The Hardest Kind To Be Ch. 03


It started as a joke. Only a joke. Tina was her own brand of comedy, and Ginnie liked jumping in now and again.

“I feel naked”, Ginne hushed through the thumping music and crowded house.

“I know, its great, huh?”, Tina replied in a much louder than necessary voice. “You look great, you’re drawing attention away from your incredibly hot, non-lesbian date–which is an accomplishment, Ginnie my dear, because I’ve got these puppies up so far I can hardly breathe.” Tina thumbed towards her chest–her almost too-perfect-to-be-real breasts pushed into dramatic cleavage with the black bra faintly visible through her one-size-too-small white blouse.

“Me thinks I should have toned them down. Presentation, Ginnie–its all about presentation.”

Ginnie thought about it, presentation. By all accounts she looked better than she ever had, tonite. Tina had been a huge help with that. Make-up, colors, styles for hair, all the little things that seemed to fit just perfectly together. Ginnie usually wore looser jeans and sensible tops, she felt drab and it showed. But tonite? Oh, tonite, she felt unreal.

She was curvier than Tina, by far. Where Tina’s breasts were almost too large for her frame–probably why she understated them in every-day attire–Ginnie was an hourglass. The little black dress was tight in the middle, and looser around her ass and bust. The red bra, underneath, was something Tina said she got as a gift from her sort-of-boyfriend-across-the-country-now, Brandon, and was half-a-cup too small. But on Ginnie, it was doing what it was designed to do.

Always self-conscious about her chest, she was flatly amazed at how picturesque she looked. She looked curvy and comfortable, she had more hips and ass than Tina did, but she felt like she was more… womanly? Was that the word Tina used?


They made their way through the party, but being freshman the only real conversations they had–first week at the school–were about how great the party was, where the alcohol was chilling, and what year they were. They stuck together most of the night, until just shy of eleven when Tina–sitting on the couch in the second den with Ginnie and two other girls they kinda knew from around the Union that past week–perked up.

“Wait”, she sparked as she craned her neck–as though sensing something amiss.

Ginnie and the other girls just looked dumbly at her, with Tina there was no telling what this was about.

The tall redhead popped up off of the couch, slammed her drink onto the table, and spun to face them with a sassy hand on her cocked hip.

“This… is… my… song!”, she paced her words out, going from serious to ecstatic. Ginnie couldn’t tell one song from another with so many different stereos going on at once, but it hardly mattered as Tina made a beeline for the next room where people were dancing (and awfully… closely).

Ginnie got up from the couch and went to the doorway as she saw Tina casually walk up to the nearest guy standing by the dancefloor. He was a short, well-built young man with a polo and khakis on, sipping something out of a red-cup and eyeballing some of the women grinding to a vaguely electronic dance-mix.

She could only imagine what that conversation Alanya Escort escort was like as Tina leaned over a bit and talked closely to the guy’s ear. The look on his face was one of suprise and then genuine satisfaction as he nodded emphatically. Tina just smirked at him while he handed his drink to a buddy and they pushed their way through the crowd to the middle–where Ginnie couldn’t see.

Tina’s white hat, smartly cocked over her head, bobbed up and down and then vanished. Ginnie tried standing on her tip-toes and getting closer to the dance floor to see what was going on, but she was much shorter than Tina and she couldn’t make heads not tailes of anything.

She inched closer and closer until she was right on the fringe of the crowd and, without warning, the mass of writhing college kids surged around her and she found herself enveloped in people. She thought about moving forward to wherever Tina was, but could hardly move. Getting bumped about, just standing there, she started backing up out of the crowd. She’d managed to moved back past a few people when she felt herself bump into something.

Frustrated and a little panicked, she kept pushing back–hoping people would just move out of the way, but all of a sudden she felt very strong hands at her waist and someone grinding and rhythmically rolling against her. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, her thoughts raced, what do I do?

She half turned around, unable to entirely pull away from him–whoever him was–and saw a fairly handsome young man with a bit of stubble smiling down at her and shifting his shoulders side-to-side, still firmly gripping her around her mid-section. It was the smile that sealed it. He had the cutest smirk on him and she smiled back without thinking. That simple communication was all it took and he spun her around to face him–almost effortlessly–and pulled her so close she could smell his aftershave and cologne even above the usual dance-funk that hung in the air.

He smelled good and she sighed–moreso because it was a pleasant break from the beer and bodies smell of the party. And no sooner did she sign, than the miscommunication raced forward. He got lower and lower, while they ground against each other–more his holding onto her than her holding onto him. She could feel something warm happening throughout her body. She felt flushed as this cute guy started running his hands down her back and then across her ass as he went lower and lower.

She felt herself loosening up a little, getting excited and running away with the moment and began mimicking some of the gyrations of the girls around her. She spread her legs a bit and ran her hands across the back of his neck, and then into his hair. She felt his hands make their way down the back of her legs and then he shot right back up, dragging his body up with him.

She felt her skirt hike up a bit and almost panicked, but he held her close and she didn’t feel a draft. The music and the thumping, this cute guy swaying back and forth with her in his arms–she started gyrating against him like the girl over his shoulder did with her partner. Ginnie took a mental deep breath and turned around, backing her plump ass against his crotch and swaying it from side-to-side. Alanya Escort bayan She felt… him. She felt something hard and unnatural pressing against her through the denim and dress—and the only thing Ginnie could think of was how flushed her pussy felt, how absolutely horny she suddenly was.

