The Enigma Chronicles: First Date


She was sitting on the bus heading to campus. Her hands were already clammy as she waited for the next text message. She had only been to the university once but, given that orientation was about to start in a few days, this was the best time to learn about the campus. The Sunday before school started. As the bus pulled to a halt, she got off at the heart of the bus loop and began her nervous walk over to the library. She tried to jog her memory as she wandered through the hallways. She was to get to the quad where the field and library stood. She rounded each corner with anticipation as she passed the coffee shop, exited the doors and went past the red brick pillars. The closer she got the faster her heart beat against her rib cage; the more her stomach tied and twisted itself into an infinity pretzel. She walked past the picnic benches by the library and headed to the doors. Once there, she realized the doors were locked. She turned around and began to walk around the quad again in a confused gaze, looking back and forth. At this point, she was not just nervous. She was lost too.

His heart beat faster as he moved through the second floor of the college. He was intimately familiar with the path through to the university. The campus was split into two sections, one for the college and one for the university. While technically two separate campuses, they were so intertwined you could barely tell them apart. Well, besides the colour distinction. Purple for the college and red for the university. He sped past the Taco Bell and Starbucks planted across from each other in the brick-laden halls. Straight to the long line of glass double doors that opened into the massive courtyard at the center of university commons. Outside there was a huge grassy field that stood between the Science building, where he was, and the library, where she was waiting for him. He tried to stay focused, mustering a fleeting sense of confidence while attempting to swallow the butterflies fluttering in his gut. This was all new to him but he was excited. Nervousness aside, he’d been waiting for this moment for months. He opened the door and walked outside. Underneath the pillars that seperated the walkway from the field itself, and bridged the other buildings. He looked out at the entrance to the library and squinted, trying to search for any sign of her. Then, as he marched closer, there she was. His phone started to ring, Great Fairy’s Fountain playing from cell as he moved it to his ear.

“Hey…” She trailed on the phone. “Um… where are you?”

“Lost eh? Don’t worry, I can see you.” He walked closer, moving towards the library entrance. There she was. Amethyst Bombay. She was beautiful. The facebook pictures didn’t do her any justice. Her long black hair with purple tips flowed past to her shoulders, framing an adorable girl with dark oak skin and a single dimple piercing her cheek which expanded her thick luscious lips into a broad smile. Her pitch black lipstick was both unexpected and alluring. Her gold-rimmed glasses were perched cheerfully on her nose as she turned to face him. She was wearing a strapless purple dress that complemented her hair and clung firmly to her noticeable curves. Her busty frame strained against the dress with her cavernous cleavage flowing down the front of the dress. His eyes traced down her dress, following her hourglass build to her voluptuous hips and abundant thighs which were partially exposed at the bottom of the gypsy skirt.

“Wait, you can see me?” Turning her head around, furiously as she walked. Her eyes locked onto him. Levi Asmodeus. It was the first time she had seen him off of Skype, watching him stride across the quad with his phone in his hand walking towards her. This had already made her day. She smiled as she watched him. Levi stood at 5″11′ with a hazelnut complexion, dark brown eyes that were framed with eyelashes anyone could be jealous of and a smile so bright that could light up your day and night for an entire week. His body was a slender athletic build with broad shoulders, and shapely muscular arms that framed his body. He wore a black and white sneakers, with black cargo shorts, a white v-neck and a red and white Fatal Fury hat. As he walked a comfortable presence overcame her, even though they were the only two people around his presence dominated the area, while confidence raitated off of him and that only drew her closer to him.

“Oh…I see you.” She said with a smile, still clutching the phone for dear life as she got closer to him.

“I’m glad we can finally see each other without buffering or skype cutting out.” Levi moved close, leading her back towards the corridor of pillars next to the field. He kept his heartbeat steady as he started forward. “So you ready for the royal tour?”

“Yes sir… I mean…” She hung up the phone and tucked it into her bag. Standing directly in front of him, she smiled shyly as she fought back her nerves. “Yeaah… I’m ready” She then moved beside him as they began their journey.

