to go to a pub for a drink and a chat about the film; but on this particular night we had gone back to one of the group’s flat.

One bottle of wine was followed by another and soon we were all a bit tipsy. The film we had watched was a contemporary film from Brazil and it was full of hot but weird steamy sex. We discussed the film and somehow our own experiences of unusual sex became the topic of conversation. We decided that each of us would tell the story of the strangest sex we had ever had and here are two examples. The first is by Susie and I would describe it as ‘The tale of an unexpected cock.’ Here is what she said:-

“I was with my partner Peter on a visit to his old friend Geoff who lived in the North. Geoff had given Peter his first job years ago, and even though Geoff was fifteen years older they had always got on well and kept in touch. On the night of our arrival they had gone to the pub together to talk about old times while I had stayed in with Geoff’s wife Marie. I was tired after the journey and went to bed early.

I was almost asleep when I heard the bedroom door click open followed by a stumble and I thought it was Peter coming back drunk. I turned on my side away from the movement. I knew Peter liked a bit of sex when he came back from the pub, drunk and randy; but I hoped he might just lay down and go to sleep.

No such luck . I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me up from the bed. I thought I’d finish him quickly by giving him a blowjob, then I would be free to get some sleep. The room was still pitch black and I reached forward where I thought his fly was. I felt that the bulge was bigger than usual and as I unzipped and reached inside, out came a cock three times the size of Peter’s and Peter’s was a big one.

In a second I realised the obvious, it was Geoff’s cock. He’d stumbled drunk into the wrong room and thought I was his wife, Marie. As I opened my mouth wide in surprise, the head of his huge cock slurped in. It was so big my scream simply came out as a gurgle. He murmured with pleasure as he leaned forward and pushed the shaft of his monster cock further in.

What could I do? My mouth was so full of cock I couldn’t speak, so I thought the best thing to do was to suck him off and get it out of my mouth as quickly as possible. But it was difficult sucking on a cock that so totally filled my mouth; nevertheless, I opened my mouth as wide as I could so that my tongue could at least tickle the head while I wrapped my hand around the shaft to wank it. That’s when I realised one hand wasn’t enough to circle such a huge weapon, and so I gripped it with both hands and worked it up and down as fast as I could.

Geoff began to tremble as I feverishly wanked his cock faster and faster. I felt his cock get even harder as the first jet of cum spurted into my mouth. This was followed by a second and then a third load. I thought I would drown as I struggled to gulp it all down. Even so, a lot spilled out of my mouth flowing down onto my exposed tits and dripping off my nipples. With a huge sigh Geoff collapsed next to me on the bed and I lay back beside him relieved that the huge cock was out of my mouth.

I was about to get up and switch the light on when Geoff sat up and put his hand between my legs. I know I should have stopped it there, but the huge cock had excited me and the fingers which found my clit soon started my juices flowing. What the heck, I felt that I was entitled to some reward for sucking off such a massive cock. I lay back and let him go to work.

He may have been drunk but he knew how to pleasure a cunt. He slipped two fingers deep inside me to massage my g-spot while with his other hand he teased my clit. I could hear a squishing sound as his fingers rhythmically stirred up my juices. I was getting close to cumming . The nerve endings in my pussy were tingling and my clit was ready to burst with sensation. Then he stopped, gently pushed my legs open and nudged the huge head of his cock against the entrance to my cunt.

I drew in a deep breath as he tried to gain entry, surely it was too big, but no it was slowly slipping in. I was panting heavily as I felt the massive head of Geoff’s cock slide in and up my cunt preparing the way for Maltepe Escort the nine inches of cock shaft which followed. It was almost at the entrance of my womb when it stopped and began to withdraw with a deep sucking sound. Geoff’s cock was the biggest I had ever had; but gradually an intense pleasure began to spread through the walls of my cunt and deep inside my body. Then he began to give me the best fucking I ever had. It was a powerful almost mechanical pounding, which didn’t stop as it delivered orgasm after orgasm. At last Geoff withdrew his cock and I lay like a well fucked rag doll spread out on the bed beside him.

‘ Almost there,’ he mumbled as he turned me face down on my front, parted my ass cheeks and thrust his massive cock towards my arse hole.

‘This is going to kill me,’ I thought as the head of his cock pushed into my tight hole.

Fortunately, some of my cunt juices had flowed down between my legs and soaked the entrance. This helped to lubricate his huge weapon as he eased it in and up my arse.

I’d had anal sex before with Peter but not on a regular basis, rather I kept it as a treat for his birthdays and such, so Geoff’s enormous cock was a very tight fit. In fact, it was so rigid his first thrust lifted me up off the bed and I only survived the second thrust by gripping the edges of the mattress and holding on as best I could. Fortunately, Geoff paused to reach around to tickle my clit. Soon I was squirming with pleasure as his huge cock seemed to press my g-spot through the walls of my arse hole. In no time I was cumming again.

