The Housekeeper


I woke to a thunderstorm typical for an early summer morning. Rolling over, I looked at the alarm clock, 10 o’clock. These rainy New Orleans mornings were great for sleeping. Beth was gone but I could still smell her perfume on the pillow beside me. Actually this was second time that I was awaken that day. At six I woke to Beth sucking on my dick. It was a great way to wake up. She had an early flight and was still horny despite out intense lovemaking the night before. It had not taken me long to get hard with her teasing of my cock and balls with her tongue. She was laying on her side, her head on my thigh, with one leg drawn up, affording me an excellent view of her pussy. As I began to get hard, I reached out with my right hand and spread the labia and teased her clit with my middle finger.

She smiled. “I am glad that you are awake” she said as she rose to her knees and straddled me. “I was getting tired of playing with myself waiting for you to wake up.”

She took my cock in her right had and guided it in to her pussy as she parted the lips with her left hand. She briefly rubbed the head on my cock on her clit before sinking on its fill length. Beth began slowly moving her hips back and forth. I could feel the crack of ass on my balls. Oh, how I love that sensation! As she quickened the pace, she moved up and down. Her pussy almost allowing my dick to slip out before plunging back in. She rode me with an intensity that I not experienced in the three months that we had been an “item”. She ground her crotch on my cock and balls with such force that I grunted and was forced to spread my legs to allow my balls drop out of harms way. She talked to me as she rode my cock, well, not so much talked, more like chanted.

“Yes…yes…yes…oh God, Yes…your dick is so hard and feels so good inside me. Filling my pussy….”

I had never heard her talk like this before. Usually, and only when she had too, she referred to her sex in geographic terms: “down there”. As she hit her rhythm, she arched he back and pulled hard on her nipple. Her breasts glistened with the sweat that comes with living in near 100% humidity. The pace quickened to a nearly frantic tempo as she approached orgasm. Her breath came in short gasps, he body tensed as the first wave of her orgasm shot through her body. As I felt her pussy contract, I unloaded my cum into her. I clenched my butt and arched my back, forcing myself deeply inside. She fell on top of me panting and shuddering.

“Oh man, that was good! So very good!” I stroked her back and kneaded her ass. As she luxuriated in the post orgasmic glow the rain began to fall, and she said, with a giggle, “I hope that I can walk through the airport.”

I reached down and felt my balls. They were still sticky from a mixture of her pussy juice, my cum and sweat. I licked my fingers. It was my day off and I had planned on spending most of it in bed with Beth but something had come up at the last minute and Beth was forced to catch an early flight. I now had no idea how I was going to spend the day. As I was contemplating my day, my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Ahhh, I remembered, it was Thursday. Thursday was the day Angelicia came to clean. She was nothing if not prompt. She had been cleaning my apartment once a week for about six months and had never been late or missed a day. I had a “special arrangement” with Angelicia. When I first moved to New Orleans on temporary assignment I had found a corporate apartment that provided everything but the toothbrush. Angelicia was the maid that was assigned to clean my apartment. She worked as a nurse in the local hospital at night and cleaned a few apartments in the mornings. She was about 5′ 6″ extremely well built and spoke with a distinct Creole accent. The first thing that I noticed about Angelicia was that she had expensive tasted in jewelry and clothes. The second thing that I noticed was she was always looking for additional work. She began doing my laundry and shopping, paid for, naturally, in cash. A trip to the post office Pendik Escort was $10, deliver a package across town $25 wash my car $10 and so forth. It was reaching a point where I couldn’t do anything with out her asking if she could do it. My need were rather modest, living as I was. After repeated offers by her to do more of my chores, I asked in frustration “You try and do everything imaginable so what do you charge for a blow job!?”

With a straight face, she shot back “For that, I charge by the inch, ten dollars per inch! Do you want an estimate?” I had to laugh. Ultimately, I negotiated a consistent rate for cleaning and six dollars per inch (in cash) for as long as I was in the apartment. With the living expenses that my company allowed me, it meant that I might have to cut back on my restaurant eating, but I could stand to loose some weight and it might cut back on my jerking off. For the past five months, every Thursday when she was finished cleaning, she would come to my room, pull back the covers and suck me off. She then changed the sheets while I showered. The first few times it had only taken her a few minutes to get me off. But lately I managed to stretch out the pleasure. Angelicia gave great head. What was it someone said about sucking the chrome off a bumper hitch? It had never gone beyond just sucking my dick though. The one time that I tried to squeeze her breasts, She put a stop to that right away by clamping her teeth on my cock. I got the message right away.