“Well I’m sure you’ve been wandering Escort İstanbul around here but this is the commons. Basically the heart of north campus. You have a Starbucks over there and a Taco Bell in the corridor. There’s also a Tim’s in the Science Building. It doesn’t have bagels but hey, they have hot chocolate.” He opened the door, holding it open for her as they crossed into the building buzzing with people. He didn’t know why but he felt immediately relaxed around her. He wasn’t sure if it was a temporary confidence high or just her being there. Regardless, he was happy to be able to show her around. He knew the place well and it was nice to just walk through.

“Hot chocolate huh?” She laughed. “Let me tell you. Once it gets just a little colder, you will always see me with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. Basically live off the stuff.” Amethyst was intrigued by his presence. Ever since she was younger, boys made her uncomfortable because of various bullying experiences and ex-related issues. But Levi’s presence around her made her comfortable. She felt like she could be herself around him. Even though she was still nervous, she was happy. Most of all, being around him also made her feel safe.

“Big chocolate person huh?” Levi loved her voice, it was instantly soothing. Like a warm shower after a long walk. He knew he could listen to her talk forever. Even if it seemed like she didn’t talk very much.

“Absolutely… well half hot chocolate half french vanilla. I don’t drink coffee but I can have three cups of that stuff anytime.” She felt herself becoming more relaxed, talking more than usual and not caring much. The university was connected to a college and you could walk right through one and into another. Rotham was the college that has been open for about 50 years. Technical Institute of Technology, on the other hand, was the university they both went to. It was only about 20 years old and rebranding itself as a fully advanced technological university. The controversy was that the university was meant to be T.O.I.T but because no one counts the “O”, essentially the joke on campus is that it’s T.I.T university.

“You like it half and half huh?” Levi’s eyes flashed as he led Amethyst through the school.

“Maybe… it’s the same way I like my ice cream too. Have a problem with it?”

“No, not at all.” Levi grinned as he thought about the implicit double entendre. He was mixed. Half black and half white, so he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Good.” Levi showed off the school and the many ways to minimize the amount of time you spend outside during the winter. Circling around, they snuck into the residence for rich kids. In the summer, the doors to enter the building are open for events so they were able to get in.

“So… this place is for $12,000, why?” Amethyst asked as they headed up the stairs to the second floor to continue their walk.

“Meal plan. Pool tables. Pussy. Lots and lots of pussy. Literally, there’s a running gag here. If someone says “they’re going to north”, it means they’re getting laid.”

“I see.” Amethyst looked around for a second before shooting a smirk at Levi “Well… we’re both here, so… what does that mean?”

“Guess we’ll have to see, won’t we?” Levi smirked mischievously as he led her into the building.

“Oh…” Puffing up her cheeks, Amethyst looked down at the ground awkwardly unable to tell if that was a joke or not. She was intrigued by the proposition but still. After all, she was a virgin, even if she didn’t look like it. She didn’t know if she just opened a can she couldn’t close.

“I guess we will.”

He led her through the building, waiting for a person to walk ahead before sneaking into the rez. They kept their distance before speeding up behind some frat guy who drifted through. He let her head up first. Partially to be polite but mostly so he could enjoy a long glance at her asscheeks rolling up and down as she climbed up the stairwell. It wasn’t long before they arrived at the third floor. He moved ahead, leading her to a study room at the end of one of the three hallways on the floor.

“This is one of the many study rooms in this place. This one has the best couches though.” He plopped himself on one of the aforementioned couches before patting his hand gently next to him, inviting her to sit down next to him.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Amethyst sat down. She was surprised how comfortable she was at the closeness and tension that was progressing throughout this tour.

“You mind if I lay out?”

“No not at…” Levi brought his head down to rest on her thighs, feeling the comfort wash through him almost immediately. This was a really good sign. Levi had once said that he would never be able to date a woman that wasn’t comfy. And those thighs were like memory foam. After only a few seconds, he already didn’t want to move, but he reluctantly raised his head. After all, this was their first time meeting. He was hoping he didn’t make this situation more awkward than it had to be.

“Has İstanbul Escort Bayan anyone ever told you that you are really cozy?”

