A Vacation to Remember Ch. 03


Patrick and Marie had to actually be semi-social over the next couple of days and the weather was beautiful as it usually is at the lake. They flirted outrageously, of course, every chance they got and even got in a few gropes but they just threw gasoline on the fire that was their desire.

Patrick decided that it was time for them to get a little “alone” time and called the golf course to schedule a tee time. It had been a while since they had been out on the golf course and they both loved it. Besides there were quite a few out of the way places for a couple to wander off while searching for “balls”.

Patrick yelled down to the dock to let Marie know when their tee time was that afternoon mainly because his cock was hitting the bottom of the table and would be quite obvious if he tried to stand up. Patrick had tried for years to get Marie to try something on the golf course but she had always chickened out. The way things had started this year and the fact that they hadn’t had any relief in a few days had his mind racing in many directions!

Patrick was sitting in the car listening to the radio and enjoying the AC when Marie popped out of the kitchen door. She was wearing a bright orange golf sweater with a very deep v-neck and a short khaki skirt. Patrick hadn’t seen this ensemble before and complimented Marie on it when she got in the car.

“This old thing;” Marie asked leaning over towards Patrick. “I’ve had it for years.”

Patrick’s eyes bulged as he saw the v-neck gape open and his wife’s beautify b cup breasts come into view. “No bra?” he asked.

“Nope; didn’t want it to get all sweaty.” Marie said grinning.

Patrick reached over and squeezed her thigh as he drove off towards the golf course. The drive was too short for him to get too riled up so he didn’t have any unusual bulges to adjust when he went into the pro shop to check in for their tee time and get the cart.

Marie was chatting with one of the caddies and it was obvious that she was really getting the kid worked up as she kept bending over to re-tie her shoes as he was trying to load their clubs onto the cart. The poor kid almost dropped Patrick’s bag twice before Patrick took it from him and strapped it in place.

“Sorry sir.” the kid said sheepishly not taking his eyes off Marie’s sweater.

“Don’t worry about it.” Patrick said as Marie slid into the cart and her skirt rode up revealing the fact that she either didn’t have on panties or they were extremely small. Patrick was sure which as the ride had been so short and he hadn’t had time to check.

They drove off and Marie began giggling. “Did you see the bulge in his shorts?” “Yes. I did Dear.” You had him quite worked up and rather quickly too.”

“That’s how it is with teenagers Babe!” She said. “I wonder if the same things would work on you.”

“Probably,” Patrick replied “But maybe we should check just to be sure. I do feel sorry for the kid though. At least I plan to get a little relief.”

“If he’s still hard when we make the turn to the back nine maybe I will give him a blow job and let you watch.” Marie teased.

“Do you want to?” Patrick asked his cock beginning to come to life.

“You never know,” Marie said “I guess it depends on how good you fuck me stud.”

Patrick’s dick was hard as steel hearing his wife talk like that. She was usually more reserved and while he didn’t have to hear dirty talk to get aroused it didn’t bother him either and today it was really working and Marie knew it. She reached over and rubbed the bulge of his cock through his shorts. She didn’t say anything but just licked her lips instead as they pulled up to the first tee.

It had been a beautiful day but clouds were starting to gather and Marie thought she heard the first peal of thunder in the distance. Marie loved to tease her husband. Actually she loved to tease other men, and women, if she was being honest. It made he pussy quiver when kuşadası escort she knew that something she had done turned someone else on, especially if she never even touched them. Her teasing of the caddy had her so wet that she was surprised she didn’t leave a puddle on the seat of the golf cart when she stepped out and up to the tee box.

Marie thought about bending over at the waist to put her tee in the ground and started to when she noticed Patrick stiffen in expectation. He wants to know if I have panties on under this skirt she thought. Quickly Marie bent her knees and pushed the tee into the turf like a demure little lady.

She stood and flashed Patrick a grin and was delighted to see the disappointment on his face. It was good for him to not always get what he wanted when he wanted it. Her first shot went straight down the middle of the fairway and Marie nodded as she stepped out of the way so Patrick could tee off.

Marie admired her husband as he took his stance and prepared to drive the ball. Her eyes wandered slowly down his back, across his ass and down his legs to his ankles. Patrick’s ankles had always been a huge turn on for her. She liked to look at them any way she could but when he was in boots and jeans she was in heaven. The first time she had noticed his ankles had been in college and Patrick had been driving. His car was a stick shift and the way his legs moved without thought as he moved through the gears got Marie so wet that she had jumped him in the driveway of her Aunt’s house.

