The Drawn Bath


I had been working all afternoon on my novel, The Reaper’s Child when you came home from work. It was a work in progress, as in I worked on it whenever I could, which was like today, not knowing the next time I would have a free afternoon to sit and idle my time away in front of a blank computer screen. I had American Head Charge playing helping me drive my thought process.

“Lucy, I’m home!” you said impersonating Desi Arnaz greeting Lucille Ball, it was comical yet cute. Sometimes I would do the same to you when I came home. I told you I was on the computer. I heard you come into the living room after you took you’re your boots, jacket, scarf, hat, and gloves. You wrapped your arms around me squeezing me close with a hug to warm you up as it was winter and a brisk fifteen degrees out.

“Here let me get up my little snowbear,” I said sympathetic to your needing to be warmed up. ‘Snowbear’ wasn’t really a pet name, it was what popped into my head at the time, once it was ‘Chilly Willy Penguin’ after the Woody Woodpecker character, another time it was ‘Ice Cream Pie’, another name was ‘Beauty-cicle’, whatever my imagination dreamt up really.

I took you in my arms wrapping them around you tightly and squeezing you with a bear hug until you squealed. I could feel your breasts pressing into me which was also another reason why I squeezed you so hard. I loved the feel of your chest against mine. After all, they are 38D’s.

“Is it a little cold out there, snowbear?” I asked noticing your nipples standing taut and erect through the fabric of your bra and shirt.

“A little,” you said, and then arched your back cracking it in the process. “I’m so achy.” And you stuck out your lower lip in a mock pout. I lean forward and kiss it away.

“I tell you what. I’ll go and run you a nice hot bath with bubbles and you can just soak and relax. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds so nice,” you say drawing out the last words, and you groan at the thought of submerging yourself in the hot waters as if you could feel it already. All too soon you would be. “I’ll get undressed.”

“You do that,” I say smiling then leave you to undress as I go to the bathroom and start the hot water running. I come back into the living room in time to look through the bedroom door at you undressing. It was at that very instance that you were pulling down your panties facing away from me. I saw your pussy and ass open up as you bent all the way down to tug them off of one foot then the other. “Yummy!” I call out in a good Ace Ventura impersonation.

“Oh you!” you scold closing the door partially, but I can still see the lovely locks of your shoulder length blonde hair, the round fullness of your chest at your sides. You don a robe loosely and walk out of the bedroom. By this time I have returned to the bathroom to add bubblebath to the steaming water. I also test the water with my hand to make sure that it’s not too hot, wouldn’t want to burn that delicious body of yours. I turn in time to see you come into the bathroom the robe open enough so that I can the bareness of your hairless crotch as you hold the robe closed at you ample bosom.

“How’s the water?” you ask coming up next to me and placing a hand at my side.

“It’s hot,” I pause, “and the water’s hot too!” you laugh at my innuendo. “Here, let me help you with that pesky robe.” I say drawing it off your slender shoulders and admiring your smooth freckled skin.

“Why thank you, sir,” you say smiling. I hang the robe behind the door and you slowly creep into the very hot bubbly bathwater, lowering yourself inch by precious inch into the soothing waters. And soon you are lost in their embrace, your eyes close and a sigh escapes your tender lips. I watch you soaking up your body with my eyes as you soak up the warmth from the water. I see how your enormous breasts float among the bubbles, the dark cookie areola topped with nipples still stiff from the cold. But soon they would soften, unless a mouth was to wrap its wet lips around them, sucking and biting and nibbling them hard again. I wet my lips in anticipation of being that mouth, but perhaps later. For now I leave you to bask and relax.

Back at the computer American Head Charge still plays on repeat, the disk starting over at this time. I sit and stare at the computer screen wondering what the fuck I’m going to write about next but my mind keeps flashing back to you; your large breasts pressing against me as I gave you a bear hug, your pussy and ass open as you pulled your panties down, your hairless puss as you walked into the bathroom your beautiful chest filling out the robe before you, your freckled skin as I slid the robe off your shoulders, your sighs and oh’s and ah’s as you dipped yourself slowly into the scolding waters, your taut nipples on your lovely breasts. I brought all of these images back with perfect stimulating clarity and the erection to prove it!

