The Hotel: The Penthouse Suite Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

I tie the last knot and stand back to look round the room.

Maria is 26, works on Reception and has long, straight dark hair. Carly is 29, PA to the Managing Director and has a dark red bob. They are both wearing black underwear of bra, stockings and knickers. Carly lies face up on the first bed, spread-eagled and tied securely with black rope at hand and wrist to each corner of the bed. A pillow under her ass raises her hips slightly. Maria is also spread-eagled — but face down — and similarly secured to each corner of the second bed alongside Carly’s. She has two pillows under her stomach to raise her ass into the air. I’m 30, the General Manager of the Penthouse Suite, and my cock throbs under the boxer shorts I’m wearing.

This is what we agreed a week ago; this is how they wanted to be arranged for our first rendezvous.

I push Carly’s bra up over her pert tits and start licking and sucking her nipples. She starts to wriggle, constrained by her bonds. I slip my hand inside her panties and begin to rub her clitoris. She moans. Then I push a finger up inside her while I’m still sucking at her hard nipples and she starts to writhe with the arousal.

Maria watches and gives a little whimper: it’s turning her on, too.

I slip a second finger into Carly and start to fuck her with them. She strains against the ropes as she groans, her eyes closed behind her black-framed glasses.

“Fuck me,” she manages to say.

I smile as I pull her knickers to one side and show her a thick, black vibrator. I push it firmly all the way into her wet pussy and turn it on. Carly shudders like she’s going to cum right now. I pull her gusset back across to hold the dildo in place.

“I’ll fuck you later,” I say, and cross to Maria who is fidgeting on her hands and knees.

I smack her ass hard, and pull her knickers down as she yelps. I reach through her legs and rub her clit as I spank her again on the other cheek with my free hand. Carly watches as I spank her friend a dozen times, hard and fast. Maria cries out and struggles but can’t get away from either of my hands: the first one pleasuring her clitoris, the second one punishing her bottom. I look into Carly’s eyes as I rub Maria’s pussy for a minute before giving her another twelve spanks. She screams with the delicious pain inflicted on her pert buttocks, but I think she could take much more than this if I chose to go down that road.

Now I push a finger into her pussy as I kiss her burning ass-cheeks. gaziantep escort ilanları Her breathing slows, and Carly’s build-up to a climax can be heard again. I pull my finger out and lean over her from behind. My cock rubs against her holes while I squeeze her full, dangling tits. With my fingers I squeeze her nipples, harder and harder, until she shouts out again.

I dismount and put two fingers back inside her cunt. She moans, and then squeals as she feels my tongue on her asshole. She contorts, tries to pull herself forwards, but I know she likes this as well. I take another, similar, vibrator and push it into Maria’s pussy. I fuck her with it while Carly watches, frustrated.

Maria’s orgasm builds and she cums violently and loudly a second after I slide my wet finger inside her asshole. I feel it clench around my first knuckle as her body spasms. Carly is gasping and writhing, desperate to cum herself, watching Maria’s ass intently.

I pull Maria’s knickers up to hold the still-buzzing vibrator in place. She is recovering from her orgasm and her face is obscured by her long black hair.

“Do you still want fucking?” I ask her colleague.

“Yes,” Carly whispers, “fuck me now.”

I cut off her panties with a pair of scissors and pull out the fake phallus. I lean over her, the sight of her gorgeous figure spread out for my pleasure beneath me making my dick twitch. I feel her trying to guide me into her vagina with her knees, and her tied hands work frantically and futilely as they try to feel the hard cock her eyes can see.

I take the hard cock and wank it deliberately over Carly’s prone form, masturbating as she desperately hopes to have it inside her. With her pussy raised up slightly by the pillow, I get onto my knees between her spread legs and slowly slide into her. I push it in deep and she groans as its length moves through her. I start to fuck her, slowly, while she struggles against her restraints. I look at Maria and she is looking at my cock as it moves in and out of her friend.

I start to suck Carly’s nipples again as I fuck her harder now. She moans, her head pushing back against the bed. I pull her nipple upwards with my mouth as I pull my torso erect, and she cries out as the pressure builds on it, until it pulls free. I pull my cock almost all the way out, before then hammering it all the way back in as hard as I can. Maria is transfixed watching my dick slowly appear from Carly’s hole, before quickly disappearing inside it again.

