The Grave

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I stretched and got up, dragging my leather jacket behind me as I headed out the door. It was cold, for an April day, and my thin t-shirt and jeans wasn’t going to cut hanging out on the top of a hill with a cutting wind going. I turned the key and the music pounded around me, I needed it. It had been too long since I had been myself, I glanced in the mirror, my eyes rimmed in copper, my hair down. I wasn’t his witch anymore. I looked….unsettlingly normal. From velvet, leather and lace to tie dye, white cotton and jeans, it was a strange metamorphosis I went through. I shifted through the gears and smiled as I traveled roads I had once known and loved so well, I shifted into fifth gear and pressed the pedal to the floor, loving the feel of being so reckless, yet so in control. It made the trip a short one, and I pulled into the cemetery, pausing to flick the remote to a softer, more somber song. Respect for those that had walked among us, and those that still lingered close when we came to seek solace in their memory.

I parked next to the mausoleum and found the marker for my beloved friend, tracing my fingertips over the letters carved into the cold stone. It sent chills up my spine. The sun was setting, and I was alone here still, in the silence of a place forgotten. I went to my car and got out my bag, lingering on the way the sun looked sinking into the hills, this was home, after all. I unpacked the blanket, and spread it out before the spot where that name was carved, taking out a single candle and lighting it. This was for the old days. I fell silent, letting the wind caress my shoulders and feeling my nipples harden under the t-shirt. I wanted to feel like that stone, chilled and silent. I was thinking about things and watching the flame of the candle dance when he walked up behind me. I hadn’t heard him coming, and even though I had been expecting him, his touch made me jump.

“Afraid of the dark, are you?” I loved the way his voice wrapped around words. This tall, dark eyed boy who I didn’t really know. I let the world still around me and sneaked a look at his aura, it was a beautiful thing, vibrant teal and yellow, tinged with crimson. I liked it, liked the energy of him. Simple as that. He nodded to the name and took a seat beside me, and when his hand brushed mine, all I could think was how warm he was, despite the chill wind. How alive, and unafraid, untouched by the cold of nature, of death.

“Never afraid. What have we to fear but fear itself?” I smiled and dug in the pockets of my jacket beside of me for the flask I’d brought out of traditions sake. I opened it, and took a slow drink, letting the brandy slide down my throat and enjoying the burn of it. I passed it to him, watching as he drank, noticing how the liquid clung to his lips. He smiled, and I leaned into him. I didn’t want to talk. I wanted to hear him talk, and he indulged me, talking about everything and nothing until the sky was black, and the stars shed what light there was other than the flame of the candle that danced in front of us. I turned to watch him talk, and he slid down on the blanket, laying there, gazing at the stars. He was a pretty boy, the term man didn’t seem to apply to him. Almost six foot tall, he was on the lean side. His black boots glistened, and his black jeans matched the blanket we were resting on. I noticed his talking had slowed, but I continued my appraisal of him, looking up Kartal Escort his lean legs to where his jeans fit snugly and then up to his chest, and the way his shirt was stretched tight across it. I liked the way his hair touched the collar at his nape, and I even liked the way the ring below his lip looked, it suited him, and his dark eyes were watching me when I met his gaze.

“Like what you see?” his voice was uncharacteristically quiet. I nodded and nearly blushed as his eyes took in a similar survey of me. I reach for my jacket beside of us and he grabbed my wrist. ” I let you look at me as long as you wanted. What’s the matter, are you afraid?” I took a deep breath and shook my head. “I’m not afraid of anything.” His fingers gently stroked the inside of my wrist as he held me still, I straightened by shoulders, and held my head up, and straightened my back, daring him.

“Nice, thrust your chest at me.” He smiled and I tried my hardest not to blush. I knew my nipples were already hard from the chill, but I was feeling so warm suddenly and when his eyes lingered on my shirt, I reach for the flask and took another swallow, grateful for the distraction. His hand left my wrist and went to my shirt, he tugged it softly up, and then his fingertips gently tweaked the gem at my navel. “So you do have it, I thought you were bluffing.” He tugged at the barbell playfully.