The song “Just So You Know” came on and I thought of how beautiful you are, and how lucky I am. My escort bursa erection leading the way I walk into the bathroom and to your beautiful submerged body. I kneel down next to the edge of the tub and you open up your dreamy eyes and smile at me, the smile I return is genuinely compassionate.

“This is exactly what I needed Don. Thank you.” You say in a slow almost stoned voice. Not that we hadn’t been in the presence of marijuana before and have seen its effects on others, we just never took any hits ourselves.

“You’re welcome, snowbear,” I say still going with the pet name I made up when you came home. You close your eyes and sink into the tub’s waters and the concealment of the bubbles. I watch you in fascination, your sweet lips, the freckles on your cheeks, the soft lashes of your closed eyes that now open curiously inspecting my face.

“Why are looking at me like that?” she asks raising a hand to flick some bubbles at me.

“Because I like to,” I say smiling and you return my smile. I reach down from the edge of the tub and dip my hand into the water and cover your breast with it, massaging the soft globe.

“What’re you doing?” you ask coyly, your lips pursed together.

“Nothing,” I say and continue kneading the flesh of your tit in my pliable hand. I know that this turns you on, having your breast played with, and that is why I’m doing it, also because I’m horny and I want you to be horny as well and this is the best way to go about it.

“You know what you’re doing.” You state flatly, which is completely contradictory to your enormous chest.


“Then keep doing it.” You say smiling and closing your eyes once more, to enjoy the relaxing waters and my touching of your beautiful full chest. I reach my other hand into the warm waters and around your other unattended breast and begin to massage it as well. My hard on stretches the fabric of my lounge pants and is pressed into the side of the tub as I lean over in my administrations to your ample bosom.

“Laura, part your legs,” I ask softly. Your eyes are still closed as you part your firm thighs. I once joked with a friend on how you could crush bowling balls between your thighs. “But I prefer if it’s just my head,” I told him. I release one of your breasts and swim my hand down over your belly and you giggle as it tickles ever so slightly. You sigh heavily (or is it heavenly?) as my searching hand finds purchase on your naked pussy. You hum with approval.

I begin massaging the labia in slow delicate circles, my other hand still squeezing and releasing your breast, thumbing the now erect nipple. I slip between the soft folds and run a finger up and down the water wet slit several times until I finally focus on your swollen clitoris, rubbing over it as roughly as the smooth waters will allow. Your breathing becomes more labored and heavy. One of your hands rises to the unattended breast and begins to massage it, pinching and tugging the nipple, the simple pain giving a sweet pleasure.

I dip my fingers away from your swollen clit and slide them into your pussy, one at first, then two, pushing them inside you, masturbating you. I shove my fingers inside you and find your g-spot, pressing on it and circling my fingertips over it. You undulate your hips, and I fuck you with my fingers. I take my other hand away from your breast and place the fingers wiped free of the bubbles into your mouth and you suck hungrily on them. Your other hand comes to the breast I vacated and begins to massage and tease the tit and nipple.

I pull my fingers out of your sweet pussy and rub your clit vigorously bringing you to a climax I feel is near. I take my fingers away from your mouth as you cum and arch forward squeezing your tits together, calling out quietly to God several times. You lay back in the bubbly water in an even more relaxed state of bliss than before you came.

“That was nice,” you coo softly with your eyes closed.

“I’m not done,” I say nonchalantly. I glide my hand down past your pussy and touch your asshole.

“Oh, you’re a naughty boy today, aren’t you?” You tell me, your eyes open and eager.

“Naughty is as naughty does,” I say impersonating Forrest Gump.

“Shut up and finger my ass, Don,” you command.

“As you wish,” I say impersonating yet another movie line, this one from The Princess Bride.

I draw circles around your tight anus before pressing diligently with my finger against the muscle, it gives slowly as you relax yourself, and my finger is soon knuckle deep in your bowels. I begin fucking your ass with my finger, pushing in a little deeper with every thrust. One of your hands leaves your beautiful tits and travels down to visit your pussy and you run a finger over your slit as I had done before concentrating on that sweet swollen little clit of yours.

I tilt my finger to the side and press a second digit into the orifice and your hungry ass eats it up. Your rectum loosened up and you breathed deeply at being bursa otele gelen escort filled in that most taboo of areas. Your expert fingers tease and stimulate your clit and I can feel your ass begin to clench and squeeze my fingers with another impending orgasm. I look into your face, and how you’re biting your lower lip, and how your nostrils flare with every heavy breath; your eyes are closed relishing every touch. I bring a third finger into your ass and fill you. The water splashes around you as our motions become more vigorous. I can feel you tense with another orgasm.