Then Geoff withdrew his cock and turned me over again. In the dark I could hardly make out the shape of his cock as he wanked it hard above me. Soon his breathing grew faster and faster and with a gasp he shot a huge load of cum all over my tits – it splashed hot and thick, trickling down between my breasts and pooling on my stomach. Then he spurted another jet which sprayed my open mouth with more hot cum.

At last he sighed and collapsed on the bed beside me. I was just reflecting on the intensity of the orgasms I’d had, better than any before when the bedroom door burst open , the room flooded with light and Peter came in; but that’s another story.”

Next was Kurt’s turn, and I will call his story ‘ Au pairs in love and war.’ This is what he said :-

“Well, it was my fault I suppose I just can’t resist temptation. It all began a few weeks ago when our neighbour had a young Norwegian au pair called Greta staying with her to improve her English. She became friendly with my wife and she was soon coming around for English conversation. I couldn’t help but make the occasional glance at her long legs and pert breasts. Occasionally our eyes had met and she had smiled in an inviting way. It wasn’t long before we were flirting and I am sure her skirts became shorter with each visit.

It all started one Monday morning when my wife Catherine had gone off to have her hair done. I took advantage of her absence to have a look through some old porno magazines I had found stashed away on the top of a wardrobe. Flicking through the pages and viewing those open hairy pussies and big tits soon gave me a hard on. The next minute I had my cock out and was wanking with one hand while in the other I held the porn mag.

Suddenly I heard the door click open and there was Greta, the Norwegian au pair. I dropped the magazine, lunged forward so that my sweatshirt hid my erection.

I mumbled an awkward, ‘Hello.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry Kurt. Catherine told me to let myself in to borrow her English dictionary.’

She paused, stared at my crotch and then leaned forward and picked the porn magazine up off the floor.

Her eyes widened as she flicked through the pages.

‘My, my, this is a big one. Oh, I mean the one in the picture.’

‘What about this?’ I pulled my sweatshirt back to display my rock-hard cock.

Greta smiled and looked down.

‘Hmmm, yours is bigger.’

With that she knelt before me, gently grabbed my cock, opened her mouth and started sucking.

Greta had a sensual way of sucking which seemed to stretch the head of my cock deep into her mouth. While my cock was enclosed by her lips she worked her tongue round and round my knob head sending waves of pleasure surging down to my balls. I could feel my cum bubbling as it demanded release. It was agony, but I managed to lean back and pull my cock out of Greta’s hungry mouth.

Greta instinctively knew what İstanbul Escort I wanted. She rose up, pulled down her panties and leant over the table, slightly parting her legs as she did so. In a moment my cock was lodged in her hot, shaven cunt. Because Greta had both feet on the floor her leg muscles were taunt and I felt the extra grip of her pussy walls around my throbbing weapon.

I started slowly but soon unleashed a frenzy of fucking, pounding her as if there was no tomorrow. In spite of this Greta was making no noise. I could see that she was gripping the edge of the table and ruffling the tablecloth, but she said nothing. I was used to Catherine whimpering and sometimes screaming as I rammed her hard. I expected the same reaction and I soon got it.

After one deep thrust I pulled my cock out and still wet with Greta’s juices I shoved it right up her arse. This brought a high pitched squeak from Greta as my hard cock almost lifted her off the table. With the next thrust she had begun to whimper, and soon she was panting in time with the rhythm of my cock. There was no holding back this time and I felt my cum surging through my shaft.

At the exact moment I began to shoot, a pair of firm hands pulled me back and out of the suction of Greta’s arse. My cock jerked left and right spraying cum all over the table and Greta’s firm buttocks.

I heard Catherine shouting, there was some pushing and shoving and the bang of a door. All that remained of Greta were her black, laced panties in a bunch on the floor. A drop of my cum had hit them in the mayhem, the white of the sperm contrasting with the black material.

‘You bastard,’ Catherine screamed.

It was clear she was not going to take any prisoners, and she didn’t. She grabbed my balls and squeezing them in a tight grip, she pulled me towards the table and bent me over it. Catherine then began to slap my arse in a classic beating. Concerned that it wasn’t hurting me enough she rolled up one of the porno mags and hit me with that. Eventually as the torn pages fluttered around us, she stopped and panting for breath she gave me what my old teachers at school would describe as a severe telling off, making me swear that I would never do such a thing again.

Surprisingly, after this life soon returned to normal. Well what was normal for us.

We had always been adventurous and tried most things that a man and a woman can do. In fact, it was only a few weeks before we had met Greta that we had shared our first bondage night together. Now about once a month we would attach some fastenings to each corner of the bed and take it in turns to play with the naked body spread-eagled on it. I would say that Catherine liked it more than I did, she loved being at my mercy as I teased her clit with my tongue and ran our vibrator over her nipples and pussy. She would shake so much that the fastenings seemed about to break. Unable to get off the bed she would grind her arse into the mattress as I finger fucked her pussy until she came. In return Catherine would tease me with what she called her tongue massage, which was running the tip of her tongue all over my chest and stomach before licking my cock and sucking me off.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised the night Catherine suggested that we should enjoy a bondage session. As usual I played with her clit and fingerfucked her to orgasm as she writhed and struggled with pleasure tied to the bed. Then it was my turn. I did notice that on that particular night Catherine tied my arms and legs tighter than usual, but as soon as she began her tongue massage the sensations she produced excluded all other thoughts. I might have realised that the tongue massage went on longer than usual but my throbbing neglected cock distracted me. We were well beyond the time Catherine usually sucked me off; instead her lips and tongue would brush my stomach in the direction of my cock, but then stop and go back to teasing my nipples.