Sex in a MGB Roadster was difficult but well worth it!

Patrick’s drive was a little off to the right of the fairway but that was his favorite approach to this hole. They both finished off the hole with par and moved through the next two holes with no problems. Marie continued to flash Patrick trying to distract him and it was working but he was really more interested in what was under her skirt that what was in her shirt as he had already had several good peeks at her boobs.

The fourth hole was a long par four and dipped so far down that the green wasn’t visible from the tee or the road. It was almost the most private hole on the course if you thought about it. The only problem, Marie thought, was that people could come up on you without you knowing just like they couldn’t see you until they were there.

Marie and Patrick had often fantasized about having sex on this green but had never had the guts to make it happen. They both took their fist shots and they disappeared over the rise leading down to the green. As they began to drive down the fairway thunder split the air and the rain began. Sighing Patrick headed back to the club house as there wasn’t any better shelter on this part of the course during a thunder storm.

The pulled back up the cart drop off but there wasn’t any sign of the caddy she had been teasing. Patrick began pulling the bags free and loading them into the car when the caddy came from around the side of the building hastily tucking his shirt back in. “Sorry about that folks.” The caddy said. “I had to check on things around back.”

Marie grinned as she noticed one of the waitresses come around the same side of the building wiping her mouth as she headed back inside. Oh well, Marie thought, guess he won’t be needing a blow job from me after all.

Marie was surprised to find that she was a little disappointed. She would have to think about that and talk it over with Patrick. Their fantasies had often included bringing another person into the mix but she had never really expected herself to be willing to take that next step. Maybe she was; only time would tell.

The drive back home was a quiet one. Both Marie and Patrick were disappointed. Not only didn’t they get to finish the round but they didn’t get a chance to fool around either. Patrick looked very distracted but Marie left him alone.

“So,” Patrick began, “did you really plan on giving that kid a blow job?”

That was what was on his mind Marie thought. “I don’t know babe.” Marie said. “He is kind of cute. Would you let me if I really wanted to?

“That’s the question of the hour isn’t it?” Patrick said as he parked the car. “I’m not sure how I really feel. I got an enormous hard on when you said it. I guess we will just have to see huh?”

They both rushed through the rain and into the cottage and back into family life but their minds were definitely still on the course and their glances at each other were far from innocent. Marie felt herself getting damp again and was determined to have Patrick one way or another before the night was through.

Cocktail hour, dinner and family games took up several hours and it was well past dark when Patrick suddenly stood up. “We forgot to pick up our balls when we headed back in. Wanna go see if we can find them?” He asked Marie.

“The rain did stop about an hour ago.” Marie said thoughtfully. “Why not it shouldn’t take too long.”

After some hasty goodbyes to the family they headed back to the course armed with flashlights and worked up libidos.

“I never did get to find out what was under that skirt you have on.” Patrick said.

Marie smiled over at him. “And you think you are going to?” She teased.

“I was kind of hoping that there were two balls that you would be very interested in looking at…I mean for.” Patrick said.

“We’ll see.” Marie said.

A few minutes saw them parked at the golf course and they walked across the darkened fairways in search of balls. Marie’s ball was easy to find it was in the middle of the fairway with a perfect approach to the green.

Marie made a big show of bending over and giving Patrick a good view of her tits. The moon had come out from behind the clouds and was full and illuminated the course nicely so Patrick didn’t have to strain his eyes to enjoy an eyeful of Marie’s beautiful chest.

“You could take that off you know.” Patrick said as he turned and continued looking for his ball.

“You mean this?” Patrick heard as Marie’s sweater hit him in the back of his head. Patrick turned to see Marie staring at him with her hands on her hips and her chest thrust out.

“Damn, sweetheart.” Patrick said as he started towards Marie.

“Oh no you don’t.” Marie said cover her breasts with her hands. “You need to find your ball first. Then you get a reward.”

Patrick redoubled his efforts and soon found the ball in the sand trap on the right side of the green. As he walked into the trap Marie walked around onto the green and sat on the edge with her legs dangling into the sand trap.

As Patrick raised up from retrieving his ball he got a good view far up Marie’s thighs but still could not see what lay under her skirt. Marie slowly spread her legs so that Patrick could get a peek at the tiny orange thong that barely covered her trimmed snatch.

“Come here lover.” Marie said.