I initially, and for obvious reasons, never mentioned my arrangement with Angelicia to Beth. But as our relationship became more serious, I began to feel guilty about keeping this secret from her. Even as the sex between us heated up, I still enjoyed my Thursday morning blow job. But to be fair to Beth, I told her. She met the news with a mixture of surprise, shock and some amusement. I was very careful to point out that it was, after all, only a blow job and nothing more. I had no other sexual contact with Angelicia. Beth either accepted or ignored the arrangement -I wasn’t sure which- since then. She did call me one morning when Angelicia was fulling her part of the contract. Beth teased me by repeatedly asking what I was doing and wouldn’t hang up the phone until I had admitted that I had cum.

This morning I wasn’t sure that I wanted my Thursday morning blow job. I was satiated from this mornings and last nights lovemaking. But true to form, my dick began to harden as I heard Angelicia walk up the stairs. Every Thursday morning for the rest of my life, I was probably going to wake up with a hard on. I hadn’t showered and definitely smelled like sex. Angelicia entered my room as I was getting out of bed.

“Where ya goin’ sugar? I got two mo’ houses to clean and them rich women across da lake don’t like it when I late” She walked to the bed. She was still in her nurses uniform from her night job. And, as she did every Thursday, she pulledback the covers and knelt facing me on the bed.

“Let’s just skip it today, huh Angelicia” I said.

“No chance, sugar, I got a car payment this week and you be needin’ this bad” she said. Looking at my cock. Before I could stop her, she grabbed my cock and ran her tongue up the underside. Stuffing it in her mouth, she sucked long and hard.

“Smells like you been gettin’ something” she said “tastes like it too” She hardly missed a stroke. “You get yo’self some pussy last night? Maybe that skinny white woman you been seein’. She sho’ pretty.” Angelicia continued “she got nice tits but no ass” apparently referring to the picture of Beth and myself at Hilton Head that adorned the refrigerator. “Don’t taste to bad, either”. As always, she was able to get me really hard. She could really do wonders with her mouth.

Angelica repositioned herself between my legs, on her knees so that her ass faced the mirrored closet doors. The cloth of the skirt of her nurses uniformed stretched tight. I could see that she was wearing white hose with garters, contrasting nicely with her smooth dark Kurtköy Escort skin. Something was different about today. The way Angelicia was manipulating my cock; she was more aggressive than usual. She continued to suck and lick the length of my dick. Despite the workout my cock had during the previous 12 hours, I was enjoying myself. Angelicia seemed less intent on making me cum than on prolonging the experience. She cupped and squeezed my balls as her tongue flicked the head of my cock. He hand lifted my balls out of the way, licking the base of my balls and the space between my balls and my asshole.

I shuddered. “Ohhhh, I like!” I breathed. She had never done that before. He hand moved up and down the shaft of my shaft as she took first one ball and then the other into her mouth. She continued to lick and suck my cock until I was almost begging to cum, Sensing that I was getting close, she would stop and tease my balls.

“Why did you stop? I asked, “I was getting so close”.

She smiled. She repeated the process several more times until I thought I would go nuts. “Oh, please” I begged “Let me cum!”. I reached for my cock to finish myself off.

“No, No, sugar. We ain’t done yet” she said as she pulled my hand a way. “You just lay there a minute more” she said as she stood. She stood at the foot of my bed for a brief moment and then began to sway back and forth as if listening to some song that only she could hear. Angelicia preformed the most magnificent strip tease; one that would rival anything that I had ever seen in the French Quarter. She stripped down to a half bra, panties and white stocking. As she continued to dance, her hands roamed freely on he body. First squeezing her breasts, then pulling at the nipples. My swollen cock seemed to swell further. Angelicia’s fingers worked themselves into her panties as she gyrated hips as though she was being slowly fucked. She shed her bra revealing full, rounded breasts with large areolas. As he fingers tugged at the nipples, they became fully erect. She danced beside the bed and moved toward my head. She placed one foot by my head and the other on the floor on the floor, opening the crotch to my view. The crotch of her panties were wet and her dark pubic shown through the white fabric. Several times she brought her crotch within inches of my face only to pull away if I made any move toward her. She turned away from me as she slid the panties off her hips. She bent over, nearly double, exposing the moist lips of her sex. She dropped the panties by my head and stepped on to the bed. She stood directly above me, her fingers lightly playing with the outer lips of her pussy. Slowly she lowered her pussy toward my face until it was almost touching my nose. I breathed deeply, inhaling her fragrance.