“I never bluff.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but it was what I was feeling. I had had enough of his scrutiny, and enough of being remorseful for the past. I reach out and traced the name on the stone in front of us, and then turned to him. I leaned down over him, and hesitated only a second before brushing his lips with mine. I licked his lower lip and he wrapped his arms around me, sucking my tongue into his mouth. I think time stopped as his tongue dueled with mine. I felt his grip tighten and he rolled me beneath him, I laid back, breathless. He started to say something, but I brought my fingertip to his lips, not now, not some meaningless chatter, is what I hoped to imply. He simply nodded and his hands slid over me, to the edge of my shirt. When he slid his hands underneath it, I couldn’t help but sigh, his hands were no longer so warm, and the chill caused me to shiver. He played with me, tracing patterns over the skin my skimpy bra didn’t cover, and only now and again lingering over my nipples that were all too obvious despite the thin bra and shirt. Every time he happened to stroke one, I had to bite my tongue not to moan. I heard him laugh, a deep rich sound. “Like that, do you?” I heard the words and closed my eyes, I straightened up, and tugged the shirt up, and off, letting it fall where it would. His hands beat me to the clasp of my bra. It came free and he pulled if off quickly. He tossed it aside, and cupped my breasts in his hands. He played with my nipples until I couldn’t help but whimper and close my eyes to enjoy the cold air and his only slightly warmer hands. He pinched at one slightly and I gasped. I pushed upwards against his hands, and felt his mouth close around my right nipple, his tongue flicked across me and I had to shift the way I was sitting. I let myself fall back, pulling him with me as his mouth suckled on me. I moaned as he pinched my other nipple while biting the one fastened in his mouth before switching sides. I arched to meet his mouth, gasping when his teeth bit Pendik Escort down. I wanted him so badly, and when I opened my eyes, I was looking at a tombstone only ten feet from where we were. I smiled wickedly, and thought of something I’d read about a man looking from his window to see a hospital, a whorehouse and a cemetery, and saying that was all he need know of life- that he was born, that he knew pleasure and that some day he would rest.

I tugged his head up, and the cold air sent a shock through the nipple that his mouth had toyed with. I brought his mouth to mine and when I let him free, he was gasping for breath. I pulled his shirt over his head and nipped at his neck, biting at the nape, before trailing kisses down his chest, pausing to lick his nipples, and running my tongue over the definition of his abs, sneaking a hand down over his jeans to feel that he was ready, at my touch he removed my hand and pinned me with my arms above my head.

“I’m not done playing with you.” He smiled and kissed my nipples before trailing down to my navel, he bit at the ring there and then caressed it with his tongue while his hands busied themselves with the button to my jeans, I lifted my hips and let him work them downwards. He gently traced the skin of my hips and smiled in approval at the velvet thong. I shifted, knowing how wet it was, and anticipating his touch. He slid his fingertip along the line of the material and I rubbed my legs together, liking the thrill. I sighed when he slid his hand under the material and liked his gasp of surprise. “Oh, god, how wet.” He slid his finger in and shifted, using his other hand to push my legs apart as he slid his finger in and out. I rolled my hips and smiled. He continued with his finger and kissed his way up to cover my mouth. He was breathless, and he whispered at my ear, “I love the way you feel so wet, so slick. If your pussy tastes as good as your nipples do, I’m surely going to enjoy making you scream in pleasure” I gasped as he circled my clit, and ran my hand down towards the button on his jeans. I wanted him. He brushed my hand aside, and slipped back downward, tugging the velvet down and out of his way before kissing his way up my inner thighs, he bit at the top of my left thigh and I gasped. He kissed my mound and then slid his tongue down my slit, I arched towards his tongue, and when he slid his tongue against me, I moaned.