I place my hands on her held-apart thighs and raise the speed, increasing the frequency of her impalements on my cock. Bang, bang, bang — I hammer in and out of her.

I feel her tense up and then she cums, finally, screaming and thrashing about as much as her bonds will allow. I keep fucking her.

“Where do you want me to cum?” I ask eventually.

“Don’t…cum,” Carly gasps. “Keep fucking me…”

“Fuck me!” shouts Maria, the vibrator still throbbing and buzzing inside her.

I look into Carly’s eyes as I pull myself out of her, replacing it with the vibrator I pulled from her earlier.

“I’ll fuck you, Maria. Are you enjoying the vibrator?” I ask coming round behind her.

“Mmm, yes — I think I’m going to cum,” she smiles, wiggling her ass in front of me.

“Me too,” says Carly as the vibrator works on her already-stimulated vagina.

“Did it turn you on, Maria: seeing your friend being fucked while you’re powerless to stop it, powerless to join in?”

“Yes,” Maria breathes, “I loved it.”

“And do you love it, Carly? Would you like to see Maria getting fucked while you’re both trussed up?”

“Yes — yes please,” Carly moans. “I love it when she has no choice, I love it when you take advantage of her. I love watching her, thinking it could be me.”

“Do you, Carly? So do you love that it could be you tied to the bed on all fours?”


“Do you love that it could be you getting your ass smacked?” I spank Maria as hard as I can.


“Yes,” says Carly as Maria cries out loudly. “I love it.” She closes her eyes and squirms as she is held by the ropes and penetrated by the dildo. I spank Maria again.


“Do you love that I choose to treat Maria this way and not you?” Another spank.


“Mmmm, definitely,” Carly breathes as she watches her friend’s ordeal.

“Do you love it that Maria has a vibrator shoved up her pussy?” Smack.


Carly just nods — I think she’s going to cum again.

“Do you want me to fuck your best friend, Carly?”

“Yes! Do it!”

I cut off Maria’s knickers now, and give her another taste of my hand.


“Would you like me to fuck your best friend without removing the vibrator?”

“OOH! Fuck her! Yes!”

“What about you, Maria: do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Fuck my pussy,” she begs, clenching her asshole tightly.

“Your friend wants me to fuck your ass.”

“Fuck my pussy — please make me cum.”

“Do you like ball gags, Carly?”

“Fuck her, fuck her…” Carly’s eyes have shut again.

“I’m going to put one in Maria’s mouth.”

“Oh yeah, yeah — do it…”

Carly is bucking and moaning, and Maria does the same, but more nervously. I put the ball into Maria’s mouth and fasten the strap behind her head. She thrashes about as best she can as she feels cold lube dribble onto her asshole, and my finger spreading it.

“Do you want to be fucked in the ass, Carly, or do you want to watch your friend instead?”

“Her – fuck her, fuck her hard! Do it now!”

I place my bell-end against Maria’s slippery hole. My cock is rock hard and I ease it inside her. She shudders and moans, caught between the ropes, the ball-gag and the throbbing rod in her anus. Carly shivers and lets out a long, low moan as she climaxes massively while watching her friend’s tight ass getting skewered.

I fuck Maria’s hott ass gently but deeply and she squirms beneath me as she feels my balls banging against the base of the black vibrator that I can feel buzzing inside her. She whimpers as she has all three holes stretched and filled.

I start to pound her harder, rocking her body backwards and forwards on the bed as I feel both of us tensing, both of us approaching the end. I thrust my prick all the way inside her ass and hold it there, 9 inches of thick, rigid muscle stuck fast in her anus. She writhes, turns her head to look at me and tries to speak.


Carly is watching, trying to hold off another orgasm brought on just by watching her friend getting ass-fucked.

I pull my dick almost all the way out of Maria’s asshole. She gasps and looks round again.


I hold myself where I am, just the glans inside her.

Maria pushes herself backwards and all the way onto my dick, throwing her head back and groaning all the while as she cums.


Carly cums a second later, the sight of her friend cumming while impaling her own ass on my cock proving too much.

It’s nearly too much for me too — I want to cum, I need to cum.

“Where will I cum, Carly?” I ask quickly.


I pull my livid penis out of Maria’s anus and slide it urgently into Carly’s welcoming mouth. I feel her lips close round the shaft and after only two or three more thrusts into her, I pull it out to spray thick strands of white jizz all over her pretty face and glasses…

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