“Once or twice.” In reality, she had been told this many times. Levi wasn’t the first to use her as a pillow and he wouldn’t be the last. Her family and friends did it on the regular basis.

Levi stood up from the couch and led her out of the study room.

“Shall we continue?”

He showed her the sights, briefly taking her through the pool room, the meeting hall and the therapist’s office before leading her out the back entrance near the pond.

“Oh I forgot…” She said as she reached over to her shoulder bag and took out a libretto for Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“This is for you.”

“Oooh…a woman after my own heart.” Levi took in the smell of the fresh breeze as they walked past the small pond centered around the light forested area. They were about to walk the long path towards the parking lot.

” So…kind of off-topic but what’s your favorite holiday?”

“My favourite holiday is thanksgiving. I have a really big family so it’s one of the few times we all get together. Sometime, we also do a thing called Octoberfest when we celebrate all the october birthdays at once because there’s a LOT of october birthdays in my family.” She wanted to hold onto his hand so badly but it felt clammy and she didn’t want him to touch her nervous clammy hands. So instead, she linked her arm around his and pulled him closer. Her tit was pressed against the side of his arm and she was able to take in a deep breath to relax. Being so close to hm, she could smell the cool-water body spray he wore that mixed with his own scent and now she had to resist the urge to smell him.

“What’s yours?”

“Halloween. I’m a Halloween baby. The spooks flow through my veins.” Levi tried not to focus on the tits being smushed against his arm. He wasn’t going to stare and he was summoning all his willpower to keep from doing so. He scratched his head nervously as they moved under the shade of the trees.

“That’s so weird. My brother’s birthday is on October 30th. Now I’ll never forget.” The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful orangey-purple colour. The two of them passed under the trees, turning into the empty parking lot that stood between them and South residence, the place Levi would be staying for the school year.

“Wow. An empty parking lot. Have you ever seen such an empty parking lot?” Levi raised his hand dramatically, showing off the parking lot like some kind of strange attraction. Amethyst started to burst into laughter as they marched across the pavement together. By the time, they were halfway through, they were both in tears.

“Such an empty parking lot. That is genius. That’s one for the books.” She slowly relinquished his arm and slid her hand down to entwine her fingers with his.

It was strange to think that this was his first time holding a girl’s hand but he wasn’t about to question it. This was like a dream he wasn’t waking up from, and he hoped he never would. They reached the edge of that section of the parking lot and were passing right by a lightpost. Levi briefly felt a stupid idea enter his subconscious before it immediately translated into action. He pulled her over, slamming her against the pole and kissed her. Passionate, aggressive, dominant. His hand traced a seductive trail across her thigh before resting firmly on her ass as continued to make out with the now pinned Amethyst. He held it, wanting the moment to last forever before breaking his lips from hers, leaving her panting against the pole.

Amethyst stood there shocked. Absolutely shocked. Her heart was thumping so loud she thought he could hear it while this look of satisfaction and seduction washed over her. Her eyes began to subconsciously undress Levi with her eyes. Shaking her head, she snapped out of it but there was still so many unanswered questions.


“Are you okay?” His horniness briefly subsided for a moment of reason and concern.

“What happened to um… you never having your first kiss before?” She asked so blatantly “Cuz you don’t kiss like you’re inexperienced”

“Hey, this is a first for me. Scouts honor.”

“Uh huh… and um, are you sure you’re not a virgin? You have me questioning a lot.” Moving from the pole, she stood beside him once again.

“Cuz after that show, I just have to ask again.”

“Dead sure. Honestly making this up as I go along. Is it working?”

“Is it working?” Amethyst laughed. “Well, I’m not complaining.” Amethyst held Levi’s hand while resting her other on his bicep and her head on his shoulders. Levi had really nice arms ,and Amethyst had a huge thing for nice arms, so this moment was everything she loved. A cool breeze on a late summer day, the pretty orangey-purple sky and this guy she has been thinking about since late June. Ever since they first met on a Students of T.I.T group on Facebook.