“Oh, Don, I have to pee!” You cry out in slight embarrassment.

“Are you going to cum and pee at the same time?” I ask.

“I think … I think so,” you stammer.

“Go ahead and enjoy yourself, you can wash off again before you get out.” I say smiling softly into your eyes. You blush slightly and bite your lower lip again before closing your eyes.

Soon I feel your hot pee against the palm of my hand then you are crying out in a powerful climax. My three fingers are still pumping your sweet ass and one of your hands is still fidgeting your clit while the other is pinching your nipple red with pleasure and pain. I tell you to cum on my hand and you grip my wrist and press my palm against your pussy lips rubbing it in circles on the labia. I look into your lusty face and see true animal passion there. Your body does a tummy crunch as the final throes of orgasm pass through you. Then you slide back into the tub, my three fingers not moving inside your ass.

“That was so nice,” you say drawing out the words with your eyes closed. When you next open them it is to the sight of my engorged penis sticking out over the side of the tub as I kneel. “Does Donny need a little attention too?” you ask childishly.

“Yes please,” I say.

Then your hand comes up and strokes me for a little bit. You adjust yourself in the tub to lean on your arm and bring your lovely mouth to my cock and take it in your hungry mouth.

“Oh, Laura, you’re a lovely little cocksucker,” I say.

“Why thank you,” you say taking my cock out of your mouth momentarily. You slide your hand from the hilt of my cock down to my perineum and stroke it with your finger. I love this, and you know what I love even more drawing that finger to my own anus and teasing it, making my climax grow near.

Before I can cum in your mouth I tell you that you should wash off and we can go into the bedroom. You reluctantly take my cock out of your mouth, and then smile agreeing with the proposition. You open the drain and the water begins to flow down. I leave you to wash up, which you do quickly. When you come out of the bath I help to dry you off, rubbing the terrycloth towels over your beautiful body. Then I lead you to the bedroom. I give you the right of way and you turn around to sit on the bed.

“Lay back, please,” I ask gently and you lay your supple body upon the bedding. I kneel down at the edge of the bed and nudge your legs apart, opening your sweet, sweet pussy to me. I kiss your foot taking each toe in turn and suckling it in my mouth. I lift your other foot to my mouth and I do the same. I kiss one calf and place it over my shoulder. I kiss the other and do the same. I lean in to your sweet, sweet pussy and pause to enjoy its perfection, and how men all over the world in general fall over themselves just to taste it, to penetrate it, to consume it and be consumed by it. And I envy your power over me, but I submit.

My tongue licks on your outer lips, wetting them and whetting my sexual hunger as well as yours. I bring up my fingers and I daintily spread your wet outer lips and open the soft pink insides. I lap at your pussy from hole to clit continuously. Then I solely concentrate on that hard sweet clit. I can make out your labored breathing. I glance up to see you trapping your sensitive nipples tightly between thumb and forefinger adding to your pleasure. I devour you until the first of your orgasms in the bedroom leak your sweet cum onto my tongue and into my mouth.

I release your delicate fold of labia and push your thighs up off of my shoulders and towards your impressive chest. Up higher until your ass is lifted off of the bed and exposed to my hungry eyes. You know how much I love to eat your asshole, sometimes that’s all I do to you in an afternoon session such as this; lick at your tasty asshole. That taboo area. You grab your legs at the back of your knees in anticipation of what is to come and cum and I do not disappoint. I grab the globes of your butt and dive my hungry tongue into your ass, poking it, licking it, nibbling it, softly biting it, stuffing my tongue as far up your rectum as it will go, tasting you inside and out. I snake a hand around and rub your hard, wet clit while I devour your ass. I want you to cum while I eat your ass, and very soon you do, tensing as the orgasm rips through you, your pussy leaking more of its wonderful juices, bursa sınırsız escort and I lap them up and swallow them, tasting the sweet stickiness.