He grasped my thighs, and held me still as his tongue assaulted my senses, licking, biting, and ever so gently grazing my clit, I looked down to see his eyes focused on my face. So dark, he lifted his mouth a second. “Cum for me, please.” He said before his tongue was again licking and teasing me. He nibbled and bit at my tender flesh, and when his tongue encircled my clit, I could have screamed. He sucked it into his mouth. I came then, moaning and whimpering , grasping the blanket. He licked at me until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I begged him to stop. He did smiling at me and came up to kiss my lips.

I bit on his lower lip until I tasted blood, and then I broke our kiss, licking my lips. I bit his neck, sucking and nibbling all the way down, working my way down his chest to those damnable jeans. I looked at him, he had his eyes closed. “Stand up, take them off for me, I want to watch you. I want to enjoy seeing you without them.” He flushed slightly, and stood, undoing his jeans Göztepe Escort and pushing them down, stepping out of them, I nodded to him and he pushed his boxers down. I clamped my legs together as I saw him naked and very obviously aroused. Nicely endowed. It was beautiful, the tip glistening with wetness, and standing at attention. I sat up on my knees, and kissed the head lightly, using one hand to encircle his shaft, and letting the other hold his balls, rolling the bare skin gently in my hands. He moaned and I closed my lips around the head, letting my tongue dance over his flesh. I loved the taste of him, salt and sweat . I sucked harder, working down farther along his shaft, setting up a rhythm, making him moan and plead. “Oh, please. Please. Like that. Ah. Oh, god.” I knew he was close and he bucked his hips before pushing me away, it was only reluctantly that I let him free from my mouth.

“I need to be inside of you, I want to cum in that beautiful kitten of yours.” That voice, god, what I wouldn’t do for him if he asked in that tone.

I was happy to oblige and I pushed him down on his back, I leaned down to kiss him as I eased his cock into me, I had to watch it enter me, it was so thick .Really, it felt so good to have made him so hard. I sat completely down on him and grinned before settling into riding him. He used his hands to play with my breasts and I moved atop him, cumming on him after only a few good strokes. He rolled me over onto my back, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Give it to me hard and fast.” I whispered before biting down on his shoulder and grabbing his ass. He got the message and bucked into me. His hips pounded into me, and I could only whimper and moan. He was breathing hard, and all I could hear was him pounding into me. I tightened my muscles around his cock, and was rewarded by a harsh gasp of “Oh god, do that again and I won’t last.” I paused a moment to whisper, “Maybe I don’t want you to last, I just want you to cum for me.” He groaned and his strokes quickened, slamming against me, I bucked up to meet him and let my hands play over his sweat slicked back. To think I had thought it cold. I looked at him, his eyes met mine and I came again. “Oh, god, sooo good.” I whimpered before the spasms shook me and left me breathless, I felt him shiver and I struggled to meet him still. He tensed and I clamped down around him, wanting to feel him cum. His body tensed and relaxed and he let himself rest on top of me.

It took a few moments before I could speak, and by then he was already soft inside of me. “Oh, goddess be, that was nice. I think we picked a hell of a location.” I giggled and he looked at me sleepily.

“I didn’t come here to know you like that.” I don’t know what he had to prove, we had met to talk, to think about older days, and it was I that ended up wanting him.

“I know, I just, I wanted you.” I wriggled against him, liking the way his skin felt. He looked so worried still, who would have thought the boy who liked attracting attention for being a freak would be such a gentle lover.

“Just making sure, because I want this again. I want you again, and for a much longer time, and in my warm bed, not this graveyard.” I laughed and pushed him up, looking for my clothes. He watched me pull everything on, and reluctantly followed suit.

“That was perfect.”

“How?” He looked puzzled.

“What better way to mourn a friend than to experience the pleasure of being alive.”

He laughed and grabbed my bag. “Well, if that’s the way you feel about it, I’ll come back here any time you want the experience.”

“Maybe. Just maybe. What is a grave but a bed for all eternity?”

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