They walked through the parking lot, trying to restrain Anadolu Yakası Escort themselves as they reached the main part of campus. Levi felt his cock strain against the denim as he led Amethyst to his residence. The time seemed to flash by as they walked into Rez and up to the third floor. He found his hand slipping down towards her plump asscheeks, grazing the top before settling directly on her fat ass. Before it could go any further, they arrived.

“Welcome to my little slice of heaven.” The place was a small college dorm. A teeny pseudo- kitchen was spread out on the left while two smaller rooms lay in front of them.

“That’s mine.” Levi opened the door on the right, letting Amethyst walk in first. She stepped into the room and looked around. The room had a long wooden desk that was the length of the window, then curved around and stopped with a little bit of space between the desk and bed. Within the desk, there was a chair and on the curved part of the desk there was three large dresser drawers embedded within it. On the left corner of the dresser rested a small stable lamp while the right side had a small television. The bed was a simple double-size that fit cozy between the space by the dresser/desk and the lamp on the opposing side. The lamp sat next to a rectangular indent with a hanger post that attempted to mimic a closet.

“So this is what university living is like.” Amethyst took off her shoes and placed them against the wall in front of the bed. Before turning around and sitting down on the bed. Her eyes fell onto Levi. He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Something like that. It isn’t much but it’s not so bad. Good way to meet people, so I guess that’s something.” Levi opened his drawer, dropping the Rocky Horror script in before sitting on the bed. Amethyst sat down next to him, her thick thigh pressed close against his. Part of him couldn’t believe he actually had this incredible woman sitting on his bed. Levi tried to think of something entertaining before it hit him.

“Hey I was meant to show you my yearbook, right?” He reached into a partially opened box of books before pulling out a tattered blue and white yearbook from the top.

“Oh yeah, you told me you brought it with you.” Amethyst fixed her dress, and positioned herself better on the bed. Levi laid spread out on his stomach and opened the yearbook, so Amethyst did the same to see the book better.

“Okay, soooo… show me what high school Asmodeus was like. ” Amethyst liked using his last name. She thought it was cute and ever since their messages in the summer, she’s gotten used to calling him it. Without realizing, as she laid there on the bed, her giant tits looked as if they were ready to burst of the top of her dress. This was even more noticeable as she snuggled close to Levi looking over to the open yearbook.

“Yeah well this was me.” He moved over to the page of his grade twelve self. “God, I looked like such a nerd.”

“Oh shut up, you looked cute.” Levi flipped over onto his back to try to get more comfortable. Before she could move her hand, it grazed past the bulge now obvious against his denim. She could feel the pillar of hardened flesh easily through the pants. She gulped as snatched her hand away and focused back on the book. She readjusted and lied close, her head nestled against his chest and her tits crammed against his side.

“If you say so.” He was trying to keep pure thoughts in his head but with her tits pressed against him like that, it was almost impossible. He kept flipping through pages to distract from it as she pulled closer to him. Just as he felt like he was going to burst, she moved.

“Shit.” She realized that her dress was getting looser and looser. At this rate, it wasn’t about to last long.

“You mind tightening this?” She turned around, letting Levi get a good look as his hands drifted over her upper back.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” He knew it was now or never. He took the plunge and began to slowly loosen the straps.

“Yeah, this thing is gonna fall off if its not tightened.” She stood there, with her nerves beginning to increase. She had just realized what she had done but she wasn’t going to take it back now. Levi loosened the straps completely, exposing her bare back before he slowly tied the straps back up. Levi tied a tight bow but the straps felt too loose on her body.

“Is that good? He asked.

Amethyst bounced up and down for a second. She felt the loose material barely covering her front. From behind Levi watched her ass bounce up and down. He resisted the temptation to firmly smack her ass right there, and instead just waited for her to finish.

“It’s okay… but it needs to be tighter.” Turning towards him, she pulled the tie from behind her back and let the front of the dress drop. Her DDD tits were exposed right in front of him. His eyes widened as he tried not to stare directly at them but he could not resist. His eyes drifted down to see them, huge and quite buoyant for their size. When she moved, they moved like fanservice character from an anime. Levi had never seen a woman with tits like hers before, in shape or in movement. He could feel his cock harden with no chance in hell of stopping. Though at this point in time, he didn’t want it to.

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