“Stick out your tongue but don’t move your head” she commanded. I complied. She gently, ever so gently, allowed her pussy to graze my tongue. Back and forth, back and forth. Just touching the tip of my tongue. She spread the lips of her pussy exposing her clit. She allowed my tongue to just barely touch it before pulling away. She was wet now, her juices flowing on to my tongue. I dared not swallow lest my only contact with her be lost. I could taste her pussy and the juice flowed like a river down my tongue and into my mouth. Finally she pulled away completely, repositioned herself on her knees, the lowered herself completely on my face. My nose was just below her clit and my tongue buried deeply inside her. As she allowed more of her weight onto my face, breathing became more difficult. She began moving her hips back and forth, allowing my nose to stimulated her clit. I was able to breath in time with her strokes on my face. I wanted so badly to stroke my throbbing cock but my arms were pinned by her legs.

She moved down my body until per pussy had pinned my dick back against my stomach, the lips of which spread across the width of my dick. She slowly moved her pussy back and forth on my dick, driving me mad. I could feel her slick juices soaking my dick Maltepe Escort and balls. She began playing with my nipples; pulling and pinching. Faster. Harder as her pussy slipped back and forth on my cock. She would bend forward on the back stroke and allow the head of my cock to rub her clit on the forward stroke. My cock was wet and shiny. She made one bore forward stroke and allowed my cock to be sucked into her pussy. She rode my cock slowly at first then faster, then slower. She turned, faced my feet and remounted my dick; her ass spread across my pelvis. As she rocked forward I could see her asshole. I could have sworn it winked at me. She continued fucking me while she played with my balls. In the mirror I could see her rubbing her clit. She finally hit just the right rhythm and as she did I could feel her pussy begin contracting in anticipation of cuming. One of her well lubricated fingers slid down to my asshole and began to press inward. This was a new and exciting sensation for me. I began to moan through gritted teeth as I approached my orgasm. As Angelicia came, she press the finger in as far as she could. That was all it took. As I came, she slid off my cock, and pumped it as my come shot on to her chest and into the air.

“Ohhhh God. Yes, I am cumming” I shouted.. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I closed my eyes and let the sensation subside. I was out of breath and speechless.

When I open my eyes, Beth was standing by the bed. I was dumb struck. I couldn’t think of what to say. Angelicia was laying at my feet, shiny pussy, and my come dripping from her breasts. I began stammering and babbling. But Beth wasn’t listening, her attention was directed toward Angelicia. “Triple or nothing, right?” said Beth. Angelicia smiled and nodded. Beth handed her several larger denomination bills. As Angelicia stood, Beth replaced took her place on the bed. She moved astride my chest. She wiped some of the cum off Angelicia’s nipple and licked it thoughtfully from her finger. She lifted her skirt and I noticed that she was wearing no panties. The lips of the pussy were engorged and she was very wet. She sat on my chest so the insides of her thighs pinning my head so that I couldn’t move and inch either way.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked. The tone of her voice was not one of anger, but of finality. “From what I could see it looked like you did.” She continued “It looked like she fucked you pretty good” I gave a tentative nod, still not having found my voice. “Is there anything else Angelica can do for you” Anything else you need?” Her voice changed to a more comforting tone. “You see, dear, today is her last day. So if there is anything else she can do for you, or to you, just ask. I’m buying.” Our eyes met. “You want to try something else?” I could only shake my head no. She grabbed my hair and pinned to firmly on the pillow. “I hope that you enjoyed that” her voice changed yet again, this time to the equivalent of my Marine Corp drill Sargent, “because, from now on I am the ONLY woman in your life! Do you understand that?”

I nodded.

“You want a blow job, you ask ME!”

I nodded yet again.

She kissed me, thrusting her tongue deeply into my mouth. She released my hair.

“Beth” I began “I love you, I don’t want anyone else in my life, ever!”

She smiled. I love you to” she said “but if I ever catch you messing around on me, I’ll cut your nuts off” She smiled as she pulled her dress over her head.

“God, you two made me so horny!” she said. “I about wore out my fingers watching you. Now I expect some satisfaction.” She began lowering her pussy to my face. I did my duty and began to lick, Angelica, who I had nearly forgotten about, finished dressing and began to leave.

“Say good bye to Angelicia” said Beth.

Angelicia, smiling, bent down toward my face, Beth moved her pussy out of the way and Angelica gave me a long, deep kiss, nearly sucking my tongue out of my mouth.

“See ya, sugar” she said. As she left the room she watched us for a moment and said “I know that I said she had no ass, but I was wrong. She got a nice ass. You do her as good as you did me!”

“Bye Angelicia” laughed Beth. Beth moved back over my face, sinking down, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy.

“Eat” she said, simply. And I did.

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