Patrick didn’t waste any time as he stepping between Marie’s legs and cupped her breasts with his hands. He loved the way that her rock hard nipples felt pressed into the palms of his hands.

Marie reached out and pulled Patrick’s mouth to her’s. She nearly screamed into his mouth as he squeezed her nipples and a small orgasm rushed through her. Marie’s hands roamed over Patrick’s chest and back slipping under his shirt to feel his skin.

It wasn’t long before Marie felt Patrick’s hand slide under her skirt and push her thong aside. His fingers pressed into her sopping wet pussy and he began to slowly finger her. Marie lay back and hiked her skirt up giving him the access he wanted. The still damp grass felt wonderful against her ass as Patrick pulled off her thong and dropped his mouth to her.

Marie felt his tongue teasing her labia sliding slowly from the crack of her ass to her clit but not entering her. She loved it when he teased like this and began to squeeze her breasts and tightly pinch her nipples. Each squeeze sending an electric pulse to her already soaked pussy.

Patrick inserted two fingers into Marie as he began to suck on her clit, his tongue darting and pressing. It wasn’t long before Marie felt a a larger climax building. Patrick’s hands had always had that affect on her. Marie loved his hands; the way that they instinctively knew where and how to touch her to make her cum.

Marie felt Patrick slide his free hand across her stomach and then to her legs spreading them wider and then pushing them back up towards her chest. Marie hooked her hands behind her knees and held them in place where Patrick wanted them so that his hands were free to do whatever they wanted. Marie wanted his hands everywhere all at the same time and if felt like Patrick was obliging her.

His tongue had left her clit and was now teasing around her ass, her rosebud as Patrick called it. Marie doesn’t care wheat he calls it as long as he loves to pay attention to it. Marie felt his teasing stop as Patrick pressed the tip of his tongue against her asshole until the muscles began to relax and his tongue slid inside her ass. Patrick tongue fucked her ass and added a third finger into her pussy and his thumb was now rubbing her swollen clit.

“Patrick fuck me!” Marie gasped. “Fuck me now!”

As Patrick stood to release his cock Marie regretted the loss of sensation to her pussy and her ass but knew how good Patrick’s cock was going to feel in place of his fingers and tongue. Marie had kept her legs pulled back so Patrick had easy access to her pussy but instead of driving into her as she wanted Patrick teased her with the tip of his cock rubbing it across her slit and even smacking her clit before he finally slid his cock into her until his balls slapped her ass.

Marie gasped and grunted and she felt Patrick’s rock hard cock driving into her. He lifted her legs over his shoulders so he could drive deeper into her. Marie wished that she had something to hold onto like the headboard of their bed at home but Patrick was in complete control and she loved that too!

Patrick drove deep into her lifting her ass off the turf as he slammed into Marie again and again until Marie shuddered and thrashed with the force of an enormous orgasm. As Marie slowly recovered from her last orgasm Patrick’s thrusts became longer and slower almost exiting her pussy before sliding back in to the hilt.

As Marie luxuriated in the feeling of Patrick’s cock she realized that she wanted more. Patrick as if reading her mind didn’t slide back into her pussy but instead came to rest against her asshole. Marie pressed the tip of his cock and felt her muscles relax as the tip slid into her. Patrick paused for a moment to allow her ass to get used to the size of his dick before slowly sliding in and out of her ass.

“Oh yes baby. Fuck my ass.” Marie begged.

“You like that don’t you?” Patrick asked.

“I love it when you fuck my ass! Please fuck me harder!” Marie said.

Marie’s ass felt so full of Patrick’s cock. She had never thought that she would be able to cum from anal stimulation but his cock felt so good and the orgasms came quickly one right after the other and the muscles of her ass clamped down on Patrick’s dick like a vise.

Patrick picked up the pace and Marie squeezed his dick as hard as she could. Marie knew she was approaching a huge orgasm. “Cum with me Baby. Fill my ass with your hot cum.”

Patrick stiffened and Marie felt her ass flood with his seed. His moans were inarticulate and her spurted six or seven times before leaning his weight against her. “Damn!” was the best he could manage as his cock slowly softened and slid out of Marie’s ass.

“Well,” Marie said with a laugh “Is there anything else that we now haven’t done on this golf course.”

“There is always a blow job.” Patrick said with a grin.

Marie wasn’t sure if he was talking one for himself or the caddy but she wasn’t sure if she cared at that point. Only time would tell.

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