The FF Club: Skin in the Game

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Fran finally found the FF Club. A neon sign blinked. A blue genie smoking a cigar, seated on a chair like a movie Director. She rang the bell and the door opened fast, startling her.

“Good morning, Fran! Gregory Hamlin, owner of this decadent business.”

“Hello Gregory! Fran Wolf. Nice to meet you.” She shook his hand.

– I’m not sweating, hallelujah! –

Eye contact was still difficult so she gave a shy smile as an apology.

Greg noticed and empathized. When a newbie to the lifestyle buys a one year membership card without a trial, you pay attention. He kept holding her hand since she seemed comfortable with it. Greg remembered her file.

– I hate the expression but I’m a rape survivor. I haven’t touched a man in 2 years… –

He understood the courage she had needed to ask for his help. When she asked permission to speak in a radical honesty fashion, he beamed. “Please do! Makes my job way easier.”

Fran explained: “I’m currently asexual, sort of. To be blunt, the plumbing down here is not cooperating for intercourse therefore making out is sivas seks hikayeleri my only intimate option for now. Another thing: When I leave my house I have to wear a chastity belt. Crippling anxiety is a bitch…”

“Oh sweetheart, fear is the worst reason ever for wearing chastity. Consent is mandatory here. I promise you won’t need it.”

Both went silent for a minute, wondering. Then out of the blue she blurted: “I’m still 150 % straight after what happened. Funny shit or what?”

Greg almost spat his coffee. “I’m glad you are!” He loved a dry sense of humor. He kissed her hand then started:

“So… This building houses the ASMR Café on the roof and the FF Club underground. Both businesses are my babies. I wanted ASMR folks to mix with the kinksters, from the beginning. I struggled to find “zen” trustworthy members for the Club, even dungeon managers or bouncers. I believed that ASMR folks could be tempted by the lighter games of the fetish world. That’s why I started the ASMR Café. Members of FF come to the Café before playing to socialize or negotiate. Often they come back after their kinky sessions to chill. The synergy between Club and Café has been amazing so far.” Fran replied: “I can understand why. ASMR is a kink. It’s about pleasure and tension relief and ways to interact to get there. Kinks and triggers: Potato, potayto.”

Greg nodded: “Fran, I have your list of hard limits, now I need your bucket list to plan your first scene. It’s a tradition at FF: The older members make a wish come true for the newcomers. Stick around long enough and you’ll discover the rush that comes from enabling someone else’s dream. My drug of choice.”

1 month later, at the FF Club.

Greg instructions were: “Shower with fragrance free soap and wear comfy clothes. Your playmates will wear a cock cage so NO chastity device allowed for you.”

He spotted her from the bar: “Good afternoon Fran! Come here and meet your new friend!” – Hopefully soon a boy-friend. My inner filthy matchmaker wants some action. –

Long blond curly hair, clear blue eyes. Tight pants on endless legs. Biker’s jacket, boots, gloves… Black leather.

Fran whistled. “The Hair Nation is strong with this one, hell yeah!”

The devil smiled. “Hello Fran, Michael Sullivan, at your service. But first thing first…”

Michael removed his Harley Davidson jacket and handed it to her. “Your new armor. Heavy as a horse and probably thick enough to be bulletproof. Straighten your spine, open your shoulders, and walk like you own the world.”

“Michael, it’s… incredible. I’m flattered but it’s too generous! I can’t accept this!”

“La la la, can’t hear you. I sprayed my cologne on it: Will also serve as blankie and catnip. If you’re a good girl, later I will take you for a ride on the bike that matches it.”

“Really!? I’m unapologetically Harleysexual. I will tie myself to it. Give me that vest.”

Michael helped her put it on then pulled on the sleeves to get her closer. He whispered: “And I’ll tie you to me, cuddlebug.”

Fran shivered: “I like cuddlebug as a pet name. So, Michael, what’s the program for our soirée?”

“Body painting with feathers and edible inks.” He made an ominous slurping sound. “Then tongue bath by me and Greg… On stage”.

FF Club: Fetishes and fantasies. Name’s legit.

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