She’d never felt so hot and wanton in her whole life, he wasn’t judging her or sneering or stiff and awkward, he was having as much fun as she was and all he wanted to do was grope her to the music. Something she found she wanted to.

The song ended and lapsed into something slow, and the cute guy leaned in and said “Hey, thanks… that was fun. Find me later, I’m Troy” and casually made his way to a group of friends–girls and guys, who were talked about something animatedly.

He didn’t seem like a jerk, and his quick hello felt casual and complimentary. She was taken aback by how easy and non-threatening it all was. While she rolled it all around in her mind, walking back to the couch in the next room, she felt someone else grab her from behind and start lightly, and quickly humping her.

Immediately embarassed and threatened, she spun around to see Tina there holding back some kind of laughter. She was flushed and sweaty, and the bottom four buttons of her shirt were undone, showing her pale, flat tummy.

“Whoa, there, cowgirl… I thought this was anyone’s ride”, Tina mocked.

Ginnie blushed and grabbed her by the hand. She dragged the tall redead over to the couch in the next room–now empty–and sat her down in a gigglish pow-wow.

“Did you see that?”, she asked with wide-eyes and a nervous smile.

“Saw it? I was pissed I didn’t film it! He was cute. Lookit you being all shake-it-baby-shake-it. Whose proud of you? Huh? Me. I’m proud of you.”, she cooed like a mother to a baby who just ate their first spoon of creamed peas without spitting up. “So, tell me what happened.”

Ginnie carefully explained the whole thing. She went over every detail with clarity and excitement. She admitted to feeling “warm”, and how she just let go and her whole body was tingling.

Tina listened intently, smiling and nodding where appropriate. And when Ginnie talked about what Troy had said at the end, her friend interjected swiftly.

“Do you still trust me?”, Tina asked sincerely.

“Of course! This is great!”, Ginnie piped back.

Tina settled into the couch and motioned for Ginnie to close in. She put on her serious face, not something common for her, and stared her pretty blue eyes right into Ginnie’s.

“I’m not saying have sex with him”, Tina started and then quickly threw up a hand before Ginnie could freak out, “I’m not saying that. I don’t think you should. But I think you should really turn the tables on him. I think he really digs you, I saw him check you out earlier and he gave you his name and everything. Don’t be serious and don’t get a girly crush, but I think you should make him flushed and ‘warm’ in your own way.”

“How?”, the curious brunette asked.

Tina crept in a bit closer.

“Listen, I’m your friend–I just want to see you start this life better than you left the last one. The reason you’re so elated right now is because Escort alanya you’re finally growing into your own skin and if I’m right, then you’re only going to be better and more confidant when you finally fill it out. That means no fear and taking the chances you couldn’t take in high school.”, Tina held Ginnie’s hand and sincerely explained.

“Here’s what you should do. If you like him, that is, and just want to try something. Wait until he heads to the bathroom and follow him after a minute or so–he’ll be wrapping up whatever. Slide right up into his personal space, like I do–you’ve seen it. Get right up to him, slide your hands behind his neck. Pull him down, and give him the make-out session of his life for two minutes. That’s it. And while he’s panting and surprised, you give him a peck on the cheek or something and walk out—don’t turn around. Just be a quick fantasy for him, and leave.”

Tina pulled back and watched the whole image pass before Ginnie’s eyes. She went from shocked, to blushed, to serious. Ginnie leaned in after a moment, intent and quiet.

“What is… like… one step further. Like, up from that.”, she calmly asked, holding as much of a poker-face as she could.

Tina smiled, from ear to ear, and her eyes lit up.

“I’ll tell you. And you do whatever you want, but don’t go too far. You’re a rookie.”, she started with a wicked grin, “Right after the make-out-session of his life, he’ll be panting and aroused and in love. Slide your hand down…”

“Why all the sliding?”, Ginnie interjected.

Tina rolled her eyes, “Its all contact–you can put your hands here and there, or you can excited every nerve between here and there by staying in contact. Anyhow. Slide your hand down his chest while you’re wrapping up the kissing. Don’t stop the kissing, just give him a little room to breathe here and there. Run your hand down to the front of his pants, lean your head into his neck and tell him you want to see him jack off. And tell him ‘for you’, always ‘for you’. Tell him to do it because you want to see it. Because its a favor for you. Not him. If he resists a little, its embarrassment, not disinterest, Ginnie. Just lick his lips a little, put on a little girl voice, and beg to see it. You just want to see him do it.”

Ginnie was mesmerized by the directions. She was imagining the whole thing. She’d never been that direct with anyone about anything before. She didn’t know if she could do it. She felt herself getting hot, tingly… wet? Just thinking about it made her so horny she couldn’t breathe.

Tina just leaned back and nodded at her, with a look on her face that just said “I know, I know”.

After a few moments to calm down, Ginnie leaned back in. The music was loud and thumping, but she didn’t want anyone to hear any of this. She closed her eyes and thought of how far she had come from that awkward girl a week and year and decade ago… she nodded a bit to herself and took a deep breath.

“Tina… how do I do this. I want to do this. I won’t be brave enough later. Tell me exactly what to do”, she asked hurriedly and hopefully.

Tina smiled and patted Ginnie on the cheek.

“Sweetheart, he’ll be dreaming about you for the rest of his life…”

. . .. … …..

Thanks for reading my series… I’ve got a few more parts left to upload, and I’ve enjoyed the feedback so far. E-mail me with any comments you have, I kinda thrive on a little attention. This is still way off from anything I’ve ever written, so be kind.


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