I stand up and bid you to sit up as well, and my hard and rigid cock sticks out from me and towards your face and ultimately your own hungry mouth. You take me inside your mouth a free hand coming up to cup and massage my balls. You nurse on me drawing out my orgasm, drawing out my cum, wanting to taste me in your mouth, in your belly, so warm and inviting. I touch the side of your face running my hand across your cheek and you look up lovingly into my eyes. You love the feel of my cock in your mouth, the taste, the texture. It is your vice and I let you indulge in it fully and freely. Shortly I cum and you swallow feeling its heat as it slides down your throat into your belly. I pull out of your expert mouth and you lick me clean.

My first orgasm taken care of, I am now more suited to last longer and have more stamina to thoroughly make sure you are pleasured and satisfied.

You lay back parting your legs appealingly, your beautiful chest swaying with the motions as you make yourself comfortable. I climb between your thighs and guide myself inside you effortlessly, so warm and soft and beautiful. I place my hands at your sides and begin pushing in and out of you; you hold onto my arms and stare into my face as I fuck you slowly.

“Give me your breast,” I asked hushed, and you comply feeding me your tit. I take the sensitive nipple into my mouth and nibble it, suckle it, bite it, lick it, and blow on it watching it stiffen even harder if it were possible. I ask for the other and you give it to me in turn and I do the same; nibble it, suckle it, bite it, lick it, and blow on it to watch it stiffen even harder than it had been before.

You match my thrusting, tilting your hips in synch with mine. I cut inside your velvet insides, pushing myself as deep as I can go, trying not to hit your cervix but doing so anyway. I lean down and kiss your neck and you tilt your head offering it to me as if I were a vampire. I ask if you are cumming, and you bite your lower lip and nod feverishly before voicing a quiet ‘yes’. I ask when you would like to change positions.

“In a bit, I … I think I have a nice one coming,” you talk softly of your impending orgasm. Shortly I can feel you tense and curl up in a crunch gripping my arms tightly and squeezing my cock with your pussy in a very powerful orgasm almost pushing my member out of you completely.

“Wow, a big one, huh?” I say more as a statement than a question. You nod vigorously again and voice a soft yes. “Would you like to switch now?”


“From behind or on top,” I ask.

“From behind of course!” you cry out to me as if I should’ve known, and really, I should have. You roll over and get up on your hands and knees, wriggling to the edge of the bed where I am standing erect. Your pendulous 38D’s sway beneath you and I admire them for a brief moment. I kneel behind you, your pussy and ass opened to me like before when you were removing your panties, and now I can taste of you again, and the juices from your orgasm. I lick at your hairless puss, the lips sensitive and swollen. I dip down and flick my tongue over your sweet little clit, also sensitive and swollen. You moan and tilt your hips exposing your aching pussy to my mouth. I draw my tongue along your slit over the skin between your pussy and ass settling on your pink little star. I tongue it again. This is my heaven. This is my euphoria. I could eat your tasty ass all day and after a drink or two, into the night as well. But you ache to be filled.

“Don, please fuck me!” you cry out.

“Why?” I tease you.

“Because I love your cock inside me,” You coo. I hesitate and you continue. “You can eat my ass out later if you like, okay. But just fuck the shit out of me right now, okay?”

I’m persuaded. “I would likey very much so,” I say as I relinquish your ass for the time being to stand up and guide my cock into your soft velvet insides. I melt inside of you with every thrust. You gasp and grunt with every deep penetration. I rake my fingernails across your back leaving red marks. I grab your swaying breasts and kneed them in my hands, and the soft flesh feels so very nice. I pinch and pull the nipples while I slowly fuck you. You moan and bite into the pillow as you cum and cum and cum all over my cock. I push down on your freckled shoulders forcing you lower into the bed, thrusting deep into you, hitting your cervix and making your cry out.

“Lie down,” I speak softly to you in urging. With me still sweetly deep inside you, you slide your body forward and I gently follow until you are lying on your stomach and I am lying on your freckled back. “Are you ready?” I ask.

“Yes,” and you nod your head in anxious approval.

I brace my hands on your back lifting myself up; bringing my knees up as well. I begin to push inside your wet, pink insides. “Tell me,” I beg of you.

“Fuck me,” you moan out. I ask you if you are cumming, and you nod and moan out another yes. I ask you to tell me again. “Fuck me,” you say, “Oh, fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Over and over like a skipping record, every phrase punctuated with a deep and easy thrust.

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