Eventually one hand caressed its way across my stomach, but instead of grabbing my cock it went straight to my balls. These she teased in an agony of pleasure as the sperm within bubbled and surged demanding release. But there was no release, those beautiful lips did not close over the head of my cock. Her hand did not massage the shaft the way she usually did in preparation for my orgasm. Instead my cock swelled and trembled in neglected isolation. I started to protest but as the first words came to my mouth, Catherine thrust one of her large Anadolu Yakası Escort tits against my lips and I instinctively sucked the nipple hungry for more sensations.

In a gentle and sympathetic voice Catherine began to speak.

‘Kurt don’t complain as you are suffering with pleasure. This is punishment for having sex with Greta. You need to learn to control your urges and this will help you to do that.’

With that she began a slow masturbation of my cock, pausing regularly to build up my frustration. This produced an agony of ecstasy and frustration. My sperm kept surging up my shaft only to be denied release. I became delirious with pleasure and to stop my whimpering Catherine again laid across my chest and directed one of her hard nipples into my mouth. As I sucked and slobbered all over her large breast she spoke again.

‘Now I think you have suffered enough. If you want me to let you cum you must promise never to go behind my back again.’

I released my mouth from her nipple and answered, ‘I promise.’

‘Good boy. In that case I am going to reward you.’

With that Catherine put her lips to mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth. At the same time, I felt a pair of hot, soft lips envelop the head of my cock and in another moment I was being expertly sucked off.

The exquisite sensations which shot down to my balls could not conceal the confusion which flooded my mind. Who was sucking me off? For a moment I wondered if Greta had been included in our sex games, but surely not. I went to move my head and look down, but Catherine smothered my face with her huge breasts and I couldn’t see anything. Anyway, now I no longer cared, the sperm was rising in my cock and I was about to shoot. At last the release I craved was about to happen. I arched my back and prepared to let go. But suddenly the mouth was withdrawn from my cock, leaving it twitching and throbbing isolated above my stomach.

Simultaneously Catherine raised herself from my face and spoke.

‘There Kurt you can see now.’

I was looking down at a young man of about thirty. Dark haired and dark eyed, and although he was fully clothed I could see he was muscular. He was certainly handsome; but I had never had sex with a man before. I wasn’t even bi-curious. Instinctively I tried to move away but I was fastened too tightly to the bed.

Catherine looked in the direction of the man and said, ‘Carry on Michael but concentrate your tongue on the head of his cock.’

Obediently the man named Michael started to lick all around the rim of my cock’s throbbing head. Then his tongue darted into the hole at the top of my knob before continuing with long licks up and down its shaft. As the sperm started to churn in my balls, he instinctively started to lick them before taking each into his mouth. Then he stopped , sat up and awaited further instruction.

Catherine looked me in the eye and said, ‘Do you want him to continue?’

I nodded my head, desperate to cum.

‘Then say it.’

My voice was scarcely a whisper as I said, ‘I want him to continue.’

With that Michael started to suck my cock again. Catherine was an expert at oral sex, but Michael was better. With several deep swallows Michael took most of my cock deep into his mouth. A few seconds later I was flooding his mouth with the biggest load I had ever shot. How he swallowed it all I will never know, but he did.

‘Please release me,’ I murmured in her direction.

I was exhausted and now that I had cum, my fastened arms and legs ached painfully.

Catherine was still smiling as she said, ‘Just one more thing.’

She gestured Michael over. As he knelt above me Catherine leaned forward unbuckled his belt, opened his flies and released a huge cock. She grasped it in her hand and wanked it a few times. It grew even bigger.

‘Open your mouth Kurt and start sucking.’

I did as I was told. I had never sucked a cock before but I had had mine sucked enough to know what to do. As I sucked the head Catherine wanked the shaft and soon the cock started to twitch, in a few moments of movement it spasmed and shot a huge stream of hot cum into my mouth. I couldn’t take it all and some seeped out, dripping onto the bed.

Catherine spoke firmly, ‘Swallow it, swallow it all. Don’t waste a drop.’

She held Michael’s cock in place until I had fully drained it, only then did she release her hand and the cock was withdrawn.

I have to say that after this, our next weekly bondage sessions were a bit reserved; both of us were a little suspicious of what the other might do. However, eventually things returned to normal. It was then that I made the call, and I was very specific. I needed five men for my gangbang and all had to have cocks at least eight